Business idea: Online clothing store

The online clothing store, as an alternative to conventional stores, is gaining increasing popularity. The idea of ​​considering and choosing wardrobe items of interest, as well as going through all the payment stages without leaving home, seems very attractive. In addition, it is believed that the mark-up of online stores is much lower than that of conventional, offline retail outlets, since in the case of online trading, you do not have to bear the costs of renting a retail space, buying retail equipment and salaries for sellers. Indeed, the initial cost of an online store is much lower than the cost of opening an offline store.

If you are interested in everything related to the world of fashion, and you decide to open your own online clothing store, then first of all you need a well-thought-out business plan. Such a business plan can be applied to an online store of other goods, adjusted for the amount of financial costs. It should be noted that it is the purchase of clothing that takes 26% and is in first place among the purchased goods.

Market Analysis

Target audience

As a rule, the target audience of clothing stores are women, so you should pay attention to the sale of women's and children's clothes. Do not forget about men's clothing, because women often choose wardrobe items for their male friends and relatives. The type of store is chosen depending on what your target audience will be. There are the following types:

  • Second-hand.
  • Stock - models from Europe that could not be realized abroad.
  • Mass-market - goods at prices related to the middle category for persons with an average income.
  • Brand store - luxury clothing available to people only with high income.

First of all, it is worth scaling up such a business as an online clothing store gradually - first within the limits of your locality, and with further promotion you can count on expansion. As the number of buyers grows, it also makes sense to expand the range.

As statistics show, the sales of online stores have grown by 75% in 2 years. Financial investments in such a business are relatively small - for example, you do not need to invest in commercial equipment and premises with a large area.

At the very beginning, work is carried out in one region, and in the future, the store's activities extend to other parts of the country.

With regard to competition, residents of our country prefer to make purchases in online stores from Russia, therefore, domestic online stores are the main competitors.

Such factor as seasonality can be eliminated by choosing clothes for sale that will correspond to different weather conditions.

There are factors that affect the success of an online store, distinguish between both external and internal factors.

  • The breadth and narrowness of the assortment.
  • Representation of goods that are in demand or lack thereof.
  • Accessibility and complexity of navigation.
  • The way the site looks and the products are presented in the catalog (descriptions, photos).
  • Convenience of working with an online store (shopping cart, payment, feedback).
  • Possibility of ordering by phone.
  • Loyalty programs (discount system, gifts).
  • Efficiency of service and delivery.
  • Select delivery services.
  • Payment methods.
  • Whether the product has packaging.
  • Promotion quality.
  • Customer confidence.

Funeral business plan

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Best Online Business Idea: Start a Profitable Blog

When you start an online business, you are most likely selling one of three things:

  • Your time (training or consultation).
    • Your own products (e-commerce or SaaS).
    • Someone else's products (affiliate marketing or advertising).

With a blog, you can sell it all from one site and make the most of any online business idea.

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How do we plan to make money in Russia and in the world?

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