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How to start making money in IT with minimal technological skills and on the job

High salaries, social guarantees, corporate culture - working in a company has many advantages. However, none of them compare to working for yourself.

The entrepreneurial path is undoubtedly more risky than working from 9 to 17, and requires more dedication. However, once you reap the rewards of an entrepreneurial lifestyle, when you are your own boss and make significantly more money than you could ever earn for an uncle, you realize that the business is well worth the effort.

But the main question asked by aspiring entrepreneurs is: "How do you know which business to start?" It is immediately followed by a second: "How do I start a business if I still work full time?" Most of us cannot afford the luxury of leaving our main job and starting our own business right now without worrying about our financial situation and start-up capital.

This is why it is worth starting a business on the spot, so that you can test a new product or service, get feedback, test a business idea, and start earning income.

The Skillcrush Education Project has compiled a list of business ideas to start on the job. Plus, many of these ideas are great for improving your technology skills.

Web design is the art of creating an attractive, user-friendly and functional website or mobile application. Professional web designers know that good design is almost invisible, but its impact is priceless.

According to the Internet Live Stats, the total number of websites is now close to one billion. Thousands of new websites are created every day around the world. Obviously, web designers will not be left out of work.

People are willing to pay for new knowledge that will help them become self-sufficient in their professional field. And if you are an expert at something, it is worth sharing your knowledge and skills with others. Why not open up online courses that teach the basics of what your customers want to be successful at?

A great concrete example is creating a guide to using WordPress (how to create and maintain a high-quality and functional internet resource).

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We at Bright Mobile are developing mobile applications. The demand has developed in such a way that our specialization has narrowed to launching applications, Avito analogues with responses, youdo, profi. u and the like. In order to offer a more competitive price, we made a platform for launching such projects - Service PI, on which more than a hundred applications were launched.

The experience of launching helped to form an understanding: which ideas are cool, which ones fall almost immediately, and, in general, to accumulate competencies in the field of service aggregators. Today, I would like to share with you ideas that either shoot well or are not busy with anyone yet, but, in our opinion, are quite promising with proper marketing and management.

General characteristics

In a nutshell, what is an IT business in a marketplace format. Roughly speaking, there are two user roles - who buys and who sells. The site itself contains the interaction between these roles. This can be a commodity marketplace (Yandex. Arquet, OZON, Ali Express), a service aggregator (youdo, Kabanchik, Profi. U), a message board (Avito, Yula), or something more non-standard, for example, a dating service.

Dating Service

The fact that this is a marketplace can, of course, be argued, but let's weigh everything not biased. Only one thing is important: someone is looking for someone for something. The essence of the dating service is matching (matching or comparison) according to certain rules, for example, according to interests. Let's look at dating for business, this topic is closer to me. So, here you need a questionnaire for a story about yourself and an application for a search.

For example, if you take the youth business community, then an important criterion for joining is always what type of people in business a person belongs to. “Human product” - someone who invents, develops something and does not like to sell. “Man selling” is a seller to the core, his inner product, in fact, is the principles, rules and experience of selling something, he is always in search of an interesting product. In addition, there will be a description of the competencies for which you can also dock. For example, a product creator may be looking exclusively for a marketer or an Instagram specialist. And the seller wants to find a product only in the IT segment.

Competitive Online Store

Let's now look at a completely different realm and a different type of creator. Most often, these are the owners of an offline store or a whole network, most often they already have e-commerce in the form of an online store and they are looking for a mobile developer to capture this sales platform. Applications for the creation of a mobile online store are replete with fl. u (which, by the way, is also a marketplace of services :)) and analogues. But the creator faces a very big problem - it is becoming more and more difficult for online stores to compete, the cost of a click in Yandex. The email is growing inexorably. What to do?

No, I'm not going to talk about marketing and increasing conversions, let's talk today about a competitive advantage.

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