How to start your online business

Despite the fact that your business will be concentrated in the virtual world, nevertheless, the monetary income received will be quite real. You need to organize your business in accordance with all the rules of ordinary business, because, in fact, it is no different from the same sale of products in a store, or the provision of services in a salon. Therefore, first of all, we would recommend that you take all your actions seriously, otherwise you can either waste a lot of money, or forever miss the chance to earn large sums on the Internet.

What you need for your project on the network:

Choose direction

  • Website promotion. This is one of the most promising niches, since more and more companies want to have not only off-line business, but also on-line, that is, to have a kind of mirror in the World Wide Web, with the help of which the number of sales of products or services will also increase. However, for this they need to get visitors to their site, which means they need to comprehend such basics of "sciences" as SEO and SMO. Most of the firms refuse to independently understand the nuances of promotion, thereby entrusting this business to professionals. You can become such a professional too. And at first you can work independently, and then gather your team and organize your own small company to promote websites on the Internet.
  • Copywriting. In another way, this term can be deciphered as writing unique articles for websites and services. A very popular destination among freelancers (people on the Internet who work for themselves). Copywriters are the people who fill the Internet with new textual information, so they will never be left without a piece of bread (there is always a job for them). Again, you can start writing articles yourself, and then (when forming regular customers), you can hire other copywriters who will fulfill the orders that you find for them on the Internet (of course, you will keep some percentage for yourself). Subsequently, you can also entrust the search for orders for writing texts to new employees, thereby completely turning your business into a passive source of income.
  • Making web design. Web design studios are gaining more and more popularity. Modern trends force website owners to create not only useful, but also beautiful Internet projects, and it is web designers who are responsible for the beauty. The price of one design can reach several thousand dollars, which is why serious competition is beginning to arise in this market. However, organizing your business in this niche is still realistic. We especially recommend joining it to those who know how to create creative creative works, since very many clients are interested in the individuality of their site!
  • Template making. This business direction is somewhat similar to the previous one, but here we are talking not just about an image made in Photoshop, but about a full-fledged template that can be embedded in the site. The process of making a template consists of three steps: making a layout (drawing), coding it into HTML and converting the layout into a full-fledged template that can be installed on a CMS (content management system) installed by the client. Naturally, the price for the created design will be even higher, but keep in mind that the labor costs will be even higher. The demand for such a product is much higher, since you offer the client a ready-made product (design), which can be immediately installed on the site. There are not many competitors in this area (relatively), so if you wish, you can get a very profitable business.
  • Website development (turnkey). The direction is very popular, both among consumers and among businessmen, so in order to break into this niche of the Internet market, you will have to spend a lot on advertising (due to the great competition). Although the costs will pay off in any case, especially if you focus yourself on large clients who can be found in big cities or abroad. The niche is interesting first of all because for a relatively simple work (with a minimum of costs), you can ask for quite large sums of money, since clients, as a rule, are poorly oriented in the pricing of website creation.
  • Development of your web projects. It is the creation and development of their sites on the Internet that is extremely popular. After all, most of those who come to the World Wide Web in order to make money want to make a profit on their website. In principle, the niche is really promising, but it has a huge number of competitors, therefore, before choosing this direction, you need to analyze and choose the most profitable topic for yourself (taking into account your capabilities and competition). There are two drawbacks to this area: firstly, not all topics allow you to legalize your business, and secondly, in order to implement a good website, you need to have a lot of knowledge, experience and money (or time). More details about this niche are written in the article: How to make money on your website?
  • Selling goods via the Internet. Now let's move on to a more familiar type of business, namely selling. The Internet allows you to attract a large number of potential buyers for a relatively low price. For example, advertising on the Internet costs several times less than on television, but at the same time it can have a much higher efficiency. Here you have several options - either open an online store and sell through it, or (if you already have a real store) use the site as a billboard on which to publish all information about the product + contact information for placing an order.
  • Realization of their services via the Internet. If you are engaged in the provision of any services in everyday life (do apartment renovations, install technical equipment, carry out car repairs, provide hair cutting services, hair styling, hair extensions, etc.), then you have the opportunity not just to increase base of their customers, and create a full-fledged company. By organizing your personal website, you can increase your income, as well as reduce the time you spend looking for clients. And all this thanks to the World Wide Web!

Analyze your chosen niche

Now that you have chosen the direction that you are interested in, you need to do a full analysis of the chosen niche. A detailed analysis will allow you to soberly assess your chances and prospects for this type of online business. Even if you spend a week or even a month on this, you will save several years of your life, which you can waste on developing a business, which, in the end, will not bring any benefit as such.

  • Analysis of the advertising budget. Analyzing competitors, we first of all try to calculate their approximate income per month or year. However, in our opinion, this position is fundamentally wrong! Why count today's income if we don't know how much he spent on his PR yesterday ?! So, first of all, you need to find out what such popularity cost your competitors. The way of analyzing the potential budget, not advertising, also depends on the niche. Naturally, everything will be approximately, since no one will tell you the honest amounts. If we are talking about high site traffic, then here you need to pay attention to the statistics, if the bulk comes from search engines - this is search engine promotion, which means pay attention to the TCI, PR, the number of backlinks and their quality. Find out how much these links cost and multiply them by the number. If visitors come from advertising sites, it means that they have worked on contextual, teaser or banner advertising. Again, calculate the total cost. In some niches, the advertising budget is scanty (for example, copywriting), word of mouth works better here, which “turns on” when you start writing high quality texts for a low fee. Think creatively about budgeting and round up costs up rather than less.
  • Semantic analysis of competitors (from the client's point of view). If you enter a niche that is still unfamiliar to you, then you must study it thoroughly, and not from the side of the entrepreneur, but from the side of the consumer. Introduce yourself as a potential client and carefully select the best performers. When choosing, try to pay attention to even the smallest details. Once the collection of competitors is complete, carefully study their sites or offers. Pay attention to what customers are lured by (price, beautiful promises, quality assurance, etc.). Write down all these nuances in your notebook and do not forget to repeat these successful tricks in your practice.
  • Create the perfect service or product. After analyzing your competitors, think about what your business should be, what to have, how to look, what to offer to customers and how to offer. When coming up with an idea, write the abstract notes in your notebook so that you don't forget these ideas. Viewing the mass of competitors will help you create in your head the ideal model that will help you create your own business on the Internet.
  • Semantic analysis of the future project. After you have come up with the ideal service or product, let your gray matter rest for a few days, after which, get back to work. However, now you need to analyze not your competitors, but your theses of your potential business. Treat all criteria very critically, discard the weakest of them. All that will remain will serve as the basis for building a plan.
  • Assess perspective. Before launching a project on the Internet, you need to assess its perspective. Now is the time to start analyzing your competitors' earnings. Despite the fact that it is not beautiful to count other people's money, this event is extremely necessary at this point. Try to calculate how much each of your competitors is making. Take as a basis the number of visitors to the site or the number of orders.
  • Assess your chances. When you are satisfied with the prospect, it's time to see things realistically. Assess your experience, zeal, skills, investment, etc. Will you have enough of everything you have to reach the level of competitors? Will you be able not to drop the case halfway? Try to honestly answer these questions, or even better - consult with experienced people who already have the skills to create this type of activity on the Internet, perhaps they will tell you whether it is worth taking on this business or not.
  • Before starting a business - find your "zest"! Your individuality and unique idea will help you to take your place in the market of the chosen niche. Such a position will not only help you stand out from competitors, but also be the feature for which the client will love you. Know how to be different from the gray mass, try to attract a visitor not only with advertising, but also with your approach to work. In this case, they will start talking about you, which means that the flow of customers will rapidly increase.

Make a detailed implementation plan

Analysis ready ?! Now it's time to start developing a plan for creating a project. It is quite simple to write the plan, the main thing is to think it over as accurately as possible.

  • Please provide exact dates. First, decide on the timing, how much you make this plan. We recommend using long-term planning as it can motivate you while you work. When making a plan for three years, you must know exactly how much you will earn / spend in the first month and how much in the 36th.
  • Allocate the budget. Serious investments are required to create any serious business. Of course, you can start working on the Internet without investment, but you will have to spend a lot of time. In this case, try not to withdraw all the money you earn, but rather invest in the development of your business (in advertising).

  • Set up landmarks. A very important role in drawing up a plan are benchmarks, which tell you how much you are behind or ahead of your result. For example, oblige yourself to draw up a monthly report on the work done, in which you indicate how much you worked, how you worked, how much money you invested back and how much you received. After that, compare this result with the planned result. If the numbers do not suit you, change the plan for the next month in such a way as to catch up with the plan. By applying these tips, you will quickly reach your goal.
  • Be aware of unforeseen situations. When making a development plan, always consider unforeseen situations! Therefore, you should always have time and money in stock that you can use and not harm your goal.
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