Profitable business ideas with a business plan

TOP-7 profitable business ideas

Business ideas that are profitable or ideas that no one believed in? Brave Russian entrepreneurs have mastered unoccupied niches (joint purchases, ice cream parlors, quests) and they paid off!

According to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the share of small business in the country's GDP by 2021 should increase to 30%. In total, SMEs will account for at least half of the gross domestic product. Such forecasts are not unfounded: every year new successful business ideas for small businesses appear, which are implemented by entrepreneurs not only in various Russian regions. The most original and profitable ideas of entrepreneurs will be discussed in this article!

Not by bread alone ...

Previously, Kozemsky was engaged in fish farming in Donetsk, after which he decided to launch a project unique for Russia - a fully automated sturgeon farm. Kozemsky and colleagues have been developing equipment for keeping and feeding sturgeons for over 10 years, using their own developments.

At the moment, the plant has more than 7 tons of broodfish at its disposal. The enterprise also has a fry growing workshop, that is, at the moment, the implementation of the second stage of a large-scale project has begun. At the end of 2021, the company sold:

  • 0.2 tons of black caviar;
  • 1.5 tons of fish.

Let's remind that the average cost of 1 kg of black caviar on the Russian wholesale market reaches 28-30 thousand rubles. Now the farm plans to start producing 2 tons of sturgeon and sterlet caviar by 2021.

Interesting: According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the export of Russian black caviar last year increased threefold and reached 4.71 tonnes in the 1st - 3rd quarter of 2021. The reason for this is the active development of sturgeon fish production and favorable market the situation in the context of the depreciation of the ruble.

Small wholesale: making money on savings

At this stage, the store's assortment includes more than 20 thousand goods. According to the Alexa Rank, the store is ranked 260,378, it is viewed daily by more than 9 thousand people, and the average cost of a resource is estimated at just over 9.6 thousand US dollars. The success of the store is due to the growing popularity of joint purchases (they account for almost 40% of the turnover). Most profitable startups are somehow connected with crowdshopping (Rentoid, Uber, etc.), but in Russia the niche is not yet occupied, and therefore everyone has a chance of success!

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Healthy back. Orthopedic products

Hello! Today we are publishing another selection of profitable and promising business ideas for 2021. We divided them by the amount of the initial investment, so that it would be easier for you to choose a profitable business idea based on your finances. At the end of the article, we also provided links to other collections of ideas.

Profitable business ideas with investments from up to rubles

Below is a selection of 13 profitable business ideas with small investments from 100 to 300 thousand rubles.

Business idea - Opening a paintball club

Approximate investment - 260,000 rubles.

The essence of this business idea is to open a modern paintball club for outdoor enthusiasts. This sport is gaining popularity among people of all ages who want to get new impressions, emotional relaxation. Active paintball is based on building strategies, a desire to touch military disciplines.

Idea implementation:

The amount of money invested depends on the choice of a closed and open site, the number of personnel and the following necessary stages:

  • rent of premises for the winter season;
  • purchase of protective and shooting equipment;
  • organization of changing rooms, parking;
  • purchase of additional targets, inflatable obstacles for the game.

Experienced organizers suggest starting with a minimum set of 10 equipment kits, player uniforms, small arms refueling station.

You can get income by adjusting the price policy of the cost of one game. For example, setting the price of 600 rubles per person for a 2-3 hour session, you can get a profit of at least 50%. The only difficulty is that it will take time for a full return on investment. Certain savings can be obtained by inviting the owners of beer outlets to cooperate, purchasing part of used equipment, self-advertising in social networks.

Business Idea - Water Attraction Business

Why do you need a business plan

In today's competitive environment, a business plan is a prerequisite for a successful business. This document not only contains all the characteristics of the future enterprise, but also analyzes the possible risks and problems that may arise on the way of a novice businessman. In addition, a well-designed business plan includes methods for overcoming difficulties.

This document is also very important for an investor, as it allows to assess the potential of a future company. Therefore, if you want to attract more experienced industry representatives to your activities, then you should start with a business plan.

How to draw up a business plan - detailed instructions

How to draw up a business plan yourself? This question worries many novice businessmen. If you are planning to run a successful business, then you should carefully consider each step. Many novice businessmen absolutely do not assess the possible risks and do not think about the prospects of the business they have started. Remember, however, that serious business abhors negligence. Therefore, in most cases, start-up entrepreneurs will sooner or later completely burn out.

It is not uncommon for a person to simply not determine from what stages to begin the implementation of their activities. And in both cases, the advice will be the same - you need to act only after you have a clear plan. This algorithm is implemented on paper in accordance with the rules of doing business.

What is a business plan

For a business plan to be attractive to potential investors, it must be created based on three key factors. Let's consider them in more detail:

  • Starting point. This is where you, as a business creator, are now. This is about the opportunities that you have at the moment. For example, you are a simple hired worker who has the basic knowledge to open your own online store. You also have a small start-up capital for renting a warehouse and purchasing equipment, you have the necessary connections, etc.
  • The end result. Here you indicate the estimated monthly profit that will be generated when your business reaches a normal level of development. You also need to predict where your business is in the market.
  • Steps required to accomplish your goals. Naturally, it will not be possible to make a perfectly accurate calculation, but you must outline the steps for further actions.

Only after understanding these three factors, you can proceed to the next stages of drawing up a business plan.

Why do you need a business plan: define the main goals

Before making a business plan, you should decide on the goals of creating this document. They can be as follows:

  • A business plan is created to attract investors.
  • For the entrepreneur himself, because running a successful business must necessarily rely on planning.

What is a business plan for? The majority will probably answer - to get a bank loan. This statement is true, but only partially. First of all, the entrepreneur himself needs a plan in order to understand the size of the initial investment for the start, how long it will take to reach self-sufficiency and projected revenue indicators, to assess the level of profitability, the payback period and many other parameters.

Very often a novice businessman (and not only a beginner) does all planning and calculations "by eye" on a napkin or in his head (and sometimes he does not do it at all), forgetting about many costly articles that result in many mistakes and leads to bankruptcy.

Typical mistakes: when determining investments, the costs of financing activities before reaching self-sufficiency are not taken into account, the amount of inventory is incorrectly determined (the size of inventory is set for one month, and based on the turnover period, stocks for 3 months are required), the calculation of the payroll does not take into account taxes and insurance contributions, the need for personnel is incorrectly calculated and many others.

A correctly drawn up business plan with detailed calculations is the key to a successful start in any entrepreneurial activity, which will allow you to cut off unfavorable options at the forecasting stage and, as a result, protect yourself from the loss of your own investments or the funds of the investor (lender).

Suppose you are planning to install, the calculation made shows that the full payback will be 5 years, it is obvious that this will not be a completely correct investment, it is unlikely that the machine will work without breakdowns for such a period of time. (For reference: the optimal payback for this type of activity is 12-18 months.)

What is better - to buy a ready-made business plan or to make one yourself? If we are talking about a small business, then we definitely need to do it ourselves. This will allow you to dive deeper into the project, understand its essence, and sort out the economics of future activities for yourself. Well, if you want to organize a production that requires multibillion-dollar investments, then you cannot do without the help of specialists.

On the site you will find samples of ready-made business models with all calculations, which you can use as a basis for drawing up a feasibility study for your specific project.

Algorithm of actions

Based on the analysis and generalization of the information received, make your own economic feasibility study of the project with the help of which you can determine the feasibility of investing funds.

Please note that you can download any business plan you like for free. If there is no download form somewhere, you can ask a question through a special form, and we will add this feature in a short time. Through this form, you can also clarify any moment regarding the described model, and we will try to find a specialist to provide competent advice on the moment you are interested in.

Hotels in huge barrels and potatoes, in former prisons and on offshore platforms. A selection of unusual business ideas for hotels and holiday homes that have recently appeared in Russia and in the world.

Business with minimal costs: 3 cost categories + 5 tips for beginners + 5 specific business ideas with a detailed description + bonus: 4 factors that will save the business from failure.

Guess what is the most popular reason for those who would like to start their own business, but everyone puts it off until later?

This is not only a common excuse, but also a delusion.

After all, there are a wide variety of business ideas with minimal costs, which can be implemented with minimal start-up capital.

Which ones can you implement, and what do you need to get started instead of money?

Ideas for a business with minimal costs: Do you still need money?

An attentive reader should have noticed that the article deals specifically with the minimum costs, and not their complete absence.

The point is that it is impossible not to spend anything at all on an entrepreneurial business.

At a minimum, you will have three business cost categories:

If you left your regular job to do business, you can hardly do without money.

Therefore, the profit will be spent at least on your personal spending.

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