Business ideas from America: what can be borrowed from the USA

USA is a leader in business. Time destroys fading entrepreneurial concepts and gives the green light to talented, productive ideas. Today, according to statistics, 21 million small businesses are registered in America.

Among beginner businessmen, many (21%) implement their idea with a start-up capital of $ 1000, which gives a good income in 2-3 years. Small business accounts for 75% of the US GDP. The country has created conditions for entrepreneurs presenting projects based on unusual ideas. But one idea is not enough for a successful business.

America's business has its own characteristics:

Business ideas in America are formed on the basis of centuries-old traditions of representatives of different nationalities, which reminds of the specifics of the implementation of business ideas in Russia. But otherwise, the business of these countries is a different concept, because they have a different mentality:

  • The US has a very well developed service industry that allows entrepreneurs to find unique ideas for business projects.
  • At the heart of American ideas is the desire to make life easier for the population, so many projects start working not for the sake of money, but simply in order to benefit people.

By implementing their unique business ideas, American entrepreneurs have the following privileges:

  • allocation of investments;
  • support in the creation of infrastructure;
  • provision of technical and information assistance from the state.

To receive credit for a project in America, you need to meet certain requirements:

  • Was built on a unique idea.
  • Possessed a competitive advantage or occupied a new cell in the business system.
  • The idea should be non-standard, able to bring profit in a short time.
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Creative Small Business Ideas in America

From the history of the creation of companies, it becomes clear that success largely depends on the personality traits, her tastes and individual approach to the organization of the company. This is clearly seen in the example of 8 non-standard business ideas in America.

"The Big Board"

When creating his project, the owner of The Big Board (beer exchange), located in Washington, came up with an original idea. It goes like this: "The more beer guests drink, the less money they will spend." At the same time, the institution serves an abundance of various snacks to the beer. The principle of the idea is based on the excitement of visitors who spend more and more money, bringing the owner a good income.

The entrepreneurial streak is in the blood of every American. Successful business ideas from the USA come to Russia and are implemented by businessmen. If you want to open your own business, perhaps it is the creative directions from America that you will like.

Idea is at the heart of any effective business. For young people and advanced businessmen who are receptive to everything new, the American experience becomes the most interesting and rewarding.

Features of the formation of small business in the United States

The most successful business projects from the USA

Global trends indicate that ideas from the United States are being successfully implemented everywhere. Ecotourism from America and Europe is gradually conquering Russia. Of course, the process of establishing this direction has certain difficulties, but everything is surmountable.

If your team has a group of lawyers, then you will be able to overcome all legislative barriers and turn the imperfection of Russian legislation in your favor. The development of ecotourism will require significant costs, but with a good set of circumstances and the effective work of your employees (lawyers, economists, service personnel), you will achieve success.

Where to start and what idea to take as a basis?

There are striking examples of the success of people who have brought American ideas to life. Jeff Bizos made $ 4.4 billion in the internet industry by trading online. Amazon store. om is known to everyone, it is a kind of indicator of successful implementation of ideas.

Depending on your financial capabilities and knowledge in a particular area, you can start your own business, having decided on an idea. In the process of creating a plan, you will be able to take a more realistic look at the situation, and understand how your desires correspond to your capabilities.

Highlight the following:

  • Assess the market you are planning to enter (how much your product or service will be in demand);
  • Define goals and ways to achieve them (suppliers, contractors, etc.) .);
  • Availability of the necessary resources (financial, labor and others);
  • Registration of an individual entrepreneur, LLC (you may need the help of lawyers);
  • Calculate important parameters (profitability, payback period, etc.);
  • Various scenarios for the development of the situation and your actions.

If you have your own flower shop or are dreaming of opening one, then flower stickers are an excellent option to increase sales and gain popularity. Holidays have not been canceled, and flowers will be bought, hoping to please dear and close people.


Compared to other countries, America is the most developed in our modern time. For this reason, if you use any American business idea, then it is quite possible with the help of this business that it will be possible to improve our life and make it much more comfortable than it was before. I would also like to emphasize that America has a trillionth state, and all this is at the expense of private business.

What are the characteristics of an American business?

  • First of all, the people of America are primarily organizing their own business for the realization and development of a business idea, and not in order to earn as much money as possible.
  • Secondly, those entrepreneurs who plan to open their own business in a particular area, first of all, must have some experience in this area.
  • Thirdly, American businessmen never get down to business in which they have no experience at all, maybe for this reason the American economy is developing so rapidly.
  • And the last feature is that practically all business in America relies on the Internet.

So let's take a look at the newest business ideas in America.

Business for making pizza based on customer sketches

The essence of this business idea lies in the fact that the client himself draws the pizza that he would like to see and eat, and professional chefs make this picture come true. Clients can draw a picture using a special program on the site of this business, or they can choose a suitable picture from the templates offered on the site. After making the picture, you just need to send it and wait for the pizza to be made.

The average cost of such a pizza is $ 50. In turn, the cost of pizza is within $ 20. Therefore, from one pizza of net income, you get about $ 30. A lot of pizzas can be made a day. If let's say, without straining, to make 15 pizzas, then the daily income will be approximately $ 450. Not bad!

Container Home Business

What's the point of this business idea?

This idea implies the opening of a construction organization, which will be engaged in the construction of houses from small containers. As you know, in our time, apartments are very expensive, that not everyone can afford it. But such container houses will be available to almost anyone. This applies not only to America, but also to Russian and Ukrainian residents. Such structures, for example, for a family of 3 people, are made from several containers. And it takes very little time to build a house.

An indisputable fact - business in America is developing faster and more successfully than in Russia. There are many reasons: cheaper loans, a favorable internal environment, historical circumstances and even a mentality aimed at commercial success. A good solution would be to adopt someone else's experience: get inspired by an entrepreneurial idea or buy a franchise. We will tell you which American startups have not yet arrived in Russia and which companies offer the opportunity to work under a global brand.

Popular Business Ideas from the USA

The United States is the center of world business. All forms of entrepreneurship are actively developing here: from small coffee houses to large industrial giants. American companies are actively using IT technologies, the Internet and the latest marketing developments to promote goods and services. This advanced approach is the first thing to learn from US entrepreneurs.

Which business is popular in America:

  • Catering and coffee shops. In the United States, their number is growing even faster than in Russia. The reason is massive demand and fast payback. American catering strives to attract guests with new flavors, the ability to customize the composition of the dish, friendly service and themed interior.
  • Mobile applications for solving everyday issues - online shopping, ordering food at home, comparing prices, calling a taxi. The development of Russian analogues can be a profitable endeavor.
  • Accounting and legal services. High entrepreneurial activity and developed practice to resolve most issues in court lead to the fact that the services of accountants and lawyers are in great demand. Outsourcing, service through a mobile application is spreading.

If you are planning a business in the United States, first of all pay attention to these areas. However, keep in mind that legal entrepreneurship in America requires special documents and permits, as well as, of course, fluent business English.

Note that popular business ideas in America will not always be in demand in Russia. Our countries differ in the standard of living, purchasing power, the wishes of the target audience and legislation. However, Russian buyers are also interested in quality products and competent service, so American business ideas can be a source of inspiration (provided you adapt them to the Russian public).

American business ideas that are not in Russia

When choosing an idea for a business, you need to decide on the questions:

  • what area do you want to work in - production, trade, services;
  • what the target audience needs;
  • what will be the competitive advantage.

What business ideas from the United States may be in demand in Russia?

Biodegradable cookware

The topic of waste and excess use of plastic is becoming more acute. Disposable plastic dishes are actively used in the sale of drinks and takeaway dishes, as well as in food delivery services. People concerned about environmental issues in Russia and in the world would like to reduce the use of non-recyclable materials, but they do not have the opportunity.

Recently I was in the USA and as an entrepreneur I was very interested in what business development ideas are now promising in America. I attended several interesting trainings on entrepreneurship, and then saw live the embodiment of these ideas into reality. And in this article I will tell you what can be borrowed from the Americans to make these innovations work in Russia.

New business in America, which is not in Russia

America has long been the home of many brilliant ideas, since in the United States all citizens are given not only freedom of action, but also state support. Therefore, a lot of ideas are created here, which are easily and quickly translated into reality. Then the most popular ones come to Russia and other European countries. Currently, among the most popular small business areas are the following:

  • opening an unusual cafe;
  • ideas for a department in a shopping center;
  • online services;
  • using 3D printer;
  • opening a second-hand store;
  • production of SIP panels;
  • production of animal feed;
  • creation of a cleaning company.

As we can see, there are really many directions, therefore, having studied all areas of activity in detail, everyone will be able to stop at something especially interesting for themselves.

Public catering will always be in demand, since no person can live without food. But we must understand that the competition in this area is very strong. And in order for your cafe to stand out from all the others, you need to give it some flavor. Traveling around America, I noticed several very interesting cafes that I would like to tell my friends about, and also visit them again.


You can get free coffee at this coffee shop by accident. And the essence of such a campaign is that its founders are very fond of the Queen group and from time to time they include songs of this group. When such a composition sounds, the first person in the queue gets coffee for free, since this cafe has a rule: “When Queen sounds, Freddie pays”.

Carousel Bar

This bar has insanely delicious cocktails. At the same time, there are so many of them that even in a few evenings one cannot try all possible ones. An old real carousel installed in the center of the bar is considered the highlight of the bar. Bar visitors sit around it, and in the very center there are pictures of the most popular places in this city.

Egg Slut

The funny name of this cafe is remembered the first time, so even after reading it, ordinary passers-by will pay attention to it. And the translation literally means "Egg slut". The peculiarity of this cafe lies in the fact that all dishes cooked here necessarily have eggs in their composition. There are also specialties here that cannot be found in other establishments.

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