Profitable business ideas in 2021 in a crisis

The onset of the financial crisis does not mean that it is time to start cutting costs. Think about a new way of generating income, as well as increasing it. Think over ideas in advance and calculate the options available. We present to your attention the most relevant methods of making a profit in a harsh time of crisis.

Let's find out what a business should be like in times of crisis to make money:

  • profitable ;
  • not requiring serious material investments;
  • even those who have never had their own business can do it;
  • which does not require a lot of documents.

Tutoring in crisis

A tutor is a teacher who gives lessons at home. To become such a specialist, knowledge of the relevant subject is required. Are you fluent in a foreign language? Courses for their study are more expensive than private lessons. In a crisis, people try to save money, but this does not mean that they refuse to study. Especially when it comes to children who are going to become students.

Do you know how to play a musical instrument? It will come as a surprise to you how many people are willing to learn this. A homemaker with no college education can give cooking lessons, which are often enrolled in younger schoolgirls. The cost of one lesson with a tutor depends on the subject, as well as the quality of teaching and reputation - from 300 to 1000 rubles. Start with an average price, and after you gain experience and reputation, raise your payment.

To become a tutor, choose a subject that you can teach to another person. Invite students to the apartment or come to the house. Now teaching via Skype has become popular, which will save time for all participants in the process. Perhaps such an easy start will be the first step in opening your own language or music school.

Private Trainer

Have you been into yoga for ten years? Teach those who wish. The crisis is the right time to get healthy and save on medications. Have you been boxing since childhood? Someday the training of a couple of schoolchildren will develop into a sports center that belongs to you personally. If you have little teaching experience, start with low prices.

To make money in a crisis, a coach will need skills and a suitable location. You can also practice yoga at home, if space permits. Outdoor sports require the rental of a hall. Find out at your nearest sports school how much it costs to rent a room for classes with students. General education institutions are fine too, but they don't always have the right shells. Do not forget to include the rental price in the price of the lesson.

Home beauty salon as a business in crisis

This option is more suitable for girls, but there are exceptions. A professional will not stay hungry in a crisis, knowing how to do a manicure and offering hairdressing services. Pay attention to the prices of the salons and set the cost below. Even in difficult times, women dream of looking stylish and well-groomed. Improve in the chosen direction.

Are you well versed in clarifiers and paints, are you able to do styling? Become a hairdresser! The girlfriends will be the first clients, and their hairstyles will be your calling cards. With their help, learn new skills, such as weaving afrokos.

During the crisis, start-up entrepreneurs can only rely on their own strengths, since investors do not trust newcomers and therefore refuse to finance new business projects. But no matter how difficult it was, you can't sit with folded hands. A profitable business in the 2021 crisis can be opened literally from scratch. The most important thing is to find an idea that will work in conditions of economic instability.


During the crisis, the food market undergoes major changes. Trade in expensive goods and delicacies practically stops, while the demand for cheap domestically produced products, on the contrary, begins to grow.

Most wanted product:

If you're looking for something to do in the 2021 crisis, then a food-based business is the most promising option for newbies. The most important thing is to find a free niche in the market and offer consumers quality products at affordable prices.

Financial Consulting

In times of crisis, entrepreneurs face serious problems - investors do not want to invest in their projects, partners do not fulfill their obligations and often delay settlements. In this regard, competent money management comes to the fore in almost every company.

If you are well versed in finance and have extensive experience in this area, try to provide paid consultations to companies and individuals. Such a profitable business during the crisis in 2021 will not require any financial investments from you, since you will sell your own knowledge.

You can just as well sell your other skills. For example, private lessons in foreign languages, music, culinary arts, etc. are very popular. / P>

Car service

In an unstable economic environment, many people are forced to refuse to buy a new car, so they often have to repair their old car. A car repair workshop is the best option to make money on in the 2021 crisis. Over time, if things go well, consider opening a full-service auto shop or service station.

The financial crisis and economic instability are having a huge impact on small businesses. In this regard, demand for certain goods and services may sharply increase, while others remain unclaimed for a long time. What a profitable business in a crisis in 2021 is worth starting, we will try to determine in this article.


During the crisis, large companies start to save money to stay afloat. Thanks to this, the outsourcing business is actively developing. Experienced businessmen previously could not even imagine that accounting or solving important legal issues could be entrusted to outside specialists. Today this approach is practiced in all developed countries of the world.

If you have experience and relevant education, want to open a business in the crisis of 2021 and are thinking about what to do, pay attention to outsourcing. Experts believe that this is one of the most promising business ideas that can generate good income.

Beauty salon on wheels

A haircut or manicure at home is a service that not only rich people need. The demand for high-quality offsite haircuts is constantly growing, so many entrepreneurs began to open mobile beauty salons on wheels. Their clients are pensioners and residents of villages that do not have their own hairdresser. If you are thinking about what kind of business you can do during a crisis, pay attention to mobile beauty salons. This is a fairly profitable business that does not require large capital investments, quickly pays off and is profitable even in times of crisis. Here you can read how much it costs to open a beauty salon.

Text translations from foreign languages ​​

You can translate the text yourself at home or open a full-fledged company that provides services at a professional level. Then your clients will be not only individuals, but also legal entities that require high-quality translation of documents.

Training Courses

Recently, a lot of various highly specialized programs have appeared that allow you to solve any, even the most complex problems. The main problem is that ordinary users cannot learn to work with new products on their own. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time on this, and for modern people it is a very valuable resource. Therefore, they are willing to pay money to speed up this process. Interested in what kind of business is profitable to do in a crisis? Open training courses for software products.

The organization of such a business consists of two stages:

Business in crisis: what to do?

Business has a hard time in crisis. The number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs has decreased and continues to decline.

Everything played a role here: the decreased purchasing power of citizens, and the restriction of imports due to Western sanctions, and the "collapsed" ruble, and the deterioration of credit conditions.

Although the state has put forward a number of "bonuses" to support entrepreneurship - the development of self-regulation, and subsidies, and the creation of an outsourcing center, and support for social business - the situation is still difficult.

The result is not happy. According to statistics from the Higher School of Economics, more than seventy percent of those who dreamed of doing business in Russia simply do not have the opportunity to implement their plans. The main reasons are called the inability to take out a loan because of the prohibitively high lending rates and bureaucracy. Moreover, by giving privileges with one hand, power takes them away with the other.

For example, the Ministry of Finance is reducing the number of entrepreneurs entitled to preferential taxation. Trading outlets, rentiers, catering outlets have been removed from this list. The head of government demanded that small businesses help to replenish the budget. "Where to help?" - the owners of small firms were indignant: "... here we wouldn't be able to stretch our legs."

Yet every month new small businesses are opening in Russia. After all, even in a crisis, there is no “everything is bad”, there are always new opportunities. And the harsh economic conditions are a reason not to lose discipline and to carefully calculate your plans and forecasts.

Business Ideas in Crisis: Rural Business Ideas

The number of those who have decided to start their own profitable business in rural areas is growing.

The benefit of such an event also lies in the fact that a considerable part of the start-up capital is provided by the land itself: for some it is the popular "six hundred parts", for others - a whole farm inherited by inheritance. Tools and equipment that can be taken exclusively in rural areas also play an important role.

What business to open in the village: beekeeping

Many choose for themselves the path of a beekeeper and open a private apiary. Indeed, the demand for honey - a superfood whose beneficial effect is difficult to overestimate - has always been and will always be. Private beekeepers are the main suppliers of the Russian beekeeping market at the moment.

The world economic crisis has not spared anyone, therefore, business development in a crisis is a very relevant direction for all market participants. One of the key points in the issue of business survival is the idea of ​​anti-crisis management of an enterprise at all levels.

What is a crisis

The concept of "crisis" has many interpretations. However, in most cases it means a problem. The crisis in business, as well as in human life, can manifest itself in different forms. This phenomenon depends on many factors. Here are some of them:

  • world economic crisis;
  • unstable political situation in the country;
  • imbalance between the external and internal environment of the organization;
  • currency depreciation;
  • intra-company difficulties;
  • lack of corporate culture;
  • lack of funding;
  • broken contracts, etc. .

However, a business during a crisis can not only collapse, but also develop. To do this, you need to choose the right strategy, according to which the company will overcome problems and obstacles.

Anti-crisis management

When an organization is going through hard times, crisis management is very important. In developed countries, managers specializing in this area are worth their weight in gold.

  • curtailing investment projects;
  • closing unprofitable production facilities;
  • selling non-core assets;
  • cutting salaries and bonuses all employees;
  • dismissal of some employees;
  • winding down of internal development projects, etc.

It should be understood that the above actions may not only fail to solve the problem, but aggravate the situation even more.

The company may lose valuable workforce, and the client base will shrink. There will be some contraction of the business during the crisis, and perhaps its complete disappearance. Therefore, decisions to bring an enterprise out of stagnation should be well thought out and balanced.

Small Business

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