How I opened my first online store

My first online store began with dismissal from work and selling a car for the first purchase

Therefore, I want to share with you the experience of opening my first online store and make it clear how not to do it.

You will clearly see what mistakes I made, as well as what actions led to growth. I am sure that this post will also help some of you choose the right path of development and make fewer mistakes at the stage of the start and primary development of your brainchild.

I will divide my first path into several stages:

  • Nurturing an idea
  • Working out a niche;
  • Setting up a business;
  • Purchasing a product;
  • Brand and website development;
  • First sales;
  • Gradual transfer to full outsourcing and sale;
  • The main point that I want to convey to you, dear readers.

I quietly worked as a hired worker in a dusty job that brought prosperity, allowing me to fly to the sea a couple of times a year, have a car and indulge in small purchases.

But then the idea came up. As conceived, we wanted to create an online store of gifts and things that will not be just a piece of furniture and collect dust, but will be constantly used by the owner, bringing him benefit. Yes, an idea that has already been beaten to the extreme by other online stores. But the main thing is how to present the goods! One and the same thing can be sold in different ways, with different margins and presented to a potential buyer as completely different goods.

Of course, most of the assortment that I was interested in was basically absent in Russia, and there was more and more interest in reselling. Delving deeper into the assortment of foreign stores and comparing prices in Russia and in the same China, I was pleasantly surprised at how you can make money on all this.

I began to hatch an idea and think over the assortment of the future online gift shop.

Legal arrangement, delivery, start-up capital

I decided to open completely officially. And I decided to open an individual entrepreneur on the USN 6%.

In total, I paid about 7000 rubles for registration. If you do it yourself, it's even cheaper. This cost already includes registration of an individual entrepreneur, opening a bank account, and notary services. The whole process from submitting documents to obtaining certificates and other papers on hand took about 2 months. In general, you can meet in one month, but at that time I was not in a hurry, as there were many other things that could not be delayed.

I want to open an online store, but I don't know where to start, who has experience tell me where to start?

Well finally! New Year - everyone is drunk, and she wants to open an Internet shop! Let's see you tomorrow.

If you already have a product, then choose a platform. there are store shops. and there are rental ones. the price is 250 rubles per month. For 500-800 rubles per month, you can place about 10 tons of goods from Platforms heap-storeland for example

soon these Internet shops will close: there are so many of them.

Everyone argues: I'm smarter than everyone else, I'll be alone right now and become a millionaire.

And our people are not used to buying on the internet.

Think, don't follow fashion

soon these Internet shops will close: there are so many of them.

Everyone argues: I'm smarter than everyone else, I'll be alone right now and become a millionaire.

And our people are not used to buying on the internet.

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Good afternoon. What delivery methods do I need to have in order to deliver orders across Russia? The size of the parcel is like half a shoe box. Do I need to have multiple courier services on the site (Dimex, PonyExpress, SPSR.)?

Who has a contract with courier offices - tell me how the order is sent to the buyer - from and to. What are you doing? It's just that for me all this is now a novelty, I have never dealt with such issues.

Having understood the topic of the online store, I realized that ENVD cannot be used.

I have two questions:

1) online store (for example clothes), turnover

1,000,000 per month (all hypothetical). I am registered as an individual entrepreneur (i.e., the fine for unregistered entrepreneurial activity disappears) I have UTII, or a patent. Two employees for whom all taxes are paid. Instead of cash register receipts, I issue sales receipts in the form, with details and the IP stamp. I accompany them upon arrival in the cash book. T. I'll take all of them into account.

Suddenly they catch me on the fact that my income (from the online store) does not fall under UTII (or patent). What is the punishment for such a crime, again, if I pass all cash flows through the cash book and hand it over to the tax office?

2) since I issue a sales receipt with details and a seal, will they be able to prosecute me for not using KKM, as well as not issuing a cash register receipt, the fine will be as an official 4 thousand or as a legal entity. face 40 thousand.

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I decided to open a clothing store and decided to buy goods from China in 1688, but I don't know if people are doing this now or not. Is it worth taking there, what stones are there? I chose a product for 600 thousand 300 kg and delivery came out to me 150 thousand rubles. Can't figure it out if it's okay or not? Can you tell me whether I drip correctly or not.

We started our own insurance company as a family, because the parents have a wide experience in this field. But the firm does not bring big profits. Now we are looking for something liquid. We looked at a lot of proposals in Moscow. Sometimes they sell one shit. Realtors on the sale of a business insolently wind up one, two million from above. hotels to buy a travel agency, but a lot of pitfalls were discovered when analyzing their activities. Now we are studying the topic of timber trucks in St. Petersburg, they say it’s a profitable business, though not everything is simple there either.

Can you please tell me if I can buy a good, ready-made business? Or don't they sell them?) Which business is more profitable and which is better to buy? What ready-made business is better for a beginner to buy?

People write please is it worth buying a ready-made draft beer business? Maybe someone already bought?

1. What should be checked to check this point? 2. What problems can there be in this business since 2021? I read that there will be changes in the law on alcohol! 3. And please write who has this business, how much do sales drop in off-season?

The first one is sold for 200,000 rubles, says a net profit of 50,000 rubles! There is another option for 600,000 rubles, says a net profit of 100,000 rubles!

Good afternoon! If the theme is a double, poke, pliz, where you can read and see.

Good evening everyone, I don't even know where to start. I have long wanted to open my own business and then an opportunity turned up, entrusted me with a large amount of money, and also placed great hopes. In this way for two ...

Well done! I tell you sincerely! Of course, you have to work hard, but what else is success? Range? I. ... ? Tell us more. I really respect people like you, and thanks in advance, advice from people like you is very important

I own 3 women's clothing and bag stores. Nice interior and I carefully selected the sellers, nice music. the clothes are also nice and stylish. Called Celestia. I didn’t make big and overpriced ones out of principle, but why take 1800-2021 rubles for a simple beautiful knitted dress? However, I’m an individual entrepreneur, I also work, pay taxes, give work and try to improve my stores. store in my city and 1 ventured in a neighboring city of one area! Insane taxes, rent. Now more or less adjusted. SP 10 years.

was left without work, the enterprise was closed, I have two kids, there is no one to help, there is a shopping center not far from the house and they offer places for 300 rubles / sq m! The size of the area is 12 sq m, from our city to Moscow 200 km, our individual entrepreneurs go to the Gardener for goods. They don’t get a job for me, they don’t take from the children, I received little money during a divorce, with inflation they decrease and decrease, I really want to open a shop for wives of clothes, all my life I counted only on myself, but here, dear girls, I don’t know where to start, what product would you like to be inexpensive and stylish

I have had a store for over a year in the deepest province (an area of ​​5 thousand, the average age is about 40 years). T. *****. middle-aged and poor population. The revenue was 50-80 thousand per month, in December it was just over a hundred. In essence, this is a zero-based trade. The main problem was that the population is very fat (sizes 54-62). If you buy things for the full, they are very expensive to purchase (i.e. *****. Even the wholesale price is too high for our area). Ordinary clothing is purchased in size ranges 42-52 or 44-54. Sizes 50-54 are bought immediately, and the rest hangs. T. *****. shoppers come, a store full of small-sized clothes, but essentially nothing to offer. And the store is overstocked month after month.

You're in luck. Accurate in a big city million nikah on the road at the entrance ekond Hand 30% of clothes with labels All for 100 rubles. ass from 100 to 400 rubles. shocked.

what about the menswear trade? what sales?

I have been selling plus size women's clothing for 7 years since 2021. The city is big enough, but not rich. So I will say this, before it was very profitable, now there is no point in trading this type of product. Taxes and pension contributions have become levies, and rents in a good location are always hefty. The purchase of goods has become simply unrealistically expensive. When I started buying a blouse, it was 300-450 rubles, then 500-600, then 700-800, and this year wholesale blouses from 900 to 2500. (it is logical that 900 are the most non-tart ones) Having seen such prices from suppliers, it was decided to close ... Overweight people are generally the most difficult contingent in terms of purchases, and even in a crisis it makes no sense for them to carry goods at all.

I totally agree with you! I also decided not to carry large sizes. I have a full hanger department from 54r. and higher. I sell in January with 30-40 %% discounts. My heart hurts from such morality. Well, isn't it *****? What is there to do? But thin women attack the department. They want such dresses, but in small (their) sizes. I will gradually switch to 34-46. There is not enough working capital. No profitability. I work every day myself and + the seller. It will be tight - I will fire the seller. I'm afraid to close. I won't get a mortgage. Already figured it out. I bend the shopping center for rent. I am looking for new suppliers. I have always traded only in Poland and Turkey. Quality and beauty came first. Now I can barely survive. The people are becoming impoverished. People only have enough for food and cheap rags. They drove everyone into the network and shove consumer bullshit there. They stopped dressing nicely. We got into sweatpants and leggings. Evil dull eyes and gray-black clothes are all around. What have we come to! Dresses are bought "for a feast, for the world, and for a funeral too" HORROR! The middle class became poor, the poor became beggars.

it's not about the seller and it's not about the buyers you need to come up with something new now the crisis use it people buy things easier

8505. Guest | 24.1.016, 16:34:12

in what sense are the full heavy contingent? capricious or what? like they don't like anything or want something cheaper, but how does it look cheap if only not to go naked?

People don't want someone to become richer than they are. They are very jealous if someone succeeds. Unfortunately, this is a massive phenomenon. They don't understand that the more rich the better for everyone.

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