The most profitable business in the countryside reviews

The economic downturn has prompted many people to start their own businesses. The ideas for these ventures were simple, and while some of them started out as little passive income, some of the ventures did prove to be quite profitable. The existence of any business, project or enterprise depends on its economic performance. There are many obstacles, when you want to start a good profitable business, small or large, full or sideline, then obstacles appear at every stage of business development.

The horror is that you lack the capital and lack of a good profitable business idea - these are just a few of the many problems that you dread. The key to success, however, is to scale the wall and jump over it, and move on to the next wall that grows in front of you.

List of profitable business ideas

This article has developed individual business ideas for beginners so that you can make your choice. Remember, the better the idea, the more creativity and your income.

Internet and Online Business

There are countless online lucrative ideas out there that you can use for your home affiliate business. There are such enterprises, but research on Internet advertising is needed. In some cases, people can also start writing content and writing blogs.

Event Planning

Event planning, weddings and event management have become popular in the recent past, and believe it or not, people are willing to pay a lot to plan an event. The best thing about this kind of business is that "work", while tedious, is still enjoyable. And this is not just a separate event, there are companies that give contracts for event organizers to plan meetings and corporate events, thought out for the year ahead. The task is difficult, but I'm sure it's fun.


There are countless ways to invest and get a lot of return on your investment. With a good understanding of the stock markets, commodity markets and the Forex market, you can churn out a solid income. While investing is considered one of the most lucrative business ideas, it can be very risky, therefore, exercise caution and knowledge of the market before investing.

Profitable business ideas

Ways to make good money in the countryside

Growing oyster mushrooms can bring in about $ 6,000 a year. Read about this and other types of business in the village.

  • Is it possible to earn money in the village
  • What to do in the village to make money
  • Earn money in the village in winter
  • Other Ways to Make Money in the Village
  • Farmer Experience

In this article we will look at the possible types of income in the village. Ready? Let's go then!

First, let's go through the methods of making money on the Internet. For convenience, they are tabulated:

WebsiteDescriptionThe average earnings of a beginner in 8 hours Remote work in TinkoffOfficial work in a well-known Russian bank. All work takes place via the Internet or by telephone. Career growth is possible. RUB 500-3000 orkleOfficial work on the Internet - sales manager. You will become a representative of more than 140 well-known Russian and international companies. 000–4000 rubles. jirja AdvegoOne of the most popular sites for making money among beginners. You can get tasks of any complexity - from the simplest ones (likes, reposts, visits to sites, reviews) to those requiring certain skills (design, copywriting). 00-800 rubles. jirja Fl. uFamous exchange for professional freelancers in Russia and the CIS. Suitable for advanced users. Here you can find work in the field of IT, marketing, web design, SMM.-eTXT exchange platform for buying and selling content. Both beginners and experienced users work here. Tasks - copywriting, rewriting, translations, photo processing, video transcription, writing reviews, etc. 00–1000 rubles. jirha Kwork is a freelance shop. Any user can put up his service for sale: writing texts or poems, voice acting for videos, developing logos, design, etc. In this case, the amount of remuneration is indicated by the freelancer himself. 00–1000 rubles. Jirja Work-Zilla is a great exchange for beginners and experienced freelancers. There are interesting tasks of any difficulty level: texts, work on websites, design, posting ads on online boards and hundreds of other types of work. 00–2021 rubles. dmitad is the best of all Russian CPA networks. Allows you to make money by promoting affiliate products. You can read more about this type of earnings. 50-5000 rubles. ktarget Earn money from likes, reposts, subscriptions using social networks Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter. 50–350 rublesPaid surveySimple income by filling out questionnaires. The payment for the completed survey is from 50 to 200 rubles. 00–2021 rubles. Expert opinion Another well-known international questionnaire. The payment for the completed survey is from 20 to 200 rubles. 00–2021 rubles. Earnings on filling out simple questionnaires. The average income from one profile is 50 rubles. 00–1000 rubles. commentThe platform provides an opportunity to earn money by writing comments and reviews. No special skills required. 00-400 rubles. Simple earning with the help of social networks and forums. Tasks: comments, posting, reviews, registration. 00-2200 rubles. elderiOn this site, everyone has the opportunity to purchase a ready-made site that brings passive income. The most famous platform for the sale of domains in the CIS. -Netology The most famous online university of Internet professions. Provide the opportunity to get a specialty for work on the Internet for a fee or for free. -

Is it possible to earn money in the village

“Living in a village you won’t earn a million” - this is what those who simply do not know how to use the opportunities lying in front of their noses usually say. And they are more than real. Let's figure out which ones.

Let's start with the benefits of rural life.

  • Freedom of action. You can do whatever you want, when you want and in whatever you want. No annoying neighbors, walls and sidelong glances.
  • You are your own boss.
  • Clean air and no traffic jams.
  • Always fresh and tasty water. No plastic bottles or other nonsense polluting the environment.
  • Fares are lower than in the city.
  • Cheap housing without bureaucratic red tape.
  • And, most importantly, business prospects.

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