Business idea: tea and coffee shop

Investments: from 560,000 rubles

Payback: from 3 months

Tea and coffee are products that are always in demand among customers. Therefore, the sale of these products is a profitable business deal. In this article, we will analyze what is required to open a tea and coffee shop, as well as the risks and features of the business.

Business Concept

Any business starts with developing a plan and studying the competitive market. The scale will depend on the material capabilities of the businessman, as well as on the intended consumer audience. Perhaps it will be a retail outlet in a large supermarket or a market, or perhaps a store of elite varieties of tea and coffee. In small settlements, expensive drinks will not always be in demand. In large cities, on the contrary, the sale of widespread and cheaper varieties will have a lot of competition, which will have to be actively fought.

The best option is a tea and coffee shop, available to the average consumer, with a department for expensive varieties.

In addition, the assortment can include Turks for coffee, tea and coffee sets, gift sets, instant drinks, cocoa, chicory, sweets, ingredients for their preparation, slimming teas.

There should be at least 50 different types of drinks in the beginning. You can also organize a tasting area, where customers will be offered to try the tastes of new products. Over time, this area can grow into a cafeteria.

What is required for implementation?

An important point in commercial endeavors is a well-chosen territory. The store should be located in a well-walked place, an excellent option would be a room near grocery stores or pastry shops. People buying groceries at home will certainly go to your store to purchase a pack of tea or a can of coffee.

The premises must, first of all, comply with the rules of fire and sanitary safety, be connected to communications. In addition to the main hall, you need a warehouse for storing products and a utility room for employees. Equipment needed:

Most of us cannot imagine our pleasant day without a cup of invigorating tea or coffee. A delicious hot drink is not only a gastronomic pleasure, but also an important part of the whole ritual, without which morning is not morning.

Today, consumers have become much more attentive and selective in their choice of their drink, and gradually cheap instant coffee and tea bags are fading into the background. This trend opens up opportunities for business development - there will always be grateful connoisseurs of high-quality, healthy, tasty products with meaning and concept.

How to properly build an e-commerce coffee and tea business? We will consider this issue further.


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Creation of the concept of an online coffee and tea store

Your project pages should be the bearer of the idea, not just sell. What idea? Depends on your desire. Here are some options:

  • elitism. Expensive, unpopular, inaccessible varieties of tea or coffee. For foodies only.
  • the path of pacification, peace, contemplation. Such a concept would be more suitable for an online tea store - matcha, oolong (oolong), september, etc. After all, coffee has the opposite properties - invigorates, awakens and stimulates to action.
  • emphasis on health benefits. A whole philosophy can also be built around this idea. Different types of coffee and tea have many beneficial properties that rejuvenate and tone the body. Not to mention specialized herbal teas and herbal preparations.
  • binding to any culture, country - Brazil, Colombia, Japan, India, China, Russia, depending on the drink and its history. Explore local traditions of hot drinks consumption, around them and build your communication with customers.

The task at this stage is to think over your message to create a business atmosphere. Without this message, your store will look mediocre and unattractive, like a store in a department store with a couple of dozen mass-market products.

Assortment and suppliers of tea and coffee online store

The assortment should be divided into three price categories: expensive, medium, low (except if you are going to sell only elite drinks, for example).

Tea and coffee are among the most popular soft drinks in the world. Over the past few years, the demand for them has increased by 30%, which has created promising conditions for business development among start-up entrepreneurs. With start-up capital and a smart business plan, you can open a profitable tea and coffee shop.

Peculiarities of the coffee and tea business

According to statistics, over 85% of the population in Russia consumes tea or coffee on a regular basis. This volume of the target audience allows you to attract the attention of buyers even if there are competitors.

The coffee and tea business has a number of advantages:

  • minimum start-up capital;
  • long shelf life of products;
  • lack of relationship between demand and seasonal changes;
  • the possibility of related sales of another product;
  • the relatively low cost of the main product.

The only significant drawback is the large number of competitors. But with a competent approach to the implementation of a business idea, it can be leveled.

Most people prefer to buy cheap teas and coffees. Only a few can understand the quality of this product. This creates a convenient basis for managing the procurement, mark-up and marketing system.

The business plan is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • cost analysis and preparation of start-up capital;
  • selection and rental of premises for a store;
  • collection of documents and registration of a company;
  • purchase of equipment;
  • preparation of an assortment, search for suppliers and purchase of the initial volume of goods;
  • development and implementation of a marketing program.

After completing these steps, it will take a minimum of effort to maintain the business and generate profit.


The period of full registration of an enterprise takes at least two months. The process consists of three stages:

  • choice of organizational and legal form;
  • collection of necessary documents;
  • signing of permits from various authorities.

Article author: Victor Averin

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Business on the Internet is now the most promising and popular type of commercial activity, due to the ease of entering the market, minimal investment and wide coverage of buyers. But many industries are already overflowing with offers, and the consumer does not see the difference between hundreds of trading resources of the same price and range in the network. Therefore, it is important first of all to find that niche in which there are not many competitors yet, to assess its prospects and relevance, and to start your own business.

The online tea store, as a business, is interesting in that such a product can be presented in a very wide range, its delivery will be inexpensive, and a constant demand for such products can be formed (if a person liked tea or coffee, he buys it all the time).


In order to choose your niche, determine the assortment and pricing policy, you need to study the competitors in this segment, consumers and the specifics of doing this business.

Competitor Research

When analyzing the main competitors (a list of companies from the TOP-10 by key request), it is necessary to draw up a comparative table according to the following characteristics:

  • prices for main groups of goods;
  • width and depth of assortment;
  • delivery terms;
  • ease of order and resource use;
  • hits of sales (if there is such information);
  • competitive advantages;
  • disadvantages.

Such information will allow you not only to correctly form your pricing and assortment policy, but also to develop your own unique selling proposition, which will become a distinctive feature and an opportunity to “set yourself apart” from competitors.

Consumer analysis and target group selection

True coffee lovers prefer good quality whole beans. They also spend a lot of time online, which allows them to make a tempting offer right there. If you plan to sell such coffee, it will be useful to study a small instruction on how to do it correctly. Well, if you are planning to engage in resale, then you will probably be interested in the opportunity to purchase a high-quality weight product in Ukraine, which is provided by a direct supplier at the link below - inexpensive wholesale coffee beans.

You can sell both on social networks and in instant messengers, for example, Facebook, Telegram and Votsap. However, building a community dedicated to coffee is only the first step. What else can you do?

Study your audience

All proposals must hit right on target. Otherwise it will be a waste of time. This means that you need to study the needs of the potential client - what kind of coffee beans he likes and why. To do this, you can arrange polls or do the analysis yourself. How? If you work through social networks, you can see the profiles of your subscribers and their comments. In some photographs, it is easy to notice the ability to pay or lack thereof.

Make sales posts

Consumers live in their own world, and in order to induce them to buy, you need to show the specific benefits of coffee in general and yours in particular. To do this, in selling posts, it is useful to touch on topics that will affect the hearts and minds of subscribers. The recipe for such posts has four ingredients:

  • What is useful and good for your whole grain coffee.
  • Evidence base.
  • Real life examples.
  • Stories by which the consumer recognizes himself.

It is not necessary to squeeze all 4 points into one post, you can alternate or combine them 2-3 at a time. But the essence is something like this. For example, you describe the benefits of how coffee helps fight fatigue. Give an example of how a product has helped someone to increase their performance or stay awake while working at the computer. Or such a scenario, acting on emotions: Nastya bought herself a Brazilian coffee with a chocolate flavor. Now her husband does not sleep until 12 on the weekend and does not miss breakfast, and she does work with renewed vigor.

Post useful posts

Only a small fraction of posts, about a third or a quarter, should be selling posts. The rest may simply carry informational value. Here are examples of topics that can be disclosed:

  • How not to miscalculate with the choice of a coffee machine?
  • 5 critical mistakes when brewing coffee in a Turk.
  • The 3 stupidest coffee myths.
  • How to make a cappuccino at home?

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