Which small business is better to start in Kazakhstan

Small Business Ideas in Kazakhstan in a Year

Small business ideas from scratch are one of the most read topics on the Internet and in Kazakhstan in particular. Over time, the market becomes saturated and some previously promising business ideas cease to be relevant, while others practically do not lose their relevance in view of the constantly growing demand and developing market.

Kazakhstan is a developing economy and many business niches are not yet occupied. I decided to analyze which ways you can go when opening your own business and selected a list of ideas for business, especially relevant for Kazakhstan

Most of the ideas in the list below are added (except the grocery store and mushroom growing) added by the previous site owner.

All bureaucratic details of starting a business in Kazakhstan

The idea of ​​owning a small business always looms before many people all their lives, and it never comes true. While a sea of ​​opportunities lies literally under our noses, after all, Kazakhstan, a country with a rapidly developing economy, is one of the best places in the CIS to start a business.

In order to make it easier for you to find and reduce your time expenditures, I have selected for you the most interesting small business ideas from scratch, which are quite possible to implement, both in Kazakhstan and in the Russian Federation

Small business: ideas for Kazakhstan Why our business ideas?

The small business ideas presented here either do not exist at all in Kazakhstan, or they are rarely found, or have a wide demand market, which allows them to succeed in spite of high competition.

  • our business ideas are low competitive and / or easy to implement;
  • either interesting due to their rarity;
  • or have high profitability;

Even if you already have your own business, it is still useful for an entrepreneur to keep his finger on the pulse of events all the time, to be aware of new small business ideas. Business is an unstable phenomenon. And every entrepreneur must diversify their risks. To hope that your business will bring you money for the rest of your days is at least naive. Not that this is impossible, but it is always better to have multiple sources of income and not depend on one market segment.

"an idea is the only thing that never dies"

Moms Business in Kazakhstan - Articles on Pandaland

We always talk with interest about Kazakhstani mothers who have achieved success on their own. An excellent example is the story of two Kazakhstani mothers - Niley and Guzalia, who independently opened a business in England! A unique idea and successful implementation helped to find their customers in 1 year - their brand is already known in Europe, England, Italy and, of course, in Kazakhstan. Nayla and Guzaliya create children's accessories from natural wool. Now the mothers live in London, but recently Naylya visited Almaty, we did not miss our chance to meet with her and found out what helped the girls to bring their idea to life. Read more

How to combine career and family? No one can tell about this better than business women in Kazakhstan. Polina Shimanskaya talked with Kazakhstani business women on the ever-topical topic - How to remain a woman-mother as a business leader? Numerous disputes over what is more important for a woman's career or family, as a rule, are led by housewives or non-working men. Women careerists simply do not have time for this. There are unique examples when successful ladies have families, several children, grandchildren. Children and grandchildren are well off, receive a good education and are not deprived of the attention of their mothers either. For example, Umut Shayakhmetova, the chairman of the board of the People's Bank and the leader of the regional council of business women at the National Chamber, has three children. Read more

Once the word "business" was identified only with the stronger sex, but today women create entire corporations and are in no way inferior to men. We spoke with three self-made girls who created their own business without being in family status and not reaching the age of 25. The first business woman, Meruert Arman, created her own brand of T-shirts ALA ICONS, the second heroine, Eva Antimonova, launched a successful concierge service in Dubai, and the third girl, Meruert Orazaly, opened an Instagram store of Korean cosmetics and accessories, which is very popular among Kazakhstani women. How they managed to find their niche, what were the financial risks and whether the initial capital was needed - they told our portal! Read more

Women today have become full members of society and dictate new rules not only in entertainment, but also in business. While hundreds of moms sit on forums and complain about their husbands, these women have been able to build their business empire. Each of them had to go through their ups and downs, but we know their names for sure by heart. How does everyone succeed and where do Kazakh women get their inspiration, whose names have become synonymous with the word success? Read more

Today, the social network Instagram is rapidly developing and insta bloggers successfully compete with online publications in terms of audience reach and engagement. Small and medium businesses actively use it as a sales tool. There are also professionals who teach how to manage an Instagram account. These include young moms and marketing and PR professionals Christina Tips and Elnora Rosemouth. Read more

When launching their own business, most women think about a clothing store. Indeed, this is one of the topics in which we are well versed: what requirements should be presented to the quality of the cut, materials, design, and of course, the price. We know how much it is not a pity to pay for a designer dress, and in what cases the prices are definitely overpriced. But now there are clothing stores on every corner: luxury boutiques, brands designed for the middle segment and economy options. How to avoid competition and successfully implement your business project? Read the answers to the most important questions about setting up a home store in Kazakhstan in our article. Read more

Many women discover new talents during maternity leave. Taking care of children and getting used to irregular schedules, they often choose self-employment instead of working in the office. Why is this happening? A young mother is a multifunctional worker who knows the value of her efforts and time. She may refuse to work in the office from 9 to 6 because she does not want to spend so much time without a child. Or he discovers new abilities in himself. Perhaps the very idea of ​​combining business and caring for a small child will seem unacceptable to a girl who has just given birth, but over time, every mother finds time not only for work, but also for rest and hobbies. Pandaland portal blogger. z Marina Sharipova decided to talk about the areas of business and women who found the courage to try their hand in a new field and give up employment in favor of their own business. Read more

You have already heard 200 times that the character for "crisis" in Chinese reads also "opportunity". If you don't even really believe that in difficult times for the whole society it is you who have the chance to improve your life, then you can still figure out what options there are for this. Especially when you are an interesting woman in an interesting position. Read more

Oksana Shokanova may well be a role model for many Kazakhstani girls and women. A modern, young mother has already managed to acquire three children and successfully combines business, family and self-development. Her experience is unique and interesting, which is why we chose her as the next heroine of the "Mom does everything" marathon. As a reminder, as part of this project, we share tips on how to keep up with everything and interview mothers, who are an example for many. Read more

Many parents are happy with the launch of family and child friendly services, especially if the new business is started by a woman. Why a woman? Because being a mother is a separate “job” that requires tremendous strength and energy, and it seems quite difficult to combine your business with children and a spouse. To figure out how we, women, can manage everything and at the same time remain beautiful and well-groomed - the goal of our first conversation. Read more

Creative mothers are fond of needlework during maternity leave - someone knits cute booties and overalls, others sew fabulous dresses for their babies. Have you ever thought about whether you can make money on this? Kasabekova Akzhan's life changed after she acquired such a hobby. Gradually, she began to carry out work to order, now she has regular customers, she actively participates in Kazakhstani exhibitions and fairs. How the life of an ordinary mother can change the life of a little Tilda doll - read in our article. Read more

Are you interested in business ideas? Business ideas for small businesses in Kazakhstan? What business ideas are promising for the present and the future? What is profitable to trade and what services to provide, what areas of business are more promising? We propose to consider promising trends in society and business ideas for a profitable business, as well as some ideas can be used to promote or expand an existing business.

Some of the proposed business ideas can be used as small business ideas, or as a business to start production, business ideas for small and large cities in Kazakhstan. Based on the considered promising trends, you can come up with your own profitable business ideas.

Making the most of the trend towards a healthy life

The general improvement in the material well-being of the population contributes to the popularization of fashion for a healthy lifestyle. People are completely absorbed in the idea, from choosing products and ending with changing the daily routine, using special body care products. People want to buy and consume healthy foods without harmful preservatives. Buy and dress clothes for yourself and your loved ones from natural fabrics.

Business ideas What business to open:

- start the implementation of special devices for counting calories, recording distance traveled, consumed liquids, etc.;

- if the store is located near a fitness center, sports ground, change the work schedule, taking into account the needs of a potential audience;

- to include in the range of food products for athletes and those who follow the figure;

- to offer potential customers additional services: delivery of healthy food, packing and packaging of boxes with special menus for athletes, and so on.

To popularize the outlet, you can arrange contests among customers, for example, who will lose more weight in a week, hold lectures on a healthy lifestyle.

Kazakhstan is one of the ten largest countries in the world in terms of area. Most of its territory is occupied by deserts and semi-deserts, so there are not so many opportunities for business development in the republic. It should be noted that business in Kazakhstan is no different from business in any other country - its effectiveness depends on a specific regional location. If it is a large city, then small business ideas in the service sector should be considered. If it is a small city, you should pay attention to the tourism sector, which is likely to bring considerable profit to a novice entrepreneur deciding what kind of activity is most profitable to do in Kazakhstan.

Tourism business

The travel business is the most profitable and successful global business that it has been. Its importance is rapidly increasing at this stage of the development of society. This is due to the growing influence of tourism on the economy of a particular country. The hotel business is quite developed in Kazakhstan, the ideas of which are embodied in business tourism. Most of the people in the republic are business people; accordingly, this field of activity in the country is really successful. They started to engage in tourism business here relatively recently, but in the shortest possible time Kazakhstan turned into one of the leading states of Central Asia in the field of tourism. The country's authorities have made every effort to ensure that this industry develops as rapidly and successfully as, for example, the economy and foreign policy relations of Kazakhstan.

The republic is known for its historical and natural sights, which are of interest to many tourists. People are attracted not only by the history of cultural sites, but also by their importance in the spiritual development of the country. This extraordinary land reveals its secrets only to those who want and strive to comprehend them. Not a single person who has visited this country remains indifferent, especially if he is lucky enough to visit the city of Baikonur and the lakes Borovoe and Balkhash.

Baikonur is the most famous city in Central Asia. It is here that the legendary Baikonur cosmodrome is located, from which the Vostok-1 spacecraft with a man on board took off. Later, more than half of the world's space launches were made from here. Borovoe Lake is the most beautiful and delightful natural body of water. It is a well-known resort in Kazakhstan. The fabulous view bewitches and makes anyone who has been here fall in love. Lake Balkhash is not inferior in natural beauty to any lake in Central Asia. The splendor of this reservoir defies description. It is here, according to many tourists, "the most incredible fairy tale turns into reality and crazy ideas for creativity arise." The idea of ​​further development of the tourism sector in Kazakhstan is actively supported by other powers. This type of small business will play a huge role in the country's economy for more than a dozen years.

Construction business

However, you should not focus your creative ideas on tourism. There is another type of small business that is worth doing in Kazakhstan - the construction business. Of course, it requires serious investments, but the income received from this type of activity is very decent. If a novice entrepreneur decides to engage in the construction business, he will by no means lose. Construction is now relevant in most countries of the world and brings considerable profit.

Flower Business

Another type of small business in Kazakhstan that will undoubtedly generate income is the flower business. The warm enough climate in this country makes it possible to grow flowers in large quantities, as well as export them. In order to increase the demand in the flower market, sellers embody their creative ideas. In general, flowers are most in demand in Almaty and Astana - about 70% of the flowers produced in the country and imported are consumed here.

The flower business is one of the five most popular small businesses in the world for a very long time. Flowers are always in demand, at any time of the year, and always give only positive emotions. It is quite profitable to develop this profitable small business, it has a fairly short payback period, from six months to one and a half years, and subsequently will be quite profitable, but it has its own risks, difficulties and subtleties, like any other type of activity.

Any entrepreneur must first plan everything clearly before starting to engage in various kinds of business.

The best boss for any person - he himself, working for someone, will never become rich. These are the truths that are clear to all modern businessmen and prompted them to start their own business.

The easiest way for a budding entrepreneur is to open a franchise company. However, it can usually cost a lot of money, and finding a franchise without investment is very difficult. But with a small investment, you can find something to do. For example, you can start a women's home business or a business for men. Moreover, everything is much easier than it seems. In order for a business to be successful, it must be based on what you do best.

Building a business in Kazakhstan is no more difficult than opening a profitable business in Belarus. Some business ideas can be universal, some can be adapted specifically for Kazakhstan, and some can even be born only in this territory.

How to start a business from scratch in Kazakhstan?

Business in Kazakhstan (with the exception of some points) is not much different from business in Russia or other CIS countries. But where do you start? And you should definitely start with a business idea. When choosing an idea, it is best to start from exactly what field you are better versed in and, possibly, have an education in. Choosing an idea will be your first step. The second step is drawing up a business plan. And then the calculation of costs.

In addition, your activity should be officially registered, including with the tax office. And also the organization will need a name. If you plan to receive subsidies from the state for your small business, this is a completely separate topic.

Tip: choosing a business idea always follows from what you can do best and what you like best. But if there are no such options and you are new to entrepreneurship, try to choose the simplest and easiest idea out of the most cost-effective at present.

Business ideas for beginners in Kazakhstan

Building a business, even from scratch, is no more difficult in Kazakhstan than in other countries. To choose the right business idea, you should pay attention to the relevance of this or that option.

Business on Information

The modern world is the world of high and information technologies. The most profitable product is no longer a raw material. The most profitable product is information. Information can be bought, sold, donated. But how is it to sell information? Everything is very simple. As a specialist in a particular field, you can easily open a consulting services firm. Typically, such services are provided in the field of finance, economics and law.

In the same area there is a simpler option - tutoring, if you have the appropriate education. For example, it is very important to provide services for teaching the Kazakh language.

Sunflower oil production

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