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A site about business and finance is a large-scale web resource containing a huge amount of cognitive information about the rules for the formation and promotion of any commercial project. Its primary task is to provide assistance to both aspiring entrepreneurs and ordinary people who are thinking about starting their own business. If we talk about the main advantages of a website with a similar theme, then they include: high demand, prospects and profitability.

Hello everyone! Today, there are several hundred thousand business sites on the Internet, the principle of which is very different from each other. Most often, among them you can find either sites of well-known companies that provide their clients with professional services or sell them any goods via the Internet, or information portals that publish useful materials for their readers about business and many aspects that are closely related to it.

I would like to note right away that in this article we will not discuss the creation of a website for our own company, through which its owner will interact with potential clients and buyers. Instead, we'll talk about developing an informative business portal that will be an excellent online reference for aspiring businessmen and help them succeed in their business. It seems to me that just such information is now very difficult to find on the World Wide Web, so I decided to start studying this topic.

Well, let's get started!

Who should be the owner of a business site?

Any person whose interests are closely related to the field of entrepreneurship can become the creator of such an Internet resource. In this case, he does not have to become a successful businessman, since in the process of developing a business site, it is not professional status that plays a significant role at all, but ordinary knowledge and skills. Therefore, if you have been interested in this field of activity for more than a year and are able to express your thoughts in an understandable language, then you can turn out to be an excellent webmaster in the field of business.

Preparing to develop a business website

Before starting work on a business project, you should carefully consider all the stages of its formation by answering the following questions:

1) Who will develop the site?

If you have extra money at your disposal to find and hire specialists in the field of site building, then all the work to create, design and optimize your future resource can be given to them. However, do not forget that the cost of creating a high-quality and unique site can reach 100 thousand rubles and even more, so I still recommend that you take care of your wallet and do this on your own.

Fortunately, on the World Wide Web you can now find any information that will help you build a good Internet resource from scratch with your own hands. Without wasting your budget on developers, designers and SEO specialists, you will be able to create, although not entirely original, but fully functioning business website, the shortcomings of which can be corrected in the future on a monetary basis, if you want to.

2) What sections will the site consist of?

The business sphere includes a large number of interconnected industries that differ from each other in demand, efficiency and other properties. Basically, each of them deserves a separate heading on a business and finance website, but despite all this, you only need to select a few categories in which you are most interested.

If you have an interesting idea that you are ready to implement, but you have absolutely no money to implement it, there is a way out!

At the moment, there are various platforms on the Internet to raise money for the launch of your project.

These services are sites where "seller" and "buyer" meet. You are the seller, offering your idea and talking about its advantages, the buyer is a sponsor who is ready to invest money.

So, let's go to these sites.

The most serious investments are received by projects placed on foreign sites, contributions of sponsors to them reach several million dollars.

On Kickstarter, not everyone can post their project, the site accepts projects of US citizens, business ideas of Russians are accepted only if they live in the states. Although sometimes our compatriots manage to post their projects, and quite successfully. A vivid example of this, Nikolai Dybowski living in Moscow, who earned a little more than $ 40,000 on his project, here is a link to his kickstarter project. om / projects / 1535515364 / knock-knock. How do they do it? Better ask them :)

indiegogo has an advantage over kickstarter not only in the ability to register a resident of any country, but also in the fact that money can be collected for any purpose. For example, treating relatives, starting a business, charity, etc. If an insufficient amount has been collected for the project, unlike kickstarter, it is not necessary to return money to sponsors.

Unlike previous projects, boomstarter does not collect several million dollars for a project, but investments of several million rubles are met periodically.

On the boomstarter website, after the implementation of the project, you must share with your sponsors a piece of your realized idea - to provide a service, send an invention, a calendar, etc.

Depending on the fundraising, you can understand how much your project will be in demand. If the project has not collected a sufficient amount, the money is returned to the sponsors.

Motivating films and books, as a friend and mentor, help us overcome ourselves and take the first steps to achieve our goals and dreams. But motivation alone is not enough. To start your business, you need knowledge and fresh ideas. You can also get them from various literature, communication with other entrepreneurs and, of course, cinema.

Today I have prepared for you the best films about business, economics and making money. They are quite diverse: from serious pictures about financial markets and securities fraud to funny and amusing stories about aspiring businessmen. Choose what is closest and most interesting to you now, see and share your opinion in the comments.

Billion Dollar Teen

For me, this film is about a startup, that an entrepreneur is always looking for ways to make money, and even if one idea is unsuccessful, he will find another dozen, will work, defend his beginnings, fight the whole world and move forward.

The protagonist of this movie started his business from scratch at school age and earned good money, then there was another business and one more. He went through many difficulties and such falls, after which it is very difficult to rise, but he did it.

Watch this movie if you want to get into the entrepreneurial spirit and start your own business, or you already have one, but things aren't going very well.

Tucker: The Man and His Dream

Many of the outstanding people who built successful companies and made great discoveries were daring dreamers and rebels. This film, based on real events, is about such a person. He came up with bold ideas in the field of car design, and he was not afraid of competition from huge enterprises.

Many restrictions exist only in our head, and as soon as an idea arises, there are ten reasons why we cannot implement it. In fact, I think the genius lives in each of us, you just have to not be afraid to dream and bring your ideas to life.


Do you love the McDonald’s fast food chain, do you often visit their places? I - no, and again no. But the success story of this company is impressive, there is something to think about and something to learn, for example, large-scale thinking. Of course, the biography of the founder of McDonald's was not without dark moments. Someone blames him for stealing someone else's idea and work, and then “threw” his business partners.

Without a financial model, any business plan is a vague fantasy. They do not give a clear idea of ​​the company's development and are not able to convince investors of the profitability of the project. In the article we will tell you what a financial business model is and, using a simple example, we will show you step by step how to make it up.

What is a financial model?

A financial model is a set of related characteristics that reflect the current state of affairs and forecasts for the future of a company. Or, in simpler terms, it is an expression of your business model in concrete numbers.

To make it clearer, let's explain using the example of the idea for a small business "Making homemade dumplings." The example is conventionally simplified to show the essence of the processes on the fingers of one hand. Using the same example, we will reveal the nuances of building a financial model.

A certain businessman decided to arrange a small workshop for the production of dumplings at home. To understand how profitable such a business will be, it needs to calculate: sales volumes, profits, expenses, etc. - for several months in advance. Such an analysis will make it possible to understand: is it profitable to do this at all, how much can you earn, how an increase in production rates will ultimately affect profitability, possible growth rates, and how long it will take for investments to start paying off.

It is theoretically clear that an increase in sales will generate a large profit, and an increase in costs will extend the payback period. But it is not obvious how specific indicators affect each other in numbers. The financial model helps to link all the possible parameters to each other in one file and, with one keystroke, design, for example, how much percent you need to increase sales every month in order to close a loan six months ahead of schedule.

You need a financial model if:

  • you want to build a steadily growing business that is resistant to market fluctuations;
  • are looking for investors (then a financial model will be a justification for the profitability of investments in your project);
  • you already have a business, you want to be sure that it does not face bankruptcy, and understand how different decisions will affect your financial performance.

How to start an entrepreneur, step by step

You will need input data, which can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Investments. This includes everything you invest in to start a project: the purchase of assets (equipment, buildings, etc.) and start-up costs (licenses, registration, recruitment, etc.). Plus, you need to fix for yourself the beginning, end and financing schedule of each investment stage.
  • Costs. These are: direct (variable) costs (prices of materials, consumption rates, costs for the production of a unit of production), general (fixed) costs (rent of premises, equipment maintenance, business expenses, marketing costs, etc.) and personnel (work schedule, salaries , premiums and interest).
  • Income. These are: sales prices (indicating the seasonality of prices and inflation), sales volume (in units and taking into account the seasonality of demand). Here you need to register all the products and services from which you plan to make a profit.

In the review, we will figure out where it is better to invest money for an individual in 2021, depending on the free amount in your hands. Any financier today will say: everyone can and should invest money, not just wealthy people. You can invest in anything - in yourself, in a dream, in your own children, in shares, in real estate, in ruble and foreign currency bank deposits. The main thing is that investments bring a stable income that fully satisfies your expectations. This review is designed for beginner private investors.

We recommend reading the materials of the Investments section in the magazine, where we constantly publish reviews about stocks and investing. A review has been published of the 15 World Stocks of 2021 with the best value, fastest growth and highest dynamics.

Please note: the review is just my opinion, experience and advice. It is important to understand that the decision about where and how to invest personal finances is always taken by you yourself. Nevertheless, my review will help you navigate and take the first steps in investing.

Investment Trends Today

So where, what is better to invest in today? Experienced investors advise several options:

• Electronic, virtual commerce: online stores, delivery services and other virtual projects, • Artificial intelligence, creation and design of robotics, cloud services, automation, big data, Internet of things. • Educational online services and virtual platforms. • Online medicine, pharmaceutical companies, advanced biotechnology. Interest in these areas will persist for a long time due to the pandemic, the urgent need of the world community for effective drugs, vaccines against coronavirus. • Themselves financial, investment, payment applications and services.

If you refer to the survey conducted by RBC among its readers, the following patterns of 2021 can be distinguished:

• Private Russian investors have significantly increased the share of their investments in shares. • Today they prefer to invest not in individual companies, but in entire economic sectors in order to maximize their security. • Exchange traded funds are becoming popular. In Russia, the maximum growth is noted in FXIT (fund for investments in the United States 'IT sector), FXGD (funds for investment in gold), FXUS (fund for investments in American companies' shares). • The maximum volume of investments is in the sectors of the economy that suffer less from the consequences of the pandemic: high technologies, pharmaceuticals, food retail.

About finance and investing in the year

Interesting fact: in the era of the pandemic, Russians began not only to spend more, but also to invest more. At the peak of their popularity were mobile applications - investment, banking, payment. Researchers Adjust and Apptopia, having studied American, Russian, British, German, Japanese, Turkish, Brazilian statistics, compiled a report on the main trends in 2021 in the investment market:

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