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In this article, I decided to share my experience in the online store. Perhaps my experience will be useful for someone to draw their own conclusions: is it profitable to open an online store.

Read a short story about how my husband and I created it, developed it, bought goods and delivered them. And why did we decide to abandon this business. The niche that we have chosen, despite the competition, is incredibly in demand - these are children's products.


The online store of children's goods is not just a business: it is a great helper for those mothers who are on maternity leave. Both from the side of the buyer and from the side of the store owner.

Why is it beneficial for the buyer?

Who else but a mother knows best what to wear to a baby, what toys to offer him at his age. But if the baby is very small, then running away for a long time to shop becomes a problem.

This is where an online store comes to the rescue with a proposal to deliver goods to your home at a convenient time, with fitting and with the condition to redeem only what you like!

Why is it beneficial to the owner?

It's simple: if you are a mother on a long parental leave - arrange your work schedule as it suits you. Doing business while your child is sleeping or while he is out with dad.

I started shopping because I was looking for ways to make money at home so that while I was on maternity leave I could try to start my own business.

How the idea came about

Is it profitable to open an online store; personal experience, what is the job

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Hello, dear forum users! My name is Artem, I am the owner of the Gika World online store, I think it will not be difficult to drive the name into Yandex and find it with you. this thread will pour out my soul and some moments of the introduction of this difficult case. Maybe I'll help someone, maybe I'll give some knowledge to someone who really needs them.

Today's topic: Is it easy to create a profitable online store from ZERO?

When I was just starting out and did not understand absolutely nothing in this matter, the answer was unequivocal, but easy, it would seem that there is something needed? A site with pictures and prices and a big shovel for money. Now that the online store is created and works, it brings me a good profit, I understand that I was deeply mistaken.

At the very beginning, when the very idea of ​​creating an online store was born, I had several things. A couple of thousand on a Yandex wallet, information on where to get the goods and what to sell, little knowledge about website promotion and a great desire to realize everything.

I chose and registered a domain, downloaded the script that I liked at that time and started filling my store with goods. It took me about 6 months, a very long time. It was possible to cope much faster and I already understood this after. But how to say it in a proverb. I would have known where to fall the straw laid. There were many more problems that spilled out and that really interfered, but all problems can be solved!

And so how much did I spend on setting up, hosting and buying a domain? This amount may seem ridiculous to you: 99 rubles for registering a domain + 30 rubles for hosting for a month! Believe it or not, I don’t invest any more.

Now the store brings me 40-90 thousand a month and this income is increasing with the geometric program!

It's difficult to create an online store, but it's worth it!

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And so how much did I spend on setting up, hosting and buying a domain? This amount may seem ridiculous to you: 99 rubles for registering a domain + 30 rubles for hosting for a month! Believe it or not, I don’t invest any more.

Perhaps my experience in creating an online store will be useful for someone to draw their own conclusions: is it profitable to open an online store.

Dasha-Vasilek "over a year ago


You have decided to open your own business and do not know where to start? Or doubt whether it is worth starting your own business? So I want to tell you what it costs! But this must be taken very seriously. I also want to tell you about all these nuances of doing business.

And so, let's start. My name is Darya. At the moment I am an entrepreneur and founder of the company. But this is now, and it all started not so easy.

The idea of ​​starting my own business has been visiting me for a long time, but I didn't immediately dare to implement it. There were few options in which field to start my own business, I wanted to try myself in the direction of retail sales. From the types of activities I chose retail sale of women's, men's and children's clothing. Since she herself loved shopping and often updated her wardrobe. Believing that clothing is such a product that is always in demand.

Planning to launch your own clothing business

Then the question arose of how to start it all, arrange, where to get money for the purchase of goods, for renting a store, for trade equipment and other related expenses. And she began by issuing a certificate of an individual entrepreneur. I submitted all the necessary documents to the tax office and, until the document was issued, began to draw up a business plan.

A business plan is simply necessary for running a business, you must immediately calculate all the costs that lie ahead, and it is almost impossible to predict income, especially at first, when stability is out of the question. The yield is calculated approximately. But the main expenses can already be safely included in the business plan.

In order to know the expenses that lie ahead of me, I became interested in renting premises for my store, I searched myself from advertisements in newspapers, magazines, on websites and found out through friends, traveled around shopping centers, talked to the administration of shopping centers under the terms of lease. I found several suitable options and the largest amount, of these rental amounts per month, was included in the expenses in the business plan. But this is only a small part of the costs. Next, I needed to calculate how much money would be required for goods and trade equipment and for advertising.

It is necessary to provide for all expenses and I took this responsibly. The business plan still largely depends on your investment, so immediately assess your capabilities, how much you have or are ready to take on a loan.

What investments are needed to open clothing stores

Article author: Victor Averin

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It would seem a great idea to open an online store as a business on the Internet, especially since this should be relevant in our age of advanced technologies. But not everything is so simple, because a business is a business, and wherever it is - on the Internet or offline, it requires due attention and professional attitude to business.

This article will be useful for those who are just deciding to launch their online shop, or have already prepared some developments. As elsewhere, opening an online store has its pros and cons that require more careful consideration.

PLUSES of the online store

The most important thing for which we are trying to conquer the new expanses of Internet business is our benefit. Well, sometimes there is still moral satisfaction from the business that we are doing, but more on that another time.

Let's single out a few pluses, or rather positive expectations, which we strive for:

  • Quick profit
  • Stability in income (and hence in life)
  • Free work schedule (freedom from employer)
  • Development prospects

We must understand that we can afford all these expectations as leaders or organizers of this business.


So, the main motive for opening an online shop is stable profit and regular and sufficient income. The income of even a small store can really be very good, but they can only be achieved through a thorough preparation of a business plan and its step-by-step implementation.

China is ahead of the rest, and this cannot be denied. Wherever you look, wherever you go, there are Chinese goods everywhere, from expensive equipment to toilet brushes. And along with this, business with China is also developing. Why is that?

Previously, Chinese goods have won a not entirely positive reputation among the population. If Chinese means bad, it is already leaving thinking. Cheap trinkets for a penny are replaced by decent things that are not cheap. But it is definitely more profitable for consumers to buy quality goods from China than analogues from Europe or the USA.

When there is demand, you need to organize the supply flow. Business with China is an excellent option for making money on the Russian market in modern realities. There is no large-scale production in Russia, and the resale of goods from abroad is the only option to saturate the consumer market with a variety of goods that meet modern trends, and not starve to death without a job.

But before you start, pay attention to the course on money thinking from Ilya Sitnov.

Resale Business with China

At first glance, the easiest way to get started. But, everything is like everywhere else - there are nuances, which we will talk about now.

More and more people are paying attention to the side in the PRC. A huge assortment of products and low prices are the main arguments "For" in favor of establishing partnerships with the Chinese side.

Okay, all the benefits are clear and you are ready to set up a resale business with China. Where to start?

First, decide what you would like to resell. Toys, underwear or small electronics. But of course, one desire is not enough, you need to study the user demand and the existing market for similar goods in your city.

Where there is a lot of competition it will be more difficult, especially if the stores are already "promoted" and have a good reputation. And in a low user niche (unpopular products such as glasses or occluder eye patches), demand is significantly lower, which also carries certain risks.

But, despite the risks, it is necessary to assess customer demand and available offers on the market! After analyzing the situation, it will be easier to understand what product is needed to start a resale business with China.

Write this action plan in a notebook:

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