2021 business ideas that are not in Russia

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Online shopping in Europe allows you to create a source of income in a stable currency, i.e. you will earn in euros. Accordingly, the ruble exchange rate and the constant rise in price of everything around due to the fall of the ruble will not concern you, you will be able to feel financially secure. Also, having an online business in Europe, over time, you can get a residence permit in the European Union.

How is the launch of an online store in Europe

Everyone dreams of their own business, which will bring a stable income. Obviously, most of the ideas have already been implemented, and the most popular niches are occupied. Therefore, you should look for non-standard business options that are not yet available in Russia, but which may be relevant in 2021. To do this, it is worth borrowing the experience of leading European and Asian countries.

Electric vehicle sales

Initial investment: $ 13,000 to $ 20,000.

One of the most promising areas in 2021 will be the development of electric transport, incl. electric scooters and electric scooters. In this regard, you can think about opening an online or stationary store for the sale of vehicles. The target audience is people between the ages of 16 and 45. To create a business in this niche, you will need to rent a room located in the city center or in another area with good traffic. The interior should be made in hi-tech style using modern materials and decentralized lighting.

Development and sale of small furniture

Initial investment: $ 4700-6000.

The second area that is gaining popularity in the world is the development of compact and folding furniture for small housing. On the Internet there are many sketches of wardrobes, beds, tables, sofas and other fancy interior items - transformers. You can start with a small workshop for the production of multifunctional furniture: the rental of the premises will cost 20-70 thousand rubles. per month. The initial investment depends on the quality of the materials from which it is planned to manufacture furniture for individual orders or standard projects. The purchase of consumables can be carried out on a prepayment basis, which will significantly reduce the financial burden of the entrepreneur.

Flower Hotel

Initial investment: $ 1500-3000.

A very interesting business idea from Europe that could “blow up” the Russian market in 2021. Millions of Russians go on long business trips and vacations every year. Many people have a problem: where to put indoor plants. A flower hotel is an ideal option for clients who need to quickly donate plants to good hands during their absence. The cost of such a business depends on the region, the availability of premises and many other factors. At first, you can place plants in the country or at home. Equipment requires LED lamps for the care of light-loving plants and automatic air humidifiers. You will have to hire an agronomist or independently study the topic of caring for indoor plants.

Shop without packaging

Initial investment: from $ 13,000.

For supporters of eco-activism, a business selling goods without packaging is suitable. So, in the Canadian bulk food stores Bulk Barn, plastic and polyethylene are completely absent. All goods are sold by weight, moreover, at the best prices. The Zero Waste store's product line includes up to 4000 items of goods, such as confectionery, cereals, tea, baked goods, dried fruits, etc. The goods are stored in large, automated containers with transparent walls. The payback period with a competent approach is 6 months. An effective advertising campaign will be required, incl. in social networks.

Useful information on the topic: "New business ideas in Europe" with important comments. Here all the data on the topic is collected and conclusions are drawn. If you disagree with them or have questions, you can always contact our specialist on duty for clarification.

TOP-business ideas from Europe

Successful entrepreneurs regularly study business ideas from Europe and implement the most promising ones. In the article you will find TOP 25 European business ideas that will help you take a fresh look at business and make good money.

Server water heating

A cool idea from Holland is to install heaters that get energy from server cooling systems (computers).

They reduce the amount of energy consumed, cut costs, and improve the environmental situation.

The Dutch who use server water heating can save up to 300 euros per year.

Garages Aggregator

An example of a business with minimal investment is an auto services aggregator.

The essence of the idea is to create a website and / or a mobile application, with the help of which a client can leave a request for repair and choose a car service that meets his requirements.

SIP-panels production

A high level of competition is observed in all areas of entrepreneurship. One of the ways to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of customers in such a situation is to open a business that does not exist in Russia. In this case, it is important not only to choose an original idea, but also to effectively adapt it to the conditions of the Russian market and mentality. Copying a business model 100% will lead to bankruptcy.

Advantages and disadvantages of borrowing foreign business ideas

Before opening an unusual production or small business in the service sector for Russians, it is important to consider all the pros and cons.

  • No direct competitors.
  • Potential clients are interested in the novelty themselves.
  • Free PR. The media regularly cover unusual business projects.
  • For a product or service, you can set a high price (within a reasonable), since there are no other offers on the market.
  • An opportunity to form and develop a new niche according to your own rules, from which all competitors and buyers will continue to build on.

  • The Russian market may not have the necessary infrastructure (for example, mail drones).
  • An unknown direction of activity will have to develop independently, to accustom the target audience to use unusual services and products. You need to pump from scratch not your separate campaign, but the entire niche at once.
  • There is no guarantee that there will be demand even after the project is adapted to the Russian mentality.
  • Banks do not issue loans for unusual business projects for which it is impossible to make a realistic financial forecast.
  • There is a danger that the start-up capital will run out before a suitable infrastructure and mentality of the target audience is formed. Companies-competitors will come next, which will use the prepared landscape without investing a single ruble.

Algorithm for choosing a suitable idea from America

There is no 100% guaranteed selection scheme, but following these guidelines will increase the chances of success:

  • The direction should be familiar or very interesting to a businessman. Otherwise, there will not be enough knowledge and motivation to implement the project.
  • The product should cover a niche that lacks production.
  • The quality of the novelty is obviously higher than the market average. Alternatively, the price is below the market average.
  • The stage of initial testing in Russia should take no more than 3-5 months.
  • There are specialists available and sufficiently qualified for the project on the labor market. Alternatively, those who can be trained in a few months.
  • Business on popular goods and services is high-risk due to spontaneity. The fashion passes, the viral effect and the demand falls 2-3 times (this was the case with spinners, vapes).

It is important to understand that business abroad is more focused on customer service. People are ready to pay 10-20% on top for an individual approach. It is more important for Russians to save money, while service is taking second place (we are talking about the lower and middle class).

American Trends: Top Interesting Destinations

The list includes businesses that are ready to launch today, as well as those that will be relevant in 2-4 years.

Installation and maintenance of solar panels

Material on the topic: "New ideas for business from Europe" with full explanation and justification.

Several new business ideas from Europe

If you are looking for effective ideas for starting your own business, you should pay attention to new business ideas from Europe. Not yet widely used in the domestic market, they can become a real "gold mine".

Green Tourism

Europe is generally famous for its attitude to nature, and motives of environmental friendliness, environmental responsibility are rapidly gaining popularity in our country. The scope of "green" tourism may include excursion visits to the countryside, various farms.

All this can be supplemented with interesting details. For example, a visit to a vineyard without tasting is hard to imagine. Many people will like this kind of tourism, especially those who are tired of living in large stuffy metropolises.

Growing frogs and snails

At first glance, it seems that such a business will not be in demand. But ... It's a delicacy that the restaurant business can pay well for. In addition, large investments are not required for this.

Of course, in the case of growing frogs, the question remains with a pond or a lake, which is simply necessary for such a business. And having your own small lake, you can grow in it not only frogs, but also fish or crayfish. So, you can create a real complex business, which, with this combination, will become very profitable.

As for snails, the opinion that they are not in demand is fundamentally wrong. French cuisine is very popular. For example, in the European Union, the consumption of snails is growing by 20 or even 25% per year.

Another reason for its popularity lies in the fact that snail meat is the most dietary, and the same chicken can not compete with it.

It is not yet possible to force snails to grow with the help of special substances (like the same chickens), which means that their meat remains biologically pure. And the consumption of "clean" food is also becoming more popular.

In Europe, 60% of the marzipan business is owned by small businesses. These are pastry shops and shops. The production of marzipan figurines has become a real art, and a well-paid one.

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