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15 years ago, Internet cafes began to open en masse. The demand for the services provided by these establishments was overwhelming. Still, only a few could boast of the ability to access the World Wide Web, but here is the fastest Internet in the city, and on the most modern equipment at that time. And what about the Internet business today, since more than 80% of Russians have access to the global network? Is business on an Internet cafe profitable today, and if so, how much can you earn from it?

Who should we open for?

if we consider this issue in detail, in practice, residents of cities with a population of 150,000 or more can boast of normal, not to mention high-speed Internet. In small regional centers, you have to use GSM, at best, a 3G connection. What. Are there no providers in the regional centers? There is. But, due to the low population density, it is unprofitable to lay the corresponding communications. This also applies to buildings with mansions in large cities. Today, affordable Internet can be obtained only in houses of 5 floors and above. In other cases, you have to be content with either GSM, 3G, 4g connections, or overpay for high-speed LAN Internet. This is one of the target groups of Internet cafes visitors.

The computerization of the population increases the general computer literacy. Well, how can you make acquaintance with social networks today, if your wife, husband, son, daughter, etc. can find amorous correspondence at any moment. What, access to your account is password protected! What if your wife catches you for correspondence and demands to show the history of all correspondence ... It is much safer to correspond in an Internet cafe, especially since you can have a snack or a hearty meal there.

Unfortunately, not everything can be found on torrents. A lot of valuable things are stored on file hosting services, many of which set a limit for uploaded by IP-address. What, pay 6,000 rubles for a premium account or download via a slow GSM connection, fearing that it is about to break! Wouldn't it be better to go to an Internet cafe and download what you need to a portable drive in a few minutes and for 100 rubles?

Everyone is trying to acquire a system unit or laptop as powerful as possible. But even students do not think about their own printer and scanner. And what if you need to scan and recognize a diagram, a form of a document, someone's abstract for minor editing and delivery to a satisfied teacher, etc. Again, an Internet cafe comes to the rescue.

Few students or high school students don't like skipping classes. And what could be more interesting than playing a popular online game? And here the Internet cafe is a lifesaver.

These are only the main target groups that need to be guided by those who believe that Internet cafes are their business.

What is the best place to start?

Before opening an Internet cafe, first of all, you need to calculate the available funds. If there are no funds at all, you need to draw up a business plan in such a way that all expenses for opening, plus for working in a minus for at least 3 months, do not exceed 600,000 rubles. This amount can be borrowed from the state at 14% per annum, if you fill out a questionnaire at the labor exchange and indicate the vacancy "own business - Internet cafe". In some regions, these services are considered separately. By the way, you can try to indicate 2 types of activities - the provision of Internet access services and the opening of a catering establishment, in this case, a cafe. Then perhaps the municipal authorities will lend you an amount of 1,200,000 rubles.

How to open an internet cafe

There is a computer and the Internet in every home today. Despite this, the popularity of Internet cafes is not decreasing. If you want to take advantage of this popularity, then it's time to open an Internet cafe. But for this, desire alone is not enough. At a minimum, you need to calculate everything in as much detail as possible. That is, a professional approach to drawing up your own business plan.

First steps: where to start

It is impossible to develop a detailed business plan for an Internet cafe without a thorough market analysis. This is what you need to do at first.

Important! When opening an Internet cafe, it is worth remembering that its main visitors are nonresident students, schoolchildren, business travelers who do not have much income.

Therefore, the target should be made precisely for this category of visitors. Providing low-cost, quality services will help you build a decent base of potential visitors quickly.

If it is clear with the contingent, then within a few days it is necessary to analyze the activities of future competitors. And first of all, this is their pricing policy. Your price should be slightly lower.

Another thing that can significantly affect profitability is the rental of premises. Do not seek to look for squares in the center. This can be a room near a school, university, hostel, bus station, train station, hostel. Even the sleeping areas of the city can be taken as a basis. Even such a small analysis is enough to get started and draw up a business plan for the future Internet cafe.

Business plan for Internet cafes

If the analysis made it clear that the attendance of such establishments is low, then you should think carefully. Maybe this venture will be a losing one. Well, if future competitors constantly have people and the institution is in demand, then it is likely that in the near future a new successful competitor will appear in your person.

To become just like that, you need to think over a profitable concept. Do not seek to register a business rather. It will not take long and will not require large investments. Moreover, the preparatory measures will take a lot of time, and if you register your business now, then next month you will have to pay taxes. And you haven't started working yet. So, there is no need to rush.

And so, what points should the plan contain to start an Internet cafe business. Here are the main ones. They can be taken as a basis, you can add or remove something, but each item must be carefully thought out and calculated. This is the only way to calculate the first estimated profit. The plan should include:

  • area of ​​activity, services provided;
  • registration and receipt of documents;
  • rent of premises;
  • utility bills ;
  • employee salaries;
  • additional services;
  • purchase, installation, commissioning of equipment;
  • financial issues and unforeseen expenses, risks;
  • insurance ;
  • advertising, marketing;
  • opening, presentation;
  • profit and profitability.

Internet cafe business plan. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for fresh business ideas that can generate decent income. But not all ideas can be translated into reality, no matter how creative they are. Therefore, you have to resort to using ideas that can guarantee you income, which have already passed their test for years. One of these options is to open an internet cafe.

Business plan for Internet cafe Idea profitability

People of all ages have already mastered the use of computer technology and the Internet. For this reason, this idea guarantees you a steady stream of customers. The field of obtaining data from the Internet is the most widely developed today. In the life of all people, the World Wide Web, in most cases, occupies one of the main places, is an integral part of it.

The Internet is used by us almost everywhere, and in almost any matter. It is not limited only to the place of work or leisure, we use it even on the road. For this reason, the popularity of such establishments as Internet cafes is growing more and more. In such a place, we seem to combine business with pleasure, here you can have a snack or use a computer for various activities, be it games or work.

Opening such an establishment is undoubtedly quite a profitable investment of your capital. Like any other business, this requires you to first start drawing up a business plan.

The main sections in the Internet cafe business plan

When drawing up a business plan for an Internet cafe, it is necessary to determine the form of ownership of this enterprise, it will be an LLC or an individual entrepreneur.

In this business plan, you are required to determine where your investments in this business will come from, whether it will be personal capital or a loan taken from a bank.

Do not forget about the place where your establishment will be located, it should be as profitable as possible. This choice will play a role in attracting visitors, as well as allow you to get the maximum income. The choice will be influenced by the category of customers who will visit your establishment.

Your encoding in accordance with OKVED - 72.. This encoding is associated with the type of activity using computer technology.

A common mistake that everyone makes when organizing this type of activity is that entrepreneurs choose a place to open an institution according to their capital. This should not be done, because this choice of the location of the room is quite significant.

Here we will consider how to open an Internet cafe, what is needed for it, as well as a ready-made example of a business plan for opening it, where you will find out how much this business costs.

The Internet services market is currently one of the most dynamic and actively developing. The Internet has become a part of our life, being its integral and important component. The web provides us with a fairly large range of services that we use everywhere. And at home, and on the way to work, and in the office, on vacation, etc. All kinds of cafes are becoming more and more popular, where you can not only eat, but also use a computer to work on the network, to perform tasks with applied programs or for games.

The opening of such a cafe, which will provide Internet services, is an effective and rather promising investment of finance. But, as in every business, there are a lot of nuances and pitfalls. To avoid them, you need to have a quality business plan.

Business plan

So, let's look at a free ready-made example of an Internet cafe business plan.

Main section of the plan

The purpose of the investment project is to open an Internet cafe. The organizational and legal form of the enterprise will be a limited liability company, the main authorized capital of which will be formed from equal shares of the founders. Financing will come from its own funds.

When opening an Internet cafe, the location of the future establishment is of great importance. The more successful it is, the more liquidity it will have. When choosing a location, you should consider the main category of visitors. They should take into account the routes of their movement, identify the points of their intersection and open an Internet cafe at this place. First, it is worth renting a cafe, with the right of subsequent purchase.

Description of the computer facility

The business plan of an Internet cafe assumes the presence of 30 PCs working in a local network with Internet access. In addition, computers are connected to one common printer, and scanners are connected to three computers.

The Internet cafe will be equipped with a mini-bar with snacks, coffee, tea, soft drinks. Opening hours of the Internet cafe seven days a week, around the clock.

Description of services

Entrepreneurs are constantly trying to find new business ideas that would allow them to make great profits. However, creative and sometimes dubious proposals cannot always be implemented. There are proven ways to get a high enough income. One of them is the organization of your own internet cafe.

Business Outlook

The computer and the World Wide Web have been mastered by people of different ages. That is why the owners of Internet cafes are provided with a stable flow of customers. The market of services allowing to receive information from the worldwide network is the most dynamic and actively developing today. The Internet has entered the life of almost every person, and it is an important and often integral part of it.

We use the World Wide Web services everywhere. This happens not only at home or in the office, but also on the way to work, as well as on vacation. That is why Internet cafes are becoming more and more popular. In these establishments, you can eat delicious food and use your computer to complete application tasks, play games or surf the net.

Do you want to start an internet cafe from scratch? This is a very effective and quite promising investment idea. However, as in any business, there are many pitfalls and nuances. In order to avoid them, you will need to draw up a high-quality Internet cafe business plan.

Main sections

The business plan of an Internet cafe, first of all, should specifically determine the organizational and legal form of the future enterprise. Depending on the size of the project, it can be a limited liability company or a private enterprise.

The business plan of the Internet cafe should identify the source of funding for the project. It can be equity or a loan from a bank.

The opening of the Internet Cafe should take place in a good location. This is important to attract more customers and maximize your income. When choosing the location of the premises for organizing your own business, you should take into account the main category of future visitors. The business plan of an Internet cafe should have a section with a choice of the location of the premises. Based on the information available, the area should be rented by concluding an agreement on the right of subsequent purchase.

To maintain reporting, a newly created organization will need to independently select the OKVED code. For internet cafes, this is 72.. It corresponds to activities that are related to the use of computing technology, as well as information technology.

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