How to start a grocery store from scratch: business plan, profitability calculation, tips

Many entrepreneurs are interested in how to open a grocery store and take into account all the features of the grocery business? It will take start-up capital, a business plan, hard work and a tough entrepreneurial character. Knowledge of details and nuances cannot be avoided in order to avoid difficult situations. In order to avoid mistakes right from the moment the store opens, we suggest studying the article to the end.


Getting Started: First Steps

The food business has been and remains one of the most demanded and highly profitable.

Regardless of economic downturns, political turmoil, the emergence of new trends and changes in the rhythm of life, bread, meat, dairy products will always be present in the human diet. Correctly organized sale of food products brings in substantial money. Therefore, opening a grocery store is a wise decision for a novice businessman.

What are the advantages of opening a grocery store:

  • a huge business area with a well-predictable result and great potential due to the absence of a decrease in demand for products;
  • there are no difficulties with the formation of the range of products sold;
  • a large number of suppliers with excellent service from them;
  • prices and profits increase in proportion to inflation, which guarantees business profitability.

Initial stages of opening a grocery store:

  • Business registration with a choice of taxation form.
  • Select the format of the store and the location of the outlet.
  • Search for premises, repair and decoration.
  • Registration of permitting documents.
  • Staff recruitment, training.
  • Selection of a supplier, purchase of the first batch of goods.
  • Opening a store.

Let's explore each step in more detail

Before opening a grocery store, you should decide on the format of the establishment. Please note that you need to do this before drawing up a business plan, since the size of investments, location and variety of product selection depend on the level of the outlet.

The first thing to be guided by when choosing a store type is financial capabilities:

Selling food has always been profitable, and now the food niche is growing, so it's time to go to the market with your cakes, coffee or farm cheeses.

Food and drinks are a little more difficult to sell than jewelry or clothing. There are state sanitary standards and special production conditions. In addition, food must be stored under special conditions and cannot always be delivered by mail over long distances.

We will tell you about all the rules and features you need to know to open a successful grocery

Product selection

The choice of products for sale largely depends on the delivery method. The point is that postal regulations do not allow the shipment of perishable food and drink. Fresh vegetables and fruits can only be sent in packaging with ventilation holes. Accordingly, the cost of such postage will be higher than usual.

So you have two options:

  • Sell products with a long shelf life and not requiring special delivery:
    • pasta, dry noodles;
    • honey (like beehappy.u) ;
    • tea (like yandar.u);
    • coffee (like capsbutik.u and chaykofe. om);
    • jerky (like myassuri.u) ;
    • dry biscuits;
    • dried fruits or other products.

Sell perishable food, but only deliver it within the city. In this case, you can even organize your own courier service, and this has many advantages.

Examples of products with a short shelf life from

  • farm products from dvabarana. om;
  • dairy products from;
  • fish and seafood from buhta78. u;
  • pies and cakes from powersweet. u and tatoshkina. om.

We will separately mention the rumas store. e. The guys sell handmade sweets and chocolates. It would seem that these are the products that can be easily sent by mail, but they only work in Moscow. Their rule is to deliver exceptionally fresh chocolate to customers, since it has a very special taste, not like the usual one.

People need food every day, so the food market continues to grow and develop. A steady increase in indicators has been observed since 1999. Moreover, the growth is traced on a quarterly basis. So, in the 1st quarter of 2021, the capacity of the food market in monetary terms amounted to 3413.5 billion. rubles, and in the third, this figure increased to 3799.2 billion rubles. Food products account for about 40% of the total turnover. Experts predict that demand will not decline in the near future.

Project Summary

Rent or buy a space of at least 50 sq. .. Of these, set aside 30 for a shopping area, 10 for a warehouse, and on the remaining area, organize a toilet and a service room. It is assumed that the work is carried out seven days a week. The store opens at 9:00 and closes at 21:00. The organization supplies the residents of nearby houses with food. Start a business using one of the following formats:

  • At the house. The format is suitable for beginners. The institution is located in residential areas or places with high traffic. Rent a room in a detached building or create a retail outlet on the ground floor.
  • Narrow specialization. The store sells a specific product.
  • Mini market. The store operates on a self-service basis. It sells food and household chemicals.
  • Grocery stores. Prices are based on location.
  • Supermarkets. The store is opened in places with high traffic. The area reaches 2 thousand square meters. m.
  • Hypermarkets. This is the largest retail outlet. Typically, hypermarkets are located outside the village.

Opening a grocery store: what is needed for this?

To open a grocery store, follow this pattern:

  • Analyze the market.
  • Create a grocery store business plan. Calculate the possible profit and cost of opening a retail outlet. Take a ready-made plan with calculations as a basis.
  • Register a business, get permission documentation.
  • Rent a room. In the first step, don't buy property.
  • Purchase equipment and furniture.
  • Hire staff, find suppliers.
  • Get started promoting your business. Analyze the market periodically, take into account the demand, change the supply.

What documents to issue

When you open a grocery store, register your business. The business is conducted in the form of an individual entrepreneur or LLC. Both will work. If you are creating a small retail outlet, choose an individual entrepreneur. Business registration is less expensive. You do not need an authorized capital. However, individual entrepreneurs cannot sell alcohol, they are responsible for business issues with all property.

LLC is opened to create large outlets. The organizational and legal form requires the contribution of the authorized capital in the amount of at least 10,000 rubles. Several people can create an LLC at once.

Selling food is a win-win way to get yourself started, gather your target audience and make a profit. In order for this business to become successful for sure, you need to know some of the nuances of online promotion. We will tell you in detail how to open an online grocery store and stay afloat in the conditions of fierce competition in our material.

Competitor Research

Food is one of the most popular products on the market. In order not to get lost against the background of many similar companies, conduct a competent analysis of them.

Analyzing competitive grocery stores is necessary for the following reasons:

  • to understand who offers a product on the market and who is the leader in this area;
  • to determine how long competitors have been working, how long they have been in the market and what they are planning for the future;
  • to understand who is worth competing with, and who you will not reach in the near future;
  • to understand what place in the market your store will take and which you prospects.

All competitors are divided into direct and indirect. Straight lines are doing exactly the same thing as you. Indirect competitors are only partly like you.

To build a list of competitors, imagine yourself as a client. Just fill in the corresponding request in the search engine and study the first page of the search results. If you need a broader list, use Serpstat or Alexa (it will show 5 sites similar to yours).

The list has been collected; now you need to examine each individual competitor, namely the following details:

  • Price level. Carefully research the price lists and form your own fair price system based on them.
  • Analysis of special offers and discounts. Study what great deals your competitors are making and try to form your own system of benefits. Think about how you can attract customers.
  • Delivery of goods. Read more about payment options and delivery terms. Get ready to create on your site, if not the best, then at least the most similar system.
  • Usability. Go to a competitor's website and try to checkout. Is everything convenient, does nothing interfere? What is the design of the site? Where are the buttons you need? Pay attention to all of these points.
  • Navigation. Site pages should be not only catchy and cute, but also user-friendly. In the absence of good navigation, there is a chance that the customer will get lost and not be able to checkout. Also analyze what the product cards look like.
  • Optimization level. Be1 services will help you to study the SEO of your competitors. u and SpyWords. See what semantic cores companies work with, what their main mistakes and advantages.

Enter all collected data in a separate table, and then start forming your own system of benefits.

If you decide it's time to start your own business, you will need a variety of information. We will tell you what it takes to open your grocery store from scratch, and have prepared step-by-step instructions. Any project should be prepared. Of course, all people buy food every day. It remains to figure out how to provide your outlet with fresh products, avoid delays and stand out from competitors.

Business Solutions

What you need to start a grocery store from scratch: step-by-step instructions, documents, interesting ideas

The first thing to understand is that success depends not only on the number of customers. There are a number of very different factors that affect trading. And everything must be taken into account, otherwise there will be no development. You should take into account merchandising - the appearance of the premises, the quality of advertising and even the speed of the equipment.

Above the question: "Does it make sense to start developing a food outlet?" - many entrepreneurs think. This is a specific business in which one should not forget about unusual storage conditions, one has to monitor the short life of products, one will have to remember about regular deliveries and rechecking of production dates.

We recommend that you study all the nuances and think over exactly how each process will take place before the start of implementation. This is one of the most profitable and fastest growing types of business, but sometimes, due to an ill-conceived strategy, the point can go bankrupt.

What documents will be needed

One of the first difficulties that entrepreneurs stumble over is the taxation system. To do this, we advise you to take into account the area of ​​the future outlet:

  • if the store is less than 50 square meters, the patent format will do;
  • for sizes from 50 to 150 squares - UTII.

The easiest way is to register an individual entrepreneur. It is much more difficult to collect a package of papers with permits for such activities. For example, to open a clothing boutique, it is enough to provide a lease agreement and you can start working. With food, everything is much more confusing, especially if earlier in these rooms they did not sell edible goods.

I'll have to do the following:

  • conclude an agreement according to which you will regularly take out garbage;
  • obtain a sanitary passport and a SanEpidemStation conclusion for the premises;
  • prepare and carry out certification workplaces, write all this in the appropriate document;
  • withstand security checks from firefighters and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, sign a permit with them to conduct activities;
  • make agreements with sanitary firms for deratization and disinfestation;
  • all employees must undergo a medical examination and receive medical records, you cannot work without them;
  • collect everything you need to obtain licenses for alcohol and tobacco;
  • to display outdoor advertising , you also need to get a permit;
  • you can only open if there is a paper that confirms the presence of the store in the city trade register.

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