I invested 6,000 rubles, threw 300% on top: this is the only way I started making money on jewelry with my own hands

Jewelry store is not a bad idea for business. A properly organized business can become quite profitable and pay off within a year. Success is guaranteed by demand: high-quality jewelry is to the liking of women of any age. Such things are suitable for everyday wear, and new collections are released every season, forcing fashionistas to replenish their stocks.

The second factor of success is the high mark-up that can be set on a given type of product. The norm for jewelry is considered to be 200-300%. Under such conditions, its sale will soon begin to bring a steady income, so it is worth figuring out in detail how to open a jewelry store and getting an interesting profitable business.

First, you need to study the features of the product, consumer preferences and implementation possibilities in order to be able to accurately answer the questions: what, to whom, where and how to sell. When the preliminary steps have been completed and the necessary information has been collected, it is time to start implementing the plan.

You will need to draw up a number of documents, install equipment, purchase the first batch of goods, hire sellers. In a word, there will be a lot of things to do. In order not to forget about anything, when planning to open a jewelry store, a business plan must be drawn up with all the details and preliminary calculations.

Drawing up a business plan

The main requirement for this document is that it really be a plan that clearly explains how you can generate income with the help of a jewelry store.

Product characteristics

At this point in the business plan, you need to indicate which jewelry is chosen and why it will be in demand. For example, the choice was made in favor of products of the middle price category and a little more expensive, with ornamental stones and the use of hypoallergenic jewelry alloys, since these things are safe, aesthetic and suitable for any style of clothing.

Characteristics of the target audience

Having carefully studied the tastes and preferences of women in your city, you need to determine the category of potential buyers and draw up a typical portrait. The chosen type of jewelry is interesting for women 25-50 years old. They already have a steady income and can afford to buy such jewelry, but their needs are sometimes different. It is important for young people to look stylish and follow fashion, they can be demanding of the brand. Those who are older, actively take care of their health and know that there is no allergy from the silver-plated chain, amber beads are useful for diseases of the thyroid gland, etc. They are rarely guided by fashion and will agree to purchase last season jewelry that meets their requirements.


Surely every shopping center has such a department, so even at the planning stage, you need to find out the strengths and weaknesses of future rivals. What suppliers do they work with? How often is the assortment updated? Is the margin high? What methods of attracting customers are used?

There are more than one piece of jewelry of your own authorship in your box, you love to create beautiful things for yourself and your loved ones. And, perhaps, you are already selling your work through your Instagram account.

It's time to do what you love in earnest and move to a new level - launch We'll tell you how to prepare for the opening, and what to consider so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Update: from November 30, 2021 it is allowed to sell jewelry. The seller will have to comply with two requirements: mandatory certification of precious stones and the presence of an assay mark on each product made of precious metal.

Stage Think over the product and its presentation

The main thing in jewelry is the beauty and originality of presentation. You need to figure out how to differentiate yourself from the competition, as well as tackle materials and packaging. It is important to think over every detail and decide how to be remembered by customers so that they come back to you again.

Decide how you will be different

For a small jewelry store or jewelry store, the formula for product success is simple: high quality + a clear difference from competitors.

Think about what your USP will be - a unique selling proposition. It is a business advantage or feature that sets you apart from competitors and attracts buyers. For example tashashop. u offers one-of-a-kind jewelry. This attracts customers who value exclusivity.

  • Exclusivity: each product is one of a kind.
  • Unusual, rare or predominant material: for example, jewelry only made of amber or only wood.
  • Theme: wedding jewelry, kids, men, nautical jewelry, ethnic jewelry and anything else.
  • Legend: The story that inspired you to create jewelry can also become your feature. You can tell a real story or make up a legend, the effect is the same. For example, you have been to India, fell in love with this country (and maybe with a beautiful Indian) and now you want to share your love with the world with the help of Indian-themed jewelry.

It will be easier for you to find a USP if you present the image of your customer (or a customer if you have chosen a male theme). What is she like? What does he like? What is her lifestyle? What will attract her attention and interest?

Think that customers will only be able to purchase from you? Decorations don't have to be complicated. But, looking at them, the buyer should not think about what he can do himself or easily buy.

Tasha Mulyar has been creating jewelry for her tashashop store for several years. u. In an interview, she shares her experience:

I decided to devote today's article to the female half of humanity, because we are the ones who like beautiful jewelry, and working with it is doubly pleasant.

I have received quite a few letters from girls and women with various questions regarding the opening of an online jewelry store. I realized that this topic is interesting for you and it is worth talking about it, since any business, including the sale of jewelry, has its own characteristics. Moreover, I am the owner of an online jewelry store, I myself have gone all this way and I have something to share with you.

To begin with, it's pretty easy to open an online jewelry store.

Advantages of online jewelry store

First, such a business does not require large investments. Enough 10-15 thousand rubles - and you already have a wide range of goods in the online store.

Secondly, bijouterie is a small-sized product, it does not take up much space, which means that you do not have to pay dearly for storing goods in a warehouse. Also, its delivery does not require large costs.

Disadvantages of online jewelry store

However, such a business has a big drawback. This is high competition. Due to the fact that it is quite easy to open an online jewelry store, there are a large number of online jewelry stores, and jewelry is also sold in shopping centers, markets, and stores. But this does not mean that you need to be afraid of competition and put an end to this business. With the right approach, you will always find your clients and you can make good money on it. How to properly organize your work? We will talk about this today.

Market Analysis

The first step is to look at what online stores exist in your market and study their range. After all, it is your competitors who know which products are best selling, since they have been working in this niche for more than one year, and I do not think that they will sell products that are not in demand.

Determining uniqueness

After you analyze the market, it is important to find your uniqueness. You can sell jewelry for one particular brand, such as Tiffani. You can also sell jewelry from a certain country, for example, Italy. And that will be your uniqueness. Alternatively, you can take one separate category, for example, wedding jewelry. You can also make jewelry with your own hands. In this case, your online store will be 100% unique. You can sell jewelry that is in trend at the moment. For example, recently, studs have been in great demand (who does not know, these are small round earrings of different colors).

Since childhood I have been attracted by various earrings, beads and rings of pretentious, unusual shape. And already as a teenager, I began to try to make jewelry with my own hands.

At first I donated finished products to relatives and friends and, of course, wore them myself. From the age of 20 I got a job as a secretary, and handicraft somehow faded into the background.

But one day one colleague, seeing on me the earrings that I made myself, advised me to try to make money on it. There was not enough money, so I decided to listen to her and try.

Today I have my own business on the Internet, which brings me a good profit.

This story was sent by my reader Anastasia.

How to promote an online jewelry store on the Internet

In order for the whole world to know about you, you need to promote your products. And so I decided first of all to create my own Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki groups.

I immediately discarded the idea of ​​renting an area in a shopping center, as this requires too much money. So, after creating the group, I uploaded a photo of my work and started promoting it.

My friends were invited first. Yes, many of them never joined, but the most "faithful" still responded to the invitation and even posted information about the group on their pages, which helped me a lot.

Then it was time to do advertising.

And that was probably the most difficult thing, since I had no money, and I needed advertising. With grief in half, I found several thematic groups that agreed to help almost for nothing.

In total, I paid for advertising in the region of 1500 rubles.

Jewelry store as a business has several advantages: relative ease of organization, small start-up investments, quick payback and unlimited shelf life of goods.

This step-by-step guide will help you quickly create a successful jewelry business that brings good profit. Let's figure out how to open a jewelry store from scratch and how much money you need to get started.

Business registration Choice of OKVED and taxation system

According to the latest classifier of types of commercial activities, code 47 is best suited for a jewelry store. 8 Other retail trade in specialized stores. If you plan to sell watches as well, add code 47. 7. Retailing watches in specialized stores. For other products, you need to add the corresponding codes. Keep in mind that costume jewelry does not belong to jewelry.

To open a store, you need to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC. For a small point, the PI form is better. You can register a business as an individual entrepreneur in 7 days by paying 1000 state rubles. duties. The documents are submitted to the tax authority at the place of registration. The taxation system is simplified (STS).

Step-by-step business launch plan

Let's figure out what needs to be done to open your own jewelry outlet.


For the sale of bijouterie, it is enough to rent 10-15 m 2. On an area of ​​5 m 2, you can place 2021 samples of costume jewelry. But at the same time, do not forget about the need for space for buyers and sellers. Therefore, the optimal store area is 15-20 m 2. It is best to open such a business in places with high traffic. These are shopping centers or crowded places, for example, the central streets of the city.


You need to decide what exactly you will sell. In addition to jewelry (pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings), it can be:

  • shawls ,
  • belts ,
  • umbrellas,
  • gold-plated and silver-plated jewelry,
  • bags,
  • other accessories.


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