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Opening a business in any country has a number of certain nuances that must be taken into account by every person who wants to do business. In the previous publication, we discussed in detail, in this article, let's talk about what kind of business it is profitable to do in Belarus.

Let's start with the fact that Belarus is a country that is quite loyal to small businesses and encourages people who want to organize their own business in every possible way. Therefore, we can say with confidence that opening your own business in Belarus is profitable and promising.

But be that as it may, there are a number of nuances that every beginner should know. First of all, it is worth understanding such a concept as entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is an activity that is legally registered, carried out by a person personally with the aim of making a profit at his own peril and risk.

From this, we can conclude that no one guarantees you success. This is not a job for a landlord, where you receive your monthly wages. In this case, everything depends on your entrepreneurial qualities, desire, pragmatism, hard work and endurance. Success or failure depends only on you.

What business to do in Belarus Choosing a niche

First of all, think about what you would like to do, what you like, what kind of work you are ready to do with pleasure and love, devoting all your free time to it. Believe me, it is very important to find what you love, which you like, and even make a profit. Not every person gets this chance, so if you suddenly have such an opportunity, feel free and without a doubt, take it.

What is worth knowing about competition in Belarus?

When opening your business in Belarus, take into account the fact that the product or service that you are going to sell should be hit not only in demand, but also low-competitive. It is not easy to find such an area, but it is quite possible with a competent approach.

Competitors are people who offer a similar product or service to a consumer. You should look for smart workarounds, for example, it is stupid to place your bakery outlet next to a competitor, or inflate prices for a similar product. You need to think through every nuance and find the most profitable option for yourself.

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If you are just asking yourself the question: "What kind of business can you do?", it means that you are not yet ripe to become an entrepreneur.

Your business is not in development or planning yet, it is still a dream.

But dreaming about business is not bad either. In your dreams, you can come up with the most creative idea, which will later become a successful business.

In order to start a business, you need to start from what you do best or what you have the ability to do.

If you like to build something, develop this area and start a business. You don't have to tackle something you don't know anything about.

Every day we come across new business ideas on the street, in the press, and we understand that it is so simple and at the same time so brilliant.

Someone came up with a great business and started to develop it, and you missed such a great opportunity.

In other matters, there can be a million successful and unique business ideas, but yours should be special and only you yourself know what exactly and how you want to develop.

If you can't come up with your own business right away, go to the Internet.

There are tons of articles out there on new business ideas. After reading them, you can choose one for yourself or create your own on the basis of some.

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Hello. I need your advice in developing my future. I am a student, I am 18 years old. I am studying for the profession "maintenance, repair and operation of road transport". My financial situation is reduced to zero. As it is now, the crisis, it is not possible to find a job or even some kind of part-time job. I've always wanted to open my own business. render completely. But as you know, I have no start-up capital. How can you open a business without any investment? And should I try to start at least a small business at the age of 18? Please give some advice.

Answer: (subscriber's name is Maxim)

Let's look at what a business from scratch is all about. Many sources say that this is an investment of up to 50 thousand rubles.

But when I wanted to do business (I was 19) I didn't have a dime to my heart. And I wanted to have my own business. I had a great idea, payback year. But at that time (2021) I needed 5 thousand dollars. And I started looking for an investor. I searched very long and hard, I was looking for two years. But in the end I found it. We agreed with the management for the lease, everyone is happy, they should have already gone to start drawing up the documents, but then bang, the war starts, the dollar jumps, and my investor leaves. - I'm afraid - he says - the dollar is not stable.

So I stayed with my dream. For a couple of months I grieved, got married and lived on.

One fine day, quite by accident, I stumbled upon an advertisement on the Internet for the sale of T-shirts in bulk, for 40 rubles. - Eh, deception, this is not real - I thought. - The minimum price for a T-shirt is 300 rubles. But I started looking for information on the Internet, looked at other wholesale sites and realized that this was true.

Do you live in a rural area or small town and are looking for the best business to start? Do you live in a shallow community with little chance of long-term survival for any business? Well, the truth is that there are still various ways for you to make money in such places, despite the limited opportunities. Below are 25 rural business ideas you can do in small towns.

Starting a business in a small town has its advantages. First, it takes less capital and lower overheads to start a business. And secondly, it is easier to organize a business in a small town where people know each other. It is a known fact that the rural economy is not yet as vibrant as that of the urban areas, and some hardy individuals still run profitable businesses from such rural areas. Plus, urban areas do offer better infrastructure and equipment than you might find in rural areas. Rural areas are known to have their own limitations and if you look closely you will find that they also have many advantages over urban areas. These are the benefits you should focus on, settle for the available options nearby, and then make the most of them.

There are some types of businesses that can only be started in rural areas; agriculture, for example. Knowing how to start a business in a rural setting is useless if you don't have a good business idea. So, no matter which one you choose, make sure that you give it enough attention and effort.

25 rural business ideas for small towns and villages

1. Organic food production

The production and sale of fruits and vegetables that are free of chemicals can be profitable if organized properly. This is due to the fact that more and more people are worried about their health. And they are now aware of the health risks of consuming foods that contain pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Therefore, you can start a local agricultural business that uses strictly organic methods to grow vegetables, fruits, sauces, and local delicacies. Your business can become very popular as people come from everywhere to buy your "safe" products. For this type of business, you might decide to sell products that are officially labeled as organic, or that are organic but not labeled. Some people refrain from official labeling due to a lot of paperwork. In addition, the regulations may be too strict or onerous for a newly formed company.

If you have a good knowledge of carpentry and joinery, then this would be the perfect venture to do it. In rural areas, farmers and homeowners may not have the skills to build structures (eg sheds, chicken coops, etc.) that they need for utility or business purposes. Thus, starting a small construction company can be one option for a business.

Large farms or ranches may need extra hands to clean their premises. Hence, a small cleaning company might offer their own weekly or monthly services. As a smart entrepreneur, you need to know that a service-based business needs a steady clientele, so it's best to offer “bundled deals” that offer a discount if they sign up for a specific contractual period (eg six months).

Starting a family salon is a great option for making people more likeable if you're creative. Those who live in rural areas may not have access to this type of professional service, so this is a potential niche for implementation.

Eggs from free-range hens are now in demand from grocery and specialty stores. Starting a poultry business doesn't require a lot of land. However, government laws should be checked to see if the requirements can be met without difficulty.

Below you will find out what kind of business is currently relevant in Belarus. Areas that bring good income.

First of all, you must make the right choice with the choice of activities that will begin to enrich you.

First of all, we want to tell you about trade in goods, products, etc. If you have decided to develop in the trade, sell goods, then it is better to open your own store. in Belarus involves a constant study of consumer demand and the compilation of a list of the most popular goods.

It is also necessary to carefully study (analyze) all competitors, this is important!

After that, at first, you can rent a room on the territory of which the products will be sold. Purchase a product, calculate the cost at which you are going to sell. For good sales, don't forget about advertising. Allocate a separate budget for this.

Best Value Stores:

Construction business

Large investments

If your financial capabilities permit, then you can engage in the construction of residential real estate. Today, thousands of families are in need of comfortable and cozy housing. If you rent out your own apartment holdings, then you will have a source of passive income, which can increase over time. This is the most profitable business in Belarus, but the investments are big here.

In order to intensify your rental activities, you don't even need a working staff. You can do everything yourself.

With minimal investment

Which do not allow you to purchase and then rent out real estate, there is an alternative option that brings a solid profit.

You can organize your business in the service sector and engage in repair and finishing work. For a better performance of your work, it is best to “recruit” a friend or like-minded person. He must have knowledge, skills in apartment renovation and a great desire to work tirelessly for a living. This is a pretty profitable business to start in Belarus.

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