How to choose a business idea

Behind every successful (and unsuccessful) business is an entrepreneur (or potential entrepreneur) with his business idea. And although new business ideas are useful for any business, regardless of whether it is new or existing, in this article we will still pay more attention to how to choose an idea for a small business. Please pay attention - here we will consider the principles and methods of generating ideas for small businesses, and not offer ready-made business ideas. So, we will try to answer the following questions:

  • Where do small business ideas come from?
  • What are the main criteria for a small business idea?
  • How to test a small business idea for relevance?

Small Business Ideas - How to Choose?

Where do small business ideas come from?

There is a business idea tool developed by Creative Consultancy The Director’s Bureau, called a business idea generator. It can be used as a basis for generating small business ideas. It works in such a way that it gives not quite combinable combinations of three words, as a result of which business ideas are born. But this tool can only be used to awaken creativity, to provide an idea for reflection - it does not offer ready-made solutions.

So how do you pick a small business idea from scratch?

A generator is a good thing, maybe, but it's not for us. And even though I started the paragraph with them, to be honest, I am opposed to "generating fundamentally new business ideas." Especially for small businesses. Good business ideas are simply copied. Yes, a new business idea can be simply copied. And even so it is better :-). Because you know for sure that it will work. You just need to bring your own view, a new thought, your zest, as I like to say.

Very often the new is the well-forgotten old. Generating new business ideas is a new look and transformation of existing ones. It is not necessary to come up with completely new things - they do not always represent the key to success, believe me. Even more, 95% of fundamentally new business projects fail. We just heard about successful ones, and therefore the impression that, having come up with something new, you will definitely succeed. No, it's not like that, friends. I think so. Starting a real business with a real small business idea, such as a coffee shop or an online bedding store, is closer to success than if you came up with “invisible socks,” say. There are simply no buyers for them. And how do you know what will happen?

On the other hand, a new look is creativity. And creativity and creativity are not qualities that can always be “used”. As a mood, they are a very dependent category, no matter how creative we are in general. They need to be sought out, developed and constantly. You can read more about this in the article "Creative ideas for business - 6 tips on how to generate them".

These are just some of the prerequisites for getting a good business idea for a small business. Where to start generating a business idea from scratch:

Generating a business idea is not an easy task, but it is necessary. It is connected with the fact that everything flows, everything changes, including the foundations of the business. A hundred years ago, they were not the same as they are now. The fact is that now it is the idea that is the basis of the business and nothing can be returned back. Many, now the most expensive companies in the world, until recently were just ideas that lived in the heads of ordinary people at that time. They remain ideas now, but only took shape and now are worth billions, and the owners of the heads who once generated them have become rich and famous.

Ideas allow you to start, restart, restart a business, create bestseller products, create markets, create customers. If you have an idea, then you have everything. If you have no idea, then you have absolutely nothing. Even if you have money but no idea, then you have nothing. Money without an idea is just paper. If you want to be successful, you need an idea, you can't do without it.

However, there is one big problem with ideas, which is not recognized by everyone, which is related to the fact that not everything that is considered to be ideas is in fact. A lot of what counts as ideas is actually just thoughts. The idea is the primary basis of the world, its basic element, and it is completely independent of man. Moreover, the person himself in his base is an idea, an embodied, materialized idea.

Correct business idea generation

In turn, a thought is what is born in a person's head, a person's creation. Thought is a reflection, a reflection of an idea from a person’s consciousness, but not the idea itself, it’s just a person’s opinion about some idea. Thought does not allow you to start, restart or overload a business, create a bestseller, a market, or customers. All problems with business, goods, customers, sales are associated with the fact that work is going on at the level of thoughts, and not at the level of ideas.

You can't put an empty bag, but a thought is an empty bag. Thoughts are of no interest to anyone, because they are emptiness. Everyone is interested in real ideas, because every idea is a new opportunity. People have a lot of thoughts, they are generated easily and simply automatically. We saw or heard something, and a thought arose as a reflection from the consciousness of the idea of ​​what lies at the heart of what we saw and heard.

Therefore, the generation of a business idea is not an ordinary household reflection, as a result of which thoughts are obtained, but a technological process

A thought is only an element of an idea, a part of it. To get a real idea, you need to generate and connect hundreds of thoughts. Therefore, the generation of a business idea is not an ordinary household reflection, as a result of which thoughts are obtained, but a technological process, as a result of which thoughts turn into an idea. The idea itself is somewhat similar to a grain that sprouts and turns into a plant, which grows and develops after germination.

The difference between thought and idea

Thought is unable to develop, it is static. An attempt to develop a thought always leads to the fact that another thought simply appears, and then a third, fourth, and so on ad infinitum, and not a new version of it. This is the main problem of those businesses that work with thoughts, not ideas. Such businesses are not capable of developing, they are static. An idea is dynamic, it is able to develop endlessly, each new version of it is better than the previous one and is always connected with it and grows out of it. This ensures the long-term success of businesses that run with ideas.

Generating a business idea, not thoughts, involves the use of appropriate tools

Therefore, to start generating business ideas, not thoughts, first of all, you need to learn to distinguish ideas from thoughts. For example, “let's make a marketing strategy” is a thought, not an idea. An idea is a vision, or in other words, a short concept of a marketing strategy. A ready-made marketing strategy is an already developed idea, while the implementation of a strategy is a process of materializing an idea.

Issues covered in the material:

  • How to start testing business ideas
  • Which methods are best for testing business ideas
  • How to test a business idea using landing page and facebook
  • What online resources help to test business ideas

Any business idea should be tested before implementation. Do not rely on the experience of other companies, as it does not guarantee you anything. At first glance, everything may seem simple, but it is possible that this is a deceptive impression. There are many pitfalls. Before starting a project, check if it is successful and find out who will be your target audience. Business idea testing is done in different ways, and we'll talk about them today.

Why is it important to test business ideas before launching a product

Most of the failed entrepreneurs never start their own business, because they are waiting for the right moment: ideal companions, a brilliant idea or a lot of capital. But in real life, perfect conditions may never come, and therefore it is important to learn how to use the opportunities and limitations that exist now.

It should also be remembered that any business consists of three elements: target audience, product and payment method. And many enterprises, after many years of development, do not come to success only because at one time they did not fulfill the prerequisite: they did not study the target audience and the demand for the product.

But at the same time, in the process of testing an idea, a businessman can learn a lot: to form a USP, collect landing pages, launch advertising on social networks. And, of course, he can understand from his own experience what is effective and what is not.

Testing a business idea with meditation, calculator and day

99% of the readers of this article are constantly generating new ideas. Some come and go, others stay for a while, the potential businessman drives others away from himself, but they come again, the fourth is waiting, but not waiting. But some business ideas come and stay for a long time. Does this mean that they are "the same" and they need to be implemented? Yes, if you have been hatching an idea for a long time, we recommend not to delay its implementation, but to test 5 points to make sure: the idea is working, and it needs to be implemented.

Listen to your body

Online cinema

Watching new films not in a crowded cinema hall, but on your cozy sofa? The ultimate dream of most moviegoers.

Modern TVs are capable of displaying high-definition video, and home theater systems create full-fledged surround sound. All that remains is to find suitable films.

We will not mention video piracy, especially since such content does not have a suitable picture or sound quality. An online cinema comes to the rescue, the opening of which may well become an idea for a small business in 2021.

Of course, we are not talking about free cinemas. The main task of any business idea is to make a profit. There are several ways; monetizing legal cinemas on the Internet:

  • AVoD is a common model on many popular sites, especially those specializing in TV series. In this case, the user does not pay for access to the content, but the video is accompanied by advertising.
  • SvoD allows you to watch videos only after purchasing a periodic subscription.
  • TVoD - content rental, limited in time (or by the number of views).
  • EST - content purchase. The number and time of viewing are not limited.

In Russia, a mixed scheme of work is most often used, which implies the free provision of some videos, subject to the obligatory viewing of advertising inserts. For those who do not want to watch such videos, there is a paid subscription. Nevertheless, watching widely announced new films is almost always a paid service.

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Experts predict a constant growth in the popularity of such services (in 2021 it will be 15-20%). Besides, it is the most suitable option for WEB platforms. Mobile devices and smart TVs are more suitable for a paid subscription. Therefore, the creation of an online cinema may well become exactly your business idea in 2021, which will bring significant profits.

Making money on memes

Not only videos, but images can go viral. This means you can make good money on memes. Any image that the public will like can “shoot”.

Useful business materials here!

The history of Grumpy Cat has long inspired many, because Tabata Bendesen - the owner of a unique cat - has earned over one million dollars from using the image of her pet. The photo posted on the web by the brother of the owner of the cat quickly gained popularity, after which the girl even had to register her own trademark. Now she has left her main job, since the earnings that Tabata Bendesen bring from the images of her beloved cat allows both of them to live comfortably.

From this article you will learn:

  • What are all methods of generating ideas based on
  • What is the process of generating ideas
  • What are the methods of generating ideas
  • What are the stages of the brainstorming method for generating ideas
  • What methods will allow you to generate creative ideas
  • What problems can you face in the process of generating ideas
  • What books will develop the ability to generate new ideas

When a person has been successfully working in his field for a long time, one gets the impression that some innate qualities and character traits contribute to his success. In fact, great projects are not created by themselves, and even the most outstanding practitioners are forced to work on developing new, original solutions.

Generating ideas is a complex process, and in order to achieve results, you need to master various creative techniques. The use of such methods, as well as an idea of ​​how new ideas are formed, are the key to the development of creative abilities that are so necessary for modern specialists.

How to start the process of generating fresh ideas

In fact, every day we come up with some ideas about work as well as everyday life. But more often than not, ideas do not live up to expectations than they turn out to be really worthwhile.

How do you learn to create ideas that could be useful?

First you need to understand how ideas are generated in a person's mind and what an idea is in general.

An idea is the image of a non-existent object resulting from the work of the human brain. This image is built on the main, key features and properties for a given object.

Recommended articles on this topic:

Idea generation is an integral part of the practical and creative work of people. With their help, new useful objects are created or harmful ones are destroyed, and already existing ones are modified. Ideas help to achieve the intended goals on the path of development of an individual or a team.

Perception and processing of information are the main functions of human intelligence, which includes three components:

  • Consciousness allows a person to collect information about himself and the surrounding objects. In the future, the information obtained can be used to build interaction with the world, personal development and self-realization.
  • Preconsciousness Provides greater opportunities for gathering information for further generating ideas. It is understood that a person can analyze several objects and phenomena simultaneously without the participation of consciousness, and by concentrating on these objects, the information obtained can be recreated.
  • The subconscious is the deepest level that works independently of consciousness and preconsciousness and is also capable of creating new ideas. The capabilities of the subconscious include the continuous perception of information from various senses, and the development of reflexes (automatic reactions to external stimuli).

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