Business on the Internet: Ideas for Remote Business 2021

Lots of business ideas 2021 on our website. The modern world is full of the Internet. People have long learned to use it and extract what they need from it. It is safe to say that after a while the Internet will replace the TV, although many have long since replaced it. Technical difficulties scare off many in the implementation of the idea of ​​how to become an Internet provider, although the market for Internet providers has not yet had time to oversaturated with offers, therefore the demand for services is quite high.

  • Investments: $ 120,000
  • Income: $ 40,000
  • Payback calculation: 1 year
  • Staff: 7 person

In general, the concept of Internet service is an actual and profitable area of ​​business, since the services of an Internet provider are not cheap. For greater confidence, you can look at the activities of your Internet provider once, calculate the cost for the number of users. Internet service provider can bring millions of profits to the owner of the company. So the first thing that is needed for the provider is this equipment, it will take the maximum part of the money investment:

  • Web and mail servers that can communicate with each other, but on a small system.
  • FTP server, which are already integrated with the web server by default.
  • Identity, terminal and master server.
  • Secondary server and server on which development and control is carried out.
  • Registration, settlement and typical server.
  • Anti-burglar protection installed.
  • Power switch and equipment rack.
  • Cables, spare parts, administrative panel, UPS.

With this amount of equipment, Internet service will cost you 3 million rubles.


The procedure for obtaining a license takes much longer than the rest of the registration, because this is the first thing you need to become an Internet provider. The provider must certainly have a license, since it is now considered an operator providing communication services. So, in order to engage in Internet service, you need to obtain a license for the provision of telematic services and data transmission. In general, the Internet provider may need other permissions, but in the event that it is going to provide additional services to the client. You can apply for licenses yourself, and if at this stage you are still puzzled by the question of how to become an Internet provider, then it is better to contact a consulting office, whose specialists will organize the documentary process, and you will be able to start advertising your business to the target audience without wasting time.

Business Promotion

Every serious company has its own website, it is difficult to imagine operating Internet operators now without their own resource, which plays both on the company's image and provides an opportunity to know the opinion of the target audience. The site will help in the future to improve the quality of services and bring them to the use of a wide range of consumers. A decent site costs accordingly, but will work for the provider all the time. The very advertisement about your entry as a communication service provider into the market can be seen by a future client on TV. Contextual and banner advertising is suitable for presentations on the Internet. You also need to register a domain name.

Business Registration

But before you advertise your brand, you need to register your business as a limited liability company. In this case, the company will be able to pay tax according to the simplified tax system, it remains to open a bank account and make a seal. Do not be afraid of the lack of profit in this business and high taxes. Internet connection is used by 50 percent of the world's population, while there are no more than 20 providers in the country. You will certainly have your regular users. But before becoming an Internet provider, you need to understand the organization of labor aspects.


It should be noted that you, as an owner, need to know as much as possible about what you own, or at least have a desire to figure it out. In any case, the development of this business will cost at least $ 120,000. It is important to work out a business plan clearly.

Starting your own business with a minimum of investment today allows ideas for business on the Internet. Thousands of sites and millions of users need a variety of services and entertainment. And if you approach the issue of their organization wisely, you can create a very lucrative source of income.

So, we present 16 Internet business ideas from scratch, from which you can build your successful business, including options for beginners.

Social Media Communities

This option was not accidentally chosen first, because almost everyone has an account in one or another social network. To create your own community requires a minimum of funds, only personal time. How can you make money here?

You are creating a page / group dedicated to a topic. Get subscribers to watch your posts.

Along with informative posts, you also place ads that the advertiser will pay you to view. This business on the Internet is beneficial in that the costs will be minimal - you just create content and post it.

How much can you earn this way

The amount of earnings will depend solely on the activity of subscribers, their quantity and quality. Advertisers prefer to pay for clicks, the cost of the latter varies from 1 to 50 rubles.

Website development and promotion

Do you know how to create websites? This is great, because there are always those who need them. Along with the creation, it is worth offering and promotion, which gives a greater flow of customers. What do you need for this?

Naturally, you must be able not only to create sites, but also have knowledge in their promotion. You can find information all in the same "Runet", but you need a scheme that really works.

How much does the buyer pay

Business on the Internet from scratch - is it a reality or just someone's fiction? How much is it really possible to create an online business and start earning a stable decent income? And, if really, then how to open it?

If you are interested in the answers to all these questions, this article will be very useful to you. From it you will learn the features and nuances of starting an online business from scratch. And also how to open, develop and promote it.

It's good that the lack of knowledge and skills today is not a reason to abandon the goal of creating your own business on the Internet. In addition, today everything can be learned, even on the same Internet. And, if to be honest, then basically all beginning online businessmen study on the Internet.


How to choose a field of Internet business

Properly chosen field of activity is of great importance in Internet business. The success of your business activity largely depends on this. Many experts in the field have some tips to help you choose the right niche for your online business from scratch.

  • Product demand analysis

The decision to trade rare and exclusive goods on the Internet that have a minimum of competition is definitely the right decision. But it is simply impossible to predict the demand for it, since it can be too unpredictable.

To determine the demand for a particular product, you can simply analyze the number of requests for these products in your region using the statistical resource Wordstat. He will show you the general level of demand for a particular product.

  • Analyze the availability of goods

If the product you are selling in the online store can be purchased at the store around the corner, then your product will never be in demand. you will either have to drastically reduce prices or start trading something else.

Thanks to the Internet, anyone can become an owner of an online business. An online business is a great idea for those who like to have flexible working hours and complete control over their income.

Not to mention the fact that this option is more resilient to sudden crises, such as the outbreak of COVID-19, for example.

In this article, we've compiled 20 of the best online business ideas you can start implementing right now.

Affiliate Marketing

First on the list is one of the most popular business ideas. With affiliate marketing, you can earn money by promoting other people's products or services.

This method of monetization is popular with content creators, as many companies like to involve influencers in promoting their products. At the end of the day, word of mouth remains an effective marketing strategy.

If you enjoy doing reviews, then affiliate marketing is a great business idea. Many people have achieved success in this area, creating specially sites for reviews on various topics - from headphones to dog food to mattresses.

How you get paid depends on the company. Often times, you will receive a commission every time someone buys a product or clicks on an affiliate link on your site.

You can join affiliate programs like Hostinger Affiliates, Amazon or ShareASale. You will find hundreds of products to review or simply post on your site. Just select those services and products that fit into the theme of your site and will be of interest to your audience.


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