Top most profitable business

Top most profitable businesses The most profitable business ideas in Russia

What entrepreneurs do not come up with to lure customers and make good profits: tattoo their teeth, produce coffins in the shape of guitars, paint portraits with amino acids. But, what is interesting, sometimes the most absurd ideas turn out to be the most popular and relevant after some time.

    • Virtual dinners are the best recipe for loneliness
    • Business ideas from Europe
    • Business ideas from the USA

    So, the mediocre seller Frank Woolworth, who, shaking with fear, first placed price tags on goods, became the creator of the largest retail network of the last century. Perhaps the top business ideas presented on our website will help you come up with your own business or occupy a new niche in the market.

    Virtual dinners - the best recipe for loneliness

    This is the conclusion made by Seo-Yun Park from South Korea, deciding to start broadcasting her meals online. Dining has proven to be very popular on the Internet.

    In the modern world, where not everyone has time to go to restaurants and meet new people, having a meal with a virtual interlocutor helps to believe in yourself and get joy from communication.

    The business idea of ​​virtual dining is not new in itself. Back in 2021, the Virtual Family Dinner system was invented in the USA, thanks to which members of the same family could meet during online dinning as often as they want.

    But a meal with a beautiful girl breaks all records. In his business, Seo-Yun earns up to $ 10,000 a week.

    European Business Ideas

    Hairdresser for ... soul

    ... and not just to get a haircut or shave - consider the owners of the Parisian salons for men "Sport" and "Politics", where clients come to use the services of a barber, and at the same time to chat on topics of interest to them. This two-in-one service is one of the rather lucrative business ideas. It is so in demand that queues often line up at the salons.

    Top Most Profitable Business Ideas

    Many of today's successful businessmen started from scratch. Thanks to an interesting idea and its correct implementation, they became famous, successful millionaires. And all thanks to imagination, hard work and dedication.

    We would like to tell you about such a positive experience and perhaps you yourself will come up with an unusual business idea that will make you successful. Five amazing ideas were invented in America, where the technological process is huge, but even garbage can be turned into money.

    Michelle Ferrero's family, which lives in Europe, has a fortune of about $ 10 billion. All this thanks to a good idea. Their business is in chocolate. Michel thought that such a hearty product could be consumed not only during the day, but also for breakfast. It will bring joy at the beginning of the day and energize. But for whatever chocolate is, he refined it and turned it into chocolate butter that can be spread on bread or toast.

    Today Michel's huge company has become a major chocolate manufacturer in Europe, and his family is expanding sales in Asia. Michelle and his family's brands include Nutella, Ferrero rocher, Kinder Eggs and Tic Tac.

    Brad Hughes came up with an interesting idea. He installed automatic lockers along the freeway. After his idea earned, he became the owner of about $ 5 billion. Today, Brada's company is the largest leader in America that provides storage services. The Public Storage holding has more than two thousand branches. And he began his career as a top manager who carried out real estate transactions. It was then that the man noticed that people often have nowhere to store their things, and when moving, cargo or luggage generally constitutes a lot of problems.

    Ralph Lauren's fortune today totals about $ 5 billion. The man performed an ingenious manipulation of an ordinary shirt. He put a horse tag on it and rated it as exclusivity at $ 50.

    Ralph was the son of Russian émigrés who was born in the small town of the Bronx. His career began in a regular store. But this was not enough for the guy and he began to advance. So he became a clerk for one of the companies and went to business school. Then Ralph got a job at Beau Brummel in order to design unique ties. But this was not enough for the man. He took the risk of starting his own business, taking out a loan of 50 thousand dollars, and was right. After all, his legendary Polo is known all over the world. In 1994, Ralph sold about 30% of the shares of his own company, for which he received $ 140 million. Now this successful businessman has everything he wants, including an estate in Jamaica and a ranch in Colorado.

    An influential business man named Jeff Bizos has built his business selling books over the Internet. Thus, it saved buyers time. They do not need to go to stores and look for the required copy. This business idea brought Jeff about $ 4.5 billion.

    Amazon today. om is considered the largest virtual store. At thirty, Jeff decided to change his line of business and start a small business. He rented a small garage in Seattle, where he set up his office. Thanks to his dream and perseverance, the man was able to become a successful entrepreneur. Ty Warner's net worth is approximately $ 4.5 billion. This man decided to create and produce beautiful teddy bears. In addition, each model has its own name, and they are produced in limited quantities, so they immediately fall into a number of collectible toys. This means that their value also begins to rise.

    Binnie's successful brand owner was an ordinary child and grew up in a salesperson's family. The guy never finished college, deciding to start making plush toys. And already in 1986 the first Binnie bears were born. They instantly became market leaders and are still in demand today.

    But Warner didn't stop there. He again invested all the profits from sales, but in the second business - the construction of hotels. For a night in the most expensive hotel in New York - “Four Seasons” you will have to pay from 30 thousand dollars.

    Dietrich Mateschitz and Kaleo Juvidiha have created the most successful retail business. Their product is soft drinks. They have developed an unusual recipe for an energy drink, which includes a sugar-caffeine base and vitamin B. This drink has become popular among athletes, lovers of nightlife, as well as those who love alcohol.

    Hello friends! Too biz with you. y In this collection, we will only list the ideas themselves and briefly tell you about their essence. You can find more detailed information about each idea on our YouTube channel, website or social media pages.

    Top 50 New & Cool Small Business Ideas:

    Cinema Cafe

    The essence of the idea is to combine the concept of a restaurant, cinema and time-cafe in one place.

    Edible coffee cups

    These cups are a gastronomic trend in European countries. They will be a real boon for any coffee shop. This solution is original, tasty and environmentally friendly.

    This is a game that combines football, volleyball, trampolines and fiery music. This sports entertainment was invented in Spain and the number of its fans all over the world is growing every year.

    The essence of the business is the creation of sports Bossaball clubs, the organization of entertainment events and per-minute rental for those who want to play on the beaches.

    Steering wheel table

    A good idea in the auto theme is making tables for the steering wheel of a car. Such a product will not be superfluous in any car.

    Electric shops

    Before we start talking about what kind of business to open now, I recommend reading about unsuccessful attempts to start your own business, earlier on blotter ru we discussed this with the people.

    So which business is relevant now? To understand this, you need to understand what happens during a crisis, and not only during a crisis - but the following happens - the rich are getting richer, the poor are poorer.

    Therefore, there are promising directions in business - either for the very poor or for the very rich. The middle class suffers the most at all times.

    Opening a profitable business for the rich


    Very relevant for Moscow and other large cities in Russia. Self-service car washes are especially in demand.

    Banquet hall

    Crisis or not, but there will always be holidays, weddings, birthdays. We rent a hall, make repairs, decorate everything, find a photographer, a toastmaster among our friends, give advertisements in the media and on the Internet. Done.

    Apartments for rent

    A fairly risk-free and stable type of business, but requires a lot of funds at the start. Relevant for large cities and resort areas. We buy real estate and rent it out.

    Today, many young people are looking for the most profitable business ideas. They want to work for themselves, so they strive to open their own business. Therefore, we decided to write an article - 10 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas. If you are new to the business world looking for good income, then our article is for you.

    What are the most effective and profitable business ideas? This article is about this and will be discussed.

    Restaurant business

    The restaurant business is one of the best and most profitable business ideas. Healthy and tasty food is essential for everyone. If you are interested in tasty and healthy food, then you can try to open your own restaurant business, weighing all the risks. Taking into account the current trend for this type of service, you can ultimately count on a good profit. If you don't have a large budget, then you might consider starting a snack bar on wheels.

    Why is the Restaurant Business Profitable?

    People are fast living today. Sometimes, a person cannot have a lot of time to prepare healthy and tasty food for himself. They are willing to pay money to get ready-made food. Breakfasts, business lunches, dinners - the demand for this will never fall. This is the main reason why the restaurant business is profitable and successful today.


    Catering is a banquet on wheels that serves anywhere in the city, and maybe even in the country. This is one of the varieties of the restaurant business. You need less capital to start catering. However, it takes a good team to achieve some success.

    Why is catering a profitable business idea?

    Everybody celebrates anniversaries, birthdays, weddings. Hearty meals and delicious snacks are one of the main attributes of such events. Therefore, having the ability to cook deliciously, you can serve people and get a decent profit for it.

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