Buy a ready-made pharmacy or open it yourself: choose

What documents are needed?

The virtual trade in pharmaceutical preparations does not deprive the entrepreneur of the obligation to obtain a license to trade in pharmaceutical preparations. To do this, you need to register as a business entity and hire a pharmacist. He must have a valid certificate of knowledge and work experience of at least 3 years in a specialized company.

Pharmacy room

Unlike trade in other types of goods, it is impossible to open an Internet pharmacy without a warehouse. Depending on the availability of funds, it can be purchased or rented. According to sanitary standards, a warehouse for storing medicines should not be less than 6 sq. ... In addition, it has requirements for:

All these criteria affect the storage quality of pharmaceuticals.

Creating a website for an online store

Website design and navigation

In order for specialists to create a website that meets all the requirements of an entrepreneur, he must clearly formulate the terms of reference for the development. The resource should be convenient for buyers, provide an opportunity to conduct a dialogue with the owner. An Internet pharmacy as a business will generate income if:

  • each drug is accompanied by an annotation and photographs;
  • the product item opens in a separate window;
  • there is a function of reviews and comments;
  • the description of medicinal products should be accessible to ordinary people.
  • to make the order of goods available not only online, but also by phone.

Statistics show that the opportunity to receive qualified advice increases sales by 30%.

Pricing Policy

How to open an online pharmacy


Why is this line of business useful? The main advantage is the lack of competition. The adoption of the law opened up great opportunities, but we argue that no one has yet had time to take advantage of them. A free niche has formed in front of you, which needs to be filled in a short time. Moreover, this does not have to resort to great difficulties.

Stages of Internet Pharmacy Implementation

Internet pharmacy is popular in Europe, and in our country they have always been banned. After the adoption of the last law, users should be seriously interested in this business idea. She remains a great choice for a variety of reasons. Attracting first buyers online is much easier than in real life, so income will appear much faster.

What is the point of selling drugs? They are always required by the population. There are no specific age categories of the audience, so you can start selling without preliminary preparation and preparation of a marketing plan. We propose to consider the main stages that you will have to go through.

  • Stage one - paperwork. First of all, you will have to open your own enterprise. This is a prerequisite, since drug trade is only possible officially. In the future, such a step will give an additional plus, based on the availability of a non-cash form of payment.
  • Stage two - ordering an online store. We advise you not to waste time creating your own website. In rare cases, users have all the necessary knowledge, so most projects are based solely on ready-made templates. It is best to use professional services to ensure originality. It will provide additional attractiveness to the catalog that will attract buyers.
  • Stage three - search for suppliers. An online pharmacy does not require a large initial investment, so the search for suppliers is carried out according to a complex scheme. You should take advantage of the offers of companies that are ready to offer goods for sale or directly without the participation of the user. You can find suitable directories on the same Internet, spending a minimum of time. After that, it remains to conclude an agreement and start laying out the goods.
  • Stage four - attracting buyers. Owning your own online pharmacy will require running an advertising campaign. The absence of a competitor will significantly reduce costs, but you still cannot refuse any method of attracting visitors. Contextual advertising remains the optimal method, although it is useful to turn to search engine optimization as well.

Principle of online pharmacy organization

The principle of organizing an online pharmacy is simple and straightforward. You will be able to get an online drug store. The difference remains negligible, so power users will have no difficulty in gaining popularity. The main thing is to ensure a stable supply of medicines.

When organizing, special attention is paid to the assortment. We advise you to first turn to the popular remedies required daily. The correct choice of suppliers will eliminate the costs of the initial purchase, so money will only be required to fill out the catalog. For this reason, do not give up anything that might interest your visitors.

After filling out the pages, you can wait indefinitely for the first buyers. Delay can be avoided by running an advertising campaign. Again, it is worth using professional services that will speed up the process as much as possible. The absence of competitors will give real savings, so you can expand your sphere of influence in order to take a vacant place in the market in advance.

But they also have their own pitfalls. In particular, these are the difficulties of the initial stage of starting a business. Numerous approvals, permits, licenses, inspections and other bureaucratic procedures are an essential part of a business in the pharmacy sector. The fact is that traditionally, and recently in connection with the detection of frequent cases of counterfeiting of drugs and medical products, pharmacies are under the special control of many checking authorities. For those who are starting their own business in this area for the first time, it can take up to six months to agree and settle all the issues related to obtaining a license to sell pharmacy products.

Buy or open yourself

The approval chain is multifaceted and complex: you should first contact your local licensing commission. After receiving approval - to the regional, then - to the federal, after that - again coordination at the local level. Now - with Rospotrebnadzor and fire control.

After the package of documents is collected and approved, the license is received, you can open a pharmacy - in the form of an individual entrepreneur or LLC. Experienced entrepreneurs prefer the second option, since the pharmaceutical market is not immune from collisions and unforeseen situations, which the pharmacy owner practically cannot influence. And the individual entrepreneur (IE) has to answer for all obligations with personal property. Therefore, even despite the somewhat more complicated procedures for registering a legal entity, it is worth choosing an LLC. The form of taxation is STS, at a rate of 15%.

Pharmacy ROI

Location of the pharmacy

The ideal location for a pharmacy is near clinics, busy residential areas, bus stops. If there are no pharmacies nearby, the point will be in demand anyway, because in the event of illness, few people will spend energy looking for the cheapest pharmacy. The population will buy medicines at the nearest pharmacy.

Pharmacy income and expenses

Pharmacists, pharmacists, cleaners - everyone should be comfortable at the workplace in order to be appreciated and sought to preserve. The flow of visitors depends on the politeness and competence of the pharmacy employees. To get an explanation on taking medications, for which the doctor did not have enough time in the flow of turnover, to select analogues quickly and efficiently - all these components of the professional service of pharmacies are always noted by visitors and are important in the competition. Encouraging employees with bonuses, stimulating advanced training with appropriate allowances for payment are profitable investments in your own business.


On television, in mailboxes, on porch doors, in the local press. A significant proportion of pharmacy buyers are retirees. They carefully read and listen to the advertisements for drug sales points. Offering discounts to retirees - for example, 5% on a social card, will significantly increase the flow of customers from the very first day of operation of pharmacies. Given the high percentage of retirees, especially in small towns, word of mouth advertising is free and effective and will be provided.

Today the pharma business in the virtual space is gaining popularity. It is very convenient when the necessary medicine is brought directly home, and at any time of the day or night. This attracts customers, which means it will provide a profitable business.

Online pharmacy is a promising area of ​​business on the Internet

However, medicines are a special commodity on which people's lives directly depend. Therefore, in the Russian Federation, it is not allowed to sell prescription drugs online and to work for persons without medical or pharmaceutical education. Additionally, online pharmacies have strict rules that must be followed.

Therefore, before starting an online drug trade, you need to draw up a business plan, determine the direction of activity, and draw up the necessary documentation.

What you need to know to open a pharmacy from scratch

First of all, it is important to understand for whom you are starting a pharmacy business. Namely, to define the target audience. In the case of a pharmacy, your main customers will be the elderly and young parents.

It is necessary to take into account the capabilities and needs of the target audience

They are the ones who prefer to buy medicines delivered to their homes. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account all the needs of customers:

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  • Assortment.
  • Terms of delivery.
  • Payment form.

In addition, clients will need advisory support. Therefore, it is important to establish feedback with customers.

How to open a pharmacy from scratch and run a successful business

Any business must be profitable. But we should not forget that on the Internet prices for any goods, including medicines, should be lower than offline. Otherwise, no one will buy them. And too low a cost may raise suspicion. Therefore, the issue of pricing must be approached very carefully.

To ensure a profitable online pharmacy, you need to have a wide range of products. In addition to medicines, you can sell:

Is it profitable to open a pharmacy on your own or is it better to franchise? Let's try to understand these issues

Experts predict disappointing consequences from COVID-19 and a possible global economic crisis: according to some estimates, 25 million people will be left without work. Already, four out of five specialists work less or have become unemployed altogether. Working remotely, unfortunately, did not fit in most areas of business, but it allowed the owners of some businesses to cut costs and, as a result, again threw out part of the country's former working population into the street.

It's worth considering opening a franchise pharmacy!

Not every enterprise will survive the decline: the most serious blow "in the gut" was received by the service sector and the hotel and restaurant business. How many companies will be able to recover from the consequences and how long they will recover is not yet clear. However, it is already clear today that coffee shops, pizzerias, barbershops, fashion boutiques in the center of the capital and cities of millionaires have to be closed by entrepreneurs due to high rent in these locations.

But this is far from the first shock for the Russian economy: behind it is the financial crisis in 2021 and the currency crisis in 2021. It turned out that not only grocery retail, but also pharmacies are best tolerated by such vicissitudes - this is a traditionally stable sphere not subject to economic or political events in the country for doing business in difficult times. In addition, the income from one pharmacy is approximately 250,000 rubles per month.

To an uninitiated person it may seem that it makes sense to open a pharmacy, because it is so simple: it would seem that he rented a room, received a license, installed equipment, purchased medicines - and you can trade. In fact, everything is much more complicated.

Firstly, the state strictly treats pharmacy activity, regulating it at the legislative level with the application of a number of restrictive measures. The sale of drugs is governed by many federal laws, pharmacy regulations, trade and delivery rules. Some of them are difficult for pharmacists to understand themselves; and failure to comply with the rules is punishable by fines and cancellation of the pharmaceutical license.

Secondly, in order to properly manage a pharmacy, you need to understand accounting and tax accounting, be ready to accept inspections by officials and monitor the turnover. Don't forget about marketing: in order not to lose profit, you need to keep an eye on competitors, consider pricing and attract new visitors. And in any case, you will need employees, and they need to be hired, trained, and personnel records kept. Therefore, it is difficult to make a profitable pharmacy yourself, from scratch: this requires large investments and a lot of time.

Franchise will help you save time and effort

Opening a franchise pharmacy is much more convenient and easier because:

  • the business is ready on a turnkey basis: business processes have been built, work is being carried out according to the tested technology. Plus - agreements with suppliers and a recognizable brand that does not need to be promoted;
  • there is support from the franchisor and the experience of existing franchisees. They, as mentors with invaluable experience, will help, prompt, advise.

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