How to open a fishing store from scratch in Russia

A fishing shop is an interesting type of business, especially for small towns with water bodies on the territory. The main rule is that when starting an activity, you need to understand the essence of the chosen direction. Further, beginners and aces in entrepreneurship are always interested in costs, everyone tries to save money by making small investments in the project. If you take the fishing activity, it will require significant initial capital, but at the same time the payback period is very short.

Required documents and permissions

Before starting work, the company should register with the tax office. Highlights:

  • Choice of organizational and legal form for conducting business. This point is very important.
  • Determination of the form of taxation.
  • Activity code according to OKVED.

Important: when choosing the type of taxation, pay attention to the costs and type of activity. The best option for an entrepreneur will be the UTII system, which has a grace period.

Documentation is a significant stage in starting any business, therefore, the initial question is the collection of the necessary package of documents for the Federal Tax Service:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  • Application for opening an individual entrepreneur.
  • A copy of the taxpayer identification number.
  • Certificate of payment of the state fee.

It is recommended to register an individual entrepreneur as a form of business. The process is carried out at the place of registration (permanent registration) - this is a prerequisite for doing business.

Advice: if there is no permanent place of registration, you can record activities at the place of temporary registration. This will allow doing business in any constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

Select a location

The following requirements can be presented to the premises:

  • The area is not less than 80 sq. m.
  • Availability of several sectors for product placement.
  • Department presence for the warehouse.
  • Good lighting.

Opening a fishing store from scratch is an interesting and promising idea. If you correctly use the passion of a certain group of people for fishing, then the business will bring considerable profit. The advantage of the fishing business is its high profitability - from 20%. But in order to correctly organize the activities of the store, you need to take into account all the important points and draw up an approximate financial plan.

Every year, the average expenses of a fisherman are about five thousand rubles. Funds are spent on replacement or renewal of gear. The insignificant margin from the sale of only fishing accessories makes it necessary to expand activities at the expense of more expensive tourist goods - boats, tents, clothing, and so on. In this article, we will analyze in detail how to open a fishing store from scratch in Russia.

The importance of location

Before registering a fishing business, consider the location of the store and its concept. Fishing accessories are not essential items, so the outlet should stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Since the target audience of fishing shops is predominantly men, it is better to choose areas near markets, construction or automotive outlets for the location of the store. An excellent option would be a fishing tackle store on the outskirts of the city.

Product range

  • profile specialization - only well-known brands are offered;
  • branded - elite goods of a high price category;
  • multidisciplinary direction - a wide range of products reasonable prices.

The most promising last option, since a large assortment and low prices significantly expand the circle of potential consumers.

The assortment range is an important component of any business, including a fishing shop. Your outlet should have a full range of products required for fishing and outdoor activities.

If the store is multi-profile, then there will be quite a lot of goods, which means that the premises will require a large area, at least 80 sq. ... It is good if the premises are divided into several sales areas so that it is not difficult for buyers to find the goods they need for fishing. For example, in the first hall there will be accessories specifically for fishing: fishing lines, fishing rods, complementary foods and so on.

And the second hall will be dedicated to goods used for outdoor activities: boats, tents, sleeping bags, clothes and so on. It will also be necessary to allocate a room for a warehouse where the stock of the most demanded product - floats will be stored. Hooks, baits and much more.

If you are fond of fishing, then opening a shop for fishing is the right kind of business. With minimal knowledge in this area, but with a good partner or mentor who is passionate about this pastime, you will succeed too. The main feature of this segment is knowledge of the subtleties and the ability to find an approach to target customers. Therefore, if you have a worthy seller in mind or you understand this yourself and are ready to give most of your time, start organizing a business project.

Preliminary analysis

If there are competitors, research their way of doing business and don't do the same because the products in this segment are not essential items. The buyer must be enticed by novelty and at the same time by serious immersion in his type of hobby.

Market capacity

About 17% of the population is fond of fishing in Russia, 98% of whom are men. But the number of potential customers in each locality is influenced not only by gender differences, but other factors:

  • the proximity of a river, sea, lake, artificial reservoirs;
  • seasonal factor;
  • number of recreation centers and tourist routes near reservoirs.

According to the average fisherman, his costs for tackle, feeding and related products are from 7 to 13 thousand rubles a year.

A rough estimate of leads and profits looks like this:

In a city with a population of 100 thousand, about 45% of men, 17% of 45,000 - 7,650 people are the target audience.

Fishermen spend significantly more on primary equipment than on supporting equipment, but relying on the data of 7-13 thousand per year, 7,650 people are ready to leave in the store for fishing from 53 to 99 thousand rubles per year an average of about 900 thousand rubles. If there are no other specialized stores in the city, all the profit will go to you; if there is competition, you should divide the profit by the number of participants.

Store launch calendar

On average, it takes an owner about six months to implement a business idea. Stages:

For some people, fishing is not just a hobby, it's a way of life. Avid fishermen say that such an activity is as addictive as a card game, and sometimes they are ready to spend as much money on tackle as on everyday goods. Today, the market for equipment sales is about 25% annually, so we can say with confidence that in Russia this niche is not even half filled, which allows you to open a profitable and profitable business.

Before starting your own fishing store, you should do a market analysis and think about profitability. In Russia, about 17-20% of the population fishes, the lion's share of which are men. The cost of goods in the equipment store starts from 20-30 rubles (bait, complementary foods) and ends with 70-120 thousand rubles (professional spinning rods, boats). On average, each fisherman spends $ 100-200 on "new things" annually. Based on these data, it can be calculated that in a city with a population of 500,000-1,000,000 people it is quite realistic to reach incomes of 100,000 thousand rubles per month. So how do you open your own fishing shop?

Legalizing activities and choosing a store format

First, as in any other business, you should decide on the organizational and legal form of doing business and choose a taxation system. Experts advise the following:

  • choose registration as an individual entrepreneur;
  • OKVED code 52.8.3, talking about retail trade in sports goods, camping equipment, bicycles, fishing accessories, boats ;
  • and of all forms of taxation UTII with a preferential regime is ideal. If it is absent, you can choose the simplified tax system with the “Income minus expenses” system.

All fishing shops are roughly divided into three broad categories:

  • Elite centers that include several branded stores at once.
  • Profile that offer products from popular brands.
  • Small with low prices and a wide selection of goods.

It is recommended to rent a space at first, rather than buy, to ensure the mobility of the store. The area must be at least 80 sq. . to be able to place the entire available assortment.

Range and Estimated Costs

All goods are conventionally divided into several groups:

  • consumables - cords, bait, fishing lines, spinners, etc.;
  • related - video tapes, magazines and books, boats, clothes, etc.;
  • main - reels, spinning rods and fishing rods.

The total assortment may include over 10,000 items, but it is recommended to plan at least 20 product groups or 300 products first. 60% of turnover falls on basic goods, 10% on related products and 30% on consumables.

To open a fishing store, you need to have a budget of $ 3 million, which will be spent on the following:

Moreover, according to statistics, offers in this area are only 25%.

The cost of the necessary equipment and accompanying little things ranges from 20 rubles to 120 thousand rubles.

There is only one thing left - to find out how to properly open a fishing shop from scratch so that it generates income.

Note one important feature, if you are not a fisherman and do not understand all the intricacies of fishing, be sure to find a person who understands this perfectly well.

Otherwise, the business will be marginal. Let's take a closer look at how to open a fishing store from scratch.

Legalizing activity

Starting any business begins with legalizing activities in accordance with organizational and legal norms, namely:

  • The first step in this matter is the registration of entrepreneurship. An individual entrepreneur is best suited here.
  • The second step is to get your OKVED code in statistics. It will be 52. 8. 3. They indicate that the person is retailing goods for tourists, fishermen, etc.
  • The third step is choosing a tax system. Experts recommend opting for UTII, which has a "preferential treatment". If UTII does not work, then for the first time you can choose the simplified tax system with the "income minus expenses" system
  • The fourth is the opening of company accounts. At the same time, it is prohibited to use your personal accounts.
  • The fifth step is obtaining permits for conducting activities in this area.
  • The final step is the selection of premises for the future store.

Choosing the format of the future store

There is a conditional division of shops that sell goods for fishermen:

  • elite shopping centers, consisting of several small shops;
  • specialized outlets working with products of famous brands;
  • multi-purpose shops, offering a large selection of products at affordable prices.

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