American sites for making money on the Internet with payment in euros and dollars

Citizens of developed Western countries receive 3-4 times more money than immigrants from Russia and other CIS countries for similar work. The same is true in the online space. The good news is that you can work remotely at the computer from almost any remote place. In this article, you will find out which foreign sites for making money on the Internet will help you become a sought-after specialist and raise your standard of living.

From this article you will learn:

Amazon and eBay are well-known foreign sites for making money on the Internet

One of the largest foreign online trading platforms in the world. You can earn here in several ways:

  • using the Amazon affiliate program, advertising other people's goods on your website (blog) for a percentage of the transaction;
  • on the sale of goods (best of all, technology appliances, toys, small appliances and cosmetics).

✔ TIP. To get high profits, it is important to be in trend with the product. To do this, you can track the number of sales by category on the site and monitor thematic Facebook communities (usually they are dedicated to the most popular products).

I also strongly advise you to visit ???? a free online master class on the sale of trending products, where the speaker talks about the 15 best-selling products right now.

System commission - 15% of the purchase price. Delivery of goods to the end customer is paid additionally (the price depends on the size and time of year).

EBay is the largest online auction where you can buy cheap and then sell profitably, and thus earn.

By the way, if you have your own website, then, in addition to affiliate programs, in parallel, you can earn in other ways. Read here about effective ways to make money from blogging.

Tutorscom is a resource for tutors

The World Wide Web requires constant content filling. Unsurprisingly, many start-up consultants immediately advise you to do something in the field of copywriting - writing articles for sale, ad tests, and so on. However, as you know, you won't earn much on articles, especially those sold through copywriting exchanges. However, it is worth paying attention to such niche writing services as the creation of custom-made resumes, Power Point presentations, and other specific texts such as university entrance essays or standard contracts (however, legal knowledge is already needed here). It is proposed to write exclusive children's fairy tales, as well as earn money as a "ghostwriter" - the author of articles, blogs, published under the name of some celebrity. From the same series - such works as online editing and correction of other people's texts.

Possessing some copywriting, SEO, PR and SMM skills, you can offer a whole package of services - filling the site and blog of the company with content, attracting traffic to them, promoting the brand on social networks (or individual options from the list).

The list of Internet services is in no way limited by content creation. You can do web design or graphic design, which, however, is not new. It's much more fun to apply your interior design skills online. You can offer citizens doing repairs, enter initial wishes and get standard options for decorating a home, or develop custom-made individual projects. For people with an artistic taste, creating digital photo albums from the customer's material is also suitable.

In general, people are willing to pay for any headache you take on. You can just as well advise in detail on travel to different countries (visa regime, optimal routes, hotels, prices, local features) or travel in your own country (for foreigners). And, for example, computer "dummies" will be extremely grateful to you for valuable advice on troubleshooting technical problems, especially if around the clock. A very common advice is to work as a virtual assistant for small businesses or creative people in need of streamlining workflow and time management.

On the English-language sites on online entrepreneurship, there is a lot of advice for those who are tired of "working with their hands", but they have more than enough experience. In this case, a variety of consulting and coaching options will come to the court. And if consulting on business, marketing, entrepreneurship, time management and personal growth is not a new business, even to some extent discredited, and it is more difficult to promote it, then niche topics again win. Take up consulting on the WordPress blogging engine, teach you how to make high-quality videos with a minimum of professional skills. Well, interest in such burning philistine topics as preparing for a wedding, raising children, cooking and knitting will never fade away, especially if you contrive and put some special emphasis.

The main question here is the format of such a business. These can be blogs with a subscription, online webinars, video courses, e-books, depending on the specifics of the transferred knowledge. For example, video courses are very suitable for knitting. There is even a special academy for online courses Udemy, through which you can promote your information product to users from all over the world. It is also possible to sell other people's e-books, but that's a slightly different story.

You can monetize your research and communicative ardor. Foreign entrepreneurship experts advise selling a variety of research (marketing, online surveys) to small businesses. Private buyers may be interested in genealogical research.

And a very special way of mutually beneficial work is the so-called crowdsourcing. Even just having a well-promoted blog or social media account, you can organize a competition for the best slogan / logo for a brand. The company pays less than the advertising agency, you get your commission, the winner of the competition gets a prize. And if there is a separate platform like the 99Designs site for the parallel implementation of a number of such campaigns, the business will gain momentum.

Another way to make money by uniting people is to have a variety of clubs. These can be platforms for amateurs, for example, poker, where there will be educational video courses, and an online game, and discussions. Another option is the clubs of collectors of whatever, within which you can sell / buy an object of interest, exchange, receive information.

Sales is also a wide layer of Internet entrepreneurship, where several areas of work are possible. Let's leave aside the traditional online stores and affiliate programs that offer to advertise someone's product / service on your website or blog for a percentage of sales.

You can concentrate on working with online auctions - for example, making money on the resale of goods purchased on them at higher prices to an interested audience. Or become a kind of auction consultant - for a commission to sell lots of different people who have no time to do this.

Another “corrupt” option is the sale of handmade jewelry, toys, sweets, etc. However, this is more a continuation of the offline business than an independent Internet project. In this sense, it is more profitable to create a marketplace where different sellers will be exposed. Moreover, it is worth making it themed - for example, children's clothing, pet products, vintage items, etc. With the same success, you can organize an exchange of intangible things (domain names) or a database of different auctions.

How to open a business in the USA: specific directions + tax nuances + 5 differences between American and Russian business + an overview of 4 options for starting a business in the USA + an algorithm for obtaining a business visa + a practical example of filling out documentation + 7 steps of starting a private business in America from scratch.

It's not for nothing that the United States is one of the pillars of the world economy. Thanks to the adequate attitude of the state to the development of entrepreneurship and freedom of action, anyone can become a businessman in this country, regardless of their level of income.

Today we will tell you how to open a business in the USA for a foreigner + we will make an overview of profitable investment directions for 2021.

How to open a business in the USA for a non-resident: nuances + advantages and disadvantages of a niche

Just as China is considered to be a country of workers, so the United States is considered to be a state of entrepreneurs. According to statistics, in America every second citizen at least once tried to start as a private entrepreneur. Another thing is that 70% of ideas fail, but this does not cost Americans as much as in Russia and other post-Soviet countries.

The clarity of our words above will be confirmed by the table of pros and cons of doing business in the states.

Advantages Disadvantages Untouchability of private property. If a person is able to document ownership of property, he can guarantee his business complete security. cruelty in competition. If you can't beat it, go away. Slogan in the style of American business. Competition can be traced here in everything, and everyone will be competitors - a neighbor on the staircase and a large corporation in a neighboring city. Do not forget about Internet sites, including. People are the backbone of the economy. There are practically no state-owned companies in America. More than 90% are private traders. Even military development is undertaken by entrepreneurs. If the state is concerned with affairs, it is only the organization and support of tenders. domineering control. Competition can also be traced in the state control structures, therefore, in the event of a puncture, a number of companies will line up to fine the entrepreneur. Competition is a priority. Classical liberalism is the principles followed by the entire stream of Americans. Competition is perceived as a market engine even by entrepreneurs themselves. tart at a loss. If you want to take root in the market, do it below the price. Since the cost of goods / services in the country is already on the verge of a minimum margin, the first 2-4 months you will have to work at a disadvantage. weak state control. If in Russia it is necessary to report on every step, then in America entrepreneurs are left to their own devices. There is no such thing as pressure from government agencies. The client's equity is not discussed. Even if he is actually wrong, the loss of 1 will lead to losses for the company, and this is unacceptable. Sellers in America are literally chasing the buyer, with an emphasis on high quality service. the ease of launch. Much easier even than an individual entrepreneur in Russia. And this applies to both small private owners and large corporations / holdings. The situation is similar with maintenance. The nuances with taxes are solved through the hiring of an accountant, because it is very problematic for a foreigner to understand all the intricacies of the US taxation system. Slowness kills. If you want to start in a new niche, you cannot delay, because after a couple of months the product may already turn out to be uncompetitive. terms for non-residents. The United States is trying to capture the elite of science, culture, business and other areas from around the world. It is not for nothing that top specialists prefer to leave the Russian Federation and move to America.

Take a good look at both sides of the US gold medal before you enter the market. For a foreigner, a positive decision is doubly more difficult to implement.

Specifics of business development in the USA

We have heard more than once about ordinary guys from America who have overcome the path "from rags to riches", and have become truly successful personalities on the world stage, moreover, in time it took only a couple of years ... Yes, in the realities of the United States, this is possible, and this is what every foreigner who starts a business over the hill should strive for.

Important: all the conditions of US entrepreneurship go to hell when a person works under the "Innovation" scheme. According to the rules of the American market, every new high-tech product that has no analogues in the country automatically becomes a monopolist. Remember the same Facebook.

Now let's draw parallels between commercial activities within our country and within the United States of America. The exclusion of obvious corruption, high pressure from inspection bodies and government attacks on medium / small businesses are 3 elements by default. You won't see this in America.

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