How to open an online store

Where to start

It is very important in the children's clothing business to select clothes for sale, as for your child! This business should have a warm, soulful component. Here are the words to treat clients with love - not just words!

Children's fashion today is developing by leaps and bounds, and many of our citizens do not think this is a whim. After the difficult 90s of the last century, when there was no question of sophistication in clothes, and even more so in children, many parents try to give more than they gave to their children or received themselves. Moreover, our domestic manufacturers began to produce beautiful and functional clothes! And today for any business there is a rule: if it is not on the Internet, then it is not there at all, therefore an online store is a modern and convenient place for non-stop shopping. Elena Shamina, the owner of the online children's clothing store "Dress Up", told the BBOSS portal how to open a virtual children's store.

First of all, when opening a clothing store, you need to decide on the assortment. It is very easy to find suppliers, there are many offers on children's clothing on the Internet. The leaders in terms of offers are products made in Turkey and China, and Russian factories are not lagging behind in terms of quality and price. You can also visit a number of exhibitions and borrow factory catalogs. Already in the work comes an understanding for which positions are in greater demand. Buying them, you get a lot of revenue. It is rather difficult to analyze the market in advance: the buyer today is quite selective and has a lot of offers, it is worth studying the offers of suppliers and competitors in order to understand: what really resonates with the audience. In addition, you can sell related products: bedding for children, shoes, toys, and even food and hygiene products.

owner of the online children's clothing store "Dress Up"

The idea to open a children's clothing store came to me after the birth of my second child, and I had an acute question: where to dress my daughter beautifully? When I started shopping for children's clothing, I realized that I really like it: I saw such an assortment that I did not see when I dressed my first son (they have a big age difference with their daughter). So I realized that I had found my job!

An important factor is the definition of the store model: whether it will be only an online store or also an online store together with a retail store. But even without a stationary store, there are options in online trade: you can work at a factory or some wholesale company, selling their goods via the Internet to order, which is sent by mail, delivered by courier, or you can open an online store with a pick-up point. There are few pitfalls in the last two options: you need to find good couriers and you can sell, making your own markup (which sometimes reaches 70%) on things, or rent a visit where the client can pick up the goods at any or certain time.

The undoubted advantages of an online store are lower costs for starting a business, the ability to start selling faster, reaching an unlimited circle of buyers.

Personal experience

Although initially there were plans to open several stationary stores, I liked the promotion of the online store and groups in social networks more - we are trying to develop this direction.

Elena Shamina, owner of the online children's clothing store "Dress Up"

Investment volume

You can do the promotion of the site and groups by yourself or hire a contractor. It all depends on your capabilities. It will take about 100,000 rubles and more to create and promote the site (depending on the level of your aspirations). Hosting the site will cost 1000 rubles per year. It is easy to create a group yourself, you can customize its menu even for 1000 rubles by ordering this work on sites for freelancers. There are also inexpensive programs (on average 2,500 rubles) that "bring" people to your group and your group and, accordingly, to the site according to the parameters you set: region, gender, age, etc. Thus, the amount of investment here is small, especially if you sell goods from the factory at interest, and do not buy it for further sale.

In our country, as in the whole world, any product finds its buyer. However, the modern pace of life is slowly pushing out retail outlets from the trading floor. It has become much easier for people, especially during the period of the coronavirus epidemic, to search for the desired product through the virtual websites of selling companies. And enterprising businessmen realized the profitability of the situation, because the "world wide web" is not only social networks, games and information environment.

They invite citizens to visit their sites and use the services offered. This situation naturally leads to competition, which can "undermine" the business. Therefore, newcomers are trying to find their niche, which has remained free, because the choice of products determines the further business strategy and profitability of the enterprise. The electronic market is developing so rapidly that you should not rely on absolute hits and trendy novelties, since fashion is fleeting and there is a possibility of failure of the event. In our article, we will help you figure out what is better to sell online in 2021 and what products are most in demand at the moment.

If you want to open your own online store, you can contact Studio 17 for website development. High-quality work and reasonable prices will delight even the most demanding client.

Selection Methods

An untrained businessman should pay attention to the following points:

  • Demand of the target audience, since the highest quality products, in your opinion, may not be in demand.
  • Competition. If you are not afraid of the "giants" of virtual trading, who managed to occupy a niche in their time, then you have the right to try to "bite off" a piece of a huge pie.
  • Trade qualifications are essential. An entrepreneur needs to gain knowledge on this issue in order to properly advise a client (tell about the specifics of the product and skillfully offer it).
  • Adequate assessment of their financial capabilities, since any area requires certain investments.
  • Expense / income. In order not to burn out, it is necessary to take into account the costs of maintaining the warehouse, shipping the product. This means that the percentage that will go to the "plus" should more than cover the costs.
  • Pay attention to the dimensions and weight of the product, since a small product does not require extra costs for the service of a loader and transportation.
  • Find reliable suppliers, preferably more than three, so you can dictate your terms on pricing.
  • Frequency of purchases. Making money on regular customers is more profitable than attracting a new audience.
  • Seasonality of sales. For example, the sale of winter shoes is relevant in the cold season and, conversely, summer shoes are better taken when it is warm outside.

Now let's move on to the section informing which particular product is profitable to sell through the online store. The prospect of working your own web resource depends on measuring the level of demand for a particular product.

In order not to make a mistake in the choice, you need to do simple research:

  • Go to the official websites of analytical agencies that maintain statistics on sales and identify the most popular category.
  • Via Google Trends, which is an application from the corporation of the same name. track market trends in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Yandex Wordstat is a similar tool. You can also find the result by measuring the request rate.
  • Use the Avito or Yandex message boards. Post several offers for the sale of different products and see which one is most requested by customers.

If you have made a choice, then it's time to create your site. For a person who does not have specific knowledge, this event will be difficult. The best way out of the situation, in order to avoid making mistakes, loss of time, energy and nerves, is to contact a competent company, such as Studio 17 LLC, for help. Developers in a short time will create a lightweight and simple web resource, which will be further supported and developed.

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The Internet has created great business ideas for realizing the creative potential of many people who got a chance not only to develop, but also to make good money.

This is how the hobby turned into a business that brings huge profits.

One of these areas is the sale of various souvenirs and gifts, the demand for which never falls.

The Internet has helped to expand the range of products, which made it easier to find the right and original things.

The range of products should be large so that customers can choose what they are looking for or present.

Gifts can be either ordinary souvenirs or serious items.

One of the directions is the sale of souvenirs with the company logo, as a rule, it is made to order.

How to start a business at an online gift shop

The online store does not require special permissions, licenses or certificates.

This is due to the fact that such a product has no expiration date and does not deteriorate.

The most important thing is that the products are in demand on the market and among buyers, therefore, before opening, it is necessary to conduct a deep analysis of the market in terms of what is being bought, in what volumes, how it is sold, who is included in the target audience.

Hello! I am Anya, an accountant by education. 2 years ago, having experienced all the "delights" of routine office work for my uncle, I decided to go online, which I do not regret at all. Now I am actively developing my online clothing store, which brings from 150,000 rubles in net profit per month.

I want to tell you how I came to this. Perhaps my story will be useful and inspire you to change. In the light of recent events, the topic of switching to remote work is more relevant than ever.

How not to go wrong with a niche: my experience

I have worked in the accounting department of a trading company for 7 years. Everything went according to plan: home, work, weekends, the standard salary of 15,000-20,000 rubles on a strictly defined date. Once I realized that I want more freedom. I began to think about how to expand financial opportunities. This is how the idea of ​​opening an online clothing store came about.

Why clothes? Fashion is my hobby. I love to dress beautifully and experiment with looks, I always read fashion magazines, watch interesting shows. Therefore, I decided to come up with an ideal formula for success, directly linking my hobby with business.

Yes, the niche is pretty beaten, the level of competition is off scale. But the main thing in online trading is the correct presentation. My store sells affordable and comfortable Fast Fashion clothing. This is the direction of the so-called fast fashion. I buy small batches of fashionable things this season and regularly update the assortment, adapting it to current trends.

If you want to start a business and can't decide on a niche, I suggest digging aside:

  • hobbies, preferences and interests;
  • related fields or fields related to vocational education;
  • products and services in which good understand.

Don't be a “shoemaker without boots,” go the road that has at least a minimal understanding of the situation and consumer experience. Otherwise, quickly burn out.

It's risky to bet on an unfamiliar, unique product. It is hard for beginners with such an assortment, because:

  • customers do not buy a product just because it is cool and cool - you need to understand how to present and promote it;
  • there are no companies on the market for benchmark;
  • it is difficult to predict future sales and assess the return on investment.

Choose a direction that can be easily scaled in the future. For example, in the apparel industry, there are endless opportunities for expansion and detachment from competitors. Gradually, I add new product categories to the catalog, I plan to introduce a tailoring service.

Only a few years ago, the fashion for hand-made things began to actively develop. Handmade and craft items began to be actively bought and, accordingly, produced.

Naturally, many people whose hobbies have started to bring in money, the idea arose to turn any occupation into a profitable business. We have to face many problems: from the required volumes of production and storage, to finding customers and selling.

Yes, today it is in a sense simpler, there are various social networks and Internet sites through which you can sell your goods. But, here you also need to have knowledge in the art of SMM and SEO.

Quite recently, any specialist would say that you need to open your own online store and sell goods through it. Let's figure out if it is needed today and what you need to know, what difficulties may arise.

Do you need an online store specifically for you?

Of course, everything depends directly on your product, but selling handmade products through an online store in 2021 looks very promising.

Firstly, the client can see the entire assortment and prices for the goods, as well as make a purchase right here. You do not need to correspond with anyone and agree about something (as is the case with social networks). And with the possibilities of modern logistics, trade is not limited geographically.

Let's follow the old proven path and consider the pros and cons of your online handmade goods store.


Usually, creating a website is cheaper than renting premises or a retail outlet, hiring staff, buying equipment, for example, for a cash register.

It is possible to create a store on special services per day.

You can start with one product, for example, make a one-page website.

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