How to open an online newspaper

The first step in starting any business is a business plan. The minimum investment required to create such a project should not relax you, otherwise it will be in vain.

Developing the concept of an online newspaper and recruiting staff

Decide on the main topic of the resource and its intended target audience. Think about what kind of publications will be interesting for site visitors. You can write articles yourself, or resort to the help of freelance journalists, whom you can find on Internet exchanges. It is very important to explain to them the concept of the newspaper. Long-term employment relationships may be possible with some authors, especially if you want to start a news site. Indeed, in this case, you need exclusive materials that will distinguish your project from many news clones.

Thus, create a permanent staff. Agree with each individual about the method of payment for his services. In case of concluding a contract, you will have to overpay, so check their qualifications by giving several test tasks.

Continuing the personnel topic for this business idea: any Internet project requires technical support, so you will have to turn to the services of a webmaster, designer, photographer and other specialists. Of course, if you know how to do this work yourself, this is only a plus at the initial stage. But in the future, entrust this work to specialists, so you can free up time to think about ways to develop an Internet newspaper, open new channels for profit (more on that later), in short, get used to being in charge.

Frequency of publication and earnings of the Internet newspaper

Decide how often the publication will come out. To get started, publish an Internet newspaper once or twice a month, while constantly updating your news feed. Start a kind of run-in of the project, identify errors and find ways to fix them. Once the process is fine-tuned, the frequency of publication can be increased, say, up to once a week.

Finally, the point for which any online business is conducted. The Internet newspaper will bring you profit from the placement of advertising banners, affiliate programs. Initially, decide on the organization of subscriptions, access to paid materials. You can provide additional services, such as submitting paid advertisements or posting on the site of a single directory of government and commercial organizations in your city. Plan to translate your project into other languages, of course, you will have to use a translator, but this will expand the audience, attract new advertisers and, as a result, increase profits.

You can also register your Internet publication with Roskomsvyaznadzor, which will allow you to participate in press events. In this case, you will also receive legal protection of the content, but first register as a sole proprietor.

Where can I get traffic to an Internet newspaper?

Everything is simple with this point, the so-called news aggregators will do the job themselves. Study the user agreement and register your project on all major aggregators, as well as on traffic exchangers, search the network for sites that are also willing to share traffic. Don't forget about promotion on social networks and blogs. It is impossible to imagine an online newspaper without an account on Twitter and other social networks. If you have any difficulties, such as how to log in to Odnoklassniki my page, how to recover your password, why a white screen appeared, etc., you can either contact the support service or find a profile site on the Internet that provides information on solving the listed problems.

Write "tweets" with the latest news, blog, create groups on social networks and you will definitely attract new readers. It is worth mentioning another convenient resource called Twite, where you can post short messages on the accounts of other "users" of social networks. A very user-friendly interface for finding users with the largest number of subscribers and visitors will allow you to invest correctly in publishing "hot" news.

Well, in conclusion, it remains to wish you great success in bringing your business idea to life. Opening an Internet newspaper in the era of the development of the global network is as easy as shelling pears. The Internet is a very useful tool in the hands of a skilled user, but, as you understand, it also requires a lot of attention and vitality. Believe me, the creation and development of a newspaper, like any other project on the Internet, is a very interesting activity that will lead you to financial independence.

How to open an online newspaper

The idea of ​​opening a free classifieds newspaper may seem somewhat unusual at first glance. Indeed, today for most of us the source of information is the Internet. However, print media containing advertisements are also in significant demand.

Where to start?

When starting any type of business, one of the first steps is to thoroughly research the market. This is extremely important because such research helps to find out how much the product or service you offer will be in demand.

So, for example, if your city does not have a newspaper with free advertisements, you can safely start implementing the project: the probability that the publication will be in demand is quite high. It is noteworthy that such a publication will be in demand in a city of any size.

The next step after market research is to draw up a detailed business plan. You should think over all the little things: from circulation to distribution methods.

Try to include all costs:

  • cost of printing;
  • rent of premises;
  • salaries of employees;
  • purchase of equipment, programs.


As a rule, to open a newspaper it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur. Further, another extremely important step is that the newspaper must be registered as a media outlet. To do this, you should submit an application to Roskomnadzor.

It is important to note: if the circulation of a newspaper does not exceed one thousand copies, it is not necessary to register it.

In other words, the first few issues can be made in a small print run - 999 newspapers. If the publication is in demand (there will be demand for it), then it is already possible to register the newspaper and print more copies.

Office & Staff

Earnings in business and at work

How to open an online newspaper

The business associated with the opening of an online newspaper is largely suitable for novice entrepreneurs, since it does not require large investments, compared to print media. Although even to organize the work of an online newspaper, you will have to find a certain amount of money.

What needs to be done to get your online classifieds newspaper up and running?

However, there are many online publications that work productively without completing the last point. If you nevertheless fill out the documents for access to the media, then the information posted in the Internet newspaper may be legally protected. But businessmen who do not care about this do not have to go through the registration procedure.

Where to get traffic for the newspaper on the Internet

Today, the work of Internet publications is greatly facilitated by the availability of news aggregators.

For the online media, a good help to promote the newspaper is the use of services that automatically collect information from information sites. Aggregators that allow information to be indexed quickly and become popular:

  • yandex. u
  • rambler. u
  • google. u
  • liveinternet. u

These are giants in terms of traffic volume per day. There are also more modest aggregators such as Smi. u, Ru. edtram. om, News2. u and others.

You can also get views using sites that are not averse to exchanging traffic with other resources. They indicate the relevant information in the block at the bottom of the page.

Why blog services and social networks are needed for an online newspaper

To earn the maximum number of views, it is imperative to create a Twitter account for the online newspaper. Thus, it will be possible to gain your audience on Twitter, and then more and more people will gradually become interested in your newspaper.

Almost every second person would like to open their own business today. Working for yourself, getting not only benefits, but also pleasure from your efforts - isn't this the ultimate dream? Another question: "What kind of business will it be?" A newspaper as a business object - is it a good idea?

Who needs it?

This question is often heard today. Indeed, all information has moved to the Internet, and radio and television are trying to replace all media. Nobody seems to read the newspapers anymore. But here's the paradox - this source of information not only does not die, but is also gaining momentum. Every day the collapse of periodicals is replenished with new titles.

This means that the newspaper is still needed, if not for the reader, then for the publisher, who is going to establish his newspaper business. Either a journalist who considers himself capable of producing his own product, or an entrepreneur who is impressed by the idea of ​​becoming not an ordinary owner of a store or a taxi company, but also a media mogul, is thinking about his publication. And both have little idea of ​​how troublesome this business is - the newspaper.

Where to start

You need to start with the concept of the newspaper: what direction it will have - departmental, entertainment, socio-political or advertising, what audience it is intended for, what is the expected circulation. Having decided on these points, you need to send the documents for registration to the regional branch of Rossvyazokhrankultura. If there are no complaints about the paperwork, the content of the charter and the title of the publication, the license will be obtained within a month.

While waiting for a response from the RSOK, you can solve many problems: draw up a business plan for a newspaper, find and equip an editorial office, recruit staff, prepare materials for the first issue, study the conditions of all geographically available printing houses and choose the one with which is better to work. By the way, a circulation of up to 999 copies is allowed to be released without registration, so that a trial number can be launched without problems, at the same time, we can study the demand and make advertising.

How to fill out the newspaper

This is a question of questions. When starting to publish a newspaper, many make the same mistake. Even a professional journalist who thinks to write all the materials on his own will soon run out of steam. And an entrepreneur naively believes that it is very easy to find and recruit talented newspapermen, in fact there are very few good writers. And therefore one of the most difficult moments is the selection of employees.

We'll have to say that most of the new newspapers do not live to be one year old and are closed. The main reason for the bankruptcy is the inability of publishers to determine their target audience and relevant topics. For a newspaper to arouse interest, it should not work for everyone, but for a certain category of readers - the intelligentsia, youth, peasantry, housewives, and so on. It is much easier to decide on the content of an advertising publication.

Hopes and Reality

Most newspapers are focused on advertising content. Moreover, inexperienced print owners and editors-in-chief are confident that advertising revenue will cover all expenses, and even make a profit. Unfortunately, such bright hopes are rarely met.

A newspaper as a business can generate income only if it is already well promoted and a queue of advertisers is lining up at its office. But a freshly baked publication must go through a difficult path from obscurity to fame and at the same time suffer losses, continuing to release number after number only thanks to the stubbornness of the founders, their ineradicable ambition, and maybe the availability of free money.

Along with the usual print publications that have electronic versions on the Internet, there are online newspapers available for reading exclusively on the global network and the opening of such a publication is an excellent business idea in our age of Internet technologies.

Establishing such an electronic newspaper is not difficult.

It is enough to have a start-up capital of 200-300 thousand rubles, as well as the desire to develop in the media sector.

Business on the creation of an Internet newspaper

Starting such a business will require much less funds than publishing printed publications:

  • First, the entrepreneur will be relieved of the need to cooperate with the local printing house and pay a significant part of the profits for the provision of services rendered by it.
  • Secondly, a businessman will be able to optimize costs for expensive layout of numbers. In addition, one cannot fail to note the wide coverage of the potential target audience of electronic publications. Users of the global network living in different cities and countries can become their readers.

How to start an online newspaper business

To launch such a commercial project, it is necessary to determine the thematic area of ​​the future online newspaper and prepare a rough business plan.

The popularity of the publication largely depends on this. Of course, you should choose relevant topics that netizens are interested in.

For example, you can establish a newspaper that will highlight popular ways to make money on the Internet. Fashion is another favorite theme of the youth audience.

A successful project (commercially) will be the electronic edition, which will publish articles on currency trading.

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