3 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends and Business Ideas of 2021

This article will focus mainly on what topics are most popular on the English-speaking Internet, and how to make decent money by starting in the information business.

This field of activity cannot be fully occupied - it is supplemented with new niches every time, it is very variable, does not require too large capital investments, and therefore is perfect for a beginner. This business idea is very relevant this year.

These niches are very profitable and in fact uncomplicated.

Let's list business niches on the Internet:

1. Courses on how to make money on the Internet. Or just create videos or record webinars dedicated to various non-standard ways of making money. If you know such methods, then by teaching this to other people, you will receive additional income.

2. Ways to effectively lose weight without harming your health.

Courses on diets and other ways to quickly lose extra pounds without causing harm to your health are also at the peak of popularity among Internet users.

3. Healthcare and healthy lifestyle

If you have a medical background and you can advise a person by listening to their symptoms and give useful advice on treatment or prevention measures, then this niche is for you.

4. Remote psychological assistance and counseling via Skype.

Business trends and trends are rapidly changing the world today. Among today's trends in business are innovative ideas that seemed unrealistic yesterday. Virtual reality, neural networks, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence are areas where attractive and disruptive ideas for startups live.

Modern entrepreneurs can benefit from such global phenomena as Industry 4. , the transition to a cyclical economy and digital transformation. Eco-ideas for business in 2021 are also in trend and can bring serious income - examples are “green energy” and “green finance”.

Introducing 17 trends and innovations in business today:

) Virtual Reality

VR is a virtual reality, a three-dimensional computer environment with which a person can interact by means of special gloves, a helmet, etc. Such devices make the user a part of the virtual world - he can be an observer, researcher, manipulator, or an active participant in the process.

Several trends using VR for commercial purposes are gaining relevance in the world today:

• Use of VR gloves and suits to convey tactile sensations: trainings on Volkswagen van assembly, medical conferences, safety trainings, patient rehabilitation, training of athletes.

• VR technology is a new cinematic genre. It is quite expected that he will repeat the fate of 3D - the technology with which modern cult blockbusters are shot.

• Remote work in a VR headset - the maximum proximity to live meetings in terms of the feeling of presence and degree of involvement. Companies that have successfully tested this format include HP, HTC, Schlumberger and MTS.

• Virtual clothing - the designer overlays a 3D model of the selected item on the client's image. The latter gets a realistic photo with "new clothes" and is not spent on purchasing clothes for one image.

• AR lenses that not only improve vision, but also create a "cyber-eye": weather forecast is superimposed, information about objects falling into the field of view, messages from instant messengers are broadcast. According to experts, the novelty will appear on the market in 2-3 years.

The virtual reality market is one of the most promising today. By 2024, its volume is expected to increase to $ 24.5 billion. / P>

) Neural network

It's time for new IoT business ideas. Today, IoT doesn't end with a smart app that orders food for you. Or a kettle, vacuum cleaner and air conditioner that can be turned on using a mobile application.

According to Statista, in 2021, the number of devices connected to the Internet thanks to IoT exceeded 26 billion. By the end of 2021, there will be more than 30.73 billion smart devices in the world.

There are a huge number of different IoT devices for all customers, needs and tastes. But what happens next? What is the future of the Internet of Things? And how can your business benefit from this technology?

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Three major Internet of Things (IoT) trends of the year:

One of the future trends in the Internet of Things is to improve customer service by providing access to the data they need in real time. The IoT empowers CRM software by identifying customer issues and reporting them to support professionals. In fact, IoT devices can report problems even if customers are not aware of it.

IoT devices have one thing in common - they are connected. They can send and receive any data. For example, information indicating whether the device itself is experiencing any problems. This level of intelligence helps optimize support processes.

Previously, you needed to contact support and detail your problem so they could identify and start working on it. While the smart device transmits data directly to its manufacturer's support center. Thus, the service agent solves the problem twice as fast.

IoT and Big Data have evolved independently, but they are now interconnected. IoT devices are built on special chips, the main task of which is to track user activity. They all collect, analyze, exchange and transmit data.

Without this data, IoT devices simply cannot reach their potential. These huge streams of data require a completely different level of computing power to process information. In addition, we see some next generation analytics platforms offering GPU-powered databases to process huge amounts of data using minimal hardware.

Big data collection opens up new opportunities and offers entirely new capabilities that users could not access before.

If IoT devices collect so much data, why not use it to train the system? The IoT is bringing more and more smart devices into our lives. In turn, machine-to-machine communication becomes more complex.

Machine learning helps you better predict the results of different situations. Regular analytics is static and ML algorithms get better over time and this is a pro. As IoT devices interact with others, teaching smart devices becomes much easier: by teaching one device, you are teaching them all.

Meanwhile, organizing its business on the basis of a new promising idea allows the company not only to survive in the market conditions, but also to develop effectively or even to patent a completely new technology.

How technology can help grow your business

The work of a large company often goes according to a plan that is clearly scheduled for two or three years in advance. Therefore, it is not easy to introduce new technologies into production, since it will be necessary to completely rebuild the established processes. In this regard, it is much easier for small companies to reorganize, they have more opportunities to respond quickly to all innovations in service and production.

Examples of technology application in construction

It is quite possible to get high profits from the construction business if you give preference to the use of modern techniques and materials:

Examples of application of technologies in production

Leveraging innovation does not mean creating a completely new business based on untested technology, which is fraught with risk for capital investment. It is possible to apply new technologies by introducing them into existing production.

  • For example, the so widespread "1C: Accounting" has already become an integral part of almost any enterprise. When a new version of the program is released, you can become a dealer and help promote it. All that is required is to convince business owners that new control and accounting capabilities will improve business operations and development.
  • Specializing in building products, you can expand your production by creating materials with a surface similar to fur, velvet, suede, or velor. The manufacture of such products does not require huge investments, and the wide scope of its application will allow you to get a good profit.
  • In the furniture business, you can additionally produce a variety of decorative furniture fittings. The technologies for its production require the most minimal costs, and due to the high demand, all investments are paid off almost instantly.

Is it worth taking out a loan to start your own small business - you can find the answer here.

Examples of technology applications in other areas

Innovation can be applied in almost any field of activity. You can always find a new or well-forgotten old idea that has no competitors yet. An example would be:

  • making 3D casts, you can invite parents to capture the hands and feet of their little children in casts as a keepsake;
  • making decorative plaster crafts, such decorations look great in any interior;
  • drilling water wells in rural areas;
  • applying congratulatory inscriptions on flowers, which will make the bouquets for sale truly exclusive;
  • printing free photocopies on pages containing advertisements on the reverse side, while the profit is obtained directly from the advertisers;
  • the cultivation of rare tropical plants for sale;
  • the creation of unusual handmade stained glass windows.


Business ideas in the IT field are developing very quickly nowadays, because what was a trend several years ago is no longer so popular today. So let's take a look at a few business ideas in the IT field.

We live in a very amazing time - a time of prosperity for information technology, when every person using the Internet can make their entrepreneurial opportunities come true. All knowledge, information technologies, various resources - all this is available to a person thanks to the network. With the use of Internet technologies, it is quite possible to solve many problems of modern society. And it is not surprising that it is in this niche that a large number of startups are concentrated (small companies that are just starting their operations or planning to open them).

In our modern time, startups have already become fashionable in Russia. There are even a lot of them - all and sundry began to start their own business, and the quality of business ideas leaves much to be desired. As it may seem at first glance, starting your own business on the Internet is very easy: for this you need to come up with some kind of service or program for your smartphone, create a website, invite a few friends to the team - and that's it.

But in reality, not everything is as simple as it seems. Despite the fact that the threshold for entering any business in the field of information technology, in fact, is not high, Still it is not so easy to achieve success. The solution of this problem will require from the founders a complete concentration of forces, a certain skill and perseverance in achieving their goals. And for this you need to be an entrepreneur.

Equipment repair

Overview section

The goal of this project is to create a workshop for the repair and maintenance of computers.

The first and foremost point is the attitude towards customers. A private master works, as a rule, with each client personally. After some time, all these clients already have a private foreman who is engaged in the repair of their private computer.

Specialists from private workshops often go home, that is, they provide assistance at home.

Company Description

To carry out this activity related to the repair and maintenance of computers, you must first register as an individual entrepreneur. This will greatly simplify accounting and reduce the tax burden.

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