What is the most profitable business: a few ideas for a profitable business

The bad economic situation in the country is not a reason to "hang your nose" and lose heart. There are many examples when large companies began their journey at the most unfavorable time for business. The crisis is a time of great opportunities, a time of real "cleansing". Weak entrepreneurs who have not thought about business development leave the market, making room for new players.

Today we will consider 11 of the most profitable and "not killed" business ideas that work great and bring profit to the owner, despite the crisis in the economy.

Lotteries and Bookmakers

When there is a crisis in the yard, people begin to believe in luck more. The state of low income and lack of work forces people to make adventurous decisions and literally throw the rest of their money down the drain. Therefore, any business related to the sale of lotteries, bookmakers, auctions - all this works with super-profits. To start a sports betting business, it is not at all necessary to have a lot of capital and go through a strict registration and licensing procedure. Today, many large bookmakers are developing their own franchise networks in Russia and the CIS. Therefore, for a symbolic fee of 200 - 350 thousand rubles. you can join the network and open a betting point in your city. The only significant pitfall is tough government regulation. Here you cannot guess when the government will decide to close the "shop" by issuing the next law. I think everyone remembers what happened to the gambling clubs that brought hundreds of percent of the profits to their owners.

Pharmacy business

The pharmacy business, despite the oversaturation of the market, shows high profitability during the period of an unstable economic situation. In our city, many well-known pharmacy chains have only increased the number of retail outlets over the past couple of years. The reason is clear - people start to get sick more because of stress and frustration (fired from work, lowered wages, frightened by layoffs). The number of people with heart problems, diabetes mellitus, indigestion, etc. is growing. Accordingly, visits to the pharmacy are becoming more frequent. Investing in a pharmacy business can be intimidating. However, it is not at all necessary to open a large store. At the start, you can limit yourself to a small pharmacy kiosk. Another option is to open a franchise.

Bakery products

Food is an eternal topic. It has long been known that when people's incomes decline, they switch to cheaper food. The number of bakery products in the diet increases: bread, pies, rolls, donuts, cookies. I noticed that in our city the number of kiosks selling bread and flour products has significantly increased. In the place where I buy bread, instead of one kiosk, there are now four. And everyone, you know, has enough. After work, you will have to stand in line to buy bread.

How much money is needed to open a bread kiosk

To open a bread kiosk, you will need to invest about 300 - 500 thousand rubles, or even less. It is not necessary to rent or buy a capital structure. You can, for example, purchase a mobile trailer (Kupava) and arrange an off-site trade by taking a permit from the local administration. There is less paperwork, and you can earn money almost immediately. The goods can be purchased from local bakeries or you can start your own production. True, this is a completely different investment.

Auto workshop, service station

Like products, car repair is a "non-kill topic". Despite the crisis, there are more and more cars, and those that exist are getting old and break down more often. In our city, there are service stations and auto repair shops at every step. At the same time, everyone is working successfully, and you can get in only by appointment. Didn't hear that anyone closed or left the market. Tire fitting, body repair, auto electrician - all this is relevant. Moreover, these ideas do not require a large initial capital. You can even start in a "garage" environment. The main difficulty is finding good craftsmen. Well, if you yourself know how to work with equipment, you will have a flag in your hands.

Anti-crisis car wash

There are many factors and issues that can affect the efficiency of business in different ways. So, in one situation, these features can help a businessman, and in another, on the contrary, reduce the result to zero.

How to achieve financial independence?

Today, most people dream of financial independence, so it's not for nothing that these proposals and ideas have taken up many advertising platforms. Moreover, not only in conventional media, but also often come across on the Internet, as well as on street advertising in many localities.

However, people continue to go to work, receive low wages and are subject to the labor regime. Why is this happening? A huge number believes that due to a lack of initial funds. But this is absolutely not the case. Lack of desire and determination.

In reality, choosing which business will be the most profitable for you is not difficult. To do this, you first need to think about what you can do well and what you want to do.

After all, when the idea of ​​starting a successful business matures, many by this moment already have certain knowledge, skills and even money. Therefore, you can use it to make your dreams come true and open your own


If you have a red diploma or are well versed in some subjects, then you should take up tutoring. You can also teach, for example, vocals, playing the piano, write term papers and theses, help in preparing for exams. Or just provide the services of a copywriter, translator, freelancer.

For such work you only need:

  • a computer connected to the Internet;
  • educational books.

Most of the world's population is engaged in commercial activities in order to achieve specific goals, depending on the type and specifics of the chosen direction and the area in which the activity is created. Many thousands of merchants around the world ask the sacred question: "What is the most profitable business in the world?"

All business areas are divided into four areas:

  • illegal and illegal;
  • large, composed of existing corporations and companies. The leaders are oil and gas enterprises;
  • medium, diversified areas, which include the activities of regional transport, construction companies that provide comfortable living conditions for a person, large and medium retail chains, advertising and marketing companies, network marketing;
  • small business and entrepreneurship, catering and consumer enterprises, small construction firms that provide basic human needs. Of course, it is not easy, however, the prospects can be sky-high.

TOP of the most profitable types of business in the world

In every business there are several directions, some bring tremendous profits, and some, on the contrary, are at a loss, so the list includes generalized areas and spheres.

Illegal types of entrepreneurial activity do not participate in the TOP.

If we talk about the most profitable business in the world, then pharmacology has always been and remains. According to the analysis of experts, it ranks first, its volume is estimated at $ 2 trillion per year.

The pharmaceutical market contains the largest number of assortment of goods, which are replenished every year. The sale of medicines all over the world exceeds the turnover obtained as a result of the trafficking in drugs, weapons, and cars.

In second place are catering establishments, which include restaurants, cafes, canteens and small buffets, fast food outlets. They bring enormous profits, because they are always in demand.

It is necessary to invest a lot of effort and time in catering enterprises, and the amount of funds invested directly depends on the size of future income. A fresh and bright idea for the organization will give a unique flavor, help the rapid development and increase income.

The rapid development of the network entailed the creation and expansion of the sphere of economic activity, therefore it appeared.

Most people are trying to create their own most profitable global business in networks with little investment. Of course, significant amounts of money are invested in an online venture that has proven itself well.

The main areas of high net worth are:

Any novice entrepreneur thinks about how to optimize the income from running his own business. The question of which areas and areas of business are the most promising and profitable in the shortest possible time with minimal investment always remains on the agenda. After all, no one wants to invest and waste precious time on an obviously failed project.

Consultants at trainings assure entrepreneurs that any project can be made profitable. But the risks can be significantly reduced if you thoroughly analyze the requests of the target audience, as well as think over the strategy and calculate the business plan of the intended enterprise.

What you need to know before starting a business

Factors to consider when planning a business:

  • First, you need to draw up a plan of expenses that should be covered by the entrepreneur's initial capital.
  • Competition needs to be taken into account. The smaller the settlement, the lower the competition and the wider the field for the implementation of your ideas. But you also need to take into account that the requests of the target audience can naturally be lower in a small city, as well as sales volumes.
  • Of course, meeting basic human needs can be a good business idea for a budding businessman. This includes the following areas: medicine, food and household goods, material industry and points of its sale. Therefore, opening pharmacies, grocery, hardware or clothing stores, hairdressing salons is a win-win option. Especially in high traffic areas.
  • It is better to rely on ideas for business and areas of their implementation, in which the entrepreneur is well versed.

In order to determine which business is the most profitable, it is necessary to highlight the factors that determine its "profitability":

  • The speed of refund plays an important role, because it is more profitable when the income from sales is returned as soon as possible from the moment of investment.
  • A profitable business should focus on an area in which there is great demand from consumers.
  • Profitability, that is, income should increase in parallel with the amount of goods or services sold.
  • The low price at which raw materials and materials are purchased increases the profitability of the business.
  • The return on assets shows how correctly the investments were made and whether they are paid off by the profit received.

Small Business

To organize a small business, you will need minimal labor and money investments. You can gather a small group of people you know and start renovating, cleaning apartments, or opening a budget fast food, café, or kiosk that sells inexpensive items such as hot dogs or soft drinks.

Not so long ago, the most popular business was network marketing, the principle of which was to sell goods directly from hand to hand without renting premises. Examples of such successful projects are Oriflame or the Forex exchange.

The most promising business areas

Before we start talking about what kind of business to open now, I recommend reading about unsuccessful attempts to start your own business, earlier on blotter ru we discussed this with the people.

So which business is relevant now? To understand this, you need to understand what happens during a crisis, and not only during a crisis - but the following happens - the rich are getting richer, the poor are poorer.

Therefore, there are promising directions in business - either for the very poor or for the very rich. The middle class suffers the most at all times.

Opening a profitable business for the rich


Very relevant for Moscow and other large cities in Russia. Self-service car washes are especially in demand.

Banquet hall

Crisis or not, but there will always be holidays, weddings, birthdays. We rent a hall, make repairs, decorate everything, find a photographer, a toastmaster among our friends, give advertisements in the media and on the Internet. Done.

Apartments for rent

A fairly risk-free and stable type of business, but requires a lot of funds at the start. Relevant for large cities and resort areas. We buy real estate and rent it out.

Network Marketing & Franchise

Let's take McDonald's as an example, there are always queues! The franchise costs about $ 1 million, the payback period is 2-3 years.

Domestic tourism

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