The most profitable business in agriculture - the most risky and stable areas of activity

The agricultural business is based on the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, herbs, farm animals and poultry. It is difficult to say which is the most profitable business in agriculture. It's all about food production. Therefore, whether it is a dairy farm or a greenhouse for growing greenery, there is always a buyer. Profitability varies depending on the type of business.

A promising business for the village

Recently, there has been a tendency for urban dwellers to move to rural areas. This is due to the fact that in big cities it is difficult to find a decent job due to strong competition, the cost of housing or its rent is very high, and large investments are required to open their own business.

In rural areas, all these issues are solved much easier and faster. Do not think that it is impossible to establish your own business in a village or village. The countryside provides an opportunity to implement a large number of successful business ideas. At the same time, a stable income is provided even at a significant distance from large cities and towns.

Let's get acquainted with a small but interesting list of profitable enterprises for rural areas:

The list is endless. Rural areas involve focusing on a specific field of activity - growing and producing food. But no one will forbid an entrepreneur to organize rural tourism or start producing elite wines.

The most stable business in agriculture

Some enterprising businessmen manage to make money even out of thin air. But in agriculture, this method will not work. This will require not only long-term investment, but also a lot of experience, knowledge, strong nerves and serious labor costs. Only resellers can get easy money on agricultural products. A person who decides to grow animals or vegetables will have to "sweat" very much before the first profit appears.

The most stable activities include:

The most risky business in agriculture

Due to certain characteristics and the impact of a huge number of factors beyond the control of man, many types of activities in agriculture are very risky. Growing plants outdoors is at greatest risk. Incomprehensible weather conditions do not give any guarantee that the funds invested in growing plants will at least pay off. With the same sowing and care, a completely different harvest can be obtained each year. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly maintain the crop rotation, otherwise the next year you can completely lose the crop altogether.

Livestock is also one of the unstable areas of income. Prices for meat and milk are constantly changing, and raising animals requires high costs, both for the purchase of young animals and for their maintenance. But this does not mean that this business is not worth investing in. There are many examples of agricultural farms flourishing and generating a lot of income for their owners.

What are the difficulties in organizing an agricultural business?

One of the most demanded areas of entrepreneurship is business in rural areas. Competition in the industry is low, there are many unclaimed land resources. You can start your business from scratch by building a small agricultural farm for breeding livestock, beekeeping or growing vegetables. The prospect of business development will be the expansion and industrial processing of the manufactured goods.

How to choose a direction

The ideas for creating an agricultural business are different. You need to choose taking into account various factors:

Such areas of entrepreneurship have different profitability, payback period of projects, risks. The assessment of the prospects of a specific idea is carried out comprehensively.

Promising areas of crop production

  • Growing greens of dill, parsley, coriander, lettuce, onions, radishes in greenhouses. The greenhouse must be made of polycarbonate and equipped with a side ventilation system. It is recommended to grow greens using the conveyor method: one ton was removed and the same amount was planted. Plants are undemanding to fertilizers and care. The most favorable season for selling greenery is from February to April.
  • Growing potatoes. Large-area agricultural projects involve the use of machinery. Productivity will be provided by varietal healthy tubers. The culture grows well in any climate. A startup will require significant investments in planting material and equipment, but the return on business will also be high. Especially in the presence of warehouses for storage of products.
  • Growing berries. Setting up greenhouses is where you need to start a profitable berry business. In the summer, you can harvest in the open field, but in the winter you need heating and lighting of the seedlings. The berries have a short shelf life, but sales in the autumn-winter season provide a profitability of 200-300%.

In addition to the above business options, you can cultivate cereals, root crops, cabbage, flax, grapes, fruits.

Flower business

It is possible to grow 100 daisies, 30 tulips, 25 daffodils, 27 hyacinths per 1 m2 of greenhouse. An attic with an area of ​​80 m2 can actually be converted into a greenhouse for about 150 thousand rubles. On such an area, about 2 thousand tulips will grow. The implementation of flowers will recoup the startup costs in a year and a half. It is possible to get a profitable flower business in 2 years. As an extension of entrepreneurship, a flower shop can be opened.

Growing mushrooms

To grow mushrooms, you need a substrate into which mycelium, a kind of mushroom seeds, are sown. The growth of fungi takes place in cultivation chambers, where the optimal microclimate and the level of carbon dioxide in the air are ensured. The moisture level of the substrate is regulated by the irrigation system. The mushroom farming business has a low need for labor. The process is partially automated.

Agricultural goods are sold through grocery markets and chain stores. The profitability of the mushroom business is over 40%.

Since the beginning of the 2021s, a significant part of the products of local agriculture has disappeared from store shelves in Russia. They were replaced by imported vegetables, fruits and meat. Modern buyers genuinely wonder why it is easier to bring food products from abroad than to produce the same in their own country. Moreover, the environmental friendliness of imported products is often in doubt. In the last decade, agribusiness has begun to regain lost ground, but is not yet able to fully meet the needs of the population.

Agricultural business in the Russian Federation is on the rise. State authorities in every possible way encourage its development. Such a political decision is dictated exclusively by practical goals, i.e. most of the villages in the country are in decline.

Business development in the field of agriculture will bring additional revenues to the budget, as well as solve the problem of the desolation of villages.

Small businesses operating in agriculture receive government support, which is expressed in:

  • obtaining preferential loans for starting a business;
  • gratuitous allocation of vacant territories for breeding animals or growing plants;
  • ensuring favorable conditions for purchasing a planting material;
  • subsidizing the development of agricultural business.

Despite significant help for business from the government, new ideas in agriculture are difficult to implement. Moreover, for the most part, the difficulties are associated not with the presence of competitors in the industry, but with the actual implementation of the idea. To start receiving a stable income, you will have to spend a lot of time and physical strength.

According to statistics, the average payback of an agricultural business is six months for growing vegetables, fruits, berries or herbs, and 2-3 years for livestock. Determining exactly which is the most profitable business in agriculture is problematic. the falsity is due to the fact that two identical farms located in different regions of the country will be characterized by different profitability.

Popular destinations include:

  • plant growing ;
  • growing flowers or mushrooms;
  • animal husbandry;
  • poultry farming;
  • beekeeping.

When deciding how to open a business in agriculture, experienced farmers recommend taking into account not only the proximity of the territorial location of the points of sale of products, but also the climatic conditions necessary for growing plants.

  • 1 Growing greens and vegetables in greenhouse conditions
  • 2 Agricultural business on sunflower
  • 3 Breeding meat breeds of chickens
  • 4 Sales of chicken eggs
  • 5 Vegetable and fruit freezing
  • 6 Sales of milk and milk-based products

In big cities, it is easier to find a sphere for implementation, be it a plumber or a manicurist. But what remains for those who live in small settlements? Where can they earn their living, given that villages and villages are becoming empty, and their inhabitants are leaving to work in the cities.

But even here small business can find itself, because there are many business ideas for its development. It should be noted that entrepreneurship in the field of agriculture and its products will always be in demand.

Since people want to eat all the time, and in connection with the absorption of the markets by products with pesticides and GMOs, they want to eat healthy food.

And of course, preference will be given to products from the countryside, produced in private households.

Let's dwell on the most demanded and quickly recouped options.

Growing greens and vegetables in greenhouse conditions

To do this, you need to install a greenhouse by purchasing a ready-made version, or make it yourself and provide it with heat, light and water supply.

Then determine which type of grown products are most in demand in the area. It can be greens, and tomatoes with cucumbers, peppers and eggplants. In winter, offers for their sale will be very relevant.

Up to six crops can be harvested per year, taking into account the crops grown. In addition, if you sell goods without intermediaries, for example, in public catering points, you can get a good income, and if you establish permanent trade ties, you can gain financial stability.

Many residents of small settlements face difficulties in finding employment. Typically, this problem is observed in small villages and villages. Residents of such settlements often organize their own business in the field of agriculture. In order to create a profitable project, you must carefully study all the available areas of entrepreneurship. When choosing a specific direction, it is necessary to take into account its specifics and features of the chosen industry. In this article, we propose to consider the most interesting business ideas in agriculture.

Features and nuances of doing business in agriculture

According to statistics, agriculture is one of the most profitable areas of modern business. People who want to try themselves in this area should understand that the cost of the results of their labor can differ significantly from the cost of the final product stored on store shelves. This circumstance is explained by the fact that the released goods go through several stages of processing. Before arriving at the final point of sale, the product must go through:

  • Final processing and complete cleaning phase.
  • Sorting and packing stage.
  • Transportation to final point of sale.

The costs of all of the above activities are included in the final cost of the product. Newcomers to this business need to carefully study all the organizational difficulties that may arise at different stages of the project. It is important to note that the agricultural business is directly dependent on weather conditions and seasonality. Deterioration of the environment can have a negative impact on the quality of manufactured products. In addition, one should take into account viral diseases that animals are susceptible to.

Any disasters of natural origin can have a negative impact on the profitability of the created project.

Various obstacles related to legal registration of a business deserve special attention. Entrepreneurs working in this area are required to draw up many permits. The quality of all manufactured products must be confirmed by appropriate certificates. Otherwise, any inspection by the controlling authorities may end with the closure of the enterprise. Taking into account the above factors can significantly minimize the risk of negative consequences. The readiness for the development of such events allows the entrepreneur to protect their financial investments.

The best ideas for developing your business in agriculture

Having chosen the field of agriculture, an entrepreneur should carefully analyze all available ideas and business formats. When conducting the analysis, it is very important to take into account the level of profitability of the chosen direction. The value of this indicator depends on the level of consumer demand, the number of competitors and the general demand for the entrepreneur's supply. Below we propose to consider the most relevant and interesting ideas that novice farmers can use.

Greenhouse industry

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