The most profitable businesses: choosing profitable areas of activity

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Today, perhaps, the most fashionable and in-demand area in the world of medium and small business has become the sphere that is based on the business idea of ​​leading a healthy lifestyle.

People have realized that the most important thing in their life is health. This means that it must be protected and maintained.

This is evidenced by the growth of the market for various items and attributes of this area. People can no longer imagine their life without sports and quality products.

Fresh Business Idea of ​​the Year

One creative and very new business idea can be attributed to such ideas. This idea is rightfully considered the best business idea of ​​2021. And we are talking about the manufacture and sale of "light ice cream".

Despite the fact that this new product brings great income and attracts attention. This idea, as well as all others, has its positive and negative sides.

This idea - light ice cream, or as it is also called frozen yogurt, was based on a simple and at the same time quite original solution.

The ingredients of this novelty are the most common yoghurt, various fruits and berries (depending on the recipe) and cream. All this must be thoroughly mixed and cooled.

At first glance, everything is very simple. But, unfortunately, at home it will not be possible to mix everything and freeze it properly, so that the yogurt does not turn into ice, but into a delicious cold dessert.

The peak of this frozen yogurt started in the USA and Canada. But now this novelty is gaining its popularity in the EU countries and even in our countries.

List of business ideas

In order to navigate a little in the available opportunities, you should pay attention to the list of business ideas presented below. Each idea has the right to life, it can become a source of constant income, the meaning of life, a family matter.

Anyone can organize their own repair shop, in which various household appliances or computer equipment will find new life. Cell phone repair is also very relevant today.

In the field of popular renovation there is also a banner, modification of furniture, people willingly use this service. It is very profitable for them, and quite profitable for business owners.

Food production is always in demand. You can open a small workshop for the production of dumplings, which a Russian person respects and invariably acquires for himself or for unexpectedly arriving guests.

You can start sewing clothes at home or in a prestigious atelier. The service will be in demand in any case, especially if a quick repair of ready-made things will be offered along with it.

A good business can be done on shoe repair, you just need to open a point in a crowded place and hire an employee who knows the intricacies of the case.

Where can I get money to start my own business? This is the problem that 95% of aspiring entrepreneurs face! In the article "Where to get money for a business", we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in the exchange earnings: "see the results of the experiment"

Almost everyone can find themselves in trade, especially since here you can choose the most pleasant area for yourself by selling products, clothes, shoes, interior items or other things.

A small beauty salon will also bring the owner a steady profit. And if a massage parlor is also opened with him, the number of clients will increase significantly.

Sauna, bathhouse or exotic hamam will never lose their attractiveness to people, and therefore are a win-win option for owning your own business.

If you choose the right type of activity, conduct a thorough analysis of the market, then we can say with confidence that any business can bring a high profit to an entrepreneur. After all, all areas of human activity are important and in demand, especially if they are organized correctly and can bring significant benefits not only to the entrepreneur, but also to users. But there are areas of business that almost always, regardless of the circumstances, work well and bring great profits. The most profitable businesses such as vending, organizing weddings and making cakes at home are equally suitable for implementation, both in a metropolis and in a small town, and will lead an entrepreneur to success.


In the modern world, the sale of goods and services using automatic machines is becoming more and more popular every year. If abroad this line of business is already sufficiently developed and represented on the market quite widely, in Russia the vending trade is still developing, occupying more and more niches in the field of public services. That is why entrepreneurs have every chance to achieve great results in this type of business.

The most common items that can be sold with vending machines are:

  • soft drinks;
  • press;
  • ice cream;
  • cigarettes;
  • candy.

Japan is the leader in the development and implementation of vending machines, but other countries of the world do not lag behind it, where with the help of equipment they sell: lingerie, live lobsters, figurines from Chinese porcelain, bouquets of fresh flowers and many other products. To become the discoverer of an original machine gun in Moscow or other cities of Russia is a rather promising direction of activity. Today, in addition to all kinds of coffee machines, armchairs - massage machines have begun to conquer the market.

Prospects for massage vending

Purchase and installation of a massage machine

Buying a massage chair will cost 60 - 80 thousand rubles, you can buy less complete models, while saving some more money. The most successful locations for the slot machine are:

  • shopping centers;
  • beauty salons;
  • baths and saunas;
  • cinemas;
  • car washes and other places.

Consumable items should also include:

Which activities will generate the most revenue? Start-up entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps in business, businessmen who are planning to expand or change their activities, and investors who are planning to invest in someone's enterprise think about this. Let's try and understand what are the most profitable areas of activity in Russia?

You can get an idea of ​​the profitability of a particular economic activity by studying the profitability of operating enterprises in the market at the moment. It should be borne in mind that only large companies can engage in some types of activities, for example, in the oil and metallurgical industries. And some areas of large business are not interesting, for example, retail trade or the provision of consumer services to the population, in which it is easier for small businesses to work. Thus, it is better to study the profitability of a particular field of activity in the context of the scale of the business.

The share of Russian big business in the country's total GDP reaches 80%. This is a lot compared to the advanced economies of Western countries.

The oil and gas industry is the most profitable area of ​​activity for big business in Russia - it still ranks first in the list of profitability of enterprises. The companies in the transport, chemical and metallurgical sectors also demonstrate a high level of profitability. They are followed by the banking sector.

At the same time, in recent years, against the backdrop of the crisis in the economy, in all these industries there is a decrease in profitability, in particular, metallurgical companies have suffered.

For the middle management, the most profitable areas of activity are construction, transport, advertising, marketing, as well as activities for the provision of communication services. In addition, such industries as wholesale and retail trade, and the provision of paid medical services show a good level of profitability.

In Russia, small business shows approximately the same indicators in almost all industries, there is no strong gap. Nevertheless, experts note that the most profitable field of activity for Russian small businesses is the provision of services to individuals and legal companies.

First of all, these are construction and installation works and services for the repair of premises. This type of business has a high profitability, reaching, according to various sources, up to 80%.

Car repair and tire fitting activities are also considered very profitable. No less high profitability of the business for the provision of accounting and legal services.

For a long time in terms of profitability, the retail trade, in particular, food products, was in the lead. Due to the adopted restrictions on the sale of alcohol and tobacco products, this sector has become less profitable.

Most people who want to start their own business are interested in what is the most relevant business today. There are a lot of options for doing business and anyone can choose a direction to their liking, based on their preferences, budget and education. Let's figure out together which projects will bring guaranteed profits and what their main advantages are.



There is a misconception that a business will be relevant and profitable only if the entrepreneur has a solid start-up capital and the more he invests, the more income is expected in the future.

This judgment is fundamentally wrong, since we live in the era of information technology and the Internet, now you can organize your business from scratch without investing a dime in development.

“At the helm” now are not the rich and influential, but young and ambitious individuals, ready to create something new, constantly develop and promote their own offspring to the masses. Why not take advantage of this wonderful time? It's time to forget about life from paycheck to paycheck and focus all attention on the opportunity to work personally for yourself, without intermediaries and bosses.

Thanks to the worldwide network, business can be organized even in a remote village with a small number of residents. Modern business has no boundaries and frameworks, it is not tied to a specific localization and strict framework. The business has been transformed due to the needs of the buyer to order goods online, to buy information products for personal growth, as well as to change the guidelines and habits of the younger generation. What came of this, we will look at the best examples of actual business.

Online Schools

Active Internet users may agree with us that many online schools have sprung up over the past two years. There are many of them, they have a different focus and target audience. Most importantly, online schools are in demand and the services of online instructors are highly paid.

The reality is that modern universities have a classic approach to teaching, and the need for new knowledge of students is growing. Of course, nothing can replace the fundamentals and history of economics, but it is equally useful to go to business trainings led by successful and famous teachers. Online schools provide additional knowledge and fill gaps.

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