How to find an idea for a business on the Internet; 7 practical tips

Quite recently, in the minds of most of our compatriots, the word "business" meant shops, some kind of enterprises, competition, even racketeering. For many, it is possible that businessmen are still associated with the bandits and showdowns that were once common.

However, time passes, society develops, and people change. Today many people run their own business on the Internet. Selected business ideas that have real success allow their creators to make millions. Agree, not many store and retail chain owners were able to reach the level of such Internet projects as Google or Facebook. And these, by the way, are only the most famous business giants. Small portals, platforms and sites that bring their creators a permanent income, millions.

Online Business Opportunities

It may seem to someone that the Internet is primarily created for the exchange of information, for entertainment, for finding people and communicating with them. But in fact, this point of view is a delusion. In essence, business on the Internet differs little from the real one.

The ideas that form the basis of virtual business schemes are in many ways reminiscent of real business schemes, familiar to all of us. For example, it is such a principle as “buy cheaper, sell more expensive”. When launching a specialized online store, its owners act exactly like this. Such an "online shop" differs from a real one only by means of promotion (advertising and notifying buyers), as well as the scheme of purchasing and paying for goods. In all other respects, in the online market, everything works the same as in the real markets.

Isn't everyone busy?

What can be used to build a business on the Internet? To be honest, ideas about the area in which an online business can be built do not come straight away. It would seem that everything has been occupied for a long time; each of the niches that could be tried as a platform for the development of their own business has long been chosen by hundreds of the same. To tell the truth, the competition on the web is quite high.

Not a fact, however, that it is lower than in real business. Although, on the other hand, every year many business ideas for the Internet “shoot” in completely unexpected places. Remember at least the Instagram app. The essence of its work lies only in the possibility of posting photos by users on the principle of a social network. At the time the service was launched, such giants as Myspace and Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte were already operating on the Internet. Despite this, the project has become quite successful. The history of Instagram, as well as the stories of hundreds of similar services, once again prove that a business can be built where no one expects it.

Difficulties on the Internet

Of course, it's not that simple. Many people want to have their own business on the Internet. Ideas are often simply overwhelmed by young entrepreneurs who want to repeat the fate of Facebook and many other startups that have entered the global level. A person can even invest a certain amount of funds in his development, find an investor, but ... in the end, everything can be “covered up”.

There are many reasons for this, because there are actually a million times more factors that can destroy a business or hinder its development than those that contribute to success. This is the law of the market, the law of nature, which also sounds like "the strongest will win." In fact, to launch an Internet business, just like in real entrepreneurship, you need not only an idea, but also experience, means and opportunities (or connections). Without these components, the probability of failure is very high, and it is naive to expect that your project (for example, a website) will gain millions of visitors in a month and make you rich. Undoubtedly, in theory this is real, but in practice it is not.

Can I find new business ideas on the Internet?

Hello! Igor Zuevich is in touch, and today we will talk with you about what to do if you are looking for an idea for a business. You will learn what steps and in what sequence should be followed in order for your chosen niche to be profitable for you.

Prepare for an idea beforehand

Translate a few keywords into other languages ​​and browse not only Russian-language sites. Provide ideal answers to the questions posed, and based on this, create an accurate wording of the search query.

Use the power of search engines

For example, Google has hundreds of features hidden behind its start page that you might not have known about. Always use Google's advanced search and specify language, country, file format, date, and so on, if necessary.

Use at least three search words in your query, to search for the entire phrase, combine them with brackets. Use additional search on other Google channels - pictures, videos, maps, news, books, and more.


Imagine real-life situations described that could bring you closer to the ideal solution. Start with a list of at least 50 ideas that make sense to you. The more awkward they are, the better. As a result, when you start looking for an imaginary product, you will stumble upon a site that you could not find with a regular search.

Narrow down the search area

After you have studied the search engine completely, go to highly specialized sites. Most likely, on them you will find ideas grouped by areas of knowledge, tasks, area of ​​application, and so on.

Perhaps you will pay attention to new scientific developments or people with certain knowledge. If this is the case, check out social media sites like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Search in various languages ​​

A lot of information can be hidden by search engines. Archives, databases, libraries may not come out immediately upon request, so you need to carefully study all the sites issued by the search engine at the beginning, and follow the internal links on the sites to go to other sections that may be useful to you.

The popularity of e-commerce resources is constantly growing: in Ukraine, online sales grew by 17% in 2021. This means that the competition between marketplaces has also intensified. In the struggle for users, the idea for an online store plays an important role. Therefore, in the article we will talk about what business ideas for an online store in 2021 can be promoted online, as well as trends in online sales.

Principles for choosing a niche for business

To determine what interesting ideas for an online store to use for your site, consider the following principles:

  • Personal interest. A person cannot professionally understand several areas of life. To create a profitable business, you need to understand the niche, be interested in new products in the field and constantly develop your knowledge.
  • Target market. The presence of demand and target audience for the idea will increase sales in a short time. If there is no demand for a product, then the accompanying characteristics, for example, quality, price, advertising, will not save the business.
  • Niche capabilities. An online business can be developed in a niche with low or high competition. Business owners prefer a market where there are practically no competitors, anticipating rapid sales growth. But pay attention also to those niches where there are competitors, but there are few of them.
  • Growth opportunity. When choosing online store ideas in 2021, evaluate the further growth and development of the industry.
  • Average check value. Sell ​​2 units of goods and get 1000 UAH, or sell dozens of goods for the same amount. When choosing niches for an online store in 2021, look for the option with the highest average check.
  • Seasonality. Some business ideas only bring profit at certain times of the year - for example, New Year's decorations and gifts. If you want to work with seasonal products, think in advance with how to replace them when there is no demand.

Trends: what to sell per year

We offer tools to check the demand for various goods:

  • Market research and statistics. Look for information on the websites of analytical companies about which online stores are in demand, which products are bought by consumers.
  • Google Trends service. The online service shows the dynamics and number of requests to Google and YouTube for the name of a product or service over the past year.
  • Announcement sites. A large number of users view such resources. With their help, you can determine what products are in demand.

These resources will help you understand which online store to open based on demand. If you're selling products in a unique niche, keep in mind that you'll have to work harder to attract customers.

Having studied the best ideas, we will make it easier for you and tell you what to sell in the online store in 2021.


Several niches for an online store in this segment:

  • Large household appliances;
  • Small household appliances;
  • Digital equipment and accessories;
  • Computer equipment.

  • The technique is used everywhere: at home, in the office, in production.
  • High demand because people strive for more comfort and convenience.
  • Innovative developments appear every year, so there is always demand.
  • The equipment breaks down and customers will come back again.

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