How to open an online store from scratch; step-by-step guide the experience of a successful entrepreneur, is it worth doing an online business

Have you decided to open your own online store? Fine! This is an interesting and dynamically developing business, which is suitable for both beginners in entrepreneurship and experienced businessmen.

There are more and more people ordering goods and services on the Internet and the market is constantly increasing. So online trading will be a promising business for a long time.

So, how to start an online store from scratch and for free? First of all, you need to decide on the concept of the future store, decide what kind of product you will trade and think over all the organizational issues.

Creating an online store often begins with the development of a website. But before moving on to the technical side, you need to understand what your store will be like and how it will work.

Trading on the Internet is inherently no different from any other business and requires legal registration to carry out business activities, conduct accounting and pay taxes. Let's take a closer look at all aspects step by step.

How to choose a product?

Before you start doing something, decide what you will trade. The choice of a product can determine the success or failure of the entire enterprise. Analyze the market, study future competitors.

Aspiring entrepreneurs often seek to avoid competition and want to offer the market some new unknown product. Of course, this way you can become the first to offer a new product, but you will also have difficulties. Firstly, there will not be a market for this product, since people do not know anything about it, and secondly, over time, you will still have competitors.

The surest way to choose a product for a store is to offer people what they really need, but difficult to get in regular stores.

Of course, online trading imposes some restrictions on the choice of goods. After all, not everything is sold equally well online.

As for the assortment of the store, here you need to proceed from the fact that the wider it is, the better. You cannot form an assortment only from bestsellers, which are already available in almost all such stores. You need to strive to provide buyers with the opportunity to buy a product that competitors do not have. A wide assortment provides a large selection, stimulates demand and the emergence of new needs from buyers. And this in turn leads to an overall increase in sales.

On the net you can find a lot of articles on opening an online store from scratch with step-by-step instructions. In theory, everything looks easy and beautiful, and for testing, thematic sites are full of stories of failures. Where is the truth and what's the catch? We will deal with it together with a successful entrepreneur and my good friend Dmitry Lebedev. Using his own example, a businessman will tell you how much it costs to open an online store from scratch, share effective techniques: how to make money on an online business and quickly recoup the initial investment. I give him the floor.

How it all began

It all started when I got my first IPhone. I saw a friend's back cover that protects the smartphone from scratches and wanted to buy one for myself. I managed to buy it on Ebay for $ 12.

I placed an order for 3 pieces, two of them could be sold for $ 35. That's when I got the idea to open an online store of accessories for smartphones from scratch and started looking for step-by-step instructions for action. But inspiration was replaced by disappointment, i.e. it turned out that the competition in this niche was enormous. So I quickly shut down the business, but the idea of ​​opening an eCommerce project never got out of my head.

How I managed to open an online project despite the difficulties and achieve such results will be described further.

About choosing a niche for online business

First of all, I studied a lot of information about the pros and cons of different directions. As a result, I got a clear idea of ​​how to choose a niche for an online store according to the main criteria:

  • Demand for implemented things. A good sales conversion is usually observed for consumer goods: manufactured goods, perfumes, medicines. However, in these niches and the greatest competition, to open an online store in them, you need a significant start-up capital. It's better not to go without it, which I did in the case of the idea of ​​selling accessories for smartphones.
  • Customer loyalty. A business is easier to promote when people are already positive about the process. For example, disks with movies and music are bought on the Internet more readily than sockets and wires.
  • High tangibility. It is better to buy those products, when ordering which it is difficult to make a mistake with the size, functions or other characteristics. For example, the likelihood of buying a purse is higher than ordering shoes online. This does not in any way mean that the shoe industry is not profitable, it just takes more effort to promote it.

Gifts, cosmetics, books have successfully met these criteria. At this stage, serious doubts began, but one friend suggested a simple solution to me - open the name of the niche in Yandex Wordstat and see the history of requests. After analyzing 3 areas, I found that the highest demand, although seasonal, is observed for gifts. I did not hesitate for a long time and started looking for goods.

Find a supplier

At that time, I had to try pretty hard - to call the main large firms and find out the terms of cooperation. Now there are aggregator sites like Optlist. u, Supl. iz, Comerando. u. This is an extremely convenient solution, you can choose a distributor yourself or use the auto-selection service.

I found and agreed to cooperate with several dealers at once. The firm of one of them was located in China. I placed an order, paid with PayPal and waited. I received the first batch with a delay and realized that although it is cheaper, the quality of the products and the delivery time do not suit me.

I started looking for Russian suppliers. They are subdivided into small-scale wholesalers, large-scale wholesalers and those selling products only to order. The scheme of work is almost the same everywhere: if necessary, the manager reserves an order, the supplier issues an invoice and after payment you can pick up the products. Here it is necessary to understand that it is not always possible to order a clearly required quantity in a wholesale company. And not all companies agree to store the remainder of the batch in their warehouse. It is better to discuss such nuances in advance.

You have decided to open an online clothing store. Where to begin? How to organize? A million questions, especially if there was no such experience before.

In this article, we talk about all the nuances of opening an online store and give recommendations for optimizing costs.

Stages of opening an online clothing store

Step Determination of demand, niche and price segment

In order not to replenish the sad statistics of closed startups, you need to prepare well: study the demand, offers of competitors and decide on positioning.

Choose a niche, that is, what you plan to sell, and a price segment - for whom to sell. For example, an online children's clothing store for people with an average income, an online women's clothing store from well-known brands for a high-income category.

Define the region for work: only your city, Russia, Russia and the world, etc.

Study the demand. The easiest way is the service from Yandex Wordstat. Enter your product in the search and see the number of requests per month. The more requests, the higher the demand. Before searching, enter a filter by region if you decide to sell the product only in your city.

Step Create a Business Plan

A business plan is needed in order to assess all the risks, calculate the start-up costs, and assess the profitability of your business. Basically, this is your guide to action with a description of the facts and background for starting a business.

In order to create a business plan, consider our recommendations below and write in detail:

Start costs. Consider all the costs associated with the purchase of goods and cash register equipment, site design, delivery, the cost of renting a warehouse (if necessary), etc. If the required amount for starting a business is not enough, analyze the offers of banks for loan solutions.

You have long wanted to open your own business on the Internet, but did not know where to start? If you are interested in how to start an online store almost for free from scratch: step-by-step instructions compiled by experts in the field of online business will help you finally start your own business. We have tried to compile as detailed a manual as possible. We recommend that you bookmark it and come back to it as your project develops

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First, it's a great way to start your first business. But before starting your own business, you should understand the essence of this concept.

An online store is a site created for the sale of goods and services to users of the worldwide network. The company's website can be presented as one specific product, and a wide catalog of positions.

There is a common myth that it is enough to simply create a website and fill it with goods, and then the money will flow into your pocket. Unfortunately, it is not.

In fact, creating a profitable online store is as difficult as any other business. To get regular and high profits from your site, you need to manage it wisely.

Features of online stores

To better understand what an online store is and how it works, let's compare a website that offers home delivery to a regular online store:

  • To open your grocery store, you will need to invest at least 500,000 rubles in it. In the case of an online store, the investment volume is reduced by 10 times, you will only need 5,000 rubles;
  • To maintain the work of a regular store, you will need to spend from 50,000 rubles. per month. In the case of a virtual store, this amount is reduced to 20,000 rubles, that is, more than half.
  • By reducing costs, virtual stores have lower prices for goods;
  • Both stores are required to pay taxes according to current legislation;
  • In theory, to work in a small grocery a convenience store, like an online grocery store, requires 1 person. In practice, workers need at least 2-3 for the business to function normally.
  • Both the virtual and the real store, as a rule, treat customers kindly and politely, who have the opportunity to comprehensively evaluate the product and get an employee's advice if necessary.
  • It is as easy to buy a product in a good online store as in a regular store;
  • In both cases, customers should be given the opportunity to choose a convenient payment method for them, in cash or by card; <
  • Each online store has the ability to deliver goods to a place convenient for the buyer. Some brick-and-mortar stores offer this service as well, but not all.
  • Any store can be scaled, that is, made larger, and in the case of an offline store, open branches or a franchise;
  • It is equally difficult to manage a regular and an online store. You will need knowledge of economics, advertising, customer psychology, leadership skills, and the ability to understand legal issues will not be superfluous.
  • Customers are more likely to trust regular stores than virtual ones, considering them more solid. To break this psychological barrier, you will need to earn a good reputation for your project and get a lot of positive reviews. Popular online stores (such as Ozone) are even more trusted than little-known offline stores.

When the first virtual shoe store ( appeared in America, many market experts believed that this venture was doomed to failure. After all, even a child knows that shoes must be measured before buying! However, the startup proved to be successful, and now the profit of this store is about $ 1 billion a year.

Taking inspiration from the examples of popular and profitable online stores, remember that it was not luck or coincidence that helped them become such, but the long and hard work of the management.

Today is the best time to start your own business on the Internet. However, the business is not as simple as it seems. For an online store to be profitable, you need to take into account a number of nuances.

Business startup features

Investments for the development of a private trading site is a small fraction of the necessary costs to launch your own online store. While most of the investments will be made in other equipment needed for a modern store.

According to the research, almost 4 million people use the Internet every day. It is likely that at least 2 million users can be potential customers in online stores. In countries where the information infrastructure is more developed, the number of potential customers is even higher, even though the figure of 2 million itself is no longer small. This introduction of modern technologies into the consumer sphere of human life makes many entrepreneurs think about creating an online store.

Some people decide to open such an online store, referring to the good experience that came to us from the West, in order to have a better understanding of modern technological progress and how it can affect the work of the current market. Other entrepreneurs decide to open a shopping website in order to expand the possibilities of their existing trading business. There are also people who decide that the online store should be their main source of profit, starting to create their business from scratch. It is in this case that it can be called a classic online store.

Creating an online store: pros and cons

It is believed that creating your own business by opening an online store is very simple and cheap. Allegedly, you do not need to spend money on renting premises, purchase a large amount of goods, but simply create a web page.

Despite the large number of advantages, an online store is a very expensive business that requires constant attention. You should not read this article further if you want to open an online store that will sell illegal and prohibited items.

When analyzing the problem, it becomes obvious that Internet commerce is not much different from the classic trade in a book or hardware store. Indeed, to create an online store, as well as for an ordinary one, you need accounting certificates, competent persons who will play the role of sales consultants, marketing employees, courier services, an office to accommodate these employees, which of course will not perform representative functions.

For people who have made an order in an online store at least once, it is clear that the biggest drawback of such stores is that it is impossible to inspect your product before buying, turn it in your hands and check it for defects ... However, the benefits are tangible for everyone who has used the online store. The main one is that there is a much greater variety of goods on the Internet, especially considering the fact that the owners of online stores do not spend significant funds for renting warehouse premises and maintaining a large number of personnel. His rented space is an Internet resource, and his warehouse is contracts with various suppliers of goods.

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