Computer club business plan

If you think broadly and keep up with global trends, upgrade equipment and take into account customer preferences, Internet cafes can become a profitable business idea.

How do I open an Internet cafe? Main expenses:

  • The purchase of equipment will cost 1 million rubles.
  • Rent of premises - from 30 thousand rubles. per month.
  • Interior decoration - 50 thousand rubles.
  • Salary for employees - from 300 to 500 thousand rubles. per month
  • Number of employees - from 15 to 30 people.
  • Payment for provider services - 6-7 thousand rubles. per month
  • Initial expenses will amount to about 3 million rubles.
  • The monthly income of the institution is 600 thousand rubles - 1 million rubles.
  • Payback of all costs will be approximately 2 years.

If you think over all the details of how to open an Internet cafe, so that it benefits customers, and a good profit for the owner, it can be a great idea for business.

Today, not a single day is complete without the Internet, everyone has access to the network at home and at work. Using the "World Wide Web" provides an opportunity to communicate, earn money, entertain and receive information.

For many people outside the range of their home or work Internet, it is important that they can connect to Wi-Fi at any time. Internet cafes are exactly what they need. In life, this opportunity can play a key role for some.

Business Registration

It is important to be able to distinguish between existing business models in order to identify the most suitable for you:

- computer club with game rentals;

- a computer Internet club with Internet access, plus the installation of slot machines;

Some people think that computer clubs are unprofitable these days. Say, well, who needs them? Many have a computer, laptop, tablet at home. Who will go there? But is that so?

Who needs computer clubs?

Firstly, there are still a lot of people who cannot imagine their life without a few DotA games or dizzying races with friends.

In addition, sometimes it becomes necessary to quickly find certain information on the network, print it or send a letter. And in the event that a computer or laptop is not at hand, first of all, a person begins to look for a nearby Internet salon.

Opening a computer club is a truly profitable solution, an idea that will bring you tangible income in the near future.

Step Finding a suitable place

Unlike other lines of business, in this case, proximity to the city center is not critical, so you shouldn't overpay for a place “under the sun”.

The key factor in this case is the ability to open a round-the-clock computer club. Without this, you could lose a significant portion of your potential customers.

In addition, you should focus on the availability of premises. Your salon should not be too far from public transport stops and busy streets - otherwise, competitors may simply intercept your customers.

And one more important point, which willy-nilly will have to pay attention to when deciding the question: "How to open a computer club?" It is about choosing between renting and buying an object. Considering that the basis of this business is a mobile computer network, which, if necessary, can be easily moved to another place, in order to save money, it would be more logical to rent a room. However, if you have decided to firmly "put down roots" in the chosen place and have enough money, you can buy it. This will allow you to significantly reduce your monthly expenses in the future.

Computer clubs, after a slight decline in popularity with the advent of the Internet, are in demand again today. There are several reasons for this, ranging from the widespread enthusiasm of the population for cyber sports, ending with the gradual transition of state institutions to the electronic format of document management. In other words, by correctly placing an institution and providing high-quality services in demand, you can get both a base of regular customers and a stable income.

What should you consider when opening a computer club?

Having decided on the idea of ​​opening your own computer club, you need to act thoughtfully and carefully. Impulsiveness in the implementation of a business rarely brings a positive result.

Therefore, before starting any action, it is important to carry out preparatory work - to draw up a detailed business plan. So, you need:

  • define the target audience - the main mass of consumers to whom the work will be focused;
  • compile a list of services provided;
  • choose a location;
  • study the intricacies of the documentation of the future business;
  • plan the purchase of equipment and software;
  • create a staffing table;
  • plan an advertising campaign;
  • take into account all necessary expenses;
  • calculate the planned profit.

In the process of drawing up a plan, calculating expenses and income, it will become clear how profitable an idea is for a particular city and area. Also, already at this stage, bottlenecks will become visible, which should be paid special attention to before opening a computer club.

Target audience

The reason for the first wave of popularity of such clubs was the emergence of demand for networked computer games. Most of the clients were teenage companies battling each other in the virtual world. The second part at that time was made up of people of different ages who need an Internet connection.

Today, when even a budget smartphone can easily perform the functions of a computer of those times, needs have slightly adjusted, but have not changed. So, the target audience (CA), which is taken into account in the business plan of the gaming club, will include the following groups:

  • cyber athletes (beginners or amateurs) of different ages;
  • Internet users when it is necessary to perform an operation that is not available on a smartphone;
  • students or office workers who do not have access to a personal PC for drafting or correcting documents (reports, reports, etc.) or sending e-mail;
  • elderly people who want to get advice or make an appointment at state institutions through the official website.

Depending on which of the groups prevails in the area planned for placement, the list of services will be adjusted. The format of the institution's work and the skills of the recruited staff will also depend on this.

Services provided

Over the past decades, 90% of people cannot imagine their daily life without a computer, Internet, gadget, etc. Initially, with the advent of personal computers, not everyone could buy it. Therefore, the business idea at the opening of the computer club was more than relevant. Today, most people have a convenient and beloved PC, tablet or smartphone where they can play, access the Internet as needed and work, but such a business is still on the market. How to open a computer club from scratch, what is the relevance of this business idea, is it profitable and where to start this small business, we will tell you in this article.

Should I open it

The relevance of computer clubs has dropped significantly at the moment, especially in small and medium-sized cities. Relative demand for these services exists only in large cities and in settlements with a population of at least 800 thousand people.

Entrepreneurs who open computer clubs today position themselves more as clubs for computer and Internet games, where fans of such leisure gather. For regular customers to go to the club, you will need at least 20 powerful cars, high-speed Internet, the correct location of the institution. As well as constant analysis of competitors for lucrative offers and pricing policies to improve their services. This will make it possible to be competitive, fight against numerous small computer clubs and gradually develop.

The main target audience is young people from 14 to 20 years old.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The pros and cons of a business idea should be considered in detail for effective business analysis.

  • Ease of club organization.
  • Stable demand from the main target audience.

  • Major investments.
  • Long payback period.
  • A lot of competition.
  • Dependency on equipment quality.
  • Return on investment and return on investment is possible only when a club is opened in a large city or city of at least 800 thousand people, subject to minimal competition.

Opening order

Before starting a business and purchasing computers, you should work out an algorithm of actions. Step-by-step instructions are needed to quickly and successfully launch a project.

  • Analysis of competitors and target audience size.
  • Select the location of the club.
  • Registration in the tax service, the choice of the taxation system, OKVED code.
  • Premises rental, repair.
  • Purchase of equipment, necessary materials.
  • Search and conclusion of a cooperation agreement with a high-speed Internet provider.
  • Search for personnel.
  • Advertising, customer acquisition.
  • Analysis of activities after 2 months of work, revision.


Internet cafe business plan: market analysis + concept description + pros and cons + stages of developing a business plan + choosing a location + registering a business + purchasing equipment + hiring personnel + advertising campaign + calculating cash flows + final project evaluation ...

As the popularity of computers in all walks of life continues to grow, people who do not have their own computers, workers on business trips and those who are on vacation must increasingly rely on constant access to the Internet.

Despite the fact that in 2021 such cafes are considered to have lost their relevance, there are several working options that allow you to increase the attendance of the institution without large investment costs from the entrepreneur.

Today we will talk not only about how to draw up a business plan for an Internet cafe, but also about ways to increase the demand among visitors in existing establishments, as well as about business options for combining.

The first stage of the Internet cafe business plan: market analysis

Regardless of the direction of the project, any business plan should consist of several key sections, the analysis of the existing service market is one of, if not the most important section of this work.

It is market research that provides an opportunity to assess not only the investment potential and attractiveness of a business, but also to assess the further growth and development of the project, its demand in the market, the number of potential competitors.

The Internet services market, if we talk about it as a whole, is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing niches, but, despite this, Internet cafes are full of their own nuances.

Assessing the existing café market, an entrepreneur may notice that the overall growth dynamics shows unsatisfactory results - ordinary Internet cafes that do not provide various additional services are gradually losing their relevance.

According to statistics, about 43% of Internet users go online at least once a month while in bars, cafes and restaurants

Therefore, in order to maintain the investment attractiveness of the business, we suggest considering a project with many additional services.

) Facility characteristics

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