Working business ideas with minimal investment

Freedom of action and the ability to create something new, manage your own business, realize your creative potential and earn decent money - a reality that is available only to business owners. Lack of experience and start-up capital stops most entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey.

Not everyone can take money from relatives, friends or from the bank, not everyone has accumulated funds. What to do? Thanks to business ideas with minimal investment, you can open your own business without start-up capital, earn money from scratch and save money to achieve big goals.

Ideas for a small town with minimal investment

Solving home problems

This business includes all options for cleaning services, craftsmen for an hour, cooking, etc.

Online store selling handicrafts

This type of business can be implemented in several directions: independently produce and sell goods through the Network, or become a service provider, acting as an intermediary between masters and buyers.

Courses and consultations

The main clients will be parents who want to create favorable conditions for the development of their children. Classes can be organized in different directions: vocals, choreography, karate, English tutor.

  • Pros: it is easy to gain a circle of regular customers, money should be invested only in advertising, and you can study with students at their home.
  • Cons: a lot of competition, you need to invest in advertising and promotion of services, create a brand of a person, product or company.

Goods can be sold in your city or you can open an online store where you can sell products of your own production.

You can produce: furniture (glass, metal, wood, chipboard), polystyrene (for insulation, which is very important now), recyclable materials from tires (obtaining fuel oil and rubber crumb), souvenirs (corporate), fasteners elements (for construction).

Hello! In this article, we'll talk about a mini business with minimal investment. This article is for those who want to realize themselves as an entrepreneur, but do not yet know what to look for and, moreover, have limited opportunities for this (financial).

It is worth noting that many large businessmen started out with a mini-business. So, for example, Oleg Tinkov started by reselling jeans, Fred De Luca started with one sandwich, and now we cannot pass by so as not to buy a delicious Sub in the Subway sandwich chain (I personally love them).

In this regard, we and the editors of our website have prepared for you a selection of 25 ideas for opening a mini-business in 2021-2021 with a minimum investment of up to 100,000 rubles.

mini business ideas with minimal investment

There are only 25 business ideas in this collection. You can also add your ideas in the comments below the article.

And useful articles for starting a business:

Business idea - Quest room

The essence of the idea is as follows: you create an interesting script and use it to decorate the premises. Find people who want to have fun in this way for a specified fee. After payment, the client receives a task, solves riddles and reveals all the secrets of the room.

The mini business of opening a quest room is quite new, but, nevertheless, it is loved by the modern generation. Such a business plan is profitable to implement in a big city, where a large number of people with above average incomes. They are the constant participants in this project. Of course, the initial investment may seem too high, but it will pay off within 3-4 months. This indicates the popularity and high demand for this service.

Idea implementation:

Today tens of thousands of people are looking for business ideas on the Internet without investment. But if you do not dissemble, then you cannot start a business at all without investments. But we tried to select ten interesting business ideas that require insignificant funds available to most of our fellow citizens (even students and alcoholics). Over the border of the permissible was taken. thousand rubles! True, many of these undertakings will require a lot of labor. Well, the presence of some means of production.

Atelier at home or custom-made bow ties

If you have a sewing machine, hands grow from a place closer to the head than to the legs, and you embroider not only with a cross, then this idea will suit you. And even in a thousand rubles for the purchase of materials (fabric and thread) you can keep within. Do you have a typewriter? Well, we will manage with advertising in a fashionable way now - creating a group, publics on social networks VKontakte, Facebook (less competition), as well as on thematic sites dedicated to fashion. You can do not just adjusting clothes or sewing curtains, but also sewing butterflies, ties and scarves, which is quite fashionable now. And you can have your 10-30 thousand rubles of net income per month. Not bad for a student.

Labor costs Advantages - Stability of earnings, quick start. food leftovers

Field computer administrator

Do you know how to reinstall Windows? Do you know how to install an antivirus in ten minutes and what is Safe Mode? Can you imagine how to connect a mouse to a computer? No, you are not an administrator yet, but you can become one. It is advisable to have a laptop at hand. And also the strength to place dozens of ads, on sites ranging from aggregators like Avito and ending with social networks. Yes, you will find clients quickly. The cost of one trip, depending on labor costs, is 1 - 5 thousand rubles (possibly more). The flow of customers has started - do not refuse anyone, connect your acquaintances who also understand this topic. The monthly income can be 30-60 thousand rubles.

Labor costs - about 3-9 hours per day, depending on the number of orders and the success of promotion. benefits - zero investment, a large number of potential customers. Disadvantages - High density of competition, it is necessary to really understand "the topic".

Food delivery to offices

This is where your culinary skills come in handy. With start-up capital (1 thousand rubles), it is quite possible to buy ingredients for a set lunch for 8-10 people - just feed a standard office. At the rate of 150-180 rubles per serving. Yes. lunch delivery is not such a high-margin business. But you can count on your 25-40 thousand rubles a month. And if you also include other "chefs".

Labor costs - about 4 hours per day, depending on the number of orders. benefits - clients will be for sure. Disadvantages - it is necessary to conduct a real advertising "campaign" to attract customers in office centers.

Anything photographer

Have a good camera and desire to take pictures? And your photos don't make your friends vomit? You can become a photographer! Photo sessions, photo sets, erotic photography, love story, wedding photographer and much more: everything is in your hands. Possession of Photoshop is highly desirable! But the work is quite free and multifaceted. It is better not to cooperate with the media - they pay frankly little. Monthly earnings range from 30 to 150 thousand rubles. You will have to do a lot of self-promotion.

Labor costs - from 1 to 12 hours a day. It all depends on the flow of customers! Advantages - zero investment. Disadvantages - you need to be a real professional in this matter, otherwise dissatisfied customers and competitors will do something bad to you.

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Real Small Business Ideas from Scratch

We present you with a selection of the most interesting and profitable real business ideas with minimal investment. The article will be useful for people who are interested in the following questions: how to start a business, how to choose an idea for entrepreneurial activity, which small business ideas are the most profitable.

In our age of total globalization, everything in the world is much more interconnected than we can imagine. Any, even the most insignificant, changes in the world arena can immediately affect the economies of different countries. It's no secret that the crisis that we are now witnessing in Russia has not so much economic as geopolitical reasons. But, we will not go deep into politics, but focus on the economic situation in the country and try to find out whether business can be viable during a crisis and what is better to do in our unstable time.

In our extensive material, we

  • consider the specifics of the current economic crisis;
  • dwell on the policy of state support for small and medium-sized businesses during the crisis;
  • note the most relevant models business development today;
  • in conclusion, here are some inspiring examples showing that those who strive to make their lives better cannot be prevented by any crises!

So, sit back and start studying the topic of how to do business in a crisis!

Another crisis in the economy: what's new this time?

The crisis in the economy is, in principle, a natural and cyclical phenomenon. No matter how prosperous the economy of absolutely any state may be, the rise inevitably follows a recession, and these periods replace each other constantly.

Crises can be minor or deep, they can affect the economy of one country or a number of states. This is happening all over the world, and our country is no exception. Our economy has "failed" especially lately. Some experts believe that the current crisis is the most serious since 1998.

Of course, even before the major foreign policy events of recent years, the Russian economy was far from stable. But the annexation of Crimea, the war in Ukraine and further world events of various scales, which grew like a snowball, had a serious impact on our economy, and, unfortunately, not in the best way.

What kind of troubles has been added to the financial situation by the current crisis, the beginning of which falls on 2021, that we are witnessing an active stage now, and according to some experts, the worst may be yet to come?

  • Oil prices have gradually declined on world markets; as a result, they have practically reached their minimum. At the same time, the volumes of gas supplied from Russia to Europe decreased. These two factors sharply reduced the flow of funds to the state treasury.
  • There was a sharp rise in the dollar and the euro against the ruble.
  • Due to the unstable currency situation, a crisis in the banking system has matured, many banks have lost their licenses to operate, and the business lending policy has tightened.
  • Sanctions were announced against Russia by the United States and the European Union.
  • The "anti-sanctions" in the form of an economic embargo were not long in coming - the Russian government's retaliatory measures against some Western countries.
  • The entire strategy of the Russian authorities on the investment attractiveness of the country for foreign entrepreneurs has practically disappeared.
  • Many businessmen conducting joint activities with foreign companies have suffered losses from disrupted deals.
  • Many large corporations have left the Russian market, in particular, this has seriously affected the automotive market.
  • There was an inevitable rise in prices for goods and services in such conditions and a sharp decline in the incomes of citizens, and thus a drop in purchasing power.

All these factors have had a major impact on the size of the state budget revenues. And if earlier everyone understood that subsistence on the sale of natural resources was a very short-sighted policy, but they did not get off the oil needle, now the question arose seriously that the state's economy should not be mainly based on raw materials. You also need to produce something. And since this realization has finally come, it turns out that now is the time to develop business in the country.

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