How to make money on the exchange via the Internet

Hello dear readers of dohodinet. u. In this article, we'll talk about making money buying and selling websites.

This idea of ​​earning income on the Internet is not new and secret. For a long time already talented webmasters are actively making money in this way.

To sell a site and make money on it, you need to either buy a site or create it yourself. In either case, you will have to invest efforts and financial resources for the development of the project.

However, creating a site for subsequent sale is much cheaper than buying a ready-made Internet resource.

We talked about how to buy a website in one of the articles in our magazine. Today we will focus mainly on selling sites.

Where and how to sell the site

Purchase and sale of sites is carried out through the guarantor, or directly. The most preferable and safest variant of the transaction for both the buyer and the seller is the use of a guarantor.

The term! Guarantor is a third party in a transaction that mediates and ensures its security.

The guarantor can be either an individual (an ordinary user) or a legal entity (a company). For its intermediary services, the guarantor charges a commission from the seller or the buyer.

Algorithm of selling through a guarantor

Step # 1. The buyer transfers money to the guarantor's account.

  • 1 How many articles a day really resell
  • 2 Where to buy articles
  • 3 Selecting a proofreader to check the purchased articles
  • 4 How to make money: design an article for resale
  • 5 Where to resell articles
  • 6 How much can you earn from reselling articles on the Internet
  • 7 Important points of business

Thousands of texts are sold every day on the Internet, and you can make good money on this. Some are engaged in copywriting, that is, they write articles on their own, most often - on order. Others act as intermediaries and make money by reselling content. The advantages of the second option are scalability: if articles do not have to be written from scratch, one text takes much less time. A copywriter can write 1-2-3 articles a day, and an intermediary can immediately put up for sale several dozen or even several hundred texts.

All that is required is to buy a number of inexpensive articles on the copywriter's exchange and sell them at a high price.

The essence of this business idea is quite simple. It can be realized by any person - even one who has no education and work experience in the field of copywriting, journalism or philology.

Moreover, it is easy to find editing (proofreading) services on the Internet. For a reasonable price, specialists will correct any stylistic or spelling errors.

Let's figure out how to implement this idea, where to look for articles and customers.

How many articles per day really resell

The number of articles per day is limited, firstly, by your financial capabilities - after all, first you need to buy them, spending your money on it. Plus, you will need to spend time proofreading and correcting (or delegating this to a proofreader, which is also costly).

On the other hand, this business only makes sense for large volumes. On the resale of one or ten articles, earnings will not be great at all.

If you have no experience and customers willing to buy articles, you need to buy at least about 50 articles first.

In this case, you can expect to sell one article every 1-2 days. Experienced resellers can keep 200-300 articles up for sale every day every day - and sell a few of them every day. But to reach such turnovers, you need experience, start-up capital and understanding of the market.

Another option if you have customers (for example, if you have already worked as a copywriter, but do not want to write texts yourself anymore). In this case, focus on their needs for new texts. You can order articles from a copywriter you know or on the stock exchange not blindly (not knowing whether you will be able to sell it or not), but for a specific order. Then the number of articles may be less, and the earnings from each text may be higher.

Where to buy articles

Trading is the process of trading on an exchange. The goal is to make a profit from operations with various financial instruments: company shares, currencies, futures. This also includes forex trading. Online trading is a good start for those who want to receive dividends from the purchase / sale of securities.

The trading process goes through a broker - a link between the trader and the exchange. For intermediary activities, he is charged a certain percentage of the commission. Anyone who has decided to try his hand at stock trading can, if a number of conditions are met, connect to electronic trading from his computer.

This article provides a general understanding of how to make money on the stock exchange for a beginner at home. You will undertake a serious study of the specifics of trading when you decide that the business is interesting and will bring profit in the future.

Initial conditions for working on the exchange

Trading through a broker frees you from difficult conditions and costly investments for a beginner. To be able to trade on the exchange, you need to do the following:

  • obtain a license to carry out activities with the preliminary passage of a special training course;
  • pay the entrance fee. Certain exchanges allow a client to trade after making a fixed amount - a fee, the amount of which reaches three million rubles (MICEX);
  • purchase a licensed program on the basis of which the exchange Internet resource functions.

When there is no way to spend a lot of money on a license and entrance fees to work on the exchange without intermediaries, contact one of the many brokerage companies for help. With their help, you will get access to the resource and will independently make financial transactions.

Brokerage companies with the ability to trade over the Internet

There are many stock exchanges on the network. Reliable - Finam, Uralsib, VTB, Alfa-Capital, Troika Dialog. These are large players that are trusted by customers. Before being admitted to real trading, the brokerage company offers to undergo training - and you will be ready to independently use the tools of the trading program.

The working hours of the stock exchanges depend on which trading exchange they are "tied to". Therefore, before deciding on the choice of a resource, set a convenient trading time for you. Consider the size of the brokerage company's commission, it depends on how much you will earn in the end.

Exchange Game for Beginners

Volatility, or price change

Volatility is an indicator of the change in the price of a financial instrument. The stock market is characterized by low volatility, when the value of shares changes insignificantly, going up and down during one trading day. Making money with this pattern of stock price fluctuations is not easy.

Would you like to start making money without leaving your home and without spending a lot of time on work? Then an exchange may be a good option for you, where you can trade options, currencies or futures. In this article, we will tell you how to make money on the stock exchange for a beginner at home, having just a computer and the Internet.


Trading on the stock exchange is called trading. The one who trades is called a trader. The principle is to buy something cheaper, sell it more expensive, putting the difference in your pocket. A stock exchange is a physical or virtual place where traders gather.

A broker is an intermediary who provides his services for access to the exchange to everyone.

Please note: the intermediary takes a small percentage for their services, but at the same time provides you with full access to the work of the stock exchange.

It is not possible for an individual to work on the exchange independently. To do this, you will need to obtain a specialized education and a license, pay an “insurance premium” in the amount of several million rubles, and purchase special software. Having fulfilled all these conditions, you can become a broker on your own, but this is not a path for market beginners.

The most famous brokers

So, you already know that you need to work through a good broker. How to pick it up? It is best to target large market players. For example, VTB, Uralsib, Finam and others. These financial institutions regularly conduct courses for young traders, teaching them how to make money on the exchange. It is necessary to choose a partner carefully, studying the proposed terms of cooperation, deposit and withdrawal of money. You don't need to believe various little-known companies promising to double your deposits right off the bat - they will simply drain your money in such a way that you won't even understand what happened.

The concept of volatility

If you decide to master earnings on the exchange without investments, then you definitely need to find out what volatility is. It is an indicator that characterizes the possible volatility of resource prices. It should be taken into account when choosing a broker, since you can make a very big mistake and say goodbye to your money.

People who want to earn income while sitting at home are wondering how to make money on the stock exchange. With a responsible approach, you can provide yourself with high wages. At the same time, employment is minimal. Even a beginner will be able to deal with the stock market. This option of making money is suitable only for those people who are ready to study the chosen field and constantly improve their skills.

Exchange: what is it

When figuring out how to make money on the exchange, you first need to understand the basic terminology. At first, it will be difficult for a beginner to understand everything. Different types of assets are traded on the stock markets. Each subspecies has its own specificity and risks. Money can be earned on any exchange.

Most often, earnings are made by purchasing assets and selling them at a higher cost. The difference will be the profit.

A trader is a person who makes money on the exchange. Broker is an intermediary between the platform and the investor. Margin trading is leveraged trading.

Types of exchanges

When figuring out how to make money on the stock exchange for dummies, you first need to decide what type of site will be chosen. They are:

  • stock ;
  • currency ;
  • commodity ;
  • urgent ;
  • cryptocurrency ...

There is also Forex, which deals with currencies, gold and index. You can become successful on any site. The main thing is to take a responsible approach to the organization of business. A novice investor can try his hand at several sites at once.

What are the features

Beginners need to understand that this type of work involves investment. Earning on the exchange is impossible without depositing your own funds.

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