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Online store design

If you want your bookstore to be legal and not worried about possible fines, then register a business. To do this, you need to apply for an individual entrepreneur (IE) or a limited liability company (LLC). And then just pay taxes regularly.

This is important! To operate the online store, you will need Code 52. 1. "Retail trade carried out directly using television, radio, telephone and the Internet" OKVED.

The product must have the appropriate certificates. The hygienic certificate confirms the compliance of the books with the sanitary standards of SanPiN 2.. ... 166-02 "Hygienic requirements for educational publications for general and primary vocational education" and SanPiN 1.. 253-03 "Hygienic requirements for books for adults."

Key points of website creation

2. Think over the structure of the site and the range of products.

3. Find experienced website builders. Browse the portfolio of web designers. The site interface should be simple for inexperienced users to use and at the same time extraordinary, so that visitors are interested in being on the site. Turning to specialists, draw up a technical assignment. This will prevent you from missing out on any detail in the process. Create a newsletter subscription for the bookstore.

4. Send mailings to clients, but not too often (about once a week).

When developing business websites, there are two options for creating:

  • template site: working system with standard functionality, minimal difference from competitors (about 5,000 rubles);
  • "turnkey": created for your needs with individual design (from 14,000 rubles).

This business idea is a well-known and popular scheme for building your own business. Do not be confused by the fact that selling e-books is a widespread business on the Internet.

First of all, with the increase in the number of devices that allow reading e-books - readers, modern smartphones, the size of the audience of your potential consumers also increases.

Authors are increasingly publishing their works in electronic form - it is both cheaper and faster. Based on sales statistics provided by Amazon. om. , for the last month (information for July 2021) 180 e-books were sold for 100 ordinary books.

Are you ready to implement the successful experiences of others? Let's go then!

The essence of the idea of ​​your own business selling e-books is as follows:

A couple of ideas for the development of this business in the future

Consider creating a full-fledged affiliate program from your store. Think over convenient ad formats for embedding into partner sites and a system for the correct calculation of commissions from sales. This will allow you to build an extensive partner network for your online resource from webmasters and site owners on your topic.

Consider working closely with authors

Invite the authors to provide an excerpt from the work for informational purposes and post it for reading directly on your online resource. So it will be more convenient for potential buyers to make a choice in favor of buying a new author's book.

Negotiate with freelance designers to create presentable book covers for authors' books. Convince authors to pay for the work - a presentable cover often encourages the purchase of a book, an increase in book sales will compensate the author for the cost of the cover and increase his profit.

Think over and systematically hold contests among authors of certain topics. The purpose of the contests is to get more high-quality content for sale through your online resource and increase the profitability of the business as a whole.

Why are books still popular today? The answer is very simple. There are certain categories of people who need books as teaching material. Also, such reading is a good gift: you can choose a regular book or a gift edition.

When it comes to business, books have a number of advantages. They have no expiration date, convenient format, minimal investment in transportation. All this and much more entrepreneurs take into account when they decide to open a store via the Internet in this niche.

Audience and assortment of online bookstore

First, let's talk about the audience of an online bookstore, namely who can become it, and the range. This will allow the person who decided to open such a business to understand who his client is and what to offer him.

Firstly, these are people who like to read good literature, not glossy publications. Secondly, these are people who study (schoolchildren, students) or develop themselves in a particular area of ​​knowledge. Thirdly, these are people who buy books as a gift.

Based on this, the future owner of an online bookstore can decide on the range of his books. Also think over which book editions to focus on. It all depends on your choice and competitors.

But in any case, it is worth considering the prospects of opening your own business. It depends on whether your enterprise will close in a month or will increase its volume. Therefore, you should consider the basic rules of doing business to help you avoid closure.

Online Bookstore: Official Site

After you have decided on the audience and assortment, the first thing to think about when opening an online bookstore is the official website. It is an essential element in the development of such a business.

In this case, there are two solutions. This is to buy an already created online store or buy a domain name and make your website. For the second option, consider the following:

Then create a simple menu. It will make it easier for the audience to find books. These can be the following sections: Russian literature, foreign literature, youth literature, children's literature, modern literature, and others. It is also worth creating subsections in such sections, which will increase the chances of a visitor buying a book. Your main goal is for a potential buyer to find the book he needs on the site.

It is also worth noting that at this stage it is important to create a competent catalog of an online bookstore. After all, books are mainly selected and bought by users by cover and description. So your task will be to create a product that will attract attention.

It will not be superfluous to make your web resource useful and informative. To do this, you should make several sections, in addition to the section with the choice of books. You can tell visitors about current trends in literature, publish interviews with writers, tell interesting stories from their lives, etc. It would not hurt to subscribe to sections.

And today many are interested in questions about how to open a bookstore? What documents do I need? How profitable can such a trade become?

How do I open a bookstore? Advantages and Disadvantages

Books, especially when it comes to teaching aids, are quite popular commodities. Therefore, the book business, with the right approach, can be a truly profitable business. But in order to bring it to a decent level, you have to work hard.

Naturally, this kind of trading has its advantages. To begin with, it should be noted that books are a commodity that has practically no shelf life (at least fiction). On the other hand, teaching aids with today's frequent curriculum changes may simply become unclaimed. Therefore, the store owner will have to follow the constant changes and news in education.

Some publishers offer a deferred payment service - the owner orders a batch of books and pays for them only after the sale. This is beneficial since it does not require additional costs for the purchase of goods. Take an interest in how popular publishers work.

A bookstore business plan should take into account all possible nuances, from the choice of premises to the assortment and customer service.

What documents are needed?

Naturally, your own business needs to be properly designed. And if you are interested in the question of how to open a bookstore, then you should know that in most cases such enterprises are registered with the tax service as LLC (Limited Liability Company).

In addition, you will need permission from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service and the Fire Department. You can get a trade license from the city administration. Something like this looks like the main package of documents that will allow you to become the owner of your own bookstore.

Where is better to place it?

Of course, the question of where is the best place to open a bookstore is extremely important, since the location of the enterprise will largely determine its attendance.

Connoisseurs and experienced businessmen argue that the most profitable will be a crowded shopping center, a vibrant area of ​​the city with a vibrant social life. You can also consider the option of opening a store near large educational institutions, for example, universities. But in such cases, the main emphasis should be placed on scientific and educational literature.

Anna Kadikova opened an independent bookstore in Krasnodar in July 2021. Everyone told her that in this city nobody needed another bookstore, and they were wrong.

Loan rubles for opening

When I was studying in St. Petersburg, friends from Krasnodar came to me with two suitcases: one suitcase with things, and the other empty. They raided bookstores, put the books in a second suitcase, and drove home. This had to be done, because some books simply do not exist in Krasnodar, and they cannot be found either in the Labyrinth or in Ozone. There is in that only bookstore, but nowhere else.

I thought: what books do not reach Krasnodar? I came here, looked at what is not here and what is in St. Petersburg and Moscow. It turned out that a small part of what is on the market reaches Krasnodar. Then I realized: I need to open my own bookstore.

I took out a bank loan - 300,000 rubles. They say that taking loans is scary, but I had no fear - only excitement and excitement. I have never done business before, and even though I am so-so as a businessman, I am a good scribe and market researcher.

I thought that if it doesn't work out, I’ll find a job, pay off the loan and put a tick “never do this again”.

Repair & Book Racks

110,000 rubles was enough for me for two hundred and fifty books, another two hundred and fifty publishers agreed to give for sale. By selling it means that publishers bring me books without money, I pay only for delivery, and I pay with them when they buy a book. On the opening day, 3-4 shelves were occupied on each rack, the rest were empty.

In 2021, the purchase price of the book was on average 150 rubles, when I opened it - already 300 rubles. The price is based on the publisher's expenses:

  • author's fee;
  • illustrator's fee;
  • printing services;
  • printing;
  • transfer payment.

Books can cost 2021 rubles or 5000 rubles. There are publishers that choose the best world-famous translators, illustrators, and print them in foreign printing houses. But there are also buyers for expensive books.

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