Business online store: plan from zero to $ 1000 profit

There are several main common reasons for such a person's behavior in which access to wealth is blocked for him. Let's consider those that are most typical for our region.

- Let it be a low-paid, but stable job

A person with a poor mentality, as a rule, chooses a low-paying, but stable job. In government agencies. Because the state will always provide. And if you go to a commercial organization, then there are risks to stay on the street after a while.

A person absolutely does not believe in his own strength and in the fact that his experience and knowledge will be in demand. In the end, this is what happens. Goes to tedious, boring work, stops learning new things, turns sour and becomes useless to anyone. Instead of growing and developing.

Again, for the reason that no one needs it, a person with a poor mentality is afraid of change. The motto is - it is better to have a little than to risk and possibly lose everything. People with the psychology of poverty will never open their own business, will not develop new market segments, will not go to get a second higher education at 40 and will never move to another city in search of a new life at 50!

A characteristic feature of people with the psychology of poverty. And where does high self-esteem come from if a person does not live, but vegetates - a gray, uninteresting job, which is also scary to lose, the absence of vivid impressions in life, a change of places and reasonable risks. These are the factors that make you respect yourself for your work and opportunities.

A person with the psychology of a poor man does not understand that wealth and good prospects are revealed to active people who are not afraid to take risks and start all over again.

Obviously, in order to achieve something and get a good result, you need to constantly make efforts in this direction. For example, consider offers for an interesting and highly paid job with a wider range of responsibilities than in the previous place. And thus, grow all the time.

A person with the psychology of poverty does not want and does not know how (because he never tried) to be active - he is afraid to look for a new job, because he thinks in advance that he will not be able to cope, does not earn money, because he is sure that nothing will work out and there will be no money anyway. The person is passive, and therefore poor.

A person with a poor mentality is convinced that he should be paid adequately. Simply because he does his job well. And his salary should be such that there is enough for everyday life, and for recreation, and for children, and for himself. At the same time forgetting that he himself agreed to work with low pay. And now he blames the stingy chef.

A person shifts responsibility from himself to others. What's the point in moving if nothing depends on me anyway? Do - do not do, but the result is the same - I will not get anything.

Poor people spend their energy not to attract, but to keep. They spend hours visiting stores, comparing prices and shopping where it is cheaper. They write and go to various authorities, seeking a meager reduction in utility bills or a one-time social assistance, which is hardly enough for one trip to the store. Instead of spending these same efforts effectively on earning money or finding a good job.

Take a closer look at yourself. Do you have any of the listed qualities? And get rid of it urgently if something similar appears. Remember that your life and your well-being are only in your hands!

"1000 Ideas" Psychological Cards are both a set for creating business ideas, a tool for conducting trainings, brainstorming and coaching sessions, and a business board game.

The set consists of 78 cards, each of which contains a set of creative techniques, strategies, tips, tricks and trends. A random combination of cards gives an unlimited number of combinations, at the intersection of which ingenious solutions are born. Just pick up a set and draw a random card or a combination of cards. Try to apply the advice of the card to your situation.

1000 Ideas cards can help you make decisions about work and business, creativity and self-development. At the same time, they allow you to reach any idea quickly and effortlessly.

Thanks to their versatility and ease of use, 1000 Ideas cards have become a desktop tool not only for entrepreneurs and sales and marketing specialists, but also for ordinary people interested in a qualitative change in their standard of living. 1000 Ideas develops an entrepreneurial mindset by helping you find multiple sources of income. It is not surprising that coaches prefer this particular deck, and according to the results of the professional competition of MAC specialists “1000 Ideas” it was recognized as the “Best Coaching Deck”.

The variety of situations in which 1000 Ideas can be used allows you to work with the same set, both at home (with family and friends) and at work (with colleagues and partners).

With 1000 Ideas, you can brainstorm on your own as often as needed without resorting to costly training.

History of Idea Maps

It all started back in 2021, when a creative and friendly team of openbusiness portals. u (guides for starting all kinds of businesses) and 1000ideas. u (a collection of original ideas for business, advertising and promotion) thought about interesting questions:

How are genius ideas born that instantly win a lot of fans, and turn their authors (more precisely, those who implemented the idea) into very rich people?

Is it possible to put the process of generating such ideas "on stream" so that they are born at any moment when you need it?

What is required to implement such an amazingly convenient algorithm?

Today, it is better and more profitable to conduct psychological transformation games with psychological maps not in full-time mode, but online, starting a business at online events with practically no investment.

The events of early 2021 have pushed the online format to the forefront of ways to make money. Any types of trade and services, where it is possible to partially or completely transfer business processes to the network, tend to move to it. Even in spite of the seemingly temporary "quarantine" nature of this transition, more and more people understand that they will still have to learn to make money online. And you need to start moving in this direction as quickly as possible.

Psychological services are no exception, as well as such a trendy line of business as conducting online trainings and psychological games. With all the advantages of live events, today in the world of streams and universal online, you need to understand and realize that by focusing on offline you will limit yourself in many ways, inevitably lagging behind competitors every day.

But! The online format is not as scary as many fans of traditional “glasses” think. On the contrary, many processes are greatly simplified! Next, using the 1000-cards service as an example. u from the company “1000 Ideas” let's take a closer look at how you can make money on these services online.

Advantages and disadvantages of the online format

To begin with, let's briefly recall what, in fact, are the advantages and weaknesses of the online format in general.

trend niche: according to Openbusiness estimates. u even before the 2021 pandemic, every third specialist working with metaphorical cards was interested or tried to work online;

you can do business from any part of the world, there is no location;

minimum is required for work: a computer with Internet access is enough;

no costs for renting premises and organizing events;

the customer base is not tied to a specific city, services can be provided to an unlimited number of people, you get access to foreign clientele.

Description of the psychological salon of ideas

Psychological Salon “1000 Ideas” is a unique format of your business, which opens up endless opportunities for self-realization in one of the most demanded niches of modern business. This is a combination of the most modern psychological training programs with a unique atmosphere of secular salons.

New business format for specialists in helping professions

The 1000 Ideas company has been developing the "Keys to the Unconscious" method for over 10 years, based on working with psychological maps. More than 40 training programs, 10 psychological games, over 500 exercises are available for partners of the company to work out most of the requests with which they turn to a consultant. Not every major training center has such a variety of programs.

Depending on which topic is closer to you, you can conduct trainings on family issues, self-development and self-knowledge, professional growth, starting and building a business, money and motivation, interpersonal relationships, building relationships in a team , the promotion of goods and services, the development of creativity and many other topics.

The peculiarity of psychological salons “1000 ideas” is that each of them is unique and reflects, first of all, the personality of the “owner of the salon”.

Atmosphere, intimacy, sophistication distinguish psychological salons “1000 ideas” from standard and formal training centers. Psychological salons return us to the era of beautiful ladies, loyal knights, genuine feelings, pure thoughts and eternal values.

Psychological Salon “1000 Ideas” is ideal for family businesses. You can create a psychological salon at home, if the space and interior allow it. This business can be inherited, and your adult children (over 18 years old) can now take an active part in the family business, conducting a variety of psychological games for their peers.

Practicing specialists (Psychologists and coaches, business coaches, game practitioners, MAC-consultants) can receive the status of a Learning Partner in a simplified mode. The cost of the Full Affiliate Package with a one-time payment is 100,000 rubles.

If you do not have special education, then you can also become a Partner of the company, but first you need to take the course IgroPraktik.

Areas of activities and programs that you can carry out using the "ideas" method:

Do you want to open your online business, but don't know where to start? This article is especially for you. It details the steps and actions to take to achieve success. In fact, this is a step-by-step plan, guided by which you can go the difficult path from 0 to 1000 dollars of profit. If you work hard, you will be able to reach a monthly profit of several hundred dollars relatively quickly and overcome the $ 1000 mark in total income. Then everything will depend only on you. In fact, this article presents a kind of business plan for an online store - step by step instructions. There will also be some tips.

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. People get out of the habit of going to regular stores. Shopping on the Internet is much more convenient - no need to walk through the halls, choose goods, waste time and effort. You can make a purchase of the product you need with just one click. Moreover, modern technologies have made it possible to create truly functional projects that allow:

  • sort products;
  • compare different positions;
  • make payment directly on the site pages;
  • and so on Further.

Online sales will only grow in the future. Today there is still a chance to take your place under the Sun and become a leader. The main thing is not to waste time on doubts. Therefore, if you are interested in how to start an online business store for free - read my instructions.

Step Business plan for an online store: defining a niche

A business plan for an online store with calculations should be written after you have decided on a niche. Previously, this will not work, because you will not have fundamental information:

  • what product are you going to trade;
  • what is its cost;
  • who is the target audience;
  • and other

Pay attention! The final success of your enterprise largely depends on the choice of a niche. Do not neglect this stage and do not think that you can equally successfully trade any goods.

I strongly recommend that you focus on the topics that are interesting for you. But make sure she is capable of generating real income. If you choose a supposedly monetary direction, but in which you do not understand or you are simply not interested in it, most likely you will very quickly abandon your store.

Three criteria for choosing a niche

There are three fundamental criteria to consider when choosing. Check them out.

1. You are ready to engage in entrepreneurial activity, earning less income, but directly in a certain niche. This directly indicates that you are involved, have a good sense of direction, and will be able to maintain your passion.

2. Check if there are prospects for business expansion in the future. For example, you started selling women's clothing. Well, there are a lot of prospects! In the future, you can add women's underwear and / or women's shoes and become a full-fledged store for representatives of the fair half of humanity. Or add clothes for men and children to your store and become a site for the whole family. You will be searched for by the search query "business clothing online store".

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