Several profitable online business ideas

Now, when the Internet plays one of the key roles in the life of most modern people, many are asking the question - what are the business ideas on the Internet?

Everyone who chooses the Internet as a platform for the development of their business should remember that it is quite possible that a new business will bring maximum profit only at first, because here, as in the real world, the more people know about the existence of a business and try to organize it, the less profitable it will be. And given the scale of the worldwide network ... However, there are time-tested good ideas, and we will talk about them below.

Online Stores

Among such ideas, first of all, it is worth highlighting online stores. You can search for goods for such a store yourself, or buy at the maximum discount using a franchise from one of the famous manufacturers. In addition, you do not even have to deal with creating a website, because some of the franchises provide for the provision of a ready-made Internet portal.

The undoubted advantage of this business is that there is no need to hire a large number of personnel and rent or buy special premises. Among the disadvantages is the need for constant monitoring and editing of the site.

Sale and promotion of sites

The next no less common business idea is to sell websites. With sufficient knowledge and experience, you can sell websites of your own production. If you have a pronounced ability to sell, then in this case it is worth thinking about organizing a team of specialists to whom you will transfer the orders of the clients you have found.

At the same time, you can pay for the work of such specialists on a monthly basis, hiring them for permanent work, and knowing that they are always at hand, or you can pay them a percentage of the project cost.

But remember: in the latter case, you run the risk of being left without an employee at the most crucial moment, for example, if at this time he has a more profitable order that does not tolerate delay.

Once again, I greet those who do not want to work for their uncle and vegetate in an atmosphere of eternal financial insufficiency. We will talk about the most profitable business on the Internet. There are a great many reasons to be puzzled by this topic, the two most common of them I outlined in the first sentence of this article. I'll make a reservation right away that business and earnings are two completely different things. Today we'll talk exactly about how, using the possibilities of the World Wide Web, to open your own profitable business.

Tips for beginners

Friends, if you have looked into this material, it means that you are mentally mature enough, it remains to gain knowledge and courage, as well as find out which business, implemented on the Internet, is the most profitable today. I have to upset you, but there is simply no definite answer to this question. In online entrepreneurship, the same rules apply as in real life in computer life:

  • It is most profitable to do what you like.
  • It is important to fully understand the chosen area.
  • It is possible and sometimes necessary to take risks, but no one forbids being friends with your head.
  • It is necessary to constantly develop and take even a tiny step forward every day.
  • You can't become a mouse and get carried away by free cheese, there is a chance to get into a mousetrap - only painstaking work leads to a result, and promises of easy money are someone's attempt to profit from gullible beginners.
  • Problems and difficulties are just another stepping stone on the path to success, and mistakes are valuable experience and an opportunity to find the right path.
  • The light at the end of the tunnel is not necessarily an exit, it can become someone's trap, sometimes it is more correct to use a workaround - if the prospect seems tempting to you, but something, even on a subconscious level, confuses you, then it is better Recheck everything 10 times.

I hope you understand the wisdom that I wrote, otherwise ask in the comments, I will explain in more detail.

Where to start

Let's assume that the decision has been made, so to speak, forward and with the song. Where to begin? With deliberation and introspection. Yes Yes exactly. Again you have to think and very strained:

  • Assess your capabilities starting from interests and skills, and ending with the available material base. By the way, you can start a profitable business from absolute zero if you choose its format correctly and be active on time.
  • Choose the most interesting direction - it's not a sin to listen to your intuition.
  • Estimate the demand for what you have chosen and the presence of competitors.
  • Explore all you can find on a given topic.
  • Begin to act, without delaying "until Monday," until "I will solve these problems" and "maybe somehow later."


"More specific, dear friend" - I say to myself and move on to really profitable and publicly available business ideas. I do not guarantee 100% income. I just give examples that with a competent approach, incredible stubbornness and titanic work can really bring huge profits. Thousands of people have already earned on this. If they could, what prevents you from trying?

Sergey Ivanisov is back in touch. I am glad to greet you, friends. Our topic today is as eternal as the world, as interesting as the best Google search pages, and endless as the Internet itself. Let's talk about online business again. You know, no matter how many posts I write on this topic, I suspect that I am only touching on its top. How many opportunities to start a business online exist now, and how many more will appear in the foreseeable future! Modern types of business on the Internet make it possible not only to live comfortably, but to live to the fullest!

Having organized and promoted your own online business, get ready for the fact that those apartments, cars and resorts that yesterday seemed inaccessible to you will be acquired and mastered with ease. But also be prepared for the fact that your business is your unplowed field, on which you need to work, and not someone else.

And, following my habit, I must warn you not to confuse earning on the Internet and doing business on the Internet - although these are similar things, in reality they are completely different.

Profitable business on the Internet: how to find, how to do it?

What can you advise here? Search with your heart. A little, of course, be guided by demand, but more - by your inner voice and your own preferences. A profitable business on the Internet is any that you can promote. But how are you going to promote the topic of gardening, for example, if you hate this business since childhood? If you turn away from him ever since when your parents sent you to your grandmother's village every summer to help spud potatoes and collect the Colorado potato beetle on it. Yes, the days of parental addiction are over, but the residue remains. Now you won't spill anything, but you will have to write about it!

So choose a niche where work is truly enjoyable and not sad memories. Business requires a lot of work, sometimes even seven days a week, sometimes even 12 hours, but if work brings pleasure and income, then who will count this time?

While you have not yet figured out how to do business on the Internet, let me give you a few examples - high-profile and very famous examples. Pay attention to how it all began.

Profitable business on the Internet: starting the game

Do you think that Mark Zuckerberg, inventing his Facebook, slept and saw how the resource brings him millions in income? Nothing like this. He created the site as a toy, entertainment for friends. And now look at what kind of monster he has grown into now. Social media is a very lucrative online business. Right now you sit and think: why am I a fool did not think to create such a social. about 15 years ago ... Now I would also be a millionaire ...

In the same way, the creator of VK Pavel Durov, the creator of the dating site Markus Frind, did not think about the multimillion-dollar turnover, at all. This guy, Markus, had absolutely no idea that it was possible to earn money on the Internet - he developed his site as a non-commercial project, independently, for a long time and persistently, using the information he got here - on the Internet.

Internet business is a very tempting idea. The big advantage of such a business is the ability to combine it with the main job, and then, when the business starts to bring real profit, you can refuse from the main job. Online business allows you to make a profit with minimal investment. All ideas of making money on the Internet can be divided into ideas directly related to working with sites, and ideas not related to it.

Earnings related to working with sites

The most popular ideas for profitable earnings on the network are in one way or another related to working with sites. Take freelancing, for example. A freelancer is a “handyman” who works remotely for himself. As a rule, the work of a freelancer is directly related to sites. One of the types of freelancing is copywriting. A copywriter is a person who writes articles for a website. Alternatively, you can try yourself as an advertising copywriter - someone who writes promotional messages for companies. For a good master, copywriting is a very profitable business.

Consider other business ideas on the Internet that are directly related to working with sites and that require minimal investment for their implementation:

  • web mastering - development of websites and corporate applications on the Internet. A webmaster can combine the functions of an author, web designer, web programmer, system administrator, moderator, editor and content manager, as well as perform direct page layout;
  • the provision of Internet hosting services, and it is the provision of space for placing information on a server that is constantly on the Internet. Usually hosting implies the service of hosting the file system of the site on a server on which the software is installed, which is necessary to process requests to this file system;
  • the creation of satellite sites - sites for the promotion of the main site. The principle of satellite sites is that they constantly link to the main (parent) site. At the same time, the site rises in the search results due to the fact that these links increase the thematic weight of the site.

Website or blog creation services

The business of creating and promoting sites is very popular in our country. However, the creation of a website by specialized companies is quite expensive for the client, although the website will, of course, be individual. At the same time, not all clients want a “cool” site - for many, a business card site is enough, which will simply list the services provided by the company, contain a portfolio, contacts and a feedback form. It is not so difficult to learn how to make a business card site using a standard template, especially since today you can learn it by going through online trainings for an acceptable fee. Having learned how to make a website once, you can create them yourself on request and get good profit from this.

It's a good idea for an online business to start a blog. A blog is a kind of website. Blogging is very popular today. Development of a blog, of course, requires a lot of labor and time, but as soon as you get your target audience (blog readers), the site will already work for you. The advantage of a blog is that on it you write about what you really know how to write about without giving you any trouble.

  • contextual advertising (for example, Google Adsense) - ad units are located in the places agreed with you (site widgets) and contain information corresponding to the topic of your site. When you click on the link, the money is automatically credited to your account;
  • sale of links (for example, Miralinks) - site visitors buy links to the information they need;
  • banner ads (for example, Rotoban) - placing banners of other companies (sites) on your site;
  • participation in affiliate programs;

Note that, as a rule, to place advertisements and links, high TIC and PR indicators are required - indicators of your site's performance, depending on the number of links to your site, traffic, the number of site pages and other parameters.

Earnings not related to working with sites

  • provision of any services via the Internet with video tutorials. For example, you know how to weave various braids, then record on video master classes on braiding and offer your training programs for money. In this case, it is quite easy and free to advertise your services through social networks;
  • a consultant by e-mail. This assumes that you provide consultant services on various issues (for example, on any business sector or marketing) by email for a fee;
  • earnings from photographs. If you have a good camera and a talent of a photographer, then you, having made interesting and high-quality pictures, put them up for sale by uploading them to special Internet resources that act as an intermediary and ensure the security of transactions;
  • photo editing and video. This idea will suit those who are good photo and video editors and know specialized programs for editing photos and videos;
  • tutoring over the Internet. If you have certain knowledge, you can provide online assistance (for example, via Skype) in preparing for the exam, assistance in writing essays, term papers and theses, in creating presentations. Materials and assignments can be sent to clients by e-mail.

Creating an online store

Whether the company will be profitable depends primarily on the entrepreneur. It is hardly worth recommending one and the same type of activity to all businessmen, even if it is considered highly profitable. We compared the current areas of business in Russia today and identified the most profitable ones.

Defining a profitable business

The first criterion for evaluating when comparing different lines of business will be profitability. At the same time, each type of activity is suitable for a specific entrepreneur, because someone plans to start their own business from scratch, and someone intends to invest millions in it. Therefore, the second parameter for comparison is the value of the initial cost.

A commercial enterprise is also characterized by the intangible costs necessary for its successful start and development (knowledge, technology, know-how, etc.). Therefore, the third criterion is the complexity of starting and running a business. This assessment is also important for analyzing the types of activities and answering the question of which business in Russia is the most profitable today.

In addition, you should take into account the novelty of the case and the level of competition, on which the riskiness of the enterprise depends. Initial costs, complexity and level of risk form a certain threshold for entrepreneurs to enter the chosen commercial area. Even before registering an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, you need to think about which taxation system to choose. The tax burden on the company and the complexity or simplicity of submitting various reports will depend on this. When starting a business, it is better to give it all the paperwork on. It is better to use the services of reliable companies with a good reputation, for example.

The most profitable business in Russia with low and medium barriers to entry

Traditionally, small and medium-sized businesses are based in those niches that are in steady demand and bring constant profit. These niches include:

  • retail trade;
  • consumer services;
  • catering;
  • production of food and consumer goods ;
  • services for legal entities;
  • real estate transactions, etc.

Among the variety of types of commerce, it is difficult to single out the areas that provide maximum profit. Profit depends, for example, on the location of the enterprise and on the level of competition. Here is a list of not yet very common, but in demand commercial endeavors.

Buying a Franchise

One of the easiest options is to buy a ready-made business for a franchise. This type of business is costly and therefore not suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs. But it allows you to quickly get into business, has a short payback period, low risks and a good level of profitability.

Today retail stores, restaurants, cafes, bars, salons are opening in Russia under the franchise. As a rule, the payback period in this area is from six months to two years.

In addition to the franchise, a quick start of sales is provided by vending (installation of vending machines). This type of entrepreneurship is relevant today and has good prospects, since it is still poorly developed in Russia. However, such a business does not belong to the most profitable: the payback is achieved on average in one and a half to two years.

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