Business plan for an online store with calculations 2021

Today, many entrepreneurs open their own online stores and sell things, electronics, spare parts and other goods necessary for the population. Opening an online store is often cheaper, easier and more profitable than a classic one, if only because you can sell your goods throughout Russia, and not only in your city and region. In this article, we will look at where to get goods for an online store, what is needed for this and where you can look for suppliers.


An online store is a site that contains descriptions and photos of products with current prices. Users visit the site, choose interesting things and make a purchase, after which the products are delivered to them either by courier or by postal service. This business brings good profit, but only if all processes are built as efficiently as possible and there are no various overlaps. Such shops operate according to three basic principles:

  • The product is on sale that is in stock. Everything is simple here: you buy products in bulk at a cheaper price, then you expose them at a higher price and take the difference for yourself. On different groups of goods, income can range from 10 to 300 percent.
  • The customer makes a purchase, and you take it from a third-party warehouse and send it. That is, you may not have any goods at all, you simply resell them from the warehouse with your own margin. This complicates the chain somewhat and stretches it: you will need to ride back and forth a couple of times a day, call the warehouse so that the products are in stock, transfer money for them, etc. This option is suitable for those who are just starting their own business and who have no start-up capital for the purchase.
  • Dropshipping. The meaning of this work is quite simple: you sell someone else's product, after which the owner sends it to the customer, and you return the money to him. The scheme looks like this: you conclude an agreement with the seller, post his goods on the website with a markup, sell them, inform about the sale, the seller sends the order, and you transfer him the due amount, leaving the difference to yourself.

Attention: there are mixed work schemes, that is, for example, the store has its own warehouse, but at the same time it picks up goods from other warehouses or works according to the warehouse + dropshipping scheme.

How to form an assortment correctly

Before you open your own store, you need to decide what exactly you will trade. There are no restrictions on trading, the main thing is that you do not break the law. We do not recommend creating department stores, it is better to focus on some topic. That is, you can, of course, sell mobile phones and notebooks for students, but it is better to make specialized portals: office supplies with notebooks and albums, mobiles with covers, glasses and chargers, flashlights with batteries, etc.

It is very important to think carefully about the assortment and ensure that you have everything you need for your customers. For example, if you sell food for cats and dogs, then you must have food from various manufacturers (dry and wet) plus vitamins and treats, bowls for animals, etc. If you sell cameras, then you must have flashes, filters, flash drives , tripods, lenses and other essential items. At the same time, you can buy all sorts of accessories in bulk, but the cameras themselves, due to their high cost, can be sold by dropshipping, because a dozen inexpensive models can tighten by half a million rubles.

When forming the assortment, you need to think about what kind of markups on which categories of goods you will do. Having bought 20 flash drives in China for $ 4, you can safely sell them for $ 8-10, that is, the markup will be at least 100%. But this will not work with a camera: you will take it from the seller for 50 thousand, and sell it for 55 at best.

Find Sellers

Where to buy goods for an online store

The Internet sphere has experienced a period of rapid development in recent years. Now one of the serious desires of entrepreneurs is to open a branch not in some city, but here, in the vastness of the virtual network. This is not surprising: opening a virtual store can not only bring real money, but also reduce costs. Today, you can launch an online store without opening a real business. The business plan for a successful online store will tell you how to do this, which we will present below.

Opening your own online store: first steps

In order to open an online store according to a business plan, which will be really interesting to users, and, accordingly, profitable, you need to take care of the three factors below:

  • choose the right niche that you are going to occupy, that is, choose a group of products for sale correctly and taking into account all the nuances;
  • find reliable suppliers who can to provide you with high quality products at reasonable wholesale prices;
  • make sure that the site is user-friendly, high-quality and selling.

Let's consider each of the factors presented in more detail to understand what to think about before drawing up a business plan for your own online store.

Product selection

According to experts, a well-chosen product is half the success of an online business. For both beginners and professional entrepreneurs, when opening your first online store, it is recommended to give preference to inexpensive goods, which you can give a large mark-up - from half to the full cost of the goods. Moreover, the cost of a unit of production should not exceed three thousand rubles - this amount is acceptable for the average visitor of an online store.

The ideal option for the cost of a product is a price lower than what your competitors and offline stores can offer. Today there are quite a few applications that consumers use to find the best price point. If you cannot offer this, take care of other bonuses, for example, that delivery is fast and free.

Which product categories are popular on the Internet? Let's consider in descending order:

  • footwear and clothing;
  • books;
  • home appliances and electronics;
  • computer equipment and software to her;
  • cosmetics and perfumery;
  • baby products;
  • home and repair products;
  • air tickets, hotels, cinema , theater and others;
  • music and video.

Consider the fact that popular niches are relevant not only for buyers, but also for sellers, so the competition there will be higher.

Where to look for suppliers for an online store, how to choose the right assortment and what products to choose. Product for an online store - where to buy,

So, you want to make money on internet trading. You have come to the address: UKassa (ex-UKassa) helps 120,000 shops in RuNet accept payments and develop their business. Based on the experience of our clients, we will tell you how to create an online store from scratch. Let the number of steps not scare you: they can all be completed in a couple of weeks or a month. Let's start with the main thing.

Do you need it?

15% of Russians want their children to become entrepreneurs. Only the profession of a doctor is more popular. At the same time, from August 2021 to August 2021, 1.095 million small, medium and micro-businesses were closed in Russia. Opened during the same time 848.5 thousand. As you can see, business is going through tough times.

It is believed that creating an online store is an easy way to start a business. Even so, but even here you need time and money. Buying a product is only half the battle. You will also have to register a business, create a website, launch advertising, keep records, perhaps hire employees and pay them too. But at first there will be few clients and it will not be possible to cover these costs quickly.

Don't have your own funds? Take out a loan, look for a grant or investor, launch crowdfunding. Learn more about finding start-up capital here.

Rate your experience. Do you know the product you want to sell well? Are you ready to understand accounting, legal issues, online advertising?

If yes, let's get down to the bottom line: how to open an online store.

What are we selling?

First, choose a niche. Selling everything at once, if you will, then not immediately. The narrower the niche, the fewer competitors. Not many companies offer handmade soaps with extracts of Altai herbs. But shower sellers on the market are plentiful.

Customers appreciate the ability to order multiple items at once in one place. But in this case, you need to somehow stand out against the background of major players. Offer lower prices, better shipping conditions, or some other goodies.

Today, most people make purchases of non-food items via the Internet: they buy household appliances, mobile phones and gadgets, clothes, cosmetics, jewelry and other necessary things online. The share of such sales is growing by about 5-7% per year, so if you are thinking about a business, then you need to know how to open an online store from scratch and make it profitable. In this article, we will analyze the basic terms and concepts associated with online commerce, consider how to create a store correctly, what nuances you need to take into account and what to look for in order not to make critical mistakes.

An online store is an online catalog with goods, their descriptions and current prices, through which any user can make a purchase. Goods are sold remotely, that is, they are delivered to the customer using a courier, postal or courier service, although some stores have their own pickup points in different cities.

The advantage of such stores is that they work 24 hours a day and give customers the opportunity to purchase goods without leaving their home or office.

The disadvantage of the store is that the customer cannot “touch” the goods before delivery, which is a problem for some people: they prefer to visit regular stores and choose things that they see with their own eyes. But such people are becoming less and less due to the massive distribution and availability of online commerce.

Open an online store from scratch for free: what to trade

Thinking about how to start an online store from scratch, but don't know where to start? The first step is choosing a niche. It depends on the correct choice how successful your business will be, what profitability you can lay down, how many sales will be carried out every day and whether you will have development prospects.

What niche to occupy? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. Choose the directions in which you understand. For example, if you play sports, you can open a store selling sports shoes and clothing, some kind of equipment or food. If you love animals, then open a store of food and accessories for dogs and cats.

Watch the video and get a bonus (all links in the video description on youtube)

Tip! But try not to enter niches with high competition. For example, it is quite difficult to sell mobile phones or televisions, since they are offered by large networks that buy products in bulk and set a minimum margin. It is better to choose something less competitive in order to increase profitability and have money for development, and not just to maintain your pants.

If you have no experience in trading, and you cannot invest serious money in the purchase of goods, then it is better to open an online store from scratch for free in the following areas:

1. Men's and women's shoes.

Launch Steps and Recommendations

Your first desktop founder of Amazon. om hammered out of the doors. Today, some tables in the company are also made of doors, but not for the sake of economy, but to remind of the need to save

Opening your own online store seems to be the most affordable way to start your own business. Is it really? After all, if everything were so simple, then, probably, most of the population plunged into virtual trade, and this, with all the growing popularity of this type of activity, has not yet happened.

It would be logical to assume that there are hidden difficulties, a high level of competition and some serious problems that lie in wait for entrepreneurs who decide to do e-business. The story will go about them, as well as about ways to overcome them. So how do you open an online store and keep it running efficiently?

How to create your own online store

The theoretical principles of e-business are known to almost everyone, but obviously few know how to properly launch an online store, fill it with popular goods and attract customers. Probably, some universal instruction for creating a trading platform could help, but there is none.

There are many useful tips that need to be generalized, and for this you need to strain your thinking ability. Well, you have to come to terms with that. Of course, within the partnership programs of some popular sites, there are offers to get a ready-made turnkey retail outlet, with showcases. Or a constructor, with the help of which it is not difficult to make a free online store from scratch, but these options often scare away precisely because of their general availability. What do you want?

If you formulate the wishes of the future owner, you can come up with the following list:

  • It is best to start a business with no investments or with a minimum amount of them;
  • Work should be automated as much as possible and not require much effort;
  • The financial result assumes meeting the growing needs of the store owner;
  • Taxation is optimized;
  • There is no need to purchase additional technical means. In rare cases, it is desirable to create a store from a phone or not the most expensive personal computer.

Many contradictions of this idealized approach should be noted right away. Already at the first stage, when thinking about where to start creating an online store, you need to understand that in its principle it differs little from an ordinary, "material" outlet, and requires almost as much attention and effort.

Success factors are:

  • High traffic;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Assortment, including popular commodity items;
  • Acceptable quality;
  • Good service and delivery;
  • Warranties,

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