Starting a small business abroad

In the modern world, in a well-developed market economy, the number of people who want to work only for themselves, and not for the state, or, even more so, for "someone else's uncle", is increasing significantly. Consequently, the number of individual entrepreneurs who set up their own business both in the territory of the country in which they have citizenship, in our case, of course, the Russian Federation, as well as abroad, is also increasing. Moreover, this can be not only the near abroad (countries of Asia, the CIS and the European Union), but also far abroad (Brazil, USA, Netherlands, Australia). Considering the fact that the vast majority of recently registered private entrepreneurs open mainly enterprises and organizations related to small businesses, we will consider options for how to open your small business abroad. We will also study the problems that emigrants from Russia who come to a foreign country may face. However, opening a business on the territory of another state does not necessarily require moving abroad. The main thing is the right choice of the country and business ideas.

Features of company registration in Europe on the example of the Czech Republic

One of the most popular countries of the near European abroad for Russians, not only from the point of view of the resort, but also from the point of view of investing in their own small business, is the Czech Republic. Registration and launch of a new company in the territory of a given state usually involves going through several stages.

To begin with, at the so-called preparatory stage, you must finally decide on the name of the future company, its immediate supervisor, director, and also establish the types of activities that your company will carry out, since you must obtain a license even before its opening to conduct this business. If your company is the brainchild of several shareholders, then it is important to draw up an agreement in which it will be clearly spelled out what shares the co-founders of the company are claiming for. It must be certified by a notary. Further in the Commercial Court of the Czech Republic, again in a notary manner, you need to agree on the statements of directors and managers of contributions for the official registration of the company.

In addition, you must submit a certificate of no criminal record in the country, the citizenship of which has a potential individual entrepreneur. She is presented in the form translated into Czech together with a passport and a birth certificate.

The generally accepted form of small business activity in the Czech Republic is a limited liability company, the authorized capital of which is 200 thousand kroons, which is approximately 3,400,000 Russian rubles.

The next step is to obtain a license to operate. The following types of small business activities exist in the Czech Republic. The first one is a concession one, the license for it is provided by the state itself, having previously received permission from the control authorities. The next type is free, in which the procedure for obtaining a license does not imply the involvement of state representatives. Well, the last, third type of activity is professional, a license is issued for it if there is a representative who has not only Czech citizenship and a residence permit, but also experience in the professional field.

Similar procedures for registering companies exist in most other EU countries, which can only change in some respects. For example, the leadership of Cyprus and, accordingly, Greece has introduced some novelties. They do not greatly complicate the procedure for registering a company. This is, first of all, the inability to use the following words in the names of their companies: Imperial, International, King. It is also impossible to duplicate the names of firms already existing in the country. And each limited liability company in its name should have the word limited in its full version or abbreviated as ltd. This approach to business prevents the possibility of misleading potential clients of a small business opening. It takes an average of 14 to 30 days to collect and notarize all the necessary documents, register and open a business abroad, namely in Europe.

Small Business in China

But in Asian countries, in particular, in China, the process of registering private companies takes at least six months. And this does not depend on the fact that the ideas of your business are not suitable for the Chinese, but on the fact that the state is too bureaucratic and requires a huge amount of documents from organizers of small businesses on their territory. And in the material sense, the implementation of the idea of ​​individual entrepreneurship in China will cost a pretty penny. Since you will need to open a bank account in the amount of 140 thousand US dollars, that is 4 200 000 Russian rubles. However, this amount can be invested twice. The first - 20% - before opening the company, and the second - 80% - within two years from the date of registration.

Small Business Abroad: Successful Ideas

Wise businessmen with vast experience and understanding of the essence of the laws of market development advise not to start your business path from areas with high competition. They recommend looking for innovative products and services, occupying vacant niches in which only a few are working.

You don't have to enter the market with your own start-up. You can use new ideas that have begun to be implemented in the United States or European countries. Many of them are already successful and in demand abroad, but they are not yet available to the Russian consumer.

Processing of fruits and vegetables that have lost their presentation

The relative abundance and marketing policy of grocery stores gives shoppers a choice of vegetables and fruits. This picture looks especially vivid in supermarkets, where customers line up in long lines and inspect each apple or orange for a long time, trying to buy the most beautiful and ripe fruits. The remaining products are quite usable, but look unsightly. The shelf life of products, especially fresh ones, is short-lived. The supermarket management will have to throw away the leftovers.

But you can use this resource wisely and launch a line for processing illiquid assets and producing various food products from it: juices, jams and purees, fruit and vegetable salads, soups and cereals. We are not talking about rotten vegetables and fruits, but about those that have simply lost their presentation. Enter into an agreement with the management of several supermarkets and buy raw materials from them at a low price. Finished products can be sold in the same supermarkets.


This is a very fashionable and promising direction. Rest in the outback, living in a country house or in a tent, hiking along picturesque and non-trivial routes attract the wealthy and tired of the city bustle of the inhabitants of megalopolises. Eco-tourism is a great alternative to the rather boring luxury resorts and idle reclining on the beach.

The organization of such tours requires a minimum of costs and is not particularly difficult, but brings high profits. Eco-tourists do not expect comfortable conditions, they are looking for new, sometimes, thrills, want to test their endurance and get closer to nature at least for a while. But it is still necessary to ensure the safety of customers.

Selling liquid that repels water

A profitable business can be created by selling innovative products. One of them is Ultra Ever Dry. It is a revolutionary substance that has the ability to repel any liquid. The surface treated with Ultra Ever Dry does not get wet, is not contaminated with liquid concrete mixtures, oils, liquid mud. This product can be used in everyday life, in construction and repair work, in production.

The advantage of selling innovative products is favorable conditions for cooperation from manufacturers and the opportunity to occupy a free niche.

Outsourced Call Center

More and more companies working in the field of sales and service feel the need to keep in touch with their customers. The most effective way to inform about new offers, conduct surveys and provide full service is by telephone.

Europe is a recognized leader in the number of creative ideas for new businesses. The specifics of life, mentality contribute to the emergence and subsequent implementation of non-standard projects. They are rapidly gaining widespread adoption and impressive returns. Successful startups in the West may well become a profitable business, both in Russia and in other countries. The 2021 new items discussed below can be a source of inspiration for finding a good investment of funds and efforts.

Ideal jeans shop for men

A rare man likes to spend many hours walking through shopping centers in search of a necessary thing. The problem with the visual choice of the model and the appropriate size. Hointer jeans store has become a real find for the male representatives. Simple and functional arrangement of goods, modern technology and lack of intrusive service attract men like a magnet. The jeans are not stacked in neat piles, but are hung with the front side to the buyer, each in a single copy. It is easy to find out by the QR code on the labels in which of the fitting rooms the desired model of the appropriate size is already located. The jeans that you like after trying on are taken to the cashier, those that do not fit are sent to a special hole. The advantage of such a store is in significant savings on square meters and employees.

Shopping with delivery to the place of arrival

A relevant service for cities where there is an airport will be the delivery of products after online ordering to the place of arrival. Tired passengers will be grateful for the opportunity to go home, skipping the lines at the supermarkets. The idea was implemented by the Woolworths chain of stores in Melbourne (Australia).

Goods without packaging

Bulk Barn offers loose, and most importantly, cheap goods: cereals, nuts, teas, pastries, dried fruits and much more in large vending machines with transparent walls. The lack of packaging greatly affects the price. Since its inception, the company has expanded to 200 branches and expanded its product line to 4000 items.

Weight Control Restaurant

The fashion trend for a beautiful athletic body made the idea of ​​opening a restaurant where you can calculate your dinner in terms of the number of calories truly "golden". This service is successfully offered by the Hitzberger restaurant (Switzerland).

A restaurant with an opportunity to earn money for visitors

The Logbar in Japan gives visitors the ability to create their own cocktail recipe on their iPad. The bartender will mix the ingredients, and the visitor will enjoy the taste of his invention. You can name the drink and save it to the bar card. If another visitor chooses an invented cocktail, the author will be charged 50 yen for each new order.

Cafe for cyclists

Many aspiring entrepreneurs find it difficult to choose a profitable business idea. Most often, they are guided by the experience of domestic businessmen, but, unfortunately, this approach is not always justified, so some newcomers take as a basis the business ideas of 2021 from the USA. In this article, we have collected some of the best projects that can bring good income in our country.

Business Features American Style

It should be noted that American small business ideas have their own characteristics. For the inhabitants of this country, entrepreneurship is a way of life. Perhaps some business ideas in the United States will seem unusual and even outlandish to you. Therefore, when choosing a direction of activity, you need to take into account the mentality of our people and compare them with real conditions. The fact is that not all business ideas from the United States can show high efficiency in Russia. American culture is composed of the traditions of different peoples. Thanks to this, in the United States, you can open a business associated with a variety of areas of human activity. But there are also models that can only work overseas. They are unacceptable in our country.

Despite this, many domestic entrepreneurs successfully implement American business ideas that are not in Russia and receive a decent income. Of course, there is a certain level of competition in every area. This is how the modern business world works. Basically, you can choose one of the new business ideas in the USA with a complete lack of competition. In this case, you will become a real discoverer. Of course, competitors will appear sooner or later, but by that time you will have time to make good money.


Another small business idea growing in the US is a pet hotel where you will house and care for your pets. Such a business brings good income, both in the United States and in European countries. In Russia, hotels for animals are also not uncommon. Their services are used by people who travel on business trips or on vacation and do not have the opportunity to take their pets with them. While the owners are on the road, the hotel staff look after the unusual guests, providing them with proper care and nutrition.

Personal advice

This idea of ​​small business in the United States appeared relatively recently. Only specialists with extensive experience and the necessary knowledge in a particular area are engaged in the provision of individual consultations in America.

In our country, many citizens need outside help and practical advice. If you are a good economist, lawyer, or psychologist, try acting as a personal advisor. This is one of the easiest American business ideas without investment. All you need to get started is knowledge, a computer and access to the Internet. At first, you can provide such a service for free in order to attract the attention of customers to your business.

Rubber paving slabs

What types of businesses are popular in Europe? The answer to this question depends on the purpose. From the tourist's point of view, it is profitable to engage in agriculture, restaurants and hotels, the manufacture of luxury goods; it is also known that Europe is a trendsetter in clothes, shoes, bags, cars. From an investor's point of view, finding a truly profitable niche in the European Union is not easy.

Business in a European way: pros and cons

In terms of areas, popular types of small business in Europe can be conditionally divided into 4 blocks:

  • food business
  • comfort
  • healthy lifestyle
  • handmade products.

Food trade and catering

You can make money on food in any country in the world - Europe is no exception. Mobile hot food outlets, vending machines, lunch delivery, small breweries - all these areas of small business are in demand. Europeans are busy with other pleasant things and feel less and less desire to “stand at the stove”.

Mobile Diner

Opening a full-fledged restaurant in Germany or France is expensive and risky, and a standard snack bar will bring profit to the owner. Europeans love to travel, organize festivals, and various sports events. Hot sandwiches, pizza, pancakes, potatoes - all are in demand in crowded places.

Buying a van on wheels will cost 10,000 €. Additional costs (groceries, disposable tableware, salary, advertising) - about 5,000 €. This startup with minimal investment can be mastered without knowing the language, the main thing is to cook deliciously and quickly serve customers.

Handmade Chocolate

Hot chocolate, coffee, sweets have long been in demand in Europe. It is interesting that "handmade" sweets do not have to be molded by hand - European manufacturers produce convenient machines for making sweets and a variety of "templates". The main secret of commerce is to make candy tasty. This will require quality products and original recipes.

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