What business ideas are the most effective and profitable

The situation with small business in Russia today is deplorable. Someone has good ideas, but cannot implement them due to lack of initial capital, someone has financial capabilities, but is in search of a profitable niche or is stuck at the start due to bureaucracy, bribery, peculiarities of Russian legislation, etc. .

However, despite not the best economic and political situation in the country, it is quite possible.

The most promising business is the one to which you can completely surrender, that is, your hobby can turn into something that you do with great pleasure. Do you have a good camera and love taking pictures? Collaborate with photo studios, shoot holidays, ceremonies, weddings. Sports fan? Open your section. Children are especially popular now. Can't tear yourself away from your computer? Become an internet entrepreneur.

Which business is better? TOP 10 most promising options:


In modern Europe, at every step you come across hostels - mini-hotels, which can accommodate up to 12 beds in one room.

It should be noted that hostels are quite for Russia and the most profitable.

What you need to open a hostel:

The costs include obtaining permission for this type of activity and the purchase of equipment. For these purposes, we lay an average of 350-450 dollars. Another $ 70 will need to be invested in customer acquisition and supplies.

The level of income is influenced by the professionalism of the master, the location of the workshop, the literacy of the advertising company. The payback period is 3-6 months. Earnings - $ 300-600 per month.

Tattoo Parlor

You will need to rent premises, purchase equipment, hire a specialist and other expenses. Opening a tattoo parlor in a city with an average population will cost about 14-15 thousand dollars.

The unstable economic situation affected everyone in different ways: some types of business suffered more, others less, and for the third, new prospects opened up. According to open statistics, one can trace the main trends and draw conclusions: in which area is it most profitable to open a business now, and what is best to refrain from.

Crises come and go, but you always have to work. What business is in demand now, where to look for a promising niche? Despite the fact that the SME business activity index shows a decrease (Fig.), The number of individual entrepreneurs in Russia has increased. According to Kommersant: as of December 2021, their number amounted to 3,643,911 against 3,534,516 for the same period in 2021.

Figure 1. Dynamics of the entrepreneurial activity index in 2021-2021. According to the public organization SMB "Support of Russia".

The decrease is mainly due to the drop in sales and investment: the share of trade in small businesses is more than 40%. You shouldn't be guided by the average "temperature in the hospital", so let's take a closer look at how the situation is developing in three directions:

Main directions in trade

The negative impact of the crisis on retail is obvious: a decrease in income, a saving behavior model, and a shift of buyers to cheaper goods. The last factor was not negative for everyone. Networks of the “all for one price” type are expanding, including actively moving to remote regions (“Fix Price” franchise); commission trade revived. According to a study by the Magazin Magazin group, stagnation was observed in the trade sector in October last year (Fig. 3).

What entrepreneurs complain about:

  • 76% of respondents noted a drop in sales;
  • 55% of retailers were forced to raise prices;
  • the cost of rent and property tax increased.

On the whole, the mood is pessimistic, a revival of consumer demand in the near future can hardly be expected. But on a sectoral basis for industrial goods - the decline is not the same, which is clearly seen in Figure 3. For certain commodity items, the index is above average.

Resume. The market for luxury consumer goods (and services) is virtually unchanged. The segment of the "economy" class is not developed. A special skill is required to organize profits at low prices, low costs and margins, which not many have (successful example of "Fix Price"). In recent years, trade has been most active in the middle class segment, and the greatest decline in real incomes has occurred in this particular segment of the population.

In most developed countries of the world, small and medium-sized businesses make up the backbone of the economy. And it is not surprising, because with minimal costs, a private entrepreneur can receive by no means small profits. But, of course, success largely depends on the area in which you want (and can) work - services, manufacturing, transport, trade, etc.

So who earns the most? Forbes magazine tried to answer this question by compiling a list of the most profitable and promising small business segments. The rating is based on data on 300 thousand firms and individual entrepreneurs, each area was represented by at least 100 companies. The data was collected by a specialized consulting agency from 2021 to 2021.

As the authors of the rating note, most of the most profitable types of entrepreneurship require excellent professional training. At the same time, these specialties allow you to work for yourself, not to maintain a staff, and sometimes even not to use an office. But there is another side of the coin: the clients of such specialists, as a rule, have resorted to the services of the same professional for many years, that is, it is very difficult for a beginner to quickly take a worthy position in the market.

So, who made it to the top of the business?

1. Private auditors. Net profit - 16.5%. Audit services are in demand at all times, so the financial crisis did not affect the income of these specialists in any way. In addition, clients tend to work with the same auditor (or firm) on a regular basis, so promotion costs are practically unnecessary. And, of course, if you work for yourself, there is no need to rent an office and pay staff.

2. Chiropractors, 15.3%. Official medicine does not always recognize the craft of these specialists, but this does not prevent them from receiving a decent income. And those who do not maintain their own office and work on leaving the client's home, moreover, have almost no costs.

3. Specialized clinics, 15%. The most popular are minor operations, cosmetic procedures and various examinations. Despite the high cost of maintaining such an institution, the prices for services more than cover all costs.

4. Accounting services, 14.9%. Just like auditors, everyone always needs accountants. Any services of these specialists are quite expensive, however, the competition in this area is steadily high.

5. Private dentists, 14.7%. These doctors almost never suffer from a shortage of clients. Many patients become regular and go to the same dentist for decades; plus, they advise the specialist they like to friends, relatives, colleagues, and so on. Even without a single advertising line and with rather expensive equipment, the dental office is a profitable enterprise.

6. Tax calculations, 14.7%. No one likes to fill out declarations and stand in line at the tax office. It is on human laziness that private tax officials earn.

The Top 10 Business Ideas that have generated billions of dollars in revenue initially seemed too trivial to implement, but as a result, they exceeded expectations and brought in the kind of profit that large enterprises dream of.

Thanks to the rich imagination that helped turn “trash heaps” into goods and entire lines of business that did not exist before, these people became billionaires. An enormous role in the formation of the success of these people was played by an amazing hard work and faith in themselves, thanks to which no criticism could turn them off the chosen path to success. In today's high-tech world, we need less garbage and more a good idea for a valuable invention. This is clearly demonstrated by the list of 10 inventions that made the business of their authors profitable and earned billions. Five out of ten inventions were made in America. Others came from all over the world, from Thailand to Germany.

1. Ishel Ferrero and family. Europe. Condition: $ 10 billion

The family's profitability is built on the fact that they made chocolate part of their breakfast by selling chocolate butter for sandwiches and toast.

The Ferrero family, led by Michel, is one of Europe's largest chocolate makers. Their brands include Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Tic Tac and Kinder Eggs. Now the family is expanding its activities towards Asia, especially China. Michel Ferrero lives in Monte Carlo, sons - in Belgium.

2. red hughes. Wealth: $ 5.3 billion

This lucrative business is built on the idea of ​​installing automatic lockers along the freeways for everyone.

Brad's Public Storage Company is America's largest in terms of storage services. She has 2 thousand branches. Brad was working as a top manager for a property research syndicate called Property Research when he decided to start his own luggage storage business. Hughes is one of America's biggest philanthropists, fighting childhood leukemia. The billionaire donated over $ 200 million to the Parker Hughes Cancer Center in St. Paul. The center was named after his eldest son.

3. alf lauren. Condition: $ 5 billion

The idea of ​​taking a regular polo shirt, sticking a tag with a horse on it and evaluating it at 50 bucks made R. Oren's business successful.

When developing a business, an entrepreneur thinks about optimizing his income. Over the past decades, more and more types of business have appeared in Russia. Every year experts make up the top profitable businesses.

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia informs that the share of small business in the state GDP by 2021 should grow to 30%. Entrepreneurs are implementing a variety of ideas for small and medium-sized businesses in all Russian regions.

Things to know before opening

Regardless of the existing profession, many dream of starting their own business.

Most likely, it will be profitable for those who have mastered the profession of a financier, accountant or manager.

However, there are many exceptions to this rule.

Before starting your own business, it is important to consider the basic guidelines:

  • create a detailed scheme of expenses that are planned in the first stage,
  • take into account the possibility of competition,
  • choose the type of business that will be as clear as possible for an entrepreneur,

Before choosing a future field of activity, highlight the key points that determine its profitability:

  • time period for the return on investment,
  • the selected business area is in high demand,
  • the optimal level of profitability. Profitability increases in parallel with the volume of services or goods,
  • a small price threshold, where the purchase of materials contributes to an increase in profitability,
  • a positive rate of return on assets.

To implement the idea of ​​a small business, you need minimal funds and labor resources. For example, you can gather friends and start cleaning office and residential premises. You can also successfully engage in repairs. Often people open catering establishments, for example, a fast food kiosk or a bar.

Network marketing has been in demand not so long ago. This business has the principle of selling the produced service or product to the consumer without intermediaries, which greatly increased profits and reduced costs. An example of successful network marketing in the world is the cosmetics company Oriflame.

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