Examples of successful online business

Hello everyone. Today, to create a successful business, it is not at all necessary to rent an office and purchase equipment. Several years ago, a new type of entrepreneurship began to gain popularity - informational, which can provide, in fact, any person with decent passive income.

How to make money in information business, what is it, what to sell or what to teach. We will talk about this and many other things today.

What is infobusiness

Infobusiness is an abbreviation of the words "information business". This concept means making money by selling your knowledge, skills and experience.

If you are an expert in any field, you can create your own information product - for example, a book, a training course, a training, a series of webinars, audio lectures, etc.

This form of training is extremely popular now. Online courses are gradually replacing the usual training in universities, because you do not need to go anywhere - you just need to turn on the computer and start lessons. In addition, traditional diplomas are not needed for modern, popular Internet professions: the knowledge and skills of a specialist are valued first of all.

But with the growing popularity of information business on the Internet, false teachers began to multiply (they are also called info-gypsies or pseudo-gurus). They collect free information from the internet and package it into their courses.

Therefore, people's distrust is growing and in order to gain the attention of the audience, you need to try a lot, proving your expertise.

In the info business, it is important that your material is really valuable and of high quality. Otherwise, after the first few sales, an impartial fame will go about you and all further purchases will come to naught.

What to sell

Let's consider what an info-businessman can make money on. Perhaps you can choose products that are similar in format and try your hand at these areas:

  • E-book. Typically, these are text information and images in PDF format. If you know how to correctly express your thoughts in writing, then at first this option is most suitable. It is not necessary to strive for the volume of "War and Peace": 15-20 pages of a capacious and meaningful narration will be enough. If you know a lot about relationships, write about how to harmonize them. If you can teach beginners the basics of a programming language, write an instruction. There are many options.
  • Course (training). It can be a video course online, or in a recording, when the author once removes himself or the monitor screen and packs all this material into a training program. This may include homework and chat support. To film such a course, you need a good camera, lighting and silence.
  • Consulting. Provides one-time help in video or text format. The client asks a question or topic, pays for the time or a fixed price for the consultation, and the expert provides an information service. This type is often used by lawyers, psychologists, marketers and other professionals.
  • Webinar. This is a one-time video tutorial taking place in real time on the Internet. The trainer (coach, consultant, etc.) gives those who wish a link to the broadcast, covers important topics, answers questions in the chat. This format is often used as a free bonus before launching a voluminous paid course.
  • Audio course. It is a series of audio recordings united by one theme. It can be used in questions that do not need visual representation - for example, setting diction, teaching foreign languages, meditation, etc. It is not necessary to have a recording studio: it is enough to have a good microphone and the absence of extraneous sounds in the apartment. You will need to prepare the text and voice it.
  • Coaching. A coach is a personal trainer who deals with the student personally and helps to achieve certain results. This is targeted assistance with the development of a personal development plan, and therefore is more effective and expensive.

Popular niches for infobusiness

The educational business on the Internet is at its peak - everyone wants to find their own business.

Info business at its peak. People who are preoccupied with finding both "their own business" and a source of income are ready to learn a lot. Thus, the demand for high-quality information products is constantly being created.

Below we will tell you about examples of successful info-business. But first, a little theory.

What business can be called successful

The information business man structures the knowledge base, places it on the Internet site, and then sells the finished product.

Audience gains and, accordingly, the sales process take place in several stages - from simple to complex. As a rule, the distribution of letters by e-mail, personal blogs on social networks, paid and free webinars, courses / trainings / marathons with different participation packages, personal consultations are involved. A big plus will be the presence of your own platform - a website or a selling page.

A successful info business is one that develops and sells, observing and following certain principles:

  • Availability of quality FREE content. It is needed to attract potential customers and maintain the interest of regular customers. The more free tools you have, the better. They attract customers through word of mouth. Having free content, "selling" it for an email address or phone number, the information businessman is already thinking about paid CHEAP content and EXPENSIVE products.
  • Ethical and sustainable. You don't teach people what might be harmful to them and others, and you don't criticize your competitors.
  • Personal interaction with clients. Communicating with people who are only interested in your products or have already made a purchase increases trust in you as a person and a professional and stimulates sales growth.

Communication can take place during webinars, in special Q&A sessions, and during closed group communication.

Examples of Successful Infobusiness

ACCEL Online Schools Accelerator

Infobusiness is an informational online business selling your own or someone else's knowledge. In this article, you will learn:

  • What products can you sell
  • At what price you can sell them
  • What is in demand now

Infobusiness: write, publish or resell E-books or paper books

So, you probably already realized that you can make money on the Internet by writing or publishing your books.

Basically, all books are sold up to 1000 rubles, so you can't make a lot of money on this. But this is a good option for those new to online business.

In 2021, e-books were selling for about $ 5 apiece. But if you do not want or do not know how to write books - buy them with resale rights. This is called reselling.

Books are the top selling product. A very large number of them are sold on the Internet. This is also worth considering, the competition is high.

But there are also successful examples of people who, through the sale of their books, gained fame and income.

These people include experts and trainers who have become famous through the sale of their books.

For example, Maxim Batyrev published and wrote a book about “management” and managed to present it attractively:

That is, either books promote experts, or experts become even more popular by publishing books.

Infobusiness is often presented in a negative light: even the term "info-gypsy" has been coined. This is the name for fake experts who really do not know anything, but make money on the release of mediocre courses and webinars.

We figure out what an info business really is and whether it is possible to earn money on it so that there is no shame for the product.

What is infobusiness

In simple words, information business is making money selling information. And any: for example, one teaches Internet marketing, the second - baking original gingerbread, the third - the correct behavior in childbirth. Experts share their knowledge and experience with others and profit from this.

Information products are most often sold on the Internet - here it is easier to conduct training in different formats: for example, conduct webinars or sell a text course. There is also an offline information business. This is when people come to one training or attend several lessons from an expert, where they receive both theory and practice. Conferences with famous speakers can also be called infobusiness. For example:

Infobusiness can be different. For example, this course can be taken both online and offline.

Conscientious information business is useful for both experts and students. The former share their knowledge and receive money for it, and they also pump their personal brand through training. The latter can learn something new and, thanks to this, earn more, cope with problems easier, manage a business more efficiently, and so on.

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What an info business is like

Infobusiness can be different - in terms of honesty, training format and form of earnings.

What is the difference between “bad” and “good” infobusiness

“Bad” is when the teacher is not an expert in his field and just wants to make money. In fact, he teaches what he does not know himself. Therefore, students receive very mediocre knowledge, which then cannot be applied in practice. A typical example is a course on how to earn 100,000 ₽ in a couple of days, just by pressing the "magic button".

Last modified: July 20, 2021

The Internet is full of information on almost any topic. But people are usually interested in expert opinion. And they are even willing to pay for it. Therefore, selling your knowledge and experience often brings good money. This is a fairly popular way to make money. If you want to know what an info business is and whether it is possible to make money on it, and if so, how, then read this article.

What is infobusiness

So, let's figure out what an info business is. In essence, this is the sale of knowledge on some expert topic. What can you sell? Pretty much anything. But do not think that money will just fall out of the sky for you. A lot will have to be done to make money in this area.

First, you need to decide on a niche, compose a portrait of the target audience, create the product itself and launch an advertising campaign. This is time consuming and costly. Although it is often believed that you can do without investment. But then it will take even longer.

Infobusiness - how much you can earn

We have figured out what an info business is. Now let's talk about the most interesting thing - the amount of earnings. If you read the reviews, then all info businessmen receive millions of rubles a year, they live on paradise islands. Of course, such people do meet. But to be honest, most people earn much less. It all depends on the niche, target audience, investments and the ability to sell a product. But there is room for improvement.

Infobusiness niches - which one to choose

Just want to say that these are not product categories. Here you will read about the ways to influence the client. There are only two of them: developmental and financial. The first is aimed at evoking various emotions in a person that are not related to money. For example: “How I lost 10 kg without a diet in 2 months”, or “How meditation saved my marriage”, or “Self-development is the path to freedom”.

The financial niche of the info business offers the client some kind of monetary strategy. For example, “How do I make 100 thousand a month on Forex”, or “I find 50 clients a month without investment”, or “How to create a website with passive income”.

You can make good money today on the culinary arts. If you have professional cooking knowledge and skills, then you can not only work in some cafe or restaurant, for the owner, but also organize an info-business on this knowledge, or open your own business. You can familiarize yourself with its various options by clicking on the link.

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