How to make money on YouTube? TOP 7 real options

Do you have a business idea, but do not know how to start implementing it? Or perhaps the business is stuck at a standstill and you don't know where to go next? The business segment of the Russian-speaking YouTube is full of advice, tips and valuable information. We have selected the most popular channels that will be useful for both novice businessmen and those who have been "in the know" for a long time.


Subscribers: 1.2 million. Rating: 4.7

Author - Dmitry Portnyagin, 28-year-old businessman, founder of Transit Plus, who managed to earn his first million at 23. Fields of activity - trade, tourism, logistics, production of souvenirs.

The channel has won leadership positions in the business niche in the shortest possible time. Interviews with famous entrepreneurs, research on the components of the success of world-renowned companies, practical tips for doing business - this is an excellent motivational collection for those who are focused on development.

Business Youth

Subscribers: 577 thousand. Rating: 4.7

Business Molodist is the largest information and educational project in Russia and the CIS, founded by young entrepreneurs Petr Osipov and Mikhail Dashkiev. The main topic is the launch and development of your own business.

An educational channel where both budding entrepreneurs and those who have been in business for a long time will find useful information. Webinars, motivational materials, master classes, real success stories, interesting ideas - there is everything here to gain both knowledge and motivation.

BI Life

Subscribers: 420 thousand. Rating: 4.3

Success stories, motivation and valuable advice for experienced businessmen and those who are just starting their own business.

Entrepreneur, owner of a transport company in St. Petersburg.

Over the past one and a half to two years, a media space around the topic of entrepreneurship has formed and flourished in the Russian-language segment of YouTube.

Hundreds of enthusiasts - from information businessmen with dubious backgrounds to real billionaires, members of the Forbes list - are trying their hand at this business. The vast majority of them quickly abandon the idea of ​​settling in full of unpredictable reactions, aggressive trolls and YouTube hats. But only a few find their own style and audience, master the skill of working in the frame, gather teams of professional producers and television workers, providing an ever higher level of show, more and more high-quality content and an increasingly attractive picture.

We have compiled a selection of business bloggers on the Russian-speaking YouTube, choosing the ones that really deserve attention. Each of them is a source of useful information about real business and a motivating role model.

Oskar Hartmann

Main topics of the channel: motivation in business and life; life hacks for finding ideas for business, recommendations for organizing working hours, strategic business thinking.

Who is it for: beginner entrepreneurs, those who are looking for an idea for a business and / or need a charge of motivation and energy.

Oskar Hartmann is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, founder of more than 10 companies with a total capitalization of over $ 5 billion, including industry-leading KupiVIP, CarPrice, Aktivo and FactoryMarket. om. Founder and partner of several investment funds. Oscar is one of the most open and sought-after speakers in Russia, demonstrating in practice positive thinking and a proactive approach to life and business.

Oscar experiments a lot with genres. According to his assurances, the best of all he succeeds (and resonates with the public) are not those issues where expensive equipment, light and a team of specialists were used, but simple selfie videos he shot himself.

In this article I have collected themes for the YouTube channel, among which you will find the very one.

Here I have not only given a list of topics for your YouTube channel, but also examples. In addition, at the end you will find a list of "overheated" topics to avoid. Most importantly, I'll show you tools that will allow you to gauge the relevance of your idea.

Guy Ideas

A niche with amazing monetization. You can advertise advertise both the cars themselves and auto centers, car products and more. This niche is valuable because many people look at car reviews when deciding which car to buy. This means that this pre-warmed up audience is a tasty morsel for advertisers.

1. Car reviews - on this topic such YouTube stars as AcademeG and the Ildar AUTO-SELECTION project "rose".

2. In the news - among the niche leaders is Auto News, which looks like a news and information product. The same information can be brought up in the first person by giving longer comments.

3. Auto repair - a project from Nizhny Novgorod Body workshop or Garage Auto electrician demonstrates how YouTube can promote your business.

4. Garage Videos - If you enjoy fiddling with your car in the garage, shoot about it. Useful tips on how to do something with your own hands are always in trend.

Hunting, fishing

Will always remain a hot topic in Russia and abroad. A simple example: a video about winter fishing for pike is one year old and has 8 million views. The monetization opportunities are excellent: fishing rods, spinning rods, and other equipment for fishing and hots.

5. River and lake fishing - fishing has its own specifics. If you are fond of a particular one, make a channel about her.

6. Sea fishing - if it is available to you, make such a channel. It will turn out to be very entertaining.

How to make money in Telegram? Can Telegram be made a source of income? In the article, we answer topical questions about what ways to open a business exist in the popular messenger.

Is it realistic to make money on this, and if so, how much?

What kind of business can you open in Telegram?

We have an answer to each of these questions. Let's figure it out.

On the ban on Telegram in Russia

Since May 2021, the messenger has been subject to a number of restrictions imposed by Roskomnadzor. This is due to the fact that the developers of "Telegram" refused to provide personal data of users under the "Yarovaya law". Despite attempts to block Telegram, the messenger is still working. At the moment, Telegram is officially available to Russian users in Google markets. lay and AppStore, there is no responsibility for the use of Telegram. To summarize: you cannot give a link to download the messenger, but you can send it to your channel.

It should be borne in mind that any business in Telegram is at risk as long as the situation remains unresolved. However, this does not in any way scare bloggers, companies, media and other users to actively develop their business in Telegram.

How to make money in Telegram? Is it real?

Definitely yes! This messenger is actively gaining popularity and developing, which opens up prospects for business. It attracts many advertisers, which is why a lot of money is spinning here.

This effect is achieved due to the fact that advertising posts arrive in the same feed as regular messages. The user is notified of a new post, so the likelihood that the ad post will be seen increases.

In addition, various specialists are required to work in the messenger: telegram channel administrators, bot developers, sticker designers, content and SMM managers, and many others. You can earn in Telegram without investments or with investments. To help you decide, consider the most interesting ways.

All ideas can be divided into two categories: earnings on your Telegram channel and without it. Channel monetization in Telegram is one of the most profitable and popular ways to generate income in the messenger. First, you need to create a thematic channel and start promoting it. The main task is to attract as many active subscribers as possible. It is very important to choose the right topic for the channel, as profitability depends on it. For example, the solvency of those who are interested in investments and cryptocurrency is higher than that of the readers of a channel with entertainment content.

But if you decide to make money on your telegram channel, then keep in mind: you will not be able to receive income until you gain enough audience. So, what generates income for telegram channels?

Good day to everyone who is interested in a variety of business ideas! A little more and the "forced rest" will turn into a real disaster. However, unexpectedly lost free time can be used with benefit, in particular - to discover new ways of earning money.

For example, start your own YouTube channel, quickly promote it and get good money, which is enough not only for buckwheat and toilet paper, but also for more expensive goods. Below you can find seven ways to make money on YouTube. As they say - take, use, earn and remember our site with a kind word!

Option YouTube partnership and ad impressions

This is perhaps the most basic way to get a stable, albeit small, income from this video hosting. If your channel has more than 1000 subscribers who have "watched" more than 4000 hours of video in the last 12 months, then you can request monetization. The affiliate program involves displaying ad units placed by YouTube automatically at the beginning, end, or middle of custom videos.

The theme of advertising impressions, as a rule, overlaps with the channel concept in order to reach the target audience as much as possible. The channel owner has no influence on the duration and content of ad units. Money is credited for each full viewing of the ad insert by channel visitors, as well as for clicks on active links embedded in the ad. Channels with viral or relevant content at a given time receive a good income.

More views - more likely that channel visitors will be interested in advertising, and they will take one or another active action (full view or go to the advertiser's website). Thus, a YouTube partnership can bring the average channel up to several hundred dollars in revenue per month. See what advertising gives on the example of our channel in Telegram.

Option Direct Advertising

This method is only suitable for already promoted or actively developing channels with several thousand subscribers. Companies and individuals order direct advertising directly from channel owners by concluding appropriate agreements. As a rule, advertisers choose to promote their products those channels whose topics intersect with the type of advertised product.

For example, culinary channels most often advertise kitchen appliances and grocery brands, and autoblogs most often advertise various car accessories, consumables or related services. It is logical that a manufacturer of engine additives will not find its target audience in a beauty blog, where they teach how to apply makeup and choose handbags for social events.

Revenue from direct advertising depends on the number of subscribers on the channel and their activity. Therefore, the amounts in advertising contracts can vary from several thousand to several million rubles!

Option Placing links from partners

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