Idea number 209: what is needed to open a consulting firm

Consulting occupies a leading position in the business services market.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in how to start a consulting firm from scratch, and how profitable this field of activity is, a detailed business plan with a calculation of profitability is drawn up.

What is consulting?

Consulting is the provision of consulting services to firms, enterprises, individuals on business development. The consulting agency employs specialists in analysis, finance, marketing, management, personnel, and IT technologies.

The organization can hire a permanent consultant on issues of interest. Then it will be internal consulting.

External consulting is the conclusion of a service contract with a consulting firm. Most requested consulting services:

  • Business process analysis and productivity assessment.
  • Suggestions for improvements.
  • Training and personnel selection.
  • Audit of activity.
  • Lending tips.
  • Development of tactics and strategy.
  • Business risk assessment.
  • Registration, certification, licensing.

Tips on organizing and conducting business activities are required by representatives of both small and large businesses. Therefore, consulting agencies have a huge consumer audience:

  • trading companies;
  • light industry;
  • heavy industry;
  • construction industry;
  • financial sector;
  • energy;
  • mining and processing enterprises;
  • telecommunications.

The main types of consulting are distinguished:

First of all, you need to be at least a very good specialist in your field, as well as have extensive practice. The next step is to attract customers. The following channels work for this:

  • site and attracting visitors to it from search engines, contextual advertising, social networks and other sources.
  • social networks.
  • other: message boards, forums.

Social media

First of all, networks for business communication - linkedin, my circle, professionals.

Social networks, you can work passively: you have posted information and are waiting for a response, you can actively - go to new sources (communities, opinion leaders), find your potential customers (search, posts, comments), participate in thematic discussions, and finally advertising within social networks.


For Runet, the main bulletin board is Avito. Here is the largest audience among similar sites.

An important place is occupied by forums, there are thematic (for example, business forums) - people come here for advice, in search of services - you can both create such a forum within your site, and be active in other forums, declaring about myself as a good specialist who is ready to work on the problems of customers. An effective tactic is to enter with a number of free consultations for the old-timers of the forum, this will give feedback from people who are reputable in this community.

All kinds of local, city and thematic forums (not on your topic) - there are often sections for services, just conversations. A neat presence on such sites (focus on audience size) is also a good source of orders.

Consulting services require building authority, weight in the eyes of potential clients and colleagues in the shop. It is important to show your awareness of the issue and give examples of work - this is the most convincing.

Consulting services are more than an interesting field of activity. At the same time, this is a very merciless environment: you must always keep the pace, be in the attention of the audience, master and use new channels for disseminating information.

The presented business plan of the consulting company is a reliable assistant and initial document in building a profitable business. Consulting provides companies with ample opportunities to reach a new level of economic activity and financial well-being. The plan will allow to restructure the work of firms and companies in such a way that they will instantly feel the effect of audit services provided by highly qualified specialists. Consulting services of a consulting agency are a fairly new type of activity, but their demand is growing more and more. Let's talk about the creation of such a project further.


The business plan of a consulting company we are considering with calculations clearly demonstrates that it is possible to open a business in this area without significant investments. The main factors of success here are work experience, respectability and high psychological stability of the main actors - consultants. It is important to determine the specific direction of the agency's work: accounting, production, financial or economic activities. The choice must be made in accordance with those competencies that will help ensure the highest profitability of the business.

The purpose of this business plan is to justify the creation of a consulting company that will solve the following main tasks:

  • Meeting the needs of companies in obtaining qualified assistance in developing development strategies, optimizing activities in the field of production management.
  • Providing assistance in increasing the competitiveness of enterprises.
  • Creation of an institution with a high level of profitability of the services provided.
  • Taking profit.

Investments in the amount of 4,510,000 rubles are attracted to finance the project. Source - commercial bank loan with a discount rate of 17.5% for 24 settlement months.

In accordance with the calculations made, it is assumed that the institution will break even from the 1st billing month. The profit for this period will amount to 396,949 rubles. After the return of the borrowed funds, the profit will increase to 6,643,461 rubles. The payback period, taking into account discounting, is no later than 24 months from the date of the agency's creation.

The amount of remuneration paid to the bank for 2 years - 307,281.33 rubles.

With monthly expenses of 618,030 rubles, the gross profit for the project as a whole will amount to 151,209,877 rubles.

The project life cycle is designed for 2 years.

Market Analysis

Experts in the field of business management have different estimates of the size of the Russian consulting services market. Ernst & Young estimates it at $ 1.5 billion, including $ 350-550 million for audit. Experts from K. MG call the figure 550-650 million dollars. / P>

At whatever level the entrepreneur is (he is at the origin of his business or is already an experienced manager) there is always a need for new knowledge. Business development is impossible without the development of the owner himself. Therefore, we have selected for you the 10 best online business training from the leading online schools of the Russian Internet and arranged them as the material becomes more complex and deeper into narrow topics.

Best Business Courses for Entrepreneurs

Fundamentals of Business from St. Petersburg State University

A course for those who are just thinking about creating their own business, but do not know where to start and how it all works.

Learning modules:

  • Typology of entrepreneur funds.
  • Principles of accounting.
  • The evolution of the roles of businessmen.

You will learn:

  • draw up an advertising plan;
  • draw up the structure of a business plan;
  • work with typical tasks.

Format: Watch video lectures → Take assessment tests → Take the final exam.

Graduation document: certificate.

How to open a business on consulting services

Consulting projects today can be called one of the most promising business areas. Since they are very diverse, it is important to differentiate them by topic and area of ​​business. Not very popular, which means that consulting for heads of dentistry and medical centers of various directions is in demand in our time. This industry has its own peculiarities and nuances.

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Consulting for heads of medical organizations

Consulting can have several main areas, among which the industry is in greatest demand, associated with the promotion of the services of a dental clinic or medical center.

It includes the following aspects:

Thus, consulting companies specialize in consulting business leaders, helping them in all aspects of promoting their business.

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Consulting for heads of dentistry and medical centers Where to start?

Having decided on the consulting industry of interest, the founder of the future company needs to take the first steps:

People at a dental or health center executive consultant must meet industry standards. Thus, all full-time consultants must have education related to management, advertising or personnel management. It is desirable to hold regular seminars, the purpose of which is to develop and improve the professional literacy of employees. Specialists in the field of information technology are required in the staff of such a company, who provide services in optimizing the official website of a medical organization.

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