How to open a business selling children's clothes and toys on the Internet

Interested in selling children's clothes on the Internet? Are you thinking how profitable it is, where to get the goods and how to organize this business in general? In this article, we will try to consider all the steps for launching such an online store and focus on important points that will be useful for a novice entrepreneur.

Relevance of business idea

Children's clothing, toys, footwear are some of the best-selling categories of goods on the Internet. Parents are constantly buying new clothes for their children and are looking for more profitable options, since their children grow up quickly from the same clothes, and soon they will need to buy a new one. The price in this business plays an important role, because it is with the aim of saving and pursuing the quality of things that many mothers scan online stores and select profitable options for buying.

In most families there is an unspoken "rule", the essence of which is that parents save on themselves, but do not spare money to buy clothes and educational toys for their child. In this regard, more and more online children's clothing stores are appearing on the market, which stir up competition in this business and encourage entrepreneurs to look for new approaches to attracting the target audience to their online project.

The main advantages of selling children's clothes on the Internet:

  • High demand. Due to the fact that children grow up quickly, parents are forced to buy clothes every season, and this stimulates demand in the market. But we must not lose sight of the used children's clothing market, which takes some of the customers. Used clothes sellers usually work with Avito, OLX platforms, you can evaluate their prices and assortment and see the number of ad views. Many parents don’t buy used clothes in principle, and are the target audience of online stores.
  • No seasonality. A huge plus is that there is no serious decline in sales. The only thing is, you need to prepare in advance a reserve of start-up capital for the purchase of winter clothing, since its cost is higher and you need to be financially prepared for this.
  • There is no need to rent premises, look for personnel, which significantly reduces the level of financial burden on the monthly maintenance of the business.
  • An opportunity to start in a narrow niche, for example, clothing for children from 0 to 6 years old and gradually increase the range of an online store.

There are a number of downsides that may await you:

  • Competition. It is very high, and in order to now take your place in the market, you need to either invest a lot in advertising, or enter the market with a unique assortment, for example, with clothes from small sewing shops that are not yet represented online.
  • Low margin. Since the price plays a huge role, the markup for baby products on the Internet averages 20% - 50%. Some of the cheaper things can be valued at 70% - 100%, but in order to "stay" in the market, you will need to reduce the markup.
  • Risks of buying a substandard or defective product. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who plan to order children's clothing in China. It will be difficult to make a refund or exchange and you will waste a huge amount of time. Try to work with trusted brands and always order products for testing and quality assessment.

Despite the fact that the niche of an online children's goods store is complex, there is demand and a constant increase in sales, if you approach the process correctly, then it is quite possible to start working, and most importantly, make money even on an already formed market of goods ...

Business format

There are two main business formats that can be used to conduct a business selling children's clothes on the Internet.

How to open a toy store

Children often ask parents or older acquaintances how they can make money on their own. But not all of us can answer this question. Therefore, we will try to find several relevant business ideas for children. Popular business ideas:

  • Earnings from blogging;
  • Virtual nanny;
  • Earnings from pets;
  • School fair for pocket money;
  • Ideas for teens: cleaning entrances;
  • Services of a child photographer;
  • Business ideas on trampolines;
  • Work in advertising and trading companies;
  • Term papers and theses for money;
  • Business ideas on the Internet.

Blogging Earnings

  • Helps the child develop;
  • Better master the rules of the Russian language;
  • Helps to learn better.

Such a business is also positive for the formation of an analytical approach to everything that happens in life and a careful attitude to money in the kid.

Virtual Babysitter

These ideas for children's business have not yet been promoted. Opening a business on a "virtual nanny" means developing a child's talent as an actor. The essence of the idea is based on the fact that little children love to listen to fairy tales at night, and their parents do not always have enough time to read to kids about good fairy-tale heroes. You need to tell a fairy tale in a pleasant expressive, but soothing voice over the phone, asking the baby's parents to turn on the speakerphone. This service can be expanded with remote babysitting (read the same fairy tales or exciting stories to them during the day). You can set a per-minute payment for services or for a specific time.

Earnings from pets

Living in a multi-storey building, you can invite busy neighbors to take care of their pets: feed them by the hour, walk for a reasonable fee. The child must do the work. This is a good way for children to save up for a desired purchase or have pocket money. After all, parents do not always have free money. It is enough to help your child to open up the possibility of children's earnings. Children will enjoy communicating with pets and spend time with benefit. This service can cost from 100 rubles. in 1 hour. However, a lot depends on the region of residence of a novice entrepreneur.

Pocket Money School Fair

This business idea for kids requires the help of moms, dads and grandmothers. They should help the children organize a fair at school. On it, children sell:

  • Pictures ;
  • Embroidery ;
  • Knits;
  • Other handicrafts;
  • Homemade homemade sweets or with the help of grandmothers.

But at the same time it is necessary to ensure compliance with sanitary standards.

Tips for starting a business selling various children's toys. Search for premises, selection of assortment and advertising. And also, the basic calculations of the start-up capital.

Internet business, and in particular Internet trade, has undoubted advantages over an offline store - quick start, less initial costs, quick payback, and a wider range of buyers. In addition, the popularity of online stores is growing and more and more compatriots prefer to shop online.

ROMIR Monitoring Agency conducted a study: it turned out that 95% of Russian users of the World Wide Web visited the sites of online stores, and 60% made purchases there over the last year. Analysts predict further growth in online commerce, especially in large cities, but not in capital cities.

Children's goods are in special demand in the network. This group includes hygiene products, cosmetics, toys, clothes, strollers, car seats, and accessories. On the advice of experts, it is better to limit yourself to a few categories, but offering at least ten positions each. This will make it easier to update the information on the site and maintain warehouse balances.

The catalog of a small online store should consist of four to ten sections, for example: toys, car seats, hygiene products, baby cosmetics. Each of them contains three to seven product groups. So, toys can be divided into constructors, board games, dolls, etc. To begin with, the store needs to buy about 300 commodity items, or better 500. The specified assortment will require from 500 thousand rubles, businessmen estimate.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

It is unrealistic for a young online store to buy products directly from manufacturers due to the limitation of the minimum batch sizes (the lower order limit for children's clothing of a well-known brand can reach 10-12 thousand euros). Therefore, it is worth working with dealers who can be found on the manufacturers' websites. Applications for clothing and footwear are formed eight to ten months before the start of the season. Car seats, toys, hygiene products, as all-season products, can be ordered at any time.

Online store of children's goods: Website

The online store needs a domain. The cost of domain registration with any communication service provider will be about 500-600 rubles. its renewal costs the same. It is advisable to come up with a sonorous and memorable name, as well as an easy one to write. In addition, it is necessary to develop a logo, the cost of services in an advertising agency is 5-10 thousand rubles.

A hosting company is required to host the site. Criteria for choosing a company: price, server capacity, channel speed, backup capability, etc. Some experts advise to pay attention to the geographical location of the server - intracity traffic costs potential buyers ten times cheaper than external traffic. An online store will need from 100 MB to 1 GB of disk space (2-4 thousand rubles per year).

A platform is a program that ensures the operation of an online store: a site shell, a database and modules that allow you to create a basket of orders, reserve goods, exchange information with accounting programs, etc. The general rule is that the client must find product in two or three clicks, spend the same amount on ordering. The platform should be easy to administer (how easy it is to make changes to the assortment and price list, upload photos of goods, what changes the employees themselves have the right to make, and which only the developer, etc.).

Many children and adolescents are wondering how to make money? What are the ideas for making money / business for children and people from 10 to 18 years old?

The rhythms of time are accelerating and many children at this age have sufficient energy and desire to earn money, which must be directed in the right direction.

After surfing the Internet, I found that most of the posts hiding under the heading "children's business" still contain ideas for earning money for adults, on children's topics. Children and adolescents are interested in real ways of earning money in order to be less dependent on pocket money given by their parents.

Let's consider only real ideas of earning / business for children

Participation in promotions

One of the most popular and easy jobs for children, it is actively used by children in cities with a large population.

  • distribution of advertising leaflets;
  • tastings;
  • collection of any information;
  • flash mobs, etc.

The amount of payment directly depends on the complexity and duration of each specific promotion.

Sponsored ads

Everything is clear here, I took a certain number of ads for posting, pasted them in the right places - I received a fee. Suitable for urban areas.


In order to open an ordinary "earthly" store of things for newborns from scratch, you will need about 2 thousand euros per square meter of premises. To open an online store of children's goods, you may have to spend from 2 thousand to 250 thousand dollars. The amount of investment depends on the format of the site itself, the organization of trading activities, the staff of working personnel, etc.

Kids Online Store Business Metrics

Popularity rating

  • We searched for online stores of children's goods - up to 3.5.
  • Baby food - up to 16.
  • Baby diapers - up to 9.
  • Toys - up to 3.
  • Products for children - about 7.5.
  • Nursing clothes - up to 1.
  • Slings - up to 5.5.
  • Dummies - up to 1.5.
  • Algorithm for forming an online store
  • Registration of LLC, IE.
  • Forming a bank account.
  • Creation of your own website to open an online store with children's goods.
  • Purchase of goods.

Some tips for organizing an online store

The main indicators of the quality of the online children's goods store are the convenience of the interface, the provision of informational inquiries, additional services without payment, interactive functionality, the ability to transform the site for beginners, still inexperienced parents into an interactive portal. This must be understood if you decide to open an online store with children's goods.

Remember: if the delivery is poorly organized, the store and its owner may go bankrupt even with a high-quality website design. In this case, delivery is the most important component of the business, more important than the experience of organizing the business. As a rule, every customer of the store wants to receive the desired product in the shortest possible time.

If you decide to open a children's online store, then remember that the main visitors will be novice parents, most often mothers. Think over clear instructions for working with your online store.

Online platforms purchase the required product immediately from manufacturers, mobile resellers. But certain categories of goods require a warehouse - this is an expensive inventory of large sizes, for example, electric cars, strollers, etc. Of course, you can open an online store without your own warehouse. The main thing in this case is the placement of high-quality photographs and a detailed description of the offered goods.

The promotion of the brand of the product greatly influences the efficiency of sales. Products from well-known manufacturers will promote themselves for free.

If you open an online clothing store for children, then in this case there are not enough photos with product descriptions alone, since practice shows that things for a certain child's age may not be suitable for every child. Small children of the same age can be very different in height, configuration, etc. The percentage of sales of children's clothes can be increased by providing additional information materials on the site:

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