How to make money by sewing at home? How to open a sewing workshop at home

Progress, as you know, is striding by leaps and bounds, and Internet commerce (e-commerce) captures new niches, replacing or complementing the usual services. So, individual tailoring online is also gaining momentum.

Despite the fact that today the buyer is provided with the widest range of clothing, many are faced with the problem of selection. The market is replete with a large number of imported items, the price / quality ratio of which is depressing. And if the buyer has a non-standard figure, it is doubly difficult for him to buy something ready-made. Therefore, services are becoming popular that allow you to order custom-made clothes without leaving your home.

The relevance of "indoor tailoring" (as the atelier of this type call their work) remains for lovers of fashionable things, as many boutiques and brands in connection with the crisis reduce or even stop importing goods, or currency is becoming sky-high.

What's the trick?

Since the competition in the industry is quite high, the stake should be made on the most convenient service and individual approach: classics (suits and shirts) for the middle class, boho and hipsters for young people. This minimizes the cost of time and energy on the part of the customer, because there is no need to go shopping or to try on.

Development of the Internet studio can take place in two directions:

  • You create a website where the client can independently design the desired item, after which you give the order to a partner studio (that is, build a business on mediation).
  • You create a website and open a real atelier, orders and turnover of which are realized through this website.

Where is the needle, where is the thread

In order to open an Internet studio, you must register an individual entrepreneur or LLC. It is more practical and convenient to open an individual entrepreneur, since this type of activity involves lower tax rates and "simplification". No special permits or licenses are required for this business.

Same, but with pearl buttons

Atelier is always an up-to-date and demanded business, where an individual approach to each client plays a decisive role. By choosing a line of business, from minor clothing repair to mass tailoring, you will conquer a business niche in a city or even a region. Many world-famous brands of clothing and handbags started out as a small atelier with 1-2 employees.

Potential benefits

Both women and men want to look good. Store clothes are usually standard measurements and may not fit your body. The atelier can tailor the dress you like to the specific features of the woman or perform individual tailoring. Theoretically, the target audience (TA) is not limited by anything, but in fact the main clients are wealthy people who prefer to create individual images. In addition, these are people with irregular shapes who find it difficult to find clothes in a regular store.

You can also offer household services: sewing curtains, hemming men's pants to length, minor repairs of clothes.

The demand for the atelier is determined by the selected market segment. By offering only repair and fitting of clothes, you limit your target audience, but you also incur much less costs. Enough room for 10-12 sq. m, 2 seamstresses (for each - sewing machines with overlocks and a set of hand tools). The average check is 150-600 rubles, depending on the region. The average number of orders depends on the choice of location, it can vary from 10 to 15-20 orders per day.

Opening a full-fledged atelier with tailoring of clothes or home accessories according to individual parameters is more promising, but more expensive. You will need fashion designers (usually a business creator performs this function), designers, technologists. Ordinary machines will not do either, you need professional equipment for sewing fabric.

Usually the atelier specializes in a specific direction: summer or winter clothes, fur products, curtains and bedding, bags.

The payback period for the atelier varies from several months to 2-3 years.

Where to start

A tailoring business is ideal for an entrepreneur whose education and skills are directly related to this field of activity. With this knowledge, you can not only control the process from the inside, but also take an active part in it, saving on the involvement of personnel.


  • Analyze competitors, pricing policy and demand for the services offered. Hand over your thing for repair, evaluate the work of seamstresses in the process, look at the hangers - usually finished things are stored in the atelier, you can estimate the amount of work.
  • Find and rent suitable premises. For the repair and fitting of clothes - crowded shopping centers. For tailoring - the first and basement floors of residential buildings in densely populated residential areas (give preference to premium residential complexes, but in this case you need to invest in advertising) or pavilions in the same shopping centers.
  • Register IE. Easier processing and reporting, less tax requirements.
  • Register cashier (you can do without).
  • Staff varies by size. In a small atelier, the owner himself can work with an assistant. A large company includes seamstresses, cutters, technologists, designers, fashion designers.
  • Obtain permission from the fire service and Rospotrebnadzor.


More than 50% of women have a non-standard figure, for which it is very difficult to choose clothes, so an excellent solution would be to study the presented business plan of the atelier with calculations and think about opening it. The traditional atelier provides consumers with a wide range of services - from repairing clothes to tailoring exclusive clothing models. Given the high level of demand for such services in Russia, one can expect high profitability and a quick return on business.

Market and Competitor Analysis

Before starting a business, any project requires a detailed study - in particular, it is necessary to analyze the state of the market in the industry of interest, as well as the activities of competing companies. First and foremost, you need to know: the modern Russian light industry in Russia is in a protracted crisis.

There is a small growth rate. Compared to the 2021s, the output of clothing factories has fallen - and this despite the fact that a stable demand for textiles can be observed. Despite the fact that clothing purchases are not carried out on a daily basis, this category of goods is necessary for everyone.

Why is this happening? What is the reason for this trend? This is the second factor to remember: fashion trends have a huge impact on purchasing power in a given industry. Outdated clothing is out of use, it does not enjoy interest and demand from consumers. Of course, there are classics that never get out of date, but they are in demand among a small percentage of buyers. Even if a person prefers inexpensive and convenient things, he will give preference to those that will be fashionable.

Other pitfalls that the atelier will definitely encounter as they work are worth noting:

  • a large number of shops, markets, shopping centers, and recently - online stores offer a huge selection of quality clothing;
  • many Russian buyers specially make trips to other countries to buy clothes there;
  • the number of independent Russian designers is increasing.

In order to understand the direction of his work, an entrepreneur must choose the specifics of the atelier's activities - this will help to work purposefully for potential consumers. Below are the main areas of activity:

  • production of exclusive fur, leather and knitted products for high-income customers;
  • production of dresses and suits for special events - weddings, graduations, anniversaries; <
  • production of uniforms, specialized and corporate clothing, sports suits;
  • clothing repair, restoration.

The main competitive advantages of the atelier are an individual approach to the fulfillment of each order, tailoring according to the figure and taking into account the client's requirements, handmade, high quality, exclusivity. Although price won't act as your primary marketing tool, you can use it as an attractive factor for your customers.

The so-called Internet ateliers are gaining more and more popularity. These enterprises have started to appear in the last few years. Experts assess such projects as highly promising. This type of atelier involves the production of clothing with individual prints and images that can be selected on the company's website. Sewing will not be done manually.

SWOT Analysis

If a woman needs a permanent or additional income, and she has basic sewing skills and a sewing machine, then she should not have problems how to make money. Indeed, from the existing skills and equipment, you can organize a profitable business.

Sewing is an interesting and creative activity, and the demand for unique items never disappears. The opportunity to order clothes is quite attractive, because as a result you can get a special product and at a favorable price.

How to become a seamstress at home

Anyone can sew at home. In order to receive your first order, you do not need to have a design engineer diploma.

If a craftswoman does not have the deepest knowledge in design and modeling, then she can make good money on making models.

Initially, you need to decide on business ideas for sewing at home. The main thing is to know and be able to work with standard patterns. First of all, you need to understand what measurement is laid in the pattern in order to quickly adjust the finished pattern to any figure and dress model. Many practicing seamstresses take orders and sew clothes, sometimes without training anywhere or with only secondary education.

At the same time, seamstresses make wonderful dresses - wedding and evening, which are not inferior in quality to those sold in expensive boutiques. This happens because they have made many such models and are well versed in the technology of working with lace and satin. The seamstresses also have ready-made patterns for these dresses, which they can adjust to any shape, from 42 to 54 sizes and beyond.

One of the main qualities of the craftswomen is the sewing speed. After all, clients do not like it when a dress or other model is made for them for a long time. All this must be taken into account before deciding to do sewing at home as a way to earn money.

Choosing a direction for business

Sewing art can develop in different directions, so each case requires its own unique approach. To determine the optimal format, a woman should ask herself the following questions:

The beauty industry is a field of activity that many girls dream of. But Ekaterina Galochkina left her without regret a few years ago in order to create her own business - the Pillow Talk studio and an online store.

In an interview with Kontur. To the urnal, Ekaterina Galochkina told what mistakes should be avoided when opening an online store, how to stand out from competitors and what helps a business to survive seasonal downturns.

Hobby as a family business

The idea to open a bedding atelier arose spontaneously. The fact is that my mother has always been fond of sewing, it was her hobby. Over time, she began taking orders for sewing home textiles from friends who launched word of mouth through recommendations. This is how a small sewing workshop appeared.

At that time, I was working in the beauty industry with luxury perfume and cosmetics brands - I was involved in product management, including new product launches, BTL projects and certification. During this period, I managed to gain tremendous experience: working with world famous brands allowed me to learn how a luxury brand is built from the inside. Of course, the knowledge and experience gained helped me a lot in creating my own brand.

In the fall of 2021, I decided to quit the company where I worked, get rid of the office routine and try to start my own project. It was then that we decided to create an atelier and an online store of high-quality Russian-made bedding.

First errors

The first thing I did was to develop an online store. Coming up with a name was perhaps the most difficult part of this whole undertaking. We wanted it to be different from the names of other sleeping supplies stores and at the same time be memorable. Why does the brand name include the word “conversation”? Because the whole project was born out of long conversations and discussions of the concept. Pillows are perhaps the first association with sleep. This is how the name "Pillow Conversation" appeared.

In the beginning, we only had a few sewing machines and about 10 rolls of good satin. There were two seamstresses working. We rented a small room for a workshop and finished the first collection of lingerie in a month.

In October 2021, the first version of the online store was opened. We photographed everything at home. We immediately registered the store accounts on Facebook and Instagram. At first there were few clients, mostly regular customers of the workshop, who learned about our services through word of mouth.

Since I had no experience in creating an online store before, I made a lot of mistakes. The main thing was that I made the site of the store based on my own preferences, in fact, for myself, and not for the client. What seemed clear and obvious to me turned out to be difficult for many clients: people simply did not understand where to click to view the assortment.

A year later, we found an experienced webmaster who made a new, convenient, beautiful and understandable site for our store. He offered the ModX platform, and we came up with the design and layout ourselves.

Competitive Advantage

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