How to create your own accessories business

People always want to look beautiful and attractive, so they use various jewelry and accessories to complement and emphasize the existing image. But wearing products made of natural precious stones or metal is not always possible: they wear out, get lost and require constant attention. Inexpensive jewelry has come to replace valuable jewelry, which looks no worse. It is very popular in Russia, the market for jewelry and accessories is estimated at 10 billion rubles. In this article, we will look at a short business plan for a jewelry store, analyze the main points and tell you how much you can earn if you act correctly.

Target audience analysis

Before opening a store, it is necessary to conduct an appropriate market analysis in order to carry out the most accurate calculations and forecasts. To begin with, let's draw up a portrait of the buyer, a collective image of the client on whom you need to bet.

It is believed that jewelry is usually bought by women aged 19 to 33 with low and middle income, so the marketing program should be based on this. A traditional buyer has no children or has one child, he lives with his parents, in a rented apartment or with a mortgage, works as a manager, secretary, accountant, etc., that is, he communicates with people in one way or another.


If we talk about jewelry business, there are practically no competitors in it. More precisely, there are no serious competitors, especially if you do not live in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Many shops have a small corner with jewelry, but very few people are seriously engaged in it, so you always have a chance to have a good start and capture customers in the entire area, or even the city. If there are competitors, then be sure to visit them, having studied the assortment, price range, operating principle, availability of additional services, discount program, etc. You will need to build your business so that the assortment matches the offer of competitors by no more than 25%. You will need to offer clients the best conditions: more choice, competent staff, regular promotions and discounts, a guarantee, and so on.

Potential business risks

A good accessory store business plan must include a risk section. Thanks to this, you will be able to understand what, in general, you can face when doing business and develop ways to solve problem situations. Let's consider what risks exist in our case:

  • Decrease in purchasing power of the population due to the crisis and sanctions. Note that this situation is not critical for the jewelry market. On the contrary, people stop buying gold and precious stones, preferring inexpensive and beautiful products.
  • Increase in purchasing duties, falling ruble. Since the bulk of the jewelry is produced in China, and the ruble is falling, the products automatically become more expensive in national currency. In order not to raise prices, you can buy goods in large quantities, negotiate discounts with the manufacturer, exclude intermediaries from the chain.
  • Increase the number of competitors. There is such a risk, but it is insignificant - the established connections and reputation, pricing policy, assortment and quality of service will help you cope with newcomers.
  • Increased costs. As a rule, this is understood as an increase in rent, utilities, staff salaries, etc. You can reduce rental costs by concluding long-term contracts, LED lamps and your own heating will help reduce communal services, you can reduce salary costs by optimizing the work of staff and motivating them with others ways.

Steps to open a jewelry store

Before opening a store, be sure to think over all the steps that you will have to take and disassemble them in more detail so that you do not stop in the process, there are no delays or downtime. Let's consider the main stages of development:

Investments: from 500,000 rubles

Payback: from 1.5 years

Statistics show that the volume of the Russian leather goods market is steadily crossing the border of 35 billion rubles. in year. In practice, every second retail bag store closes 8 months after starting operations. How to reduce the risks when starting this type of business and what financial results can be expected if the sales break-even point is crossed, we will consider in this article.

Business Concept

Opening a bag and accessories store is possible in 4 different formats:

  • a retail stand-alone store - the least convenient for the customer, high rental and advertising costs;
  • a corner or department in a shopping center - profitable when opening no higher than the second floors in the presence of a number of walkable "anchor" stores;
  • an online store - only if there is no retail sale via the Internet from the main supplier;
  • selling on social networks is a low-cost and low-profit option, ideal for a shop of designer bags and handicrafts.

Bags and accessories are most often purchased spontaneously or in addition to other purchases, which leads to customers reluctance to visit a separate store for this. The section in the walkable area of ​​the shopping center is much more convenient for both buyers and entrepreneurs. In this case, the latter is not spent on maintenance of the premises (a contract for waste disposal, cleaning, security, approval in inspections) and saves on attracting customer flow.

Contrary to the name, the bag shop sells more than just the main female accessory. The main assortment also includes:

  • sports bags, backpacks, shopping bags;
  • school bags and laptop cases;
  • men's shoulder bags, briefcases, cases;
  • suitcases, travel bags;
  • wallets, wallets, business card holders;
  • organizers for bags, cosmetic bags;
  • beach and picnic baskets.

Belts, hats, ties, stoles, gloves, umbrellas are the most common related products - this helps to minimize seasonal sales drops.

When building an assortment matrix, you should also focus on meeting customer demand in various price categories.

Business ideas help an aspiring entrepreneur in organizing his business. There are ready-made options for starting a business from scratch.

One such opportunity is the business of making and selling accessories.

What accessories are popular and in demand?

People are looking for what you can offer them! Do you know how and love to do needlework?

The choice is huge, because everyone wants to emphasize their individuality and wants to buy accessories:

  • for mobile phones and tablets (key rings, handmade cases);
  • for cars;
  • for pets;
  • for weddings and bride dressing;
  • for home, kitchen, bathroom.

Manufacture and sale of leather accessories

Accessories can favorably emphasize the dignity of any person. The popularity of items to improve the image, for both men and women, is constantly growing.

To create your own business, you can take as a basis the production and sale of leather accessories. Things made of genuine leather have always been considered an indicator of material well-being and brought their owner the respect of colleagues.

Modern girls love to buy exclusive items, so leather goods are in great demand on the market of author's works.

If you are a leather craftsman and know all the intricacies of its processing, then you can safely open your own business.

You can start small. For example, create a VKontakte group to create women's accessories or your own website for finished works.


Nowadays, the car has become a part of our life, we spend almost half of the day in it. And a person is used to being in comfort, therefore, he wants to make the interior of the car as convenient and pleasant as possible. The business of auto accessories is well developed in Europe, it has not yet reached Russia unreasonably, making small steps.

However, when opening your own auto accessories store, it is important to consider everything: the location of the outlet, the presence of competitors, retail space, the opening season of the store. It is also important how much effort and money the owner is willing to invest in the business, what budget is allocated for advertising, etc.

Room selection

The size of the premises for the store depends primarily on the financial capabilities of the entrepreneur. A common truism applies here: the larger the trading area, the more goods are needed to fill it. It is one thing to fill a shopping island of 8m2 with goods, and another thing to fill the shelves of a self-service store by 50 squares.

In general, a common mistake of start-up entrepreneurs is a poor assortment of goods at the start of a business. If there is no particular choice at the outlet, the car owner will go to another store, where there are more visual display cases and a large selection of a variety of accessories.

Assortment of goods in the auto accessories store

Ideally, you should try to fit everything that is in demand on the auto accessories market. This is, first of all:

  • Automotive gadgets (navigators, breathalyzers, radar detectors, video recorders, phone stands, cigarette lighter splitters);
  • Auto heat (blankets, thermal underwear, steering wheel braids);
  • Interior decoration (key chains, car covers, sun blinds);
  • Driver's personal accessories (driver's wallets, key rings, stickers);
  • Comfort (car mugs, floor mats , seat covers, oxygen cylinders, anti-stress, thermoses, refrigerators, headrest pillows, etc.);
  • Help on the road (mini shovels, antiboks, cables, self-defense equipment, car boxes, tool kits )
  • Care products (brushes, scrapers, auto cosmetics, auto chemicals, napkins, rags, anti-bitumen);
  • For a child (car seats, baby car accessories);
  • Gifts for the car owner;
  • Beauty and health products (hand hygiene, ionizers).

It is also important to decide on the suppliers of accessories. There are companies on the market selling quality and reliable goods, but there are also suppliers offering outright "junk", even at more attractive prices. Ultimately, the further reputation of the entire store depends on the choice of suppliers.

Analytical data from major marketing agencies show that the modern domestic market for jewelry and accessories has fully restored its stability after the crisis and shows an enviable rate of growth and business development in this area. A business plan for a jewelry and accessories store is a step-by-step guide to registering a business, selecting and renting a suitable premises, purchasing the necessary equipment, compiling an assortment of goods and employing qualified personnel. Also, the business plan contains recommendations regarding the marketing strategy of the company, financial analytics of the income and expenditure indicators of the business project.

Features of the jewelry business

Project goal

The goal of the business project is to open a retail outlet for the sale of accessories and bijouterie as a profitable enterprise with a minimum initial investment. The success and profitability of a store will directly depend on many factors, including the choice of an advantageous location for the outlet, the effectiveness of marketing and promotional activities, discount campaigns and promotions.

Description of goods and services

The overwhelming part of the assortment of accessories and bijouterie store is occupied by women's jewelry made of non-precious materials. The smaller part of the presented goods consists of accessories and related products sold by the retail outlet as an additional source of profit.

Approximate assortment of jewelry and accessories store:

  • frame bracelets, bracelets with elastic bands, chains;
  • necklaces and beads, brooches made to imitate pearls, gold and other precious metals;
  • clips, rings and pendants of various sizes, made for precious metals;
  • earrings of various sizes and shapes, made for gold, silver and other precious metals;
  • jewelry sets;
  • hairpins, hair accessories, headbands, garters, hairpins, wristwatches;
  • bags, wallets, gloves, covers;
  • other jewelry and related products.

Business plan for jewelry and accessories store

Activity registration

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