Business idea; sale of clothes on the Internet

Internet sales in Russia are growing every year. The list of goods and services that Russians get used to buying online is constantly expanding. You can start a new business on the Internet quickly, without being tied to a specific place of residence. For the convenience of entrepreneurs today, there are many available services for starting an online business, which we will discuss below.

What can be sold online

First, it is worth listing the main advantages of online sales:

  • lower costs of starting a business compared to trading offline;
  • the business can be managed remotely;
  • activities can be largely automated;
  • it is possible to scale to significant sizes.

Not only goods can be sold via the Internet. There are three main groups of what is sold on the RuNet:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Infoproducts


When selling goods via the Internet, the business is based on the purchase of goods at a lower price (often in bulk), and their resale at a higher price. An entrepreneur is not required to be a specialized specialist in any area; it is more important to navigate the market for a specific product.

If the business is "gone" there is a chance to make money on one type of goods for a long time. And if the demand for it is wide, then such a business is much easier to scale than retailing through offline stores. The Internet will allow you to start with much less investment and quickly reach a decent income.

But at the same time, creating an online store requires more funds than selling through a network of services or information products. As a rule, you need a more voluminous site (with a catalog of goods), as well as funds for the purchase of products. In addition, the costs of time and money will be associated with the fact that the goods need to be stored somewhere, it will be necessary to ensure their delivery and receive calls every day. It is necessary to take into account the possible presence of defects, as well as the fact that the product may go out of fashion or deteriorate. You also need paperwork.

For information about what products are in demand on the Runet, we will return in the section with statistics.


Business ideas for making money in online stores, selling goods

Online store: where to start?

In order to create an online store from scratch, you can contact the specialists or work on your own. An online sales store can be done in one day using free services.

In order to launch an online store from scratch on our own, we will use paid hosting and slightly improve the functionality. We cannot do without the unique design of the selling platform.

It can be either a store for newborns or a stationery store, a tourist or “Rybalka” store, you can sell components for a computer or spare parts for foreign cars. The scope for creativity is limited exclusively by fantasy.

Choosing a niche in which you plan to "shoot"

You probably have a certain circle of acquaintances who have some aspirations, interests, hobbies, and so on. Perhaps someone has established their own production or already has a successful sales business?

Ask them what they would like. It is important to present the thing correctly - even the most commonplace can be excellently advertised. Visit foreign selling sites such as ebay. om - there you will find many popular and really interesting things.

Study the consumer qualities of the product before making a bulk purchase. A unique selling proposition is what will distinguish your store from the multitude of online sales platforms. loyalty program is what keeps you afloat!

Before choosing your niche in the field of online sales, find the problem that you want to solve and help your potential customers. Already for this algorithm, you can choose a product or service.

Niche options for an online store

Providing high-speed Internet for summer cottages

Many have heard about the limitless possibilities of e-commerce, or, more simply, making money on the Internet. In the network today you can buy almost everything, in fact, as well as sell. Clothing is no exception, on the contrary, this product is offered by online stores to customers most often. Today we will talk about how to start selling women's, children's or men's clothing via the Internet.

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How to start a clothing business on the Internet

There can be several options for organizing your own business:

  • selling through groups and communities on social networks;
  • selling goods through message boards;
  • owning an online store.

Immediately, we note that no matter how your activity is conducted, it must be legally formalized. You can sell online by registering an individual entrepreneur.

Another important point that precedes any undertaking is the choice of a field of activity. In the case of clothing trade, you need to determine the product group you want to work with. It can be purely women's clothing from Europe or China, men's clothing, children's clothing, etc. The second criterion for choosing a product is its price category. Dressing everyone, especially at the very beginning, will not work. It is quite possible that you are just starting to test a niche, and buyers already want to purchase the product offered by dropshipping. You need to have some experience in sizing, organizing logistics. It is better to choose one specific niche, study it thoroughly and attract regular customers.

When you have already decided on the choice of clothing and niche, you can think about selling through social networks. If, for example, you already have a VKontakte group and you need to promote it and fill it with content, smmbox will help you with this.

How much can you earn selling clothes on the Internet

The level of income of entrepreneurs depends on many factors. They can be divided into three groups:

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