How to become an Internet provider from scratch - a business idea

The question of how to become an Internet provider is not popular among businessmen, since most people do not understand the scheme for organizing such activities. It seems technically challenging. For this reason, this niche of activity is characterized by a minimum level of competition. It is worth noting that it is not difficult to understand this business, and you can get a good profit from it.


An Internet business provider, like any other type of entrepreneurial activity, requires official registration.

For such a format, it is important to open a business entity with a legal form of management of a legal entity in the status of LLC. To obtain the right to work in the chosen field, you must obtain all the necessary permits for this.

The procedure for registering a company can take up to a month, which will take up to the preparation of documents, the formation of capital, consideration of a package of papers submitted for consideration, registration of registration documents and entering data on the newly created organization into the database. In order to work in the service industry, you need to get a seal and open a bank account, which can take up to several weeks. Opening an account in a financial institution should be initiated after receiving the registration papers, since they, together with the constituent documentation and a certificate of tax registration, are included in the regulated package.

To resolve organizational issues, you will need up to 15,800 rubles. Of this amount, 4000 rubles will go to pay the state fee for registration of the subject. When forming the authorized capital, a minimum amount of 10,000 rubles must be deposited into a bank account. The rest of the amount will be required for notarization of the statutory and constituent documentation.


When dealing with the question of how to become an Internet provider from scratch, it should be noted that a company specializing in such services belongs to the category of a telecom operator, therefore, to conduct business, you will need to issue permits in the form of a license for telematic services and data transfer. At the same time, it is not necessary to include the voice data transmission service in the list of services.

It may be necessary to issue additional permits in case of planning the provision of services not only in the field of providing access to the Internet, but also cable TV, reservation, hosting, IP telephony and others.

A business representative can issue a license independently or with the help of specialists from a consulting company, which will save time and reduce unnecessary expenses. It will take up to 45 days to receive permits. It is necessary to conduct an inspection by authorized bodies, to prepare a package of papers, submit an application and consider it. This article will have to spend up to 28,000 rubles. 12,000 rubles must be paid to the budget as a state fee. The rest of the amount will be used to pay for the services of the consulting company. After receiving licenses, the founder of the business can engage in organizational activities.

To obtain the status of an Internet provider, it is necessary to develop a project for a communication center.

The document, ready and approved by the authorities, should be submitted for examination to Roskomnadzor. Authorized specialists check the documentation according to a number of criteria, which are regulated by legal acts. They relate to the scope of the project, as well as the specialists who developed it, as well as the technical equipment.

In addition, you will have to spend money on purchasing licensed software, which must be with all certificates of conformity. Particular attention should be paid to servers and duct technology. Commissioning of the equipment is carried out only after passing the examination and receiving the corresponding assessment. It is worth noting that design work can take up to three months, and for an expert assessment, in some cases, it takes up to a year.

How to become an Internet provider

It is enough to analyze the dynamics of the development of this industry in Russia over the past few years to understand why this business is so much interested in investors and people with a "flair" for promising and profitable projects. The turnover of the Internet services market in our country has almost doubled during the year. There are few branches of the economy that are developing at such a high rate. But despite the impressive performance, many entrepreneurs do not risk investing their money in commercial projects to provide Internet traffic.

They are stopped by possible difficulties that relate to the technical part of this issue. Most businessmen are well versed in everything related to entrepreneurship, taxation, in the nuances of their business, but they are afraid of technical definitions, incomprehensible schemes, unfamiliar mechanism of the Internet provider. How are things really? Is it really such a complex business that only a few can handle? In this article we will find answers to these questions, as well as consider all the nuances associated with organizing this business, starting with the registration of a company and ending with an analysis of the main economic indicators of its activities.

Study of potential customers and main competitors

Before investing in the development of even the most promising business, it is imperative to conduct a thorough marketing research of this area of ​​activity in your region. For example, if you are interested in how to become an Internet provider in a village, you must first calculate the approximate number of potential customers.

Then conduct a thorough analysis of the economic situation in this locality:

the number of working enterprises and organizations;

the average wage in the village;

how many people are engaged in farming and the level of income in this field of activity.

Based on the collected data, it is possible to predict the number of clients of a future company, as well as its monthly gross income. In addition, in order to draw up a real business plan, which is the main goal of all analytical studies, you need to calculate the cost of the services provided, as well as the amount of start-up capital required for the full-fledged work of the company. In parallel with these calculations, you need to study your potential competitors. This issue requires special attention from everyone who is interested in how to become an Internet provider from scratch. Typically, prospective entrepreneurs check which firms provide these services, their quality, cost, and customer reviews. If no one is involved in this business in the region, we can assume that this market segment is completely free.

But you should remember about mobile operators that operate throughout the country and have recently been actively developing new ways of providing their customers with Internet access. It is they who become the reason that a promising business plan worth millions of rubles turns into an ordinary piece of paper or material for the coursework of a second year student of a not particularly prestigious economic university. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of your own carelessness, while studying possible competitors for your business in providing Internet traffic, pay attention to any alternative sources of access to the World Wide Web that potential customers can use.

In apartment buildings, providers are actively working, providing access to the Internet via a local network. Most often, they provide services "in the dark", that is, without registration and deductions to the state budget, using a computer, network cards, a switch and a cable to connect each subscriber. This business does not require large investments or skilled labor, and given the fact that the owner does not pay taxes, this is an ideal option for small but stable monthly financial receipts. You must be sure to remember about the existence of such "dealers" who are able to lure a fairly large percentage of potential customers.

But in this situation, there are two ways to get rid of competitors:

I would also like to note that thanks to the Internet, we have become able to quickly communicate with relatives and friends who live thousands of kilometers away from us.

Many people have used the Internet to apply their professional qualities. It became easier to find a job, advertise and develop your own business.

Until recently, the Internet as a business was not taken seriously. At the moment, with its help, you can earn real money, while investing minimal funds.

In addition, it is difficult to overestimate the role of social networks in the development of tourism at the international level. The Internet is communication without borders and an opportunity to prove yourself as a person.

Our dependence on the Internet is getting bigger and bigger every day. But no one is going to give it up. It is very difficult to imagine your life without the World Wide Web in the modern world, and, most likely, it is already impossible.

Relevance of internet service

An Internet Service Provider is a company that provides Internet access services to everyone. The main task of the provider is to provide a high-quality Internet connection.

The relevance of such a business can be judged by the following data: over the past six months, the Internet access market has grown by 25%. The pace of urban development is striking in its scale. From this it follows that the providers are planning a lot of work to connect apartments, houses and other buildings to the Network.

Everyone is interested in the sale of Internet traffic:

  • traditional telephone operators,
  • cellular operators,
  • cable TV operators,
  • foreign companies.

Today it is difficult to imagine a person unfamiliar with the Internet. Communication with friends and family, interesting information, advertising your own services, shopping without leaving your home - all these opportunities have become available to us thanks to the World Wide Web. Therefore, the services of an Internet provider are in demand and popular, which allows entrepreneurs to think about translating this business idea into reality. So, what it takes to start an Internet and cable TV company - read about it in our material.


At the initial stage, an entrepreneur needs to register a company as an LLC. The optimal form of taxation is the simplified tax system. The registration process will take about a month.

After receiving a package of documents confirming official registration, you must contact a financial institution to open an account. Also, the founder of the company must draw up documents for obtaining a seal. Registration of the organization will cost 16 thousand rubles. This amount includes state duty (4 thousand rubles), the amount of the authorized capital (10 thousand rubles), notary services for certification of documents (2 thousand rubles).

The following licenses are required to work:

  • For the provision of telematic services.
  • For data transmission (except for voice information).
  • For cable TV services.

The approximate cost of licenses will be about 20 thousand rubles. To quickly resolve this issue and save time, you can contact a consulting company. You can do the decoration yourself, but this is an extra savings. Time costs will be more expensive. If you use the services of a consulting company, another 10-30 thousand rubles will be added to the amount.

Premises and equipment

An office space is leased to organize the work of an Internet provider. Its location is not critical. Communication equipment and devices are located on the upper floors or in the basements of multi-storey buildings. Customers must provide the provider with access to common areas to host communications.

The provider's main expenses are related to the purchase of equipment. The minimum cost of the equipment is 1-2 million rubles. This includes:

  • Mail, Identity, Minor, Terminal, FTP and Web Servers.
  • Master server.
  • Servers for control, settings, registration, calculations.
  • Typical servers.
  • Routers.
  • Network switches.
  • Cables, control equipment, tool kits.
  • Remote access server.
  • Power supplies.
  • Protective devices against system hacking.

The prerequisites for high-quality and safe operation of a communication center are grounding. Permits from the fire service and SES will be required. The Internet provider's premises are equipped with alarms for round-the-clock security.


How to become an Internet provider? The task is not the easiest, but it promises certain benefits in the future if you manage to promote your business. The first obstacle that an enterprising person faces is the requirement to have a considerable amount of money at his disposal. You will have to purchase equipment for it. You also need to have specific knowledge: about how the Internet works, as well as legal and legal, in order to conduct business legally. Services of Internet providers in our society are in demand, but only when they are of high quality.

Where to start?

How to become an Internet provider? Find a building that suits your needs - this is where the information processing center will be located. Buildings that are equipped with raised floors are best suited. This will simplify the task of wiring.

The next step is to buy a device that will insure your equipment in case of power outages. It can be a UPS or a diesel generator. Home Internet providers need special equipment to cool the equipment that they have, therefore, in addition to the UPS, a ventilation system must be provided that is powerful enough to provide a comfortable microclimate for the mechanisms on the hottest day when the machines are fully loaded. Remember that all machines used in the work will generate large amounts of heat, which is extremely negative for the appliances.

A good start is the key to success

When a network router has been selected and installed, you should start resolving traffic-related issues. Access directly to the web is provided by a peering arrangement. It makes no sense for you personally to work through this, it is necessary for large companies, so you should conclude an agreement with another provider, or better - with two at once. It is customary to call them upstream, that is, superior.

Reliable modern companies providing Internet access services often work simultaneously with five or more higher-level providers. This allows you to provide high speed and reliable connection without interruptions at any time. Therefore, the more contracts you can conclude, the more satisfied your clients will be with the quality of services.

Spend money wisely

When designing your workplace, you need the necessary equipment and materials. You will need special wires - "fiber-optic lines". With their help, you will establish communication between workstations and higher-level providers.

Don't forget the sysadmin server and routers. The latter you need are strictly corporate, since only such can cope with a large volume of load. Also switches are useful in the work. Try to avoid cheap equipment as it won't handle the workload, leading to regular customer complaints and, as a result, bad business reputation.

So how do you become an Internet Service Provider in the private sector? Even if it seems to you that customers simply have nowhere to go from you, this is not a reason to save on quality. No matter what site you work on, choose reliable equipment with high performance.

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