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Implementation of integrated marketing ensures that no matter which of your sites the client is on, they will communicate with him in the same style. He will see information of the same quality and value, which echoes the overall goal and mission of the company.

A comprehensive internet marketing service is usually provided by agencies or teams of professionals. Some freelancers rarely do this.

Main directions and types of integrated marketing

Integrated marketing includes the simultaneous work on the company's website, search engine promotion, display and contextual advertising, direct marketing, community development in social networks, online reputation building and content marketing.

Creation or improvement of the company's website

Includes work on designing the site architecture, working out the interface and design, writing understandable and useful texts for the user.

Complex marketing begins with the work on the company's website. Until the site is put in order, all other promotion channels will not work effectively enough.

Minimum website quality requirements for complex promotion:

  • Hosted on reliable stable hosting.
  • Loads quickly even with low internet speeds.
  • Simple, functional and intuitive interface.
  • Quality, useful and informative texts.
  • A neat modern design.
  • Adaptability if there is mobile traffic.

Search Engine Promotion (SEO, Search Engine Optimization)

For effective promotion of a website, online store, landing page, it is recommended to use a set of marketing tools that are selected taking into account the type of business, coverage, characteristics of the target audience. An integrated approach allows you to optimize Internet marketing costs, increase sales and attract new customers at optimal costs.

What is Comprehensive Internet Marketing

Integrated marketing is the selection of optimal tools, taking into account the strategic goals and objectives of the company. The complex includes search engine promotion, contextual and display advertising, reputation management, social media marketing and other channels and methods of online promotion.

It is not always possible to determine the most effective promotion tools before starting an advertising campaign (AC). 2-3 weeks after the launch of the advertising campaign, it is necessary to conduct a deep analysis of statistics and determine the advertising effect separately for each promotion channel.

Important! The effectiveness of online marketing is measured not only by the high positions of the promoted resource in organic search results, but, first of all, by a significant increase in the number of purchases or the achievement of other strategic and tactical goals of the company.

Benefits of complex promotion

What benefits does an advertiser get using an integrated approach to online promotion:

  • cost savings that are allocated to online advertising and offline advertising. A high advertising effect makes it possible to reduce the cost of attracting each new client and get more contacts of potential buyers without increasing advertising budgets;
  • saving time. Using contextual advertising, you can declare an advertised product or service within a few hours after the start of an advertising campaign. In addition, links to the advertised resource, which are placed in various advertising sources, increase the position of the resource in the search results much faster;
  • increase loyalty to the brand and the advertiser company. Frequent mentioning of the name of a product or company increases brand awareness and reinforces a positive attitude towards this product, allows you to increase and stabilize sales in the long term.

Who is suitable for complex website promotion

Comprehensive Internet promotion is recommended for all types of small, medium and large businesses. And also for state and municipal institutions, non-profit organizations. Promotion by various marketing tools is also effective for professionals providing professional services, selling products of their creativity, etc.

If we listen to the stories of successful businessmen, we can see that behind every great success there was a business idea that they believed in. How to find such an idea and how to burn with it, so that, even stumbling, go to it, said Ekaterina Yufereva, founder of the Lyubimo Delo online school.

How to find a business idea?

There are many options for finding ideas for a new business or startup. We have selected 5 simple and most effective ways that will definitely push you to new ideas and a business niche:

  • Look around, go to other countries, see what is there and what we don’t have, come, refine and act.
  • Look at successful businesses around and do something similar.
  • If you are a programmer - now is the time to start doing something technologically advanced, or to join existing IT companies with your ideas.
  • Become a 100% expert in b2b or b2c: as a lawyer, accountant, marketer, psychologist, coach, etc. and form a personal brand.
  • Investigate personal interests - think about what to enjoy doing yourself (hobby), or what is interesting to learn in some area and figure out how to monetize it.

How can you verify that an idea you find works?

Three criteria for a successful business idea

To make your final decision, check if your idea meets these three criteria for success:

How to start a new business? Reasons for braking at the beginning of the journey

But in order to take the first step, you will have to overcome the inhibition, which will surely arise both for your internal reasons and from the side of the environment (crab bucket theory).

  • Doubts. You can look at niches for a long time, hoping to find the perfect option. To clear your doubts, allow yourself to be wrong. Research and tests will help with this. Research does not guarantee success. Tests will allow you to see the real situation. To understand that a niche is not suitable, take a step, even if later you realize that you were mistaken.
  • Idle. If a person is inactive, he becomes a theorist. He has a lot of knowledge and skills, but the result is zero. There is no effective way to combat inaction. If you don't want to change anything, you will lie on the couch. You need incentive and motivation to start working.
  • Theft. Take another successful business as an idea, but pass it through your own worldview. But most likely the thought will come to you that blind copying will not work.

As part of our business, we constantly think about what services to offer the client so that they are as useful as possible. Which tools are worth using and which are not. After all, it is our responsibility to provide the client with the best solution in his situation.

The Internet audience has not accumulated in one place for a long time. There are thousands of platforms, tools and communication methods. It is not enough to be "promoted" in only one direction (for example, only on Twitter or Instagram, make only landing pages or buy traffic from Yandex. Direct). Many ad systems are too overheated and the cost per click is sky-high. Some companies operate with negative margins, relying solely on repeat sales or up-sales. You need to diversify your marketing strategies and develop everything together.

While working on this issue, I realized the need to create a system in which it will be clear what exactly clients need to do. But how to put everything together, how to clearly show what exactly is complex Internet marketing? Indeed, in addition to the fact that there are well-known working tools, there are a huge number of different ways to use these tools, as well as the types of audience and ways of disseminating information among it. Talking with clients about what can be done to grow their business, I came to the conclusion that it should be a simple algorithm that will highlight the most useful for the business. It happened when a client who works in the b2b segment and sells expensive services for factories, without irony asked whether it makes sense to advertise on Odnoklassniki or Vkontakte or not.

Then I decided to understand and describe the step-by-step selection of tools, activities and tasks in order to build a comprehensive Internet marketing in the company. A simple algorithm that will allow everyone to draw up their own marketing strategy.

How to create an online promotion strategy

I call a strategy a set of measures, planned work on a project. The basis of the strategy is a hypothesis about which advertising channels and tools will be able to convey information about your product to the target client (or his guide) and, in fact, how. To form a hypothesis, you need to conduct research on your target audience, customers, competitors. This study will help you more clearly articulate a strategy for promoting your business on the Internet.

There are a lot of ways to form strategies. We use our own method in our work, which has been proven over the years. Starting to work with a client, we, first of all, get to know him, his product and the company. To understand how this happens, I advise you to read an article recently written by Dmitry Belotsvetov, director of digital agency Kompot, “61 questions for packaging and business development”. Thanks to these questions, we begin to interact more closely with the client from the first hours of communication. Often this happens even before the conclusion of a work contract.

Stages of strategy formation

You can segment your audience in different ways. Starting from various characteristics (gender, age and place of residence) and ending with non-classical options. In particular, I will describe two methods that we use in our work.

Having found out what kind of product the client offers, as well as its features and characteristics, it is necessary to create a match for the selected audience.

For example, for those who are already your client, but buy little, you can offer an additional service. And for those who do not know anything about you yet and are not ready to buy anything at all, you can try to sell a consultation or a small book / brochure / seminar. We highlight for each audience, segmented by Ben Hunt's ladder, which parameter (product / service characteristic) may be of interest to this particular target audience. Let's say for those who know about your company and are already buying from you, it will be relevant to offer an expansion of the range of purchased products, and for those who do not know anything about you and do not buy, you need to provide a meeting with a presentation. The main idea is to develop a match for the unique qualities of your product / service and match them with the audience for which it will be relevant.

After the correspondence between the characteristics of the product and the target audience is established, it is necessary to highlight the methods of communication or triggers of interactions with the client - the channels through which information about your new offers will be conveyed to clients.

Obviously, you already have some audience on social networks, someone is subscribed to your mailing lists, but someone is not even aware of your activities and it will not be enough for him to hear about your new products. Therefore, first you need to get to know each other, get used to each other. For each of these target audiences, it is necessary to provide a special way of communication. The easiest way is to address the audience in its language and in its main location, so we recommend the following action plan at this stage:

Internet marketing is a direction that is developing by leaps and bounds. Previously, online business promotion was mainly limited to the development and launch of a website, now the possibilities are wider. It is possible to increase the client base and activate sales with an integrated approach. Promotion of your business on the Internet should be multifaceted.

What are the goals of internet marketing? The main ones are as follows:

  • conducting research in the field of marketing;
  • establishing contact with potential buyers / clients;
  • selling products or services, advertising space.

Methods of promoting business on the Internet

It should be noted that at the moment there are many methods that help to ensure the promotion of small business on the Internet and the promotion of a fairly large business on the online space. Let's dwell in more detail on those that are the most effective and, accordingly, in demand:

  • search engine optimization of business on the Internet (SEO);
  • advertising - banner or display;
  • e-mail newsletter;
  • affiliate marketing;
  • content marketing.

The best results can be achieved if you ensure the comprehensive promotion of your business on the Internet, applying in practice all of the above methods. Some of them provide the opportunity to see results quickly, others are focused on the long term.

Fast business promotion on the Internet: how to attract buyers to the site?

If you are interested in getting visitors to the site as soon as possible, you need an investment of funds. It is possible to ensure the efficiency of the promotion of a business on the network only through advertising.

The least expensive and most reliable way is to use contextual advertising. At the same time, it is important that its preparation is carried out correctly. If you prepare ads at random, then you are unlikely to achieve the desired result. Accordingly, you will need services for promoting your business on the Internet, which are offered by specialized specialists.

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