Profitable business in a shopping center

In the modern world, the idea of ​​working for oneself finds more and more response in the minds of people.

Thanks to the Internet, the availability of books and seminars on business, like others, future entrepreneurs realize that anything is possible.

Success goes not only to the moneybags and those who have the right connections.

And first of all, those who are ready to devote time and effort to tirelessly move towards their goal.

Basically, beginners are wondering where to start their business in trade.

This is because this area is well known to everyone, and also has many options for choosing a niche, among which anyone can find something to their liking.

But no matter how simple a trading business may seem, in order to properly open it and competently conduct business, certain knowledge is required.

The most important secrets will be briefly revealed in this article.

How to choose the right niche for your trading business?

In order to properly filter out ideas of what kind of trading business to start, an entrepreneur must ask himself two questions:

What kind of trading business would you like to actually do?

How to open a point in a shopping center - we will analyze the most important sections of a business plan + 6 bonus tips from experienced entrepreneurs.

Capital investments per point: from 8,000,000 rubles per year. Return on business in a shopping center: from 1 year.

Opening a point in a shopping center scares newcomers with the amount of capital investment.

However, they forget to consider how many bonuses this placement gives.

The higher the rent, the more popular the place.

And this is synonymous with a large flow of people who can become customers.

It will be easier to attract them than if the store was located in a separate area.

These and many other advantages of accommodation in shopping centers are understood by many hardened businessmen who open sales points there.

A business plan for a point in a shopping center is the first document that will be required in organizing a business.

In it, information on the store will be analyzed, systematized and counted.

Why is it necessary to open a point in a shopping center?

If the experience of other people does not convince you, evaluate personally the pros and cons of placing in a shopping center.

Advantages Disadvantages For the period while you will carry out repairs and decoration of the premises, you can take a "vacation". That is, for 1-2 months you only pay utility bills. Significant savings! As a rule, you will have to coordinate almost every step: from the style of the sign to the order of display of goods. a place with a retail space, you will receive a video surveillance service in the shopping center, parking spaces for customers, the opportunity to use the services of local cleaning. Free cheese only comes in a mousetrap. Typically, shopping center maintenance is also included in your monthly bill, along with your utility room. The center's advertising also works for you. it is always expensive to rent a place in a shopping center, which is especially popular. Location close to large points will ensure a stable flow of customers. Often when you "check in" you have to pay a security deposit for 3 (!) months of rent. you will see an area for receiving goods, equipped in accordance with all the rules. Separate seating rarely allows for such chic. If for some reason the popularity of the shopping center falls, it will immediately affect you.


Choosing trade as a business line, do not forget that this rather popular area is associated with certain risks. Modern business ideas in trade are a series of long-term plans for the development of one's own business, based on an in-depth analysis of the market segment, offers and pricing policies of competitors, a marketing company and the ability to establish long-term relationships with suppliers.

Popular Business Ideas of the Year

The idea of ​​making money on sales is not new, but in order to implement it, it is necessary to develop a clear business plan, taking into account investments and possible risks. According to statistics, only 10% of start-up entrepreneurs achieve quick and stable results in this direction - and then only when they prioritize consumer demand and a flexible pricing policy.

Even the best business ideas in trade require additional refinement and some kind of adaptation to the terrain, opportunities of potential buyers and proposals of competitors.

Pay attention to a number of popular and demanded areas of business in trade:

  • Food. Most likely, a small grocery store will be successful in a residential community or residential neighborhood where there are no large supermarkets and food markets.
  • Opening an online store with goods relevant to your region can also be profitable. Consider options for wholesales, promotional offers, seasonal discounts, offer fast delivery, flexible payment. This is generally what attracts the majority of online shoppers.
  • Sales of homemade products. In this case, focus on quality. It is known that homemade sausage, meat, dairy products, baked goods and cookery are always in demand, and their home delivery will be an additional bonus that will help attract customers.

Take a look at the trade business ideas below. Conduct an analysis - could you implement this or that idea of ​​earning money in your region?

Trading Business Basics

When starting your small business in the trade, follow three basic "commandments" known to many successful entrepreneurs. This is the search for new opportunities in the procurement and sale of goods, attracting new customers and retaining regular ones.

To translate the business idea of ​​a store into reality, you need a high-quality economic plan. Markups for common products should not exceed 10-15%, and the cost of products may be slightly lower than that of competitors. In this case, the profit will be more influenced by the turnover, and not the price. Conversely, if you are selling exclusive products from famous brands, you should not drop prices too low. A quality product of a well-known brand will always find its buyer sooner or later.

Business ideas for shops, boutiques and stalls are a wide range of opportunities for starting your own business. Your task is to make the right choice, focusing on modern concepts of trade development, initial investment and consumer demand.

Earnings in business and at work

What to trade today to get money

Most people know that complete economic freedom can be achieved by starting your own business. Trade is the industry that allows a person to accumulate a lot of capital in the case of a competent organization of work. Very often, a businessman succeeds in laying the foundation for creating a successful and reliable company in times of crisis. Stressful situations provoke many businessmen to be resilient and resourceful. Those entrepreneurs who successfully pass these tests with dignity will reap rich rewards as a result. At the moment when a person is aimed with serious intentions at enrichment through retail and wants to create a modern business, then what exactly to sell to him is the first question that arises in his head. If you decide to open a personal business in trading, then find out what is the best way to trade in this case. In our article you will find many useful facts that you can take into account.

Trade business organization

Our country has a large area. For this reason, there is no need to talk about the balance of development of various crisis situations in all its spheres. They manifest themselves more strongly in those regions of the country, where before that there was a shortage of industrial production.

It is not so easy to create your own small shop and live great at the same time, since these enterprises are simply ousted by large giants - hypermarkets, the number of which is growing every day.

The choice of products with which a businessman plans to work should be approached very carefully. An aggravation of the crisis situation is predicted in the future. It follows that, unfortunately, consumer welfare will not grow.

Currently, the decline in consumer demand among the population of Russia has become very noticeable. If earlier people seriously thought about buying various designer novelties, things that relate to luxury goods, today all products for the soul have been pushed aside the second and even the third plan in favor of the most important ones: food (canned food, cereals, bread, pasta, milk etc.), cheap clothes, medicines, household chemicals.

The future of Russian retail

It should be noted that examples of trading business can be very diverse. In any case, it is worth listing them for you. Even with relatively cheap prices, a businessman cannot provide customers with the moral satisfaction that they will experience while walking around the store and choosing various brands from the products presented. The more practical buyers will of course prefer the lower cost. Although it is also quite difficult to achieve it, since the same large supermarkets can make the most profitable offers due to huge volumes of purchases.

Trade is the most popular activity among entrepreneurs. It attracts primarily by the fact that you do not need a lot of start-up capital, or some kind of skills. You choose a niche, buy a small amount of goods and sell through one of the sales channels, offline or the Internet. Such simplicity and instant earnings make the trade business, on the one hand, very profitable, and on the other hand, highly competitive. Indeed, just estimate how many clothing and food stores are located near your home and you will immediately understand that in order to make money in this market segment, you need to take a client with a price, service or a unique type of product.

Let's understand a little about the classification of this niche. The first thing to know is that there is retail and wholesale. The scheme of your business will depend on this choice. So, when choosing wholesales, you will have a low margin on goods purchased directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries, but at the same time you will earn on volumes, since you will sell in whole lots. The retail format implies a higher margin, and the product is already sold per piece. Products are purchased from wholesalers. As you can see, these are the links of the same chain.

The second thing you need to know is that when opening a small business in the field of trade, you will need to choose a work format, and there are several of them.

  • On the market. Usually for this they rent or buy a kiosk that sells clothes or food. One of the most profitable start-up solutions, since it does not require large investments
  • Own store or department in the shopping center. Serious investments will be required for rent, equipment and initial purchase of goods. Basically, such stores sell clothes of the middle and high price segment, but there are also options for cheap outlets with sales or second hand.
  • Outbound street trade. First of all, this should include fast food and pastries. You can often see such points on the streets of the city. They are usually a stall that sells one type of product, such as grilled chicken or burgers. In summer, kvass is popular, which is also exported and sold on the streets of the city.
  • Internet trading. Also, one of the good options to start from scratch. You will not need premises, offices and other things, which reduces monthly costs and makes your business more profitable. There are also subsections in this direction, for example, sales through an online store, social networks or message boards.

It is best to combine several formats, this will increase the number of customer acquisition channels and, accordingly, your income will go up.

Here is a list of the most popular business ideas in trading:

  • clothes and shoes
  • auto parts
  • food products (vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc.).
  • toys
  • souvenirs and accessories
  • digital technology
  • building materials and tools
  • pharmacies and others.

There are a lot of niches in this segment, and everyone can definitely find something for themselves. In addition, every year new trendy products appear that can also be successfully sold.

In this section of our website, we have selected for you a proven idea of ​​how to make money in trade and start scaling your business. Various options for goods, calculations and detailed business plans, all this information will definitely be useful to you. Read, comment and leave your feedback on this business niche.

Economic activity aimed at the implementation of sale and purchase is a stable source of profit for many businessmen. The principles of trading are quite transparent (buy cheaper - sell more expensive), however, as with any type of business, there are many pitfalls in successful sales.

Organizing your own business in trade

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